John George May

     John George May married Emma Heath.

Children of John George May and Emma Heath

Matilda Maud May

(1880 - before 9 September 1970)
     Matilda Maud May was also known as Tillie in records. She was born in 1880 in Collingwood, Victoria. She was the daughter of John George May and Emma Heath.
Matilda Maud May married Charles William Ernest Bland, son of William Bland and Sarah Ann Scott, on 26 August 1907 in Victoria.
     Matilda was registered at Yarram on the 1934 electoral roll.
     Matilda was registered at Yarram on the between 1935 and 1936 electoral roll.
     Matilda died before 9 September 1970 in Camberwell, Victoria. She was cremated on 9 September 1970 in The Necropolis, Springvale.

Susanna May

(1819 - January 1900)
     Susanna May was born in 1819 in Manaton, Devon.
Susanna May married Henry Ruby, son of George Ruby and Jane Cruse, on 16 November 1842 in Widecombe, Devon.
     Susanna May and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Widecombe. Henry Rubby, aged 32, ag.lab. born Widecombe, Susan, wife, 32, born Manaton, and their children William 7, John H 5, Susan J 3, Geo 1, Mary J 1 month all born at Widecombe.
     Susanna May and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1861 census in Lower Town, Widecombe. Henry Ruby, head, married aged 42, ag.lab, born Holne; Susan wife, 42 born Manaton and their children John 16, Mary Jane 10, Elizabeth 8, Richard Henry 3 & Selina 8 months, all born at Widecombe.
     Susanna May and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1871 census in Widecombe. Henry Ruby, aged 52, ag.lab, with wife Susan, aged 52, born Holne, daughters Clemence aged 10 and Margaret aged 6, both born at Widecombe.
     Susanna May and Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1881 census in Widecombe. Henry Ruby, head, aged 62, ag. lab, born Holne, Susan Ruby, aged 62, born Manaton, labourer's wife, Margaret 16, daughter, dress-maker, born Widecombe.
     Susanna May and Margaret Ruby were recorded on the 1891 census in Lower Town, Widecombe, Devon. Susan Ruby, head, widow, aged 72, living on own means, born Manaton, with Margret Ruby, daughter, single aged 26, dressmaker, employee, born Widecombe.
     Susanna's death was registered in the quarter ending in January 1900 in Lower town, Leusden, Newton Abbot RD, Devon.

Children of Susanna May and Henry Ruby

Edward Vivian Mayberry

(3 February 1920 - 9 March 1984)
     Edward Vivian Mayberry was born on 3 February 1920 in Alexandra, Victoria.
     Edward died on 9 March 1984 aged 64.

Mary Maycock

(circa 1771 - 10 March 1794)
     Mary Maycock was born circa 1771.
Mary Maycock married Jarvis Stancer, son of William Stancer and Mary Borros, on 26 October 1789 in Frampton, Lincolnshire. Jarvis Stancer of Leak & Mary Maycock of Frampton, both illiterate.
     Mary was buried on 10 March 1794 in Fiskerton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Mary Maycock and Jarvis Stancer

Frances Hannah C Mayer

     The marriage of Frances Hannah C Mayer and Alfred Alexander De Lessert, son of Charles Grierson De Lessert and Eliza Ann Boreham, was registered in Gloucester RD, Gloucestershire, in the June 1872 quarter.
     Frances Hannah C Mayer and Alfred Alexander De Lessert were recorded on the 1881 census in 220 Union St, Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Akfred A de Lessert, 34, dentist in practice, born England, wife Frances H C aged 38 born England.
     Frances Hannah C Mayer and Alfred Alexander De Lessert were recorded on the 1891 census in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire. Akfred A de Lessert, 44, dentist in practice, born England, wife Frances H C aged 48 born England.

