Sarah Clarke

(before April 1813 - )
     Sarah Clarke was born before April 1813 in Winceby, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of (?) Clarke and Mary Stancer.
Sarah Clarke married Benjamin Stancer, son of John Stancer and Ann Buttery, on 1 May 1833 in Hameringham, Lincolnshire.      
Sarah Clarke claimed settlement at Hameringham on 7 June 1845 from Scamblesby, Lincolnshire. Benjamin Stancer of Scamblesby, labourer: I am 32 years of age and was born at Asterby in the said parts where my parents were last legally settled as I have been informed and believe. A few weeks before Mayday in or about the year 1832 being then unmarried and without child or children I let myself to Mr Joseph John Burkinshaw of Hameringham in the said parts farmer to serve him for one year Viz from Mayday 1832 to Mayday 1833 and I duly served my said master the whole of that year and resided and slept during such service for forty days and upwards to wit for the whole of the said year in the parish of Hameringham aforesaid. On the pack rag day 1833 the day that I left Mr Burkinshaw's service I was lawfully married at Hameringham parish church to Sarah my present wife by whom I have three children Elizabeth aged 6 years and upwards, Ann aged 4 years and upwards and Benjamin aged about 22 weeks. I am now with my said wife and children actually chargeable to and receiving relief from the said parish of Scamblesby. On Wednesday last I received from John Chantry Relieving Officer, two loaves of bread and 3s in money for the current weeks relief. Benjamin X Stancer.
Sarah Clarke and Benjamin Stancer were named on a removal order on 7 June 1845. Benjamin Stancer and Sarah his wife and Elizabeth aged 6 years and upwards, Ann aged 4 years and upwards and Benjmain aged about 22 weeks their children from Scamblesby to Hameringham.
     Sarah Clarke was recorded on the 1851 census in Hameringham, Lincolnshire. Sarah Stancer, aged 37, widow, was a servant in the Howard household, born Winceby.
Sarah Stancer married Robert Hough as her second husband, on 17 May 1857 in Bassingham, Lincolnshire. She was a widow, both fathers were deceased.

Children of Sarah Clarke and Benjamin Stancer

Unknown Clarke

     Unknown Clarke married Selina Ruby, daughter of Richard Henry Ruby and Mary Ann Monk.

Walter John Clarke

     Walter John Clarke married Isabella McPherson Middleton, daughter of Hubert Alexander Middleton and Mary Borland, in 1934.

William Clarke

     William Clarke married Emma Harriet Dunbar, daughter of Frederick Killigrew Dunbar and Harriet Ledger, on 17 July 1901 in Queensland.

Children of William Clarke and Emma Harriet Dunbar

William Ivor Clarke

(1907 - )
     William Ivor Clarke was born in 1907 in Queensland. He was the son of William Clarke and Emma Harriet Dunbar.
William Ivor Clarke married Myrtle Edna Hughes in 1933 in Queensland.

Mark Roger Clarke-Lomas

(19 November 1967 - 14 January 1983)
     Mark Roger Clarke-Lomas was born on 19 November 1967.
     Mark died on 14 January 1983 aged 15.

Ann Clarkson

     Ann Clarkson married George Pyke.

Children of Ann Clarkson and George Pyke

Sarah Clay

(say 1665 - before 20 May 1734)
     Sarah Clay was born say 1665.
Sarah Clay married Thomas Silvester, son of Thomas Silvester and Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester), before 1685?. She is thought to have brought to him the manor of Mexbro'.
     In Thomas Silvester's will dated 7 April 1727 in the Tower of London, Sarah Silvester was named as heir.
     Sarah Clay made a will dated 11 May 1728 in the Tower of London. She mentions her son-in-law Thomas Gilbert, her granddaughter Elizabeth Gilbert, granddaughter Mary Gilbert, grandson Thomas Gilbert, her son-in-law William Gilbert and his wife Elizabeth and daughter Sarah Gilbert, her son Edward Gilbert, daughter Hannah Silvester, her brother Hezekiah Clay, brother Henry Clay and his four daughters, brother Samuel Clay, brother Jeremiah Clay, Elizabeth Beresford, spinster, the residue to her son William Silvester.
     Sarah died before 20 May 1734.
     Her will was proved on 20 May 1734 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Will of Sarah Silvester, widow of the Tower of London.

