Mary F Harris

     Mary F Harris married John H Handy, son of Thomas Kingston Handy and Mariah Louise Henderson, on 27 May 1855 in Williamson County, Tennessee, USA.

Miriam Alice Harris

(30 December 1912 - )
     Miriam Alice Harris was born on 30 December 1912 in Wanganui, New Zealand. She was the daughter of George John Harris and Alice Black.
Miriam Alice Harris married John William Morris! Watson on 22 July 1936 in New Zealand.
     Miriam resided at 47 Itikara Road, Wanganui, New Zealand.

Nellie Tyack Harris

(September 1894 - September 1899)
     Nellie was nick-named Midge. She's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1894 in Woolwich RD, Kent. She was the daughter of John Tyack Harris and Mary Helen or Ellen Ross.
     Nellie's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1899 in Woolwich RD, Kent, England.

Violet Eugene Harris

(8 July 1889 - January 1985)
     Violet Eugene Harris was born on 8 July 1889 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was the daughter of John Tyack Harris and Elizabeth Anne Ross.
Violet Eugene Harris married Frederick Charles Sillito in April 1920.
     Violet died in January 1985 in Warwickshire aged 95. She lived at 18 Central Ave, Northfield?, Birmingham.

Walter Gude Harris

     Walter Gude Harris married Laura Stanser, daughter of William Stanser and Mary Cobb, on 15 June 1893 in Sturton le Steeple. Howevera Miss Laura Stanser resided in London until 1939 according to the electoral registers.

William Norman Harris

     William Norman Harris married Beatrice M Cocksedge.

Child of William Norman Harris and Beatrice M Cocksedge

Benjamin or James Harrison or Manning

     Benjamin or James Harrison or Manning married Annie De Lessert, daughter of Robert Killigrew De Lessert and Elizabeth Farmer, before 1 October 1896 in Coventry RD, Warwickshire.

Ann Harrison

     Ann Harrison married Thomas Rich, son of Richard Rich (of Sheffield) and Cicilia Hall, on 1 June 1617 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Ann was present at Ann Rich's christening on 26 April 1618 in Sheffield, St Peter's, YKS. Anna fil. Tho Riche de Attercliffe..

Children of Ann Harrison and Thomas Rich

Emilie Hume F Harrison

     The marriage of Emilie Hume F Harrison and Charles Boyes Steer, son of Charles Steer and Caroline Thompson, was registered in Kensington RD, Middlesex, in the September 1879 quarter. Her sister Lady Arthur Hill was in the music business and wrote the famous Victorian Parlour song "In the Gloaming". She may be the Emilie Steer who married in 1911 in the Chelmsford district.
     Emilie Hume F Harrison and Charles Boyes Steer were recorded on the 1881 census in 19 Hobart Place, London, St George Hanover Square. Charles Boyes STEER, 45, born East Indies, Member GSH Stock Exchange; Emilie Hume STEER, 27, East Indies, Wife; Valentin STEER, 1, St Georges, London, Middlesex, Son; Lidia Mary BROMWELL     Widow, 32,     Guildford, Surrey, Servant, Nurse Monthly; Clara SHAW, unmarried, 28, Kingsland , London, Mdx, Cook; Laura Daines, unmarried, 25, Gt Baddon, Essex, General Servant; Ralph RANDALL, unmarried, 20, Isleworth, Middlesex, General Servant; Elizabeth Ann DOLLIMORE, unmarried, 28, London Marylebone , general servant.

Child of Emilie Hume F Harrison and Charles Boyes Steer

Harry Harrison

Helen Harrison

     Helen Harrison was also known as Ellen in records.
Helen Harrison married Thomas Stanser on 26 December 1733 in St Giles, Hartington, Derbyshire. Thomas Stanserof Earlsterndale, & Hellen Harrison.

Children of Helen Harrison and Thomas Stanser

John Harrison

     John Harrison married Rose Seadon, daughter of Giles Seadon and Ann Sealance, in 1640 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Mary Harrison

(before 1730 - )
     Mary Harrison was born before 1730.
Mary Harrison married David Ryther on 13 December 1747 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Mary Harrison

     Mary Harrison married Edward Cole on 30 June 1825 in St Pancras. He was a gent in 1834 and a tea dealer in 1838.