Harriet Mayhew

(circa 1813 - 20 April 1874)
     Harriet Mayhew was born circa 1813 in Walsham Le Willows.
Harriet Mayhew married Arthur Burt, son of Thomas Phillips Burt and Martha Grimwood, on 28 May 1835 in Cotton, Suffolk.
     Harriet Mayhew and Arthur Burt were recorded on the 1861 census in Norton St Andrew. Arthur Burt 59, farmer of 136 acres, born Fornham All Saints; his wife Harriet Burt 48, born Walsham Le Willows, children John Humm Burt 11, Clara Harriet Burt 6, both born Norton; Sarah Ann Blomfield 20, dairy maid Mary Anne Goold 15, house maid.
     Harriet died on 20 April 1874. She was aged 60..

Children of Harriet Mayhew and Arthur Burt

William McAndrew

(1711 - 27 August 1765)
     William McAndrew was born in 1711.
     William died on 27 August 1765 in St John parish, Barbados, West Indies.
William McAndrew married Mary Vodry, daughter of John Vodry and Mary Clark, on 24 December 1765 in St Joseph, Barbados, West Indies.

Ian Wilkinson McArthur

( - 2 May 1989)
     Ian Wilkinson McArthur married Marjorie Jean Forbes, daughter of James John Forbes and Edith Mary Buckler, in 1976 in Victoria.
     Ian died on 2 May 1989 in Victoria.

Ann McCanse

(circa 1850 - )
     Ann McCanse was born circa 1850 in Sligo, Ireland.
Ann McCanse married James Handy, son of James Handy, on 11 January 1864?. Ann McCanse applied for Poor Relief on 13 April 1874 in Barony, Lanarkshire. Widow James Handy; Ann McCance born co. Sligo. NO children Marriage details un-readable. 11 Jan 1864? At St M…? RC chapel, place unreadable. Mother Catherine Hopper, father’s first name short but unreadable.
Residence: 151 Castle St, B... …up,
From Dundee April-May 1874
Asst Inspector’s report:
Husband James Handy
Aged 27/9 years
Husband James Handy, 25 years, born Kings County, son of James Handy & Catherine Ho… both dead.
Family:Catherine 6 ½ ; Sarah?? 1 ½.
     Ann McCanse was recorded on the 1891 census in 76 Strathmartine Rd, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Ann Handy 40, Millworker Jute Preparer, son Patrick Handy 18, born Glasgow, daugher Catherine Handy 23, born Dundee, adopted son James McGarritty 8.

Children of Ann McCanse and James Handy

Margaret McCarthy

     Margaret McCarthy married Laurence Colbert, son of Lawrence Colbert and Ellen Unknown.

Child of Margaret McCarthy and Laurence Colbert

Rose McCarton

     Rose McCarton married Patrick Hagan.

Child of Rose McCarton and Patrick Hagan

Mona Rose McDonald McCarty

(circa 1902 - )
     Mona Rose McDonald McCarty was born circa 1902.
Mona Rose McDonald McCarty married Charles Le Patourel Terry, son of Charles Miller Terry and Isabelle Tempest Le Patourel, on 28 October 1930 in All Saints, Woollahra, New South Wales. She was of Narrandera daughter of Donasl Smith McCarty, grazier.

Elizabeth McClean

(circa 1790 - 27 March 1858)
     Elizabeth McClean was born circa 1790 in Scotland.
Elizabeth McClean married Thomas Bowker, son of James Bowker and Mary Roades, before 1808.
     Elizabeth McClean appeared on the 1841 census in the household of William Bowker and Elizabeth Horden in St Mary's Hill, Stamford, St Mary, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth McClean was recorded on the 1851 census in Back St, Railway? Coffee House, Stamford St Martin, Lincolnshire. Eliza Bowker, aged 55, born Scotland, was a lodger with the Tyler family, widow, no occupation.
     Elizabeth died on 27 March 1858 in London, St George in the East RD.

Children of Elizabeth McClean and Thomas Bowker

Leslie A McCormick

Eugene Victor McCoy

(15 January 1894 - )
     Eugene Victor McCoy married Emma Elizabeth Halahan, daughter of Samaurez de Bourdieu Halahan and Margaret Mary Reid. Eugene Victor McCoy was born on 15 January 1894 in Ramsgate, Kansas, USA.

