Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown

(1893 - 1975)
     Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown was commonly known as Lisle. He was born in 1893 in Bairnsdale, Victoria. He was the son of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie.
He lived most of his early life on a property called 'Ingalara' in the Gippsld Lakes area. He was a director of Calrossie Butter Factory.Bob Brown wrote: In his teenage years he moved with his mother to 15 Mercer Road, Malvern. It was from here that he went school at Caulfield Grammar and then to University of Melbourne to study medicine, obtaining the MB MS in December 1915. He enlisted in the army in 1916 and after basic training; he left Australia in December 1916 for service in France in 1917 and 1918, being awarded the MC and bar for two acts of conspicuous bravery. His war time diaries are available on a web site Bob Brown has put together - http://www.hallowesbrown.net/ . In 1920 he took up a medical practice in Oakleigh and remained in the practice until 1954. Vernon was a doctor. Vernon Carlisle Brown, MC, Mb, BC, Melbourne 1916. Major Australian Army Medical Corps ....
Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown married Dorothy Hallowes in 1919 in Victoria, Australia.
     Vernon died in 1975 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Dr Vernon Carlisle Brown and Dorothy Hallowes

Vernon Ritchie Brown

(13 January 1868 - 9 August 1902)
       Helen Brown was a daughter of John (Como) Brown who was born in Marykirk Scotland in 1804 moved to Port Philip in 1838 and purchased Como House, Melbourne in 1852. He died at “Ellerslie”, Toorak in 1871. Reference: John ‘Como’ Brown by Beryl Black, published in 1991– ISBN 0646 07351 6. Vernon Ritchie Brown was born on 13 January 1868 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Brown (born Tasmania 5 Nov 1829, died 27 Apriil 1891 in Melbourne) & Helen Brown (born in Tasmania 8 March 1835 died on 3 November 1870 at Bacchus Marsh).
who probably married in 1866..
Vernon Ritchie Brown married Mary Isabel MacKenzie, daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson, on 6 January 1892 in 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria. The local newspapers reported: MARRIAGE - BROWN - McKENZIE - On the 6th of January at the residence of the brides parents "Calrossie", by Rev. James Groundwater, Vernon Ritchie Brown, son of Thomas Brown "Yallock Vale", Bacchus Marsh, to Mary Isabel, eldest daughter of Donald Thomson McKenzie "Calrossie", South Gippsland.
     MARRIAGE: An orange blossom notice over the Standard leader discloses the pleasing fact of a wedding having been solemnized at "Calrossie", Won Wron, on Wednesday last by the Reverend James Groundwater, the contracting parties being Mr. V. R. Brown and Miss Isabel McKenzie who were united in the bonds of matrimony at 9 o'clock, and, after the customary hour for refreshments and toasting, the young couple left the cosy and picturesque home of the McKenzies for Traralgon, en route for Melbourne and the honeymoon.
So enthusiastic were their friends as to rice and old slippers at parting, that the four prancing horses which were in hand by Mr. Kelsie for driving the happy couple to Traralgon, did a lively wedding caper on their own account in honour of the occasion. The Misses McKenzie and Johnson were bridesmaids, Mr. B. P. Johnson acting as best man; and rumour hath it that the gentleman just named is about to enter the united states with another fair daughter of "Calrossie". Happy signs of the times! for it was but a fortnight previously that a similar ceremony to the one performed by Mr. Groundwater on Wednesday last, engaged the attention of the Rev. F. A. White in behalf of Mr. Richard Williams and Miss S. Bland and in the language of Rip Van Winkle we would say "May they live long and prosper"
Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie moved to 'Ellerslie', Jones Bay, Victoria, on 30 January 1892. The local paper reported on January 29th Mr V R Brown's yacht, the "Carlisle", left Port Albert at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in charge of Mr H Avery, and under his skillful handling made excellent passage, passing through the Lakes Entrance on Thursday morning, and reaching Cunningham at half past eight. Her destination is "Ellerslie", the new residence taken up by Mr Brown on Jones' Bay, near the mouth of the Nicholson River. The "Carlisle" and her owner will leave behind them the memory of many a pleasant excursion; and whilst we cannot help regretting the loss our social circle has sustained by Mr Browns departure, we, of course, admit that the surroundings make it a matter for congratulation and we heartily wish himself and bride all health and happiness in their new home, and doubtless amongst their pleasures of the future not the least will be some breesy trips in the bonny "Carlisle."
     Vernon died on 9 August 1902 in Eaglehawk, Victoria, aged 34. Death: The many friends of Mr & Mrs McKenzie, of "Calrossie", will regret to hear of the death of their son-in-law Mr Vernon R Brown, who died at Eaglehawk (Bendigo) on Wednesday last at 11 a.m. after two years of patient battling with that insidious disease consumption. The deceased, who was favourably known and very much respected, came to Yarram in August 1889 to fill the position of accountant in the Bank of Victoria. But a few years later on, having considerable means of his own, independent of salary, he severed his connection with the Bank and purchased a property in the Bairnsdale district, where he resided for several years, but went to Eaglehawk a few months ago.
He married the eldest daughter of Mr D T McKenzie, and has left 2 sons and a daughter to mourn his early departure; for he has been cut down in the very flower of manhood, being only 35 years of age.
Mr & Mrs McKenzie, who received the telegram on Wednesday afternoon, left by early train yesterday for Melbourne, to catch the 5.30 train to Bendigo, where the funeral will take place this afternoon.