Children of Sarah Clay and Thomas Silvester

Unknown Clay

     Unknown Clay married Unknown Silvester, daughter of Unknown (Edward?) Silvester.

Emanuel Clayborough

     Emanuel Clayborough married Mary Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Helen or Ellin or Elinor Stringer, on 21 May 1808 in Carlton juxta Snaith, Yorkshire, England.

Agnes Clayton

     Agnes Clayton married William Wright.

Child of Agnes Clayton and William Wright

Ellen Cleary

     Ellen Cleary married John Colbert, son of Edmond Colbert, before 1835.
     Ellen Cleary and John Colbert were recorded on the 1851 census in Ballinrush Upper, Kilcrumper, Cork. Colbert John, 40, head, labourer, Colbert Ellen 36 wife, Edmond 14 son, David 11 son, Michael 4 son, Mary 2 daughter.

Children of Ellen Cleary and John Colbert

Lillian Myrtle Cleeland

(30 April 1910 - )
     Lillian Myrtle Cleeland was born on 30 April 1910.
Lillian Myrtle Cleeland married Edward Roy Bird, son of Edward George Bird and Mary Ann Bailey, in 1934 in Victoria.

Doris Goodall Clegg

(1890 - 1964)
     Doris Goodall Clegg was born in 1890.
Doris Goodall Clegg married Harold Wesley Hall, son of Thomas Skarratt Hall and Jane Kirk, on 8 August 1914 in Aldershot, Surrey.
     Doris died in 1964.

Ann W Clemens

(circa 1905 - )
     Ann W Clemens was born circa 1905.
Ann W Clemens married Lawrence MacKenzie Johnson, son of Benjamin Percival Johnson and Emily Kate MacKenzie.

Phoebe Stella Clement

(1861 - 16 November 1936)
     Phoebe Stella Clement was born in 1861 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
Phoebe Stella Clement married John Frederick Gamble, son of Henry Cutliffe Gamble, in 1879 in Bengal, India.
In the Calcutta High Court on 1o Jan 1900 there was a case between the New York Insurance Company vs Phoebe Stella Gamble - suit to recover from the defendant-company a sum of Rs. 10,500, the amount assured on five policies on the life of the plaintiff's late husband, one John Frederick Gamble, a master mariner, which policies were effected with the defendant-compile in the month of October 1893. John Frederick Gamble who, for several years, had been resident in Calcutta, died in England in the month of April 1894 of disease of the kidneys.
     Phoebe died on 16 November 1936 in Calcutta, West Bengal . She was buried on 17 November 1936 in Calcutta, West Bengal .

Child of Phoebe Stella Clement and John Frederick Gamble

Thomas Clement

     Thomas Clement was born in Hampshire.
Thomas Clement married Katharine Ryther, daughter of Unknown Ryther, on 3 May 1590 in Heckfield & Mattingley, Hampshire, England.

Erica Elizabeth Fraser Clements

(21 February 1967 - )
     Erica Elizabeth Fraser Clements was born on 21 February 1967 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fanny Clements

(1860 - )
     Fanny Clements was born in 1860 in North Hill, Cornwall.
The marriage of Fanny Clements and Walter Nunn, son of Robert Nunn and Frances Sutton, was registered in Wandsworth, Surrey, in the December 1877 quarter.
     Fanny Clements and Walter Nunn were recorded on the 1881 census in 64 Mansfield Place, Kentish Town, London. Walter Nunn 22, railway signalman, born Combs, Sfk; his wife Fanny Nunn 23, born North Hill, Cornwall, daughter Frances E Nunn 3. born Linkinghorne, Cornwall, Walter C Nunn 1, born St Pancras, Mdx.
     Fanny Clements and Walter Nunn were recorded on the 1891 census in 7 Fawcett Tce, Tottenham, London. Walter Nunn 31 , Railway signalman, born Combs, Sfk; his wife Fanny Nunn 33 , born Linkinghorn, Cornwall, Frances E Nunn 13 , born Linkinghorn, Walter C Nunn 11, Elzie M Nunn 8 , both born at Kentish Town, Dingley P Nunn 4 , born Tottenham, Percy George Nunn 1 born Tottenham.

Children of Fanny Clements and Walter Nunn

Margaret Clements

(before 1620 - )
     Margaret Clements was born before 1620 in Weston, England.
Margaret Clements married Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy (of Evesham) and Joan (?), in 1640 in Worcestershire, England. Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy of Evesham in the county of Worcester, & Joan his wife, took to wife Margaret Clements, daughter of [blank] & [blank] his wife of Weston in a publick assembly of the People called Quakers on the [blank] month 1640, by whom he had Mary born at Evesham 1641.

