Bessie Unknown

     Bessie Unknown married William Dawson Handy, son of William Handy and Elizabeth Frances Dawson, before 1921.

Child of Bessie Unknown and William Dawson Handy

Betsy Unknown

(circa 1845 - between October 1916 and December 1916)
     Betsy Unknown was born circa 1845 in Honington, Suffolk.
Betsy Unknown married James Bullett, son of Charles Bullett and Mary Ann Tweed.
     Betsy Unknown and James Bullett were recorded on the 1871 census in Honington, Suffolk. James Bullett, head, married, 47, ag. lab. born Troston with his wife Betsy, aged 24, born Honington.
     Betsy died between October 1916 and December 1916 in Thetford RD, Suffolk.

Betty Unknown

     Betty Unknown married Benjamin Bowker RN, son of Thomas Bowker and Dorothy Monkhouse.

Children of Betty Unknown and Benjamin Bowker RN

Bev Unknown

     Bev died of cancer.

Bridget Unknown

(before 1830 - )
      She may have been a spinster.. Bridget Unknown was born before 1830.      
Bridget Unknown paid the Griffith Valuation in 1850 in Glenaphuca, Dungourney, Cork, Ireland. She was taxed on house, offices & 12 acres of land leased from the trustees Visc. Midleton.
     Bridget died in Dungourney, Cork, Ireland.

Bridget Unknown

( - 1775?)
     Bridget Unknown married John Bullett before 1727.
Bridget Unknown and John Bullett were named on a removal order on 14 July 1727 in Gosbeck, Suffolk. At the Ipwich Quarter Sessions: An appeal to be relieved for removal of John Buletout & Bridgett his wife from the parish of Gosbeck to the parish of Helmingham as the place of their last legal settlement & after hearing what could be alleged by Councill on either side, the Court doth allow of the said appeal & set aside the warrant so made for removal aforesaid. An unknown person possibly married Bridget Bulletout as her second husband, in 1746 in Creeting All Saints, Suffolk..
     Bridget died in 1775? In Plymouth, Devon.

Bridget Unknown (Jacob)

(circa 1620? - before 22 December 1658)
     Bridget Unknown (Jacob) was born circa 1620?.
Bridget Unknown (Jacob) married Thomas Jacob, son of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens, in 1638 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Bridget died before 22 December 1658 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 22 December 1658 in Buxhall.

Children of Bridget Unknown (Jacob) and Thomas Jacob

Bridget Unknown (Stanser)

(before 1600 - )
     Bridget Unknown (Stanser) was born before 1600.
Bridget Unknown (Stanser) married William Stanser before 1617.

Child of Bridget Unknown (Stanser) and William Stanser

Bridget Unknown (Stokes)

     Bridget Unknown (Stokes) married Sir William Gascoigne as his second wife, before 1546.

Carol Unknown (Catchpole)

Caroline Frances Louisa Unknown

(circa 1815 - 1890)
     Caroline Frances Louisa Unknown was born circa 1815 in London, Cripplegate, England.
Caroline Frances Louisa Unknown married Francis George Langstaff before 1846.
     Caroline Frances Louisa Unknown and Francis George Langstaff were recorded on the 1851 census in East India Company Depot, Little Warley, Rochester, Essex. Francis Langstaff, 40, apothecary, born Cripplegate; his wife Caroline F L Langstaff     35, born St Giles Cripplegate; children Caroline F Langstaff, 4, born Deptford, Kent; Francis G Langstaff, 13 months, born Greenwich, Kent.
     Caroline died in 1890 in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia. LANGSTAFF.-April 4, at Bowral, Caroline Langstaff, aged 75 years.

Children of Caroline Frances Louisa Unknown and Francis George Langstaff

Catharine Unknown

(before 1700 - )
     Catharine Unknown was born before 1700.
Catharine Unknown married John Stanser before 1717.

Child of Catharine Unknown and John Stanser

Catherine Unknown

(before 1620 - before 27 June 1649)
     Catherine Unknown was also known as Bulletout in records. Catherine Unknown was also known as Katherine in records. She was born before 1620.
Catherine Unknown married Robert Bullett before 1638.
     Catherine died before 27 June 1649 in Finningham, Suffolk. She was buried on 27 June 1649 in St Bartholomew, Finningham. Katherine Bulletout, widow.

Children of Catherine Unknown and Robert Bullett

Catherine Unknown

(before 1605 - )
     Catherine Unknown was born before 1605 in Lincolnshire, England.
Catherine Unknown married John Popplewell, son of Richard Popplewell and Ann Unknown, before 1623.

Children of Catherine Unknown and John Popplewell

Catherine Unknown

(say 1610 - )
     Catherine Unknown was born say 1610.
Catherine Unknown married George Popplewell, son of Robert Popplewell and Ann Brighouse, before 1694. There is confusion between his wives Prudence (widow died 1701) or Catherine as mentioned in his 1694 will!.

Catherine Unknown

(circa 1820 - 6 November 1865)
     Catherine Unknown was born circa 1820 in Ireland.
     Catherine died of pthithis for 9 months on 6 November 1865 in Walshtown More, Cork, Ireland.

Catherine Unknown

( - before 26 July 1664)
     Catherine Unknown married Thomas Bland.
     Catherine died before 26 July 1664 in Stonham Parva, Suffolk. She was buried on 26 July 1664 in Stonham Parva.

Catherine Unknown

( - 8 July 1687)
     Catherine Unknown married Ebenezer Low as his second wife.
     Catherine died on 8 July 1687 in Chapelizod, Dublin, Ireland. She was buried after 8 July 1687 in St Laurence, Chapelizod, Ireland.

