Kevin Leo O'Rorke

(30 October 1927 - 11 February 2013)
     Kevin Leo O'Rorke was born on 30 October 1927 in Victoria. He was the son of Hugh Michael O'Rorke and Dorothy Elizabeth Dunbar.
Kevin Leo O'Rorke married Ellen Glennen on 24 April 1965 in Terang, Victoria.
     Kevin died on 11 February 2013 in Mt Gambier, South Australia, aged 85.

Sheila O'Rorke

(4 July 1924 - 29 November 2004)
     Sheila O'Rorke was born on 4 July 1924 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Hugh Michael O'Rorke and Dorothy Elizabeth Dunbar.
Sheila O'Rorke married Jock McPherson Crook after September 1950. On 2 Sep 1950 the engagement was annouinced: O'RORKE—CROOK. — Sheila, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs H M O'Rorke, "Killigrew," Westmere, to Jock Macpherson, only son of Mrs. A. F Crook, 19 Widford street, Hawthorn, and the late Mr Roy Crook. Sheila was a doctor in Bendigo, Victoria.
     Sheila resided at 87 Olinda Street?, Bendigo, Victoria.
     Sheila resided at Queen St, Mandurang South, Victoria. Sheila O'Rorke's address is PO Box 494, BENDIGO, Victoria.
     Sheila died on 29 November 2004 in Victoria aged 80.

Jeremiah O'Sullivan

     Jeremiah O'Sullivan married Mary Colbert in 1870 in Victoria, Australia.

Theophilus Oakes

( - circa 1763)
     Theophilus Oakes married Jane Handy, daughter of Jonathan Handy and Hannah Unknown (Handy), on 30 September 1752 in St Bride's, Dublin. Joanna Handy, spinster & Theophilus Oakes. By consistorial licence.
     Theophilus Oakes made a will dated circa 1763 in Brown St, Dublin.
     Theophilus died circa 1763 in Dublin.
     His will was proved in 1763 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. This may have been his father.

Lidia Oates

     Lidia Oates married Stephen Ludlam on 27 January 1701/2 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

William Oates

     William Oates married Ann Steer on 28 September 1639 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Muriel Ruth Oatway

( - December 2009)
     Muriel died in December 2009.

Maud, of Huntingdon, Scotland?

     Maud, of Huntingdon, Scotland? was the daughter of David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8) and Maud/Matilda, of Chester.
Derek Howard on Gen-Medieval wrote: “Earl David’s daughter Maud, wife of John of Monmouth II, died
childless earlier than [her brother] Earl John. For her marriage, see PRO DL 42/2, fos. 196v.–7r.” E>
> As we can see, Stringer finally provides us with a source for Maud and
> her marriage, namely Public Record Office, Duchy of Lancaster, 42/2,
> fos. 196v.– 7r.” Stringer assumed that he was making an original discovery, whereas Maud's parentage and marriage appeared in print as
shown above as early as 1812. While I haven't yet examined the original Duchy of Lancaster record, I have no doubt that it proves that Maud, daughter of Earl David, existed and that she married John de Monmouth
Note that DL 42/2 is listed on TNA Discovery catalogue as:
"Great cowcher or carte regum, II. Copies of deeds of title etc of the Duchy of Lancaster dated Hen I-Hen IV. For calendar see DL 41/36/12 & IND 1/17591 and for 15th century transcript see DL 42/192-193. An index is on open access. See Finding Aids Location Index" and is dated to c 1402.

Ann Offord

(before 1780 - )
     Ann Offord was born before 1780 in Hunston, Suffolk.
Ann Offord married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Rebecca Brewster, circa 14 February 1797 in Hunston, Suffolk.

Children of Ann Offord and Thomas Cocksedge

Mary Offord

(17 March 1765 - before 9 July 1840)
     Mary Offord was christened on 17 March 1765 in Buxhall, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Orford or Offord and Mary Pearl who married after banns were called 9 Nov 1760 at Buxhall. Her father was probably buried April 1814, aged 71 at Buxhall, Mary Offord was buried 10 July 1815 aged 81 at Buxhall.
Mary Offord married Thomas Dykes on 12 March 1789 in Buxhall, SFK. Thomas Dykes & Mary Offord, both single of this parish, witnessed by Thomas Dykes & Edmund Pearl, both illiterate. Mary Offord was possibly buried on 5 August 1818 in Buxhall.
     Mary died before 9 July 1840 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 9 July 1840 in Buxhall. Mary Dykes, aged 74.