Vernon Ritchie-brown, formerly of Paynesville, but late of Eaglehawk, died on July 9, and his will was executed on January 6, 1892. He left real estate valued at ?400 and personal estate valued at ?2371 to his widow.

Children of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie

William Brown

     William Brown married Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar, daughter of Patrick Dunbar and Mary Wood, on 15 May 1873 in St Mary, St Denys & St George, Manchester, Lancashire.
     William Brown and Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar were recorded on the 1891 census in Barrington Rd, Althrincham, Cheshire. William Brown, 50, Railway Clerk, wife Annie E St A Brown, 41, sons William F 15, Mechanical Engineers Apprentice, Lionel J 13 scholar, all born in Lancashire, Frank C 9, John W 7, George F 4, Frank John & George all born in Cheshire, plus Robert B Smith, Boarder, Single 32 Surgeon Duly Registered, born Lancashire, John W Smith Boarder Single 27, Medical Student, born Lancs.

Children of William Brown and Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar

William F Brown

(circa 1876 - )
     William F Brown was born circa 1876 in Lancashire. He was the son of William Brown and Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar.

William James Brown

     William James Brown married Sarah Emily Bullock on 1 September 1896 in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Zeta Gwendoline Brown

(1896 - 1966)
     Zeta Gwendoline Brown was commonly known as Gwen. She was born in 1896 in Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie.
Zeta Gwendoline Brown married Malcolm Kenneth (Max?) Sheehan after 1920 in Victoria. She married secondly T Adams..
     Zeta died in 1966.

Elizabeth Brown?

     Elizabeth Brown? married Samuel Heatherly on 21 December 1729 in the Fleet, London. Samuel Heatherly of All Hallows the Great and Eliz Brown/Brian?? of the same, spinster..

Jane Brown?

(before 1790 - )
     Jane Brown? married John Ruby in Cork, Ireland. Jane Brown? was born before 1790 in Ireland.

Children of Jane Brown? and John Ruby

Eleanor Browne

(before 1610 - before 8 May 1640?)
     Eleanor Browne was born before 1610 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Browne.
     Eleanor Browne married Robert Ryther as his second wife, on 25 April 1626 in Belton, LIN. Nupti Robert Ryther Esquire et Mrs Hellena Brown.
     Administration of the estate of Robert Ryther was granted to Eleanor Browne, on 11 May 1637 of Belton, armiger.
Bill & Answer: Gannocke v Rither.
Plaintiffs: John Gannocke.
Defendants: Eleanor Rither, widow.
Subject: money, Lincolnshire.
Bill & Answer: Rither v Swyndall. Plaintiffs: Eleanor Rither widow.
Defendants: Lancelot Swyndall, Henry Stephenson, Francis Dale and William Foster.
Subject: property in Belton, Lincs..
Eleanor Ryther married Capt (?) Grimston? as her second husband, after 1639. She afterwards married Capt. Grimston (old pedigree in Lincs Archives), but this does not the fit the death found at York..
     Eleanor died before 8 May 1640? In York, Yorkshire. She was buried on 8 May 1640 in St Olave, York, Yorkshire. In the hospital at Bowtham, Mris Ellinor Ryther was buried 8 May 1640.