Catherine Unknown

     Catherine Unknown married Thomas Cocksedge before 1560.

Child of Catherine Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge

Catherine Unknown

     Catherine Unknown married Jeffery Addison, son of Jeffery Addison and Alice Ragge.

Child of Catherine Unknown and Jeffery Addison

Catherine Unknown

(circa 1827 - )
     Catherine Unknown was born circa 1827.
Catherine Unknown married Garrett Colbert before 1835.
     Catherine Unknown and John Colbert were recorded on the 1901 census in Ballinwillin, Drumrow, Waterford, Ireland. Catherine Colbert widow, aged 74, was living with her son John, a 39 year old tailor and his wife Ellen and 3 children..

Children of Catherine Unknown and Garrett Colbert

Catherine Unknown (Babthorpe)

Child of Catherine Unknown (Babthorpe) and Robert Babthorpe

Catherine Unknown (Feaver)

(circa 1762 - 21 April 1839)
     Catherine Unknown (Feaver) was born circa 1762.
     Catherine Unknown (Feaver) married George Aust as his third wife, in May 1811. Last week was married at Bath, George Aust, Esq. of Noel-House, Kensington, to Mrs. Feaver, relict of the late John Feaver, Esq. of Woolland, Dorset.
     Catherine Unknown (Feaver) made a will dated 13 April 1829 in Noel House, Kensington, Middlesex. Widow of George Aust (to be buried with him or her firt husband John Feaverhim - whchever is nearer), formerly of Noel House, Kensington and late of Woodlands ... Blandford , Dorset, widow... beloved daughter Catharine Loftus.
     Catherine died on 21 April 1839 in Dorset. April 21, at the residence of her son-in-law, George Colby Loftus, Esq., Woolland House, Dorset, her 77th vear, Catherine, widow of the late George Aust, Esq., of Noel House Kensington Gore, former Under-Secretary of State in the Foreign Department, and late Commissary General of Musters.
     Her will was proved on 31 July 1839 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby)

(before 1690 - )
     Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby) was born before 1690.
Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby) married John Handy, son of Jonathan Handy, before 1710.
     Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby) was mentioned in the will of John Handy dated 24 February 1711/12.
Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby) married Edward Ormsby between 1712 and 1731 in Ireland. He was described as of Derryconnor, co. Roscommon. But she may bave been Catherine Ormsby.
     Administration of the estate of Thomas Handy was granted to Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby), on 28 January 1731 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland, Thomas Handy of Killbegg, co. Westmeath, a minor, deceased, intestate made to his mother Catherine Ormsby alias Handy, wife of Edward Ormsby of Derrycemon?, co. Roscommon, gent.

Child of Catherine Unknown (Handy) (Ormsby) and John Handy

Catherine Unknown (Mackglew)

(before 1745 - before 24 December 1798)
     Catherine Unknown (Mackglew) was born before 1745.
Catherine Unknown (Mackglew) married Edward Macklew, son of Unknown Macklew, before 1761.
     Catherine Unknown (Mackglew) made a will dated 7 May 1792 in Bridges Street, London, St Paul Covent Garden. In the name of God Amen (crossed out?) Thisis the last and testament of me Catherine Macklew of Bridges Street in the parish of Saint Paul Covent Garden, Mdx, widow, made the seventh day of May 1792, after discharging the expences and my funeral and any debts ... I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann the wife of Andrew Smith Barr of Bridges Street afsd all my household and other goods ...appoint her sole executor.
     Catherine died before 24 December 1798.
     Her will was proved on 24 December 1798. Will of Catherine Macklew, widow of St Paul Covent Garden, Mdx.

Children of Catherine Unknown (Mackglew) and Edward Macklew

Catherine Unknown (Meylor)

     Catherine Unknown (Meylor) was born in Wexford, Ireland.
Catherine Unknown (Meylor) married Laurence Meylor before 1808.

Child of Catherine Unknown (Meylor) and Laurence Meylor

Catherine Unknown (Ryder or Ryther)

( - before 21 December 1543)
     Catherine Unknown (Ryder or Ryther) married Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth).
     Catherine died before 21 December 1543 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 21 December 1543 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Child of Catherine Unknown (Ryder or Ryther) and Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth)

Catherine Unknown (Ryther)

( - after 30 November 1543)
     Catherine Unknown (Ryther) married Lawrence Ryther, son of Thomas Ryther, before 1533. They left no issue..
     Catherine Unknown (Ryther) made a will dated 30 November 1543. Her will was witnessed by Sir Lawrence Ryder. She bequeaths certain of her property to Lawrence Ryder, who was the son of Thomas, and request that she be buried in the church of St Andrew in Epworth.
     Catherine died after 30 November 1543.
     Her will was proved between 25 January 1543 and 1544.

Charity Unknown

     Charity Unknown married John Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Alice Unknown, in 1620 in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Charlotte Unknown

(before March 1797 - )
     Charlotte Unknown was born before March 1797 in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire.
Charlotte Unknown married George Bland.
     Charlotte Unknown was recorded on the 1841 census in Lakenheath, Suffolk. Charlotte Bland, 40, female servant born in the county in the same household as Robert Barrows, 25, bricklayer and Mary Waters 50, F.S.
     Charlotte Unknown was recorded on the 1851 census in Cavenham, Suffolk. Charlotte Bland, wife, married, 54, butler's wife, born Newmarket Cambridgeshire.