Kathleen Ellen McDonald

(2 January 1919 - 17 January 2008)
Kath Colbert
     Kathleen Ellen McDonald was commonly known as Kath. She was born on 2 January 1919 in Victoria.
Kathleen Ellen McDonald married Pat Colbert, son of Edward Michael Colbert and Margaret Robertson, on 14 October 1939 in Victoria.
     Kathleen and Raymond resided at 53 Sylvander St, North Balwyn, between 1963 and 1980.
     Kathleen resided at North Balwyn, 1999.
     Kathleen died on 17 January 2008 in Victoria aged 89. She was buried on 23 January 2008 in Templestowe.
     Her will was proved on 16 June 2008 at Victoria.

Child of Kathleen Ellen McDonald and Raymond Michael Colbert

Patrick McDonald

     Patrick McDonald married Catherine Handy (McDonald), daughter of William Handy and Margaret Kenny, on 27 June 1923 in RC church, Clara, Offaly.

Christian McDowell

     Christian McDowell married Patrick Dunbar, son of Patrick Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar). She was the sister of Uchtred McDowell of Garthland.

Child of Christian McDowell and Patrick Dunbar

John McEvoy

     John McEvoy married Margaret Handy, daughter of Stray Handy, before 1866.

Child of John McEvoy and Margaret Handy

William McEvoy

(23 November 1866 - )
     William McEvoy was born on 23 November 1866 in Kilbeggan, Ardnurcher or Horseleap, Westmeath, Ireland. He was the son of John McEvoy and Margaret Handy.

Grace McGauran

(circa 1840? - )
     Grace McGauran was born circa 1840? In Ireland.
Grace McGauran married Henry Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1864.

Child of Grace McGauran and Henry Handy

Charles Thomas McGlew

(1870 - 28 December 1931)
     Charles Thomas McGlew was born in 1870 in Redfern district, New South Wales. He was the son of Cornelius Stanley Mackglew and Eleanor Ann Davies.
Charles Thomas McGlew married Alice Lane Walker in 1893 in Sydney, New South Wales. Their gt grand-daughter states that they were married in Bega.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Adelaide, South Australia, on 6 August 1911 per the "Kanowna". He travelled from Fremantle.
Charles Thomas McGlew served in the military in the AIF after 1 October 1916. He was a merchant aged 46 and his wife resided at Unley Park, SA. He was appointed 2nd Lt, in the 27th Battalion, 20 Reinforcement (his number 23/44/5). His unit embarked from Melbourne on board HMAT A60 Aeneas on 30 Oct 1917. It was claimed that he did not return to Australia.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Fremantle, Western Australia, on 26 October 1922 per the "Omar". The ship travelled from Naples.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Fremantle, Western Australia, on 26 July 1927 per the "Osterly". He departed from Toulon and disembarked in Sydney. He is also probably the Mr McGlew who arrived 9 May 1902 on the Marloo" from Adelaide to Fremantle; and Mrs McGlew aged 30 with 3 children - a boy aged 6, and girls aged 2 and 1 on the Mooltan from Sydney to Fremantle. He and Alice Lane Walker were divorced in 1929 in New South Wales.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Fremantle, Western Australia, on 28 May 1929 per the "Orveito". He departed from Naples and disembarked in Sydney.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Fremantle, Western Australia, on 9 December 1930 per the "Otranto". He departed from London.
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to London on 4 June 1931 per the "Mr C T McGlew, from Brisbane to London, aged 50".
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to Fremantle, Western Australia, on 27 October 1931 per the "Otranto". He departed from London and disembarked in Adelaide.
     Charles died on 28 December 1931 in North Adelaide, South Australia. OBITUARY. Mr. Charles Thomas McGlew died at North Adelaide on Monday in his sixty-third year. Born in Sydney, he came to South Australia and founded
the firm of McGlew & Company, mer chants and exporters, 31 years ago, and later opened other branches in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Among his many business activities was the Standard Salt Co, another export industry, which grew and flourished under Mr. MCGlew's managing directorship. At the age of 46, Mr. McGlew enlisted in the AXP. and was sent abroad with reinforcements of the 27th Battalion. In France, a short term of service with the transport details of the battalion was terminated by exposure to gas and climate, from which he never properly recovered. His services were retained in the base depots of England and the Commonwealth repatriation office in London after the cessation of hostilities, and he was promoted to the rank of captain. Mr. McGlew married Miss Alice Walker, of Sydney
     Charles Thomas McGlew travelled to London on 18 December 1939 per the "Otranto". Mr C T McGlew, from Melbourne to London, aged 59, wool merchant.

