Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows)

(before January 1808 - before 14 January 1891)
     Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) was born before January 1808 in Gosfield, Essex, England.
     Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) was recorded on the 1851 census in Elmsett.
Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) married Isaac Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Sarah Summers, on 23 December 1853 in Aldham, Suffolk.
     Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) and Isaac Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Elmsett. Isaac Grimwood aged 43, ag. lab, born Ringshall, his wife Mary aged 55, born Gledfield? and mother Sarah Grimwood, aged 84 born Batersford.
     Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) and Isaac Grimwood were recorded on the 1871 census in Elmsett.
     Mary Elizabeth Unknown (Meadows) and Isaac Grimwood were recorded on the 1881 census in Crates farm, Whatfield Rd, Elmsett, Suffolk. Issac Grimwood, head, ag. lab, married, aged 62, born Ringshall, and his wife Mary aged 76, born Gosfield, Essex.
     Mary died before 14 January 1891 in Elmsett, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 January 1891 in Aldham.

Mary Frances Unknown (Sturgeon)

(before 1875 - )
     Mary Frances Unknown (Sturgeon) was born before 1875 in Suffolk.
Mary Frances Unknown (Sturgeon) married Thomas Charles Bullett, son of Charles Bullett and Mary Ann Cocksedge, on 8 October 1898 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Mary Frances Unknown (Sturgeon) and Thomas Charles Bullett were recorded on the 1901 census in the Heath, Hessett. Thomas Bullett, head, 35, farm labourer, born Hessett, his wife Mary F 40, born Culford, Elizabeth Sturgeon step-daughter, 15, laudnry maid, born Bury St Edmunds, Ella N? Sturgeon, step daughter, 9, ditto, Violet Sturgeon, step-daughter, 3, born Hessett, Dorothy D Bullett, daughter 1, born Hessett.

Child of Mary Frances Unknown (Sturgeon) and Thomas Charles Bullett

Mary Frances Elizabeth Unknown

(5 February 1912 - 15 March 1996)
     Mary Frances Elizabeth Unknown was born on 5 February 1912.
Mary Frances Elizabeth Unknown married Edmond Keith Colbert, son of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella, in Victoria.
     Mary resided at 16 Broomfield Street, Shepparton, Victoria, 1982.
     Mary died on 15 March 1996 in Victoria aged 84. She was buried in Pine Lodge.
     Her will was proved on 28 November 1996. She was a secretary of Shepparton.

Mary Jane Unknown

     Mary Jane Unknown married George Heatherly before 1832.

Child of Mary Jane Unknown and George Heatherly

Mary Unknown of the Isles

     Mary Unknown of the Isles was the daughter of Angus Og of Islay.
Mary Unknown of the Isles married William, Earl of Ross,, son of Hugh, Earl of Ross, and Maud or Matilda Bruce Countess of Ross, circa 1342 in Scotland.

Children of Mary Unknown of the Isles and William, Earl of Ross,

Maryann Unknown

(circa 1833 - )
     Maryann Unknown was born circa 1833 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.
Maryann Unknown married John Bullett.
     Maryann Unknown and John Bullett were recorded on the 1891 census in Great Green, Bradfield St George. John Bullet aged 69, retired? farmer?, born Bradfield St Clare, with his wife Maryann aged 58 born at Bradfield St George.
He may be the John at Battersea, Surrey in the 1881 census who claimed to be from Britters From, Sfk, aged 58, brewer's labourer, with his wife Elizabeth aged 32, born at Chard, Somerset.

Maryann Unknown

(before March 1826 - )
     Maryann Unknown was born before March 1826 in Westhorpe, Suffolk.
Maryann Unknown married Thomas Cocksedge circa 1850.
     Maryann Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Westhorpe. Thomas Cocksedge, head, 30, ag. labourer, born Elmswell, Sfk, his wife Maryann 25 and daughter Sophia 5 months, both born Westhorpe.