Child of Margaret Clements and Thomas Handy

Hanse Clendinning

     Hanse Clendinning married Catherine Handy, daughter of Stray Handy, before 1870.

Child of Hanse Clendinning and Catherine Handy

Margaret Clendinning

(16 January 1870 - )
     Margaret Clendinning was born on 16 January 1870 in Bambridge, Seapatrick, Down, Ireland. She was the daughter of Hanse Clendinning and Catherine Handy.

Jane Clent

     Jane Clent married Sir George Charnock. Jane Clent was born in England. She was the sister of William Clent, esq. of the city of Worcester..

Child of Jane Clent and Sir George Charnock

Ann Clerk

(circa 1712 - before 3 January 1748)
     Ann Clerk was born circa 1712.
Ann Clerk married John Popplewell, son of Thomas Popplewell and Elizabeth Simpson, on 16 November 1731 in Luddington, Lincolnshire, England. Ann Clerk was buried on 19 May 1747 in Luddington, LIN, ENG.
     Ann died before 3 January 1748 in Luddington, LIN, ENG.

Child of Ann Clerk and John Popplewell

James Clerk

     James Clerk was born in Suffolk, England.
James Clerk married Mary Bullett, daughter of Samuel Bullett and Jane Stearn, on 2 July 1806 in Euston, Suffolk.

Susan Clerk

(before 1680 - before 20 April 1728)
     Susan Clerk was also known as Clarke in records. She was born before 1680 in Suffolk.
     Susan Clerk and John Bullett/Bulletout obtained a marriage licence on 16 April 1695 in Sudbury, Suffolk. John Bullet of Tostock, widower & Susan Clarke, of Langham, at Langham 16 April 1695.
     Susan Clerk married John Bullett/Bulletout as his second wife, on 16 April 1695 in Langham, Suffolk. John Bullet of Tostock, widow & Sudan Clarke of Langham. Susan Clerk was also known as Bulletout in records.
William Loveness married secondly Susan Clerk on 6 September 1716 in Tostock, Suffolk.
     Susan died before 20 April 1728 in Tostock, Suffolk. She was buried on 20 April 1728 in Tostock. Wife of Will Loveness sen (death or burial?).

Children of Susan Clerk and John Bullett/Bulletout

Elizabeth Clibberan

(before 1668 - 25 November 1701)
     Elizabeth Clibberan was born before 1668.
Elizabeth Clibberan married Robert Popplewell on 4 June 1683.
     Elizabeth was buried on 25 November 1701 in Crowle, Lincolnshire.

Child of Elizabeth Clibberan and Robert Popplewell

Jane Cliff

(3 September 1816 - 10 September 1855)
     Jane Cliff was christened on 3 September 1816 in St Mary, Stamford, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas & Catherine Cliff. Thomas was a shoe-ing smith and farrier.
     Jane Cliff married William Bowker as his second wife, on 31 August 1847 in St Botolph Aldgate, London. William Bowker, bachelor, tanner of the parish of St George, Stamford, Lincs & Jane Cliff, of Aldgate, married by licence. He was the son of Thomas Bowker, Captain in the 68th Regiment and she was the daughter of Thomas Cliff, farrier. Both signed and were of full age.
     Jane Cliff was recorded on the 1851 census in Southwark, St George the Martyr, Surrey. Jane Bowker 34, currier's wife, born Stamford, Lincs: son Willm Bowker 2, born Southwark, Sry.
     Jane's death was registered in the quarter ending on 10 September 1855 in Somers Town, Pancras RD, Middlesex.

Children of Jane Cliff and William Bowker

Catherine Clifford

     Catherine Clifford married John Scrope 8th Lord Scrope of Bolton, son of Henry Scrope 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton and Mabel Dacre, circa 1530.

Elizabeth Clifford

( - after 4 October 1480)
     Elizabeth Clifford was born. She was the daughter of Thomas, 8th Lord Clifford.
Elizabeth Clifford married William Plumpton, son of William Plumpton and Elizabeth Stapleton, circa 1453. They married by dispensation date 1453. She remarried John Hamerton.
     Elizabeth died after 4 October 1480.

Children of Elizabeth Clifford and William Plumpton