Child of Charles Thomas McGlew and Alice Lane Walker

Henry Daniel McGlew

(29 April 1821 - 8 July 1866)
     Henry Daniel McGlew was also known as Mackglew in records. Henry Daniel McGlew was also known as MacGlew in records. He was christened on 29 April 1821 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, England. He was the son of Daniel Mackglew and Eliza Brandon Harding.
     Henry Daniel McGlew was recorded on the 1841 census in Robert Street, Lambeth, Surrey. Henry McGlew, aged 20, linen drapers' clerk, not born in the county was living alone in a tenement.
Henry Daniel McGlew married Mary Ann Parry on 2 November 1841 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey, England.
     Henry Daniel McGlew and Mary Ann Parry arrived per "Diadem" on 10 April 1842 at Leschenault, Western Australia. Henry Daniel McGlew, 21, gardener, Mary Ann McGlew his wife aged 24, and their daughter Mary Ann aged 1 month. A son Henry Edward died en route aged 8 months. In the Dictionary West Australians, he is called Henry David.
     Henry resided at Vasse, Western Australia, 1845. In 1847 he took over a store, and in June 1848, a schooner ran aground. In Nov 1848 on of fhis horses was accidentaly shot by James Barzay, He applied for a depaturing licence in June 1848.
H D McGlew applied for a depasturing licence for the unoccupied portion of the townsite of Busselton, to be put up to auction by the Residen magistrate, Vasses, on Wed 18 July.
     Henry died on 8 July 1866 in Fremantle, Western Australia, aged 45.