Children of Mary Harrison and Edward Cole

Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison

(circa 1868 - September 1966)
     Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison was born circa 1868 in Scotland. She was the daughter of G Denis B Harrison, Clifton, Bristol.
The marriage of Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison and Henry Napier MacRae CBE was registered in Barton Regis RD, England, in the September 1895 quarter.
     Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison and Henry Napier MacRae CBE were recorded on the 1901 census in Houghton, Hampshire. Mildred E N McRae, was listed as wife's sister, 33, born Scotland, with her husband Henry N McRae, 50... Indian Staff Corps, born India and their presumed daughters (visitors) Jessie F L McRae 19, born Kashmir?, India, and Mary F E McRae 4, born India in the household of Edwin (born Sheffield) & Frances (born Ceylon) Firth/Frith.
     Mildred's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1966 in Bullingdon RD, Oxfordshire, England.

Child of Mildred Elizabeth K Harrison and Henry Napier MacRae CBE

Sarah Harrison

(say 1615 - )
     Sarah Harrison was born say 1615.
     Sarah Harrison married Capt Richard Poole as his third wife, on 15 May 1633 in St Mary le Haura, New Shoreham, Sussex.

William Harrison

     William Harrison was also known as William Harris? in records.
William Harrison married Sarah Cocksedge, daughter of Henry Cocksedge and Margaret Unknown, on 11 March 1711/12 in Barningham, Suffolk.

William Harrison

(say 1750 - )
     William Harrison was born say 1750 in Gainsborough.
William Harrison married Mary Stanser, daughter of Matthew Stanser and Ann Waller, on 23 June 1778 in St Peter & St Paul, Sturton le Steeple.

Isabel Harry

( - before July 1540)
     Isabel Harry was born. Isabella HARRY or HARRIS, or HARVEY. She was the daughter of Stephen HARRY. She was the daughter of Stephen Harry.
Isabel Harry married John Hales, son of John Hales, before 1498.
At Westminster. Three weeks from Easter, 13 Henry VII [6 May 1498].
Parties: Nicholas Tufton'* and Moses Pette, querents, and
John Hales and Isabel, his wife, deforciants.
Property:     1 messuage, 3 gardens, 23 acres of land and 6 acres of marsh in Stone and Ebbene in the Isle of Oxne and Feyrfeld'.
Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John and Isabel have acknowledged the tenements to be the right of Moses, as those which Moses and Nicholas have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Isabel to Nicholas and Moses and the heirs of Moses for ever.
Warranty. For this:     Nicholas and Moses have given them 20 pounds sterling.
Note: [* Written 'Tuston'' in other fines.]
     Isabel was buried before July 1540 in St Mary of Bredne, Canterbury, Kent.

Children of Isabel Harry and John Hales

Stephen Harry

Child of Stephen Harry

Ann Harsley

(before 1675 - before 8 September 1693)
     Ann Harsley was born before 1675 in Lincolnshire, England.
Ann Harsley married John Popplewell, son of John Popplewell and Elizabeth Chadwick, on 16 December 1691 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
     Ann died before 8 September 1693 in Belton, LIN. She was buried on 8 September 1693 in Belton, LIN.

Child of Ann Harsley and John Popplewell

Rachel Hart (Hansen)

(circa 1850 - 13 January 1914)
     Rachel Hart (Hansen) was born circa 1850.
Rachel Hart (Hansen) married Peter MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie, on 4 May 1901 in Christ Church, Maryborough, Victoria. Peter McPherson, bachelor, born Alma, farmer, aged 44, son of Paul McPherson, farmer, & Jane (Emsley). She was a widow (from 1895), aged 51, domestic duties, born Ireland... They were both of Newmarket. Peter signed, Rachel made her mark. Witnessed by ... & James Harris ..
     Rachel died The Maryborough & Dunolly advertiser 14 Jan 1914 page 1-2, reported her death & coronial inqury, Her husband Peter deposed that he had not lived with her for 10-11 years. He was in hospital at the time on 13 January 1914 in the Hospital, Maryborough, Victoria. She was buried on 15 January 1914 in Maryborough. McPherson- At Maryborough, on the 13th inst Rachael, the beloved wife of Peter McPherson. Aged 70 years. The funeral will take place tomorrow (Thursday) leaving the hospital at 3 o'clock for the Maryborough Cemtery.