Child of Maryann Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge

Mathilde Unknown (Mendelssohn)

(circa 1836 - )
     Mathilde Unknown (Mendelssohn) was also known as Mendelsohn in records. She was born circa 1836 in Brussells, Belgium.
     Mathilde Unknown (Mendelssohn) married Richard Frederick Dempster as his second wife, in 1889 in London, Pancras RD.
     Mathilde Unknown (Mendelssohn) and Richard Frederick Dempster were recorded on the 1891 census in Lower Road, Carshalton, Surrey. Richard F Dempster, head, 56?, retired solicitor, born Brighton, Sussex, with his wife Matilde aged 44, born Brussels, Belgium and his step-daughters Ida Mendelssohn aged 19 born Holborn, London & Paula Mendelssohn aged 15, born Peckham, Surrey & step-son Leo A? Mendelssohn aged 11, born Dalston, Middlesex; his mother in law Henriette? ... a 77 year old widow, and Alfred Wilson a 26 year old boarder, doctor .... born Australia.

Matilda Unknown (Jop)

     Matilda Unknown (Jop) married Thomas Jop.

Child of Matilda Unknown (Jop) and Thomas Jop

Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam)

( - before 1324)
     Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam) married Sir William Fitzwilliam, son of Sir William FitzThomas and Agnes Metham.
     Maud died before 1324.

Children of Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam) and Sir William Fitzwilliam

Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam)

     Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam) was buried in Hampole, Yorkshire.
Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam) married William FitzWilliam, son of William FitzGodric and Albreda de Lisures.

Child of Maud Unknown (Fitzwilliam) and William FitzWilliam

Maud Unknown (Ryther)

(before 1300 - )
     Maud Unknown (Ryther) was born before 1300.
Maud Unknown (Ryther) married Robert Ryther, son of Sir William Ryther and Lucy de Ros, before 1315.
Maud Unknown (Ryther) was a petitioner Petitioners: Maud [Rither], widow of Robert de Rither to the King and council concerning rights in the manor of Hornington. Other people mentioned: Peter de Rither. Endorsement: Let justices be assigned to inquire into the matter in Hornington, Yorkshire, in 1322.
Maud Unknown (Ryther) married William de Clapham before 15 December 1332. She married secondly before 15 December 1332, William de Clapham.
Grant at the request of Henry, earl of Lancaster, the kings's kinsman, to William de Clapham, who has married Matilda late the wife of Robert de Rithre, and to the said Matilda that they shall hold the custody during minority of the heir of two parts of the lands of the said Robert without rendering any extent and pardon of all arrears due on account of the extent reserved in a like grant therof to Matilda. This abatement is made because the king is given to understand that the goods which the said Robert held at his death were all taken into the hands of the late king because he had been of the quarrel of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, whereby his children were wholly deprived of their sustenance, and that the burden of their support has been hitherto borne by the said William and Matilda.

Children of Maud Unknown (Ryther) and Robert Ryther

Maude Unknown

     Maude Unknown married John Goviley, son of Robert Goviley (of Goviley Major). Maude Unknown was the daughter of Serle of Lansladron Kt.

Child of Maude Unknown and John Goviley

Michelle Unknown

Mildred Unknown

(before 1680 - )
     Mildred Unknown was also known as Mildrick in records. She was born before 1680.
Mildred Unknown married William Seaton, son of John Seaton and Mary Unknown (Seadon), before 1697.

Children of Mildred Unknown and William Seaton

Murial Unknown

     Murial Unknown married William 5/9th Earl of Mar, son of Donnchadh of Mar.
Murial Unknown married Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar,, son of William 5/9th Earl of Mar and Murial Unknown.

Child of Murial Unknown and William 5/9th Earl of Mar

Myrtle Unknown

( - after 1998)
     Myrtle died after 1998.