Children of Eleanor Browne and Robert Ryther

Elizabeth Browne

(before 1710 - before 30 July 1817)
     Elizabeth Browne was born before 1710.
Elizabeth Browne married Richard Aust on 4 August 1726 in St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham, Middlesex. He was of the parish of Laleham. This Richard died before 1818..
     Elizabeth Browne made a will dated 2 July 1817 in Westsminster, Middlesex, England. I Elizabeth Aust, late of Esher in the county of Surrey but present residing in King Street in the parish of St James, county of Middlesex, widow ... bequeath my dear sister Mary Kellam £20, to my niece Ann Steel £20, to Mrs Elizabeth Steel £5, my niece Ann Wood £10 ... remainder to my niece Mary Sabine ...
     Elizabeth died before 30 July 1817 in Esher, Surrey. This not 'our' Richard's wife. She was buried on 30 July 1817 in Esher.
     Her will was proved on 23 January 1818. Her estate was valued at less than £200.

Henry Browne

( - circa 1791)
     Henry Browne was born in Ireland?. He was the next brother to Lord Kilmaine.
Henry Browne married Eleanora Gregory Wallen, daughter of Matthew Wallen and Catherine Phillips.
     Henry died circa 1791.

Henry C Browne

     Henry C Browne married Elsie Marion Mackglew, daughter of Cornelius Stanley Mackglew and Eleanor Ann Davies, on 21 August 1902 in Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales. BROWNE-McGLEW - August 21, at All Saints', Petersham, by the Rev. R. E. Goddard, Henry Clarence, second son of J. L. Browne, of Nilmah, Hurstville, late of Maryglen, Liverpool, to Elsie Marian, eldest surviving daughter of C. S. McGlew, Enmore-road, Marrickville..

Sir John Browne 3rd Bart

     Sir John Browne 3rd Bart married Anne Hamilton, daughter of George Hamilton 4th Lord, Baron Strabane and Elizabeth Fagan.

Nicholas Browne

Children of Nicholas Browne

Patrick Browne

     Patrick Browne married Margaret Handy, daughter of Andrew Handy and Mary Bracken, on 2 July 1917 in RC church, Killina, Tullamore, Offaly. Patrick Browne of full age, bachelor, porter, of Willmount Terrace, Mullingar, son fo Patrick Browne, groom, to, Margaret Handy, spinsters of Closhanny, Clara, daughter of Andrew handy, foreman, factory, Clara. Both singed in the presence of Michael Browne and Delia Handy.

Sarah Browne

(circa 1755 - )
     Sarah Browne was born circa 1755. She was the daughter of Nicholas Browne.
Sarah Browne married William Bickley, son of Benjamin? Bickley, on 23 November 1775 in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex. William Bickley, bachelor of this parish and Sarah Brown, spinster of the same, were married in this church by banns 23 Nov 1775. Both signed in the presence of Thomas Cousins and Hannah Bickley, at St Mary Islington..
Sarah Browne and William Bickley witnessed William Mannering and Sarah Bickley's wedding on 19 October 1801 in St George, Bloomsbury, Camden. Sarah Browne was an executor of William Bickley's estate on 13 December 1809 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Sarah Browne and William Bickley

Temperance Browne

     Temperance Browne married Charles Bagot, son of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong. She was the sister of Francis Brown, esq. of Riverstown and they had issue..

Thomas Browne

(before 1590 - )
     Thomas Browne was born before 1590 in England.      
Thomas Browne was listed in the Protestation returns in March 1641/42 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire.
     Thomas died in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Child of Thomas Browne