Children of Mary Offord and Thomas Dykes

Mary Ann Offord

( - before 1858)
     Mary Ann Offord was born in Drinkstone, Suffolk.
Mary Ann Offord married William Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Mary Bauly, on 2 September 1824 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. William Cocksedge of Hessett & Mary Ann Offord.
     Mary Ann Offord and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Drinkstone. William Cocksedge, 50, Farm bailiff, Mary 44?, Charles 14, Emma 12, Arthur 11, Josua 9, Goerge 7, James 3, David 2; Mary Flower 24, Alg..anda Wenlock? 11, female servants, all born in the county.
She was mentioned as Mary Ann Cocksedge in the will of her father John Offord, the elder, widower, well sinker & pump maker of Coddenham of Ipswich dated 14 March 1848, along with William her brother (executor). The will was proved in 1855 the testator having died on 10 Feb 1855.
     Mary died before 1858.
     Mary Ann Offord and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Thurston. William Cocksedge, head, 64, ag. lab., born Hessett; with his wife Mary aged 37 born Thurston, g-son David unmarried 19, ag. lab; daughter Susannah 2; stepson Frederick .. Moat? aged 7, all born at Thurston.

Children of Mary Ann Offord and William Cocksedge

Sarah Offord

     Sarah Offord was also known as Grimwade in records.
Sarah Offord married Abraham Grimwood on 20 May 1845 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
     Sarah Offord and Abraham Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Gale Farm House, Elmsett. Abraham Grimwood, 27, ag. labourer, born Offten; his wife Sarah 28, born Belfast, Ireland, children Elizabeth 4, school, born Aldham and Sarah 1, born Aldham.
     Sarah Offord and Abraham Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Elmswell. Abraham Grimwade, head, 37, ag. lab, born Offton; his wife Sarah 33, born Aldham, Sfk, children Elliza ? 14, born Aldham, Sarah L? 11, ditto, Emily J? 9, born Elmsett, John O 7, ditto, Alfred A 4, ditto, Amos C 3?, ditto, Frederick J 3 months. ditto.

Children of Sarah Offord and Abraham Grimwood

Hannah Ogden

     Hannah Ogden married John Stanser on 24 December 1767 in Worsbrough, Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Ogilvie

     Elizabeth Ogilvie married Patrick Dunbar, son of James Dunbar. She was one of the heiresses of Durn and had issue Patrick, and Martha who was alive on 15 Feb 1584/5.

Elizabeth Ogilvie

     Elizabeth Ogilvie was the daughter of James Ogilvie and Janet or Agnes Gordon.
Elizabeth Ogilvie married Sir James Dunbar, son of Sir James Dunbar and Euphemia Dunbar (Dunbar) of Cumnock. Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir James Ogilvie of Deskford by his wife Agnes Gordon, natural daughter of George 2nd Earl of Huntley..

Child of Elizabeth Ogilvie and Sir James Dunbar

Isabella Ogilvie

     Isabella Ogilvie married Kenneth MacKenzie as his second wife. Kenneth married, secondly, Isobel, daughter of Sir Gilbert Ogilvie of Powrie, by whom he had -
VI. Alexander, who died without issue.
VII. George, who afterwards succeeded Colin as second Earl of Seaforth.
VIII. Thomas Mackenzie of Pluscardine, whose male line has been proved extinct.
IX. Simon Mackenzie of Lochslinn. Simon was twice married and left a numerous offspring, who will afterwards be more particularly
referred to, his descendants having since the death of "the Last of the Seaforths" in 1815, without surviving male issue, carried on the male representation of the ancient family of Kintail.
X. Sibella, who married, first, John Macleod, XIV. of Harris; secondly, Alexander Fraser, Tutor of Lovat; and thirdly, Patrick Grant, Tutor of Grant, second son of Sir John Grant of Freuchie

James Ogilvie

     James Ogilvie married Janet or Agnes Gordon, daughter of George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntly.

Child of James Ogilvie and Janet or Agnes Gordon

John Ogilvie

     John Ogilvie married Helen Dunbar, daughter of Nicholas Dunbar, on 20 July 1689 in Cullen, Banffshire.

Mary Ogilvy

     Mary Ogilvy married Ninian Dunbar, son of Mark Dunbar and Isabel Falconer, circa 16 February 1614. She was the daughter of Walter Ogilvy of Dunlugas and Banff. 'Stirnet' states: BP1934 & BPGS2001 report Ninian's 2 marriages & 4 sons but are not clear which wife was mother of which son. The attribution below follows CV's schedule..

Henry Ogle

     Henry Ogle married Ann Stanser, daughter of Unknown Stanser (of Clarborough), on 30 April 1714 in Clarborough, Nottinghamshire.

Anne Oglethorpe

     Anne Oglethorpe married Robert Maude, son of Anthony Maude and Cicely Atherton. Anne Oglethorpe was born in Roundhay Grange, Yorkshire, England.

Eleanor Oglethorpe (Savile)

(1581? - before 1626)
     Eleanor Oglethorpe (Savile) was born in 1581?. She may be the Helene daughter of William Oglethorpe who was baptised on 17 September 1581 at Bardsey, Yorkshire..
Eleanor Oglethorpe (Savile) married Robert Ryther, son of James Ryther and Elizabeth Atherton, on 18 July 1605?. She was of Roundhay, and the widow of John Savile Baron of Pentefract's son, Henry - the IGI gives a date of 1574 for this marriage as well as 18 July 1605.
In 1618/19 Eleanor Oglethorpe (Savile) sold property. Hilalry Term: Thos Savile, Bt & Frances his wife, quer: & Robert Ryther & Ellen his wife def. re Manors & lands of Hedingley & Burley Kirkstall alias Christall.
Bill re: Dell v Rither.Plaintiffs: Richard Dell.
Defendants: Robert Rither and Ellen Rither his wife. Subject: money, Middlesex.
     Eleanor died before 1626.