Children of Henry Daniel McGlew and Mary Ann Parry

Phyllis Dorothy McGlew

(13 March 1894 - 26 July 1987)
     Phyllis Dorothy McGlew was also known as Lady Cilento in records. She was born on 13 March 1894 in Sydney, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Charles Thomas McGlew and Alice Lane Walker.
Her daughter Diane stated in an interview that Phyllis was an only child and she had a father who wanted to have a son, so when she was little, she was actually dressed as a boy for a bit. And she used to go around with her dad to various different ... on horseback ... and her mother and father absolutely didn't get on. I think by the time she was about ten they had parted. And she ... her father went away and took the opportunity I think to go to the First World War and was gassed. He didn't die, but he never came back to Australia, and she, I think, probably always wanted to go to Europe to see him. He did die long before I was born. But he ... she wanted to be all sorts of things that he would allow her to: she wanted to be a trapeze artist, then she wanted to do art, and when she went to Adelaide University to do art, she fell madly in love with the body - anatomically - and she changed to medicine, and she was the only female in her year, and it just so happened that my dear old Daddo was in that year, having scraped together lots of ... It was very difficult for him to actually get to university. And these two met, and I don't think her father approved of that. She was engaged to someone else, and then she did that trip around to look at all the trenches from the First World War and she went with her mother, and she was going to marry someone else, and it was all ... and then suddenly she married my dad. So I don't think ... It was sort of not very popular with her mother, or her father, that she'd married this sort of crazy Italian guy.
     Phyllis Dorothy McGlew was engaged on 13 March 1920. CILENTO— McGLEW. Tbe marriage of Dr. Phyllis McGlew, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. C. T. McGlew, of "Wood- spring," Unley Park, to Dr. R. W. Cilento, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cilento, of Murray Bridge, thorn, on Thursday, March 18, at 2.30 p.m. No written invitations have been issued, but friends are invited to "Woodspring" for afternoon tea after the ceremony.
Phyllis Dorothy McGlew married Sir Raphael West Cilento on 18 March 1920 in St Columba's, Hawthorne, Adelaide, South Australia. Weddings. CILENTO— McGLEW. St. Columba's Church, Hawthorn, was well filled with friends of the bride and bridegroom on Thursday, March 18, for the wedding of Dr. Ray Cilento and Dr. Phyllis McGlew. As it was Lent the church was not decorated, except for white flowers on the altar. The bride, who was given away by her father, Capt. McGlew, was attended by her young cousin. Miss Cowler, in a white frock with. touches of pink and'blue. Dr. McGlew's dress was of white charmeuse, the neck ut round and low, the sleeves short, the pointed train from the shoulders of satin lined with georgette. Her veil was of white tulle fastened with a wreath of orange blos soms, and she carried a sheaf of flowers. Her skirt was quite short, and her chaussure? was white silk stockings and white-and-silver bro caded shoes. Dr. Ray Cilento was unsupported by any best man, and the ceremony was perform ed by Archdeacon Clampett. After the service the friends present were in vited to take tea informally at 'Woodspring' the residence of Capt. and Mrs. McGlew, which is just opposite the church, and there in the wide verandah the wedding party received the guests. No invitations had been issued, as Mr. and Mrs. McG lew and Dr. Phyllis McGlew had only just returned from England. The wedding presents were in the dining room, and tea was served on the round lawn at the back of the house. Archdeacon Clamppett insisted that old customs were not to be denied, and proposed tbe health of the bride and bridegroom in a happy, friendly speech, to which Dr. Ray Cilento replied ralicf nervously?, as he had been promised that the ordeal should be spared him. While the bride was changing her dress the party employed themselves in decorating the motor, with suitable shoes and confetti, and when Dr. and Mrs Cilento. came out to get in. Dr. Phyllis' charm ing dress of navy and grey jersey was almost invistible in the storm of rose leaves,rice, and confetti. Her hat,- as I discovered later, was a small one of navy silk with a fancy hatpin as its trimming. The honeymoon was spent at the Glenelg River camping out. Mrs McGlew wore a very smart costume of fawn gabardine, a coat and skirt with touches of pink, and a small hat to match..
She was a doctor, women's rights activist, social reformer, journalist and broadcaster. Lady Phyllis Cilento was educated in Adelaide, graduating MB, BS from the University of Adelaide. She did postgraduate work at hospitals and clinics in Malaysia, New Guinea, London, Paris and New York. Later moving to Brisbane with her husband, she became a prominent member of the Queensland women's movement and highly influential in broader areas of public health. She was a medical columnist, broadcaster, journalist and author of several books. Her interests lay in nutition, vitamin therapy, family planning and antenatal and childcare. She founded the Queensland Mothercraft Assocation in 1930; the Queensland branch of the Business and Professional Women's Club and was president of the Queensland Medical Women's Association (1938-1947).
     Phyllis died on 26 July 1987 in Brisbane, Queensland, aged 93.

Children of Phyllis Dorothy McGlew and Sir Raphael West Cilento

Catherine McGrath

     Catherine McGrath married Charles Hagan before 1838.

Children of Catherine McGrath and Charles Hagan

Catherine McGrath

     Catherine McGrath married John Colbert.

Child of Catherine McGrath and John Colbert

Duncan Robert McGregor

     Duncan Robert McGregor married Anna Maria Kirk, daughter of William Kirk and Anna Maria Callanan, in 1913 in Victoria.

Jessie McInnes

     Jessie McInnes married Harold Guy Rumsey, son of John Williams Rumsey and Ellen Little.

Catherine McKenna

     Catherine McKenna married Francis Hagan on 9 January 1876 in Errigal Truagh, Monaghan. He was of Cavan (Moutray) and she was of Killyslaving.

Child of Catherine McKenna and Francis Hagan