Nancy? Unknown (MacKenzie)

     Nancy? Unknown (MacKenzie) married Gilbert Edward MacKenzie as his second wife, after 1932 in Victoria.

Nell Unknown (Brown)

Nellie Unknown (Ross)

     Nellie Unknown (Ross) married Trefry Ross, son of Thomas Alexander Ross and Uldine Adams. They had a daughter and two sons.

Nicole Unknown

(before 1230 - )
     Nicole Unknown was born before 1230.
Nicole Unknown married Roger de Somery. She was the widow of Ralph D'Aubigny.

Child of Nicole Unknown and Roger de Somery

Nola Lee Unknown

(27 September 1949 - 18 July 2007)
     Nola Lee Unknown was born on 27 September 1949.
     Nola died on 18 July 2007 in Victoria aged 57. She was cremated on 24 July 2007 in The Necropolis, Springvale, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 22 August 2007 at Victoria.

Olive Unknown

     Olive Unknown married Capt Thomas Killigrew.

Child of Olive Unknown and Capt Thomas Killigrew

Philippa Unknown (Bridge)

(say 1920 - )
     Philippa Unknown (Bridge) was born say 1920.
Philippa Unknown (Bridge) married Christopher Bridge, son of Charles Edward Dunscomb Bridge and Florence Mildred Georgena Canning Hall, on 16 December 1946?.

Phyllis Unknown

     Phyllis Unknown married Albert Lancelot Ruby as his second wife.

Pippi Unknown

(say 1910 - )
     Pippi died in Nunawading, Victoria. She was born say 1910.
Pippi Unknown married Michael Henry Colbert, son of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson.

Prudence Unknown

(circa 1640? - before October 1701)
     Prudence Unknown was born circa 1640?.
Prudence Unknown married George Popplewell, son of Robert Popplewell and Ann Brighouse, before 1658. More work required!.
     Prudence Unknown made a will dated 13 April 1701 in Gainsborough. I Prudence Poplewell of Gainsborough, widow, being weak in body ... unto my granddaughter Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of George Popplewell my son of Redford ... all the rest to my son William Popplewell of Gainsborough whom I make sole executor. She made her mark.
     Prudence died before October 1701 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
     Her will was proved in October 1701 at the Stow Archdeaconry, Lincolnshire.

Children of Prudence Unknown and George Popplewell

Rachel Unknown

(circa 1821 - before 29 June 1885)
     Rachel Unknown was born circa 1821 in Pakenham, Suffolk.
Rachel Unknown married Joseph Cocksedge, son of Isaac Cocksedge and Frances Wing, before 1861.
     Rachel Unknown and Joseph Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Ingham, Suffolk. Joseph Cocksedge, aged 40, ag. lab., born Culford with his wife Ratchel aged 40, born Pakenham, and a unmarried lodger Charles Cocksedge, aged 22, born Culford and James Turner, lodger aged 21, ditto.
     Rachel died before 29 June 1885 in Culford, Suffolk. She was buried on 29 June 1885 in St Mary, Culford.

Rebecca Unknown

(circa 1780 - )
     Rebecca Unknown married John Ruby. Rebecca Unknown was born circa 1780 in St Germans, Cornwall, England.
     Rebecca Unknown was recorded on the 1851 census in 4 Woodleys Court, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon. Rebecca Ruby, head, aged 70, widow, annuitant, born St Germans with her cousin Rebecca Thompson.
A Rebecca Billing married Richard Ruby, 31 March 1806 at Stoke Damerel.

Child of Rebecca Unknown and John Ruby

Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert)

(say 1650 - before 20 May 1728)
     Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) was born say 1650.
Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) married Henry Hulbert, son of Henry Hulbert and Susanna Barrett or Basser.
     Rebecca died before 20 May 1728 in Chatham, Kent. She was buried on 20 May 1728 in St Mary, Chatham. Rebecca Holbird.

Child of Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) and Henry Hulbert