Catherine Mary Agnes Ohlstrom

(circa 1870? - )
     Catherine Mary Agnes Ohlstrom was born circa 1870?.
Catherine Mary Agnes Ohlstrom married Michael Colbert in 1892 in Victoria.

Children of Catherine Mary Agnes Ohlstrom and Michael Colbert

Marie Bloice Oickle

(1927 - 1983)
     Marie Bloice Oickle married Jeffrey Mathieson, son of John Mathieson and Elsie May Turtle. Marie Bloice Oickle was born in 1927.
     Marie died in 1983.

Child of Marie Bloice Oickle and Jeffrey Mathieson

Mariane Oiseau/Falaiseau?

(before 1680? - 1721)
     Mariane Oiseau/Falaiseau? was born before 1680?. She was the widow of a French Huguenot pastor and almost twice the age of Melchior. Her name was possibly DuBois or Mariane Falaiseau, widow of Col del a Bouchetiere, whose original will was proved in 1734.
Mariane Oiseau/Falaiseau? married Melchior Guy Dickens, son of Peter Guy Dickens and Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens), before 1721 in Dublin?.
     Mariane died in 1721. She died giving birth to Mary..

Child of Mariane Oiseau/Falaiseau? and Melchior Guy Dickens

Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland

(circa 1718 - )
     Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland was born circa 1718 in Burton, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland and George Stanser obtained a marriage licence on 12 October 1745 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. George Stancer of Littleborough, serving-man, 25, bachelor & Elizabeth Okeland, of Burton, 27, spinster for a marriage at Fledborough.
Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland married George Stanser, son of Patriarch of Littleborough Stanser, on 12 October 1745 in St Gregory, Fledborough.

Children of Elizabeth Okeland or Hokland and George Stanser

Ragnhildr or Rhanullt ferch Olaf of Dublin

     Ragnhildr or Rhanullt ferch Olaf of Dublin married Cynan ab Iago, son of Iago ab Idwal (?) and Afandreg ferch Gwair. Ragnhildr or Rhanullt ferch Olaf of Dublin was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her father was Amlaíb mac Sitric (Old Norse Óláfr), royal heir of Dublin, d. 1034; and her mother Máelcorcre ingen Dúnlaing.

Child of Ragnhildr or Rhanullt ferch Olaf of Dublin and Cynan ab Iago

Eva Florence Oldfield

(circa 1870 - )
     Eva Florence Oldfield was born circa 1870 in Hertfordshire.
The marriage of Eva Florence Oldfield and Edward John Hooper, son of George Henry Hooper and Julia Beetham Churchill, was registered in London, Marylebone RD, Middlesex, in the March 1890 quarter.
     Eva Florence Oldfield and Edward John Hooper were recorded on the 1891 census in 13 Clarence Square, Brighton. Matilda E Dibbs 62, lets furnished apartments ... Edward J Hooper 25, visitor, living on his own means born Brighton; Eva F Hooper 20, his wife, born Langleybury, Hertfordshire.
     Eva Florence Oldfield and Edward John Hooper were recorded on the 1901 census in 55 Barkston? Gardens, Kensington, London. Edward J Hooper, head, 36, living on own means, born Bloomsbury, Mdx, with his wife Eva F, 37, born Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.
Gift, for natural love and affection, from Edward John Hooper of 71 Barkston Gardens, Earls Court (co. London), esq. (eldest son of George Henry Hooper who died on 13 July 1904), to w. Eva Florence of the same -date:18 Jan. 1906
Moiety of one third part of the proceeds of the sale of the unsold real estate of his grandfather, George Henry Hooper, as in Add Mss 5381
The property in question is that listed in Add Mss 5382 (except Harts Farm 'which has recently been sold for £6 700 and the Grantor's interest in which is not intended to be included in this deed of gift')

John Oliver

(4 July 1935 - September 1998)
     John Oliver was born on 4 July 1935 in Penguin, Tasmania. John was a carpenter.
     John died of lung cancer in September 1998 aged 63.

Mary Oliver

(1754 - 10 March 1946)
     Mary Oliver was born in 1754 in England.
Mary Oliver married Paul MacPherson circa 1784. His children were Mary, Margaret 1875-1873, Daniel/Donald 1788-1868, James 1790-1878, John Murdoch 1793-1871, Robert 1795-1893, Isabella 1797 -, Hibbert 1800-1865

HIs daughter, Margaret McPherson, born in 1785 iin N.S.,is V James Great, Great,Great, Grandmother. Margaret McPherson married Jabez Leet, they had a son, Oliver 'Paul" Leet, who in turn married Margaret Cresine, who in turn had a daughter, Margaret Cassells Leet, who in turn married James Alexander Fraser, who in turn had a son, who is my Father.
     Mary died on 10 March 1946 in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.