Aubrey Tulk Hart

(1897 - 1926)
     Aubrey Tulk Hart was born in 1897 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.
     Aubrey died in 1926 in Queensland.

Cedric Roy Hart

(1903 - )
     Cedric Roy Hart was born in 1903 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.

Collin Hume Hart

(1895 - 1895)
     Collin died in 1895 in Queensland. He was born in 1895 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.
     Collin died in 1926 in Queensland.

David Bowker Hart

(circa 1785 - )
     David Bowker Hart was born circa 1785. He was the son of George Hart and Frances Bowker.

Edward Monro Hart

(1862 - 1927)
     Edward Monro Hart was born in 1862 in Queensland.
Edward Monro Hart married Marion Grace Black, daughter of Maurice Hume Black and Maria Frederica Hunn Davies, on 24 January 1893 in St John's, Brisbane, Queensland. HART-HUME BLACK - On the 24th January, at St John's Pro Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev A J David, Ohaplain to the Bishop, Edward Monro, eldest son of the late Edward Frederlck Hart, C.E., to Marion Grace, third daughter of tho Hon M Hume Black, MLA, of Mackay No cards. It was a double wedding with her sister Isabel.
The Anglican pro-Cathedral was, on Tuesday, January 24, the scene of the marriage of the third and fourth daughters of the Hon. M. Hume Black, M.L.A., the newly-appointed, special, agent in England-Miss Marion Black wedding Mr. Edward Hart, of H.M. Customs, and Miss Isabel Black Mr. Louis Cowley, nephew of the Hon. A. S. Cowley, Minister for Lands. The wedding was intended to be a quiet one (Mr.. and Mrs. Black being engaged in active preparations for de- parture to England), but the popularity of the young brides and the men of their choice quite frustrated the attempt, so far as the ceremony was concerned, and the church, the decoration of which was confined to the dressing of the altar with white flowers, presented a very gay appear- ance, and was crowded with the friends of the two young couples.
Both brides were similarly attired in gowns of white brocaded Indian silk, th«? chief charm of which lay in their simplicity. They wore wreaths of orange blossoms and long tulle veils, and car- ried exquisite bouquets of white flowers. Each bride was followed by one maid-Miss Thallon attending Miss Marion Black, and Miss Evelyn Black her sister Isabel. The bridesmaids were attired in Empire gowns of pink crepe adorned with pink and brown ribbons, and wore brown straw picture hats trimmed with pink roses. Mrs. Black, mother of the brides, was gowned in royal'blue voile-delaine, with floral design in cream ; bonnet to harmonise. Subsequent to the ceremony Mrs. Black received a number of friends at her residence, Harris-terrace, George-street, Brisbane. Mr. and Mrs. Hart spend their honey- moon at Redland Bay, and Mr. and Mrs. Cowley are spending theirs in Sydney.
     Edward and Marion resided at Merton St, Brisbane South, Queensland, 1908.
     Edward and Marion resided at Cnr Merton Rd & St George St, Brisbane South, Queensland, 1925.
     Edward died in 1927 in Queensland.

Children of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black

Eugene Tulk Hart

(1894 - 1973)
     Eugene Tulk Hart was born in 1894 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.
     Eugene died in 1973 in Queensland.

Fanny Bowker Hart

(1 April 1771 - )
     Fanny Bowker Hart was christened on 1 April 1771 in Farcett, Huntingdonshire. She was the daughter of George Hart and Frances Bowker.

George Hart

     George Hart was born in Brampton, Huntingdonshire.
George Hart married Frances Bowker on 4 May 1770 in Brampton, Huntingdonshire.

Children of George Hart and Frances Bowker