Henrietta Brownrigg

( - 26 February 1878)
     Henrietta Brownrigg was born in Ireland?. She was the daughter of Henry Thomas Brownrigg.
     Henrietta Brownrigg married Dr John Wallen Halahan as his second wife, on 26 January 1832 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin.
     A marriage settlement between Henrietta Brownrigg and Dr John Wallen Halahan was made on 26 November 1832. Marriage settlement dated 26 November 1832 between 1) Henrietta Brownrigg of Gloucester St, Dublin, spinster, youngest daughter of the late Henry Thomas Brownrigg of Rathmines Rd, Dublin & Elizabeth Brownrigg otherwise Warren his wife, both deceased 2) John Wallin Halahan, MD, surgeon, Royal Artillery, Island Bridge Barracks & John Brownrigg of Edenderry, Kings co. Esq & Rev Hickman Rose Halahan of York, St, Dublin, clerk..
     Henrietta Brownrigg and Dr John Wallen Halahan were recorded on the 1851 census in Field Officers Quarters, Woolwich Common, Kent. John W Halahan, 61, senior surgeon, Artillery, born Ireland, with his wife Henrietta aged 42, born Ireland and children Henry T, 15, scholar, born Gibraltar, Mary 13, born Ireland, Elizabeth 11, born Ireland, Samuel 9, born Corfu, Charles G T 6, born Devon, Portsmouth? and four servants. Henrietta Brownrigg was an executor of Dr John Wallen Halahan's estate on 21 March 1861 in Dublin, Ireland.
     Henrietta Brownrigg was recorded on the 1861 census. Henrietta Halahan, head, widow, 53, officer's widow, born Ireland; with son Samuel aged 20, at home, born Corfu; and Charles G T, 15, scholar, born England, with Elizabeth Sive?r, sister, 58, clerghyman's wife, born Ireland, and 2 servants.
     Henrietta died on 26 February 1878 in Mount Durant, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Colonel Henry Thomas Halahan on 7 January 1881 at London. Henrietta Halahan, late of Mount Durant in the Island of Guernsey, widow, who died 26 Feb 1878 at Mt Durant was granted to Henry Thomas Halahan of 94 Piccadilly, co. Mdx, the son and one of the next of kin.

Children of Henrietta Brownrigg and Dr John Wallen Halahan

Jane Agnes Brownrigg

(circa 1819 - 17 April 1891)
     Jane Agnes Brownrigg was born circa 1819. She was the daughter of John Studholme Brownrigg.
Jane Agnes Brownrigg married John Edward Harington, son of Sir James Harington 9th Bart of Ridlington and Sophia Steer, on 26 October 1846 in St Paul's, Knightsbridge, Westminster, Middlesex. St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, Westminster.
     Jane died on 17 April 1891 in Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, Westminster, Middlesex.

Isabel de Bruce Queen of Norway

(1275 - 1358)
     Isabel de Bruce Queen of Norway was born in 1275 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick.
Isabel de Bruce Queen of Norway married Erik, II, King of Norway in 1293. They had a child in 1297.
     Isabel died in 1358 in Bergen, Norway.

Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale

(July 1243 - March 1304)
      His son, Nigel, or Niel, second earl of Carrick, like his father, was very liberal to the church. In 1255, a commission was granted by Henry the Third, for receiving ‘Niel earl of Karricke,’ and other Scotsmen into his protection. He was one of the regents of Scotland and guardians of Alexander the Third and his queen, appointed in the convention at Roxburgh, 20th September, 1255, and died the following year. He married Margaret, daughter of Walter, high-steward of Scotland, by whom he had a daughter, Margaret, countess of Carrick, in her own right, and the mother of ROBERT THE BRUCE. She was twice married; first, to Adam de Kilconcath (or Kilconquhar), who, in her right, in accordance with the practice of those days, was third earl of Carrick. Having joined the crusade of 1268, under the banner of Louis the Ninth of France, he died at Acon in the Holy Land in 1270. The following year she married, secondly, Robert Burs, son of Robert Brus, lord of Annandale and Cleveland, under the romantic circumstances already related. [See BRUCE.] Brus, in consequence, became fourth earl of Carrick. The countess died before 1292, and on 27th November of that year, her husband resigned to Robert the Bruce, his eldest son, the earldom of Carrick, with all the lands he held in Scotland in right of his wife. He still, however, continued to be styled earl of Carrick. He and his son swore fealty to Edward the First at Berwick, 28th August 1296, on which occasion they are styled in the record ‘Robert de Brus le veil (vieil) e Robert de Brus le jouene Counte de Carrick.’.
Lord Brus, Earl of Carrick, de jure uxoris [England] of Hartlepool, co. Durham, Writtle and Hatfield, Essex &c.
In 1278 he swore fealty, as proxy for Alexander III, for the Kingdom of Scotland, to Edward I, to which King, on 13 June 1291 he also swore fealty. He was summoned to be at Shrewsbury for the trial of David ap Griffith, 298 June 1283 II Edw I, by writ directed Robert Brus Comiti de Carrik. His wife the Countess, having previously died, he on 27 Oct 1292, resigned the earldom of Carrick to his 1st son, though he appears still to have been styled earl thereof. On 1 Apr 1295 he succeeded his father and was governor of Carlisle castle. On 24 June 1295 (23 Edw I), he was summoned to parliament by writ directed Roberto de Bruce. Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale was also known as Brus in records. He was born in July 1243 in Writtle?, Essex, England. Daughters - 1. Isabella, 2.Mary, 3.Christian, 4.Matilda, 5.Margaret
Daughter nr. 3 married circa 1292, has a child in 1293, Daughter nr.1 married in 1293 and has a child in 1297. Daughter nr.2 marries (1st) circa 1312---some twenty years after her sisters, one older and one younger than herself. He was the son of Robert de Brus and Isabel de Clare.
Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick married secondly Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale circa 1273 in Turnberry, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland. He bore arms: Or a saltire and a chief gules, as Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick ', knight.
'Robertus de Brus comes de Carryke ', together with his father and brother Richard, entered into the bond at Turnberry, 20 Sept 1286.
Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale was mentioned in a confirmation charter on 27 December 1287. Confirmation dated at Bronsho 6 Kal. Jan. 16 Ed. 1 (7 Dec.1287) :
1. Lord Robert de Brus, Earl of Carryk, son of Lord Robert de Brus, Lord Wallanand'
2.a. Matthew son of Roger Draparii of Braunketre
b. Amicia his wife.
Hatfeld Regis,(Essex): messuage formerly of Richard son of Godfrey, father of 2b; and a croft called Godyeveleye. Consideration: £20; rent 20s. p.a.
Witnesses: Lord Oliver Morell, Lord Wyscard Ledet, Lord John de la Mare, Lord John de Merk, kts., Nicolas de Baryngton, Peter de Haselingefeld, etc. John de Bledelowe, steward, and others. Endorsement: "Copia carte privileg' pro E.Froddesham".
' Robert de Carrike ', one of the Earls of Scotland attending the Parliament at Brigham, which confirmed the Treaty of Salisbury with England, 14 Mar 1289/90.
' Brus comes de Carryk, Robertus de ' - swore allegiance to King Edward I at Berwick, 1291.
Earl of Carrick in right of his wife; resigned Earldom to son, 9 Nov 1292; Lord of Annandale 1292-1304.
In 1293, Robert de Brus had a market in Hartlepool, within the liberties of the bp of Durham.
He was summoned to Parliament (England) from 24 June 1295 by writ directed 'Roberto de Brus', held thereby to have become Lord Brus.
He performed homage and had livery of his father's English lands, 4 Jul 1295 summoned to attend the King at Shrewsbury, 28 June 1283 by writ directed 'Roberto de Brus comiti de Carrik'.
Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale married secondly Maud FitzAlan circa 19 September 1295. Robert de brus, Earl of carrick, lord of Annandale had licence to marry Maud FitzAlan, the widow of Philip Burnell, Kt, of Holgate, co. Salop. The marriage must have ended in divorce or annulment as Robert left a wife Eleanor while Maud married Simon de Criketot. They had no issue. They divorced before Easter term 1299.
He accompanied Edward I into Scotland and fought 28 Apr 1296 at the battle of Dunbar.
13 Oct 1296: Order to give power to someone to receive the attorneys of Robert de Brus, earl of Carrick and lord of Annandale, and Maud his wife, in plea of dower.
     Robert died in March 1304 in Palestine or England aged 60. He resided latterly in England, and died there or in Palestine 1304, before 14 June, and was buried at Holmcultram. He was buried on 4 April 1304 in the Abbey church, Holm Cultram, Cumberland.
     Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale married thirdly Eleanor Unknown. His widow married 1305/6 as his first wife, Richard Waleys [Lord Waleys].

Children of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick

Abner Bruce

(19 August 1793 - )
     Abner Bruce was christened on 19 August 1793 in Aberdeen, Scotland. John Bruce, flax dresser and Ann Elmslie his wife, had a son named Abner, baptised by the Revd John Bryce in presence of John Smith, merchant & James Innes, stabler, both in Aberdeen. He was the son of John Bruce and Ann Emslie.

Alexander Bruce

(say 1282 - 17 February 1307)
     Alexander Bruce was born say 1282. He was the son of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick. Alexander Bruce was awarded in 1304 in Cambridge University, England. Alexander was a clergyman. He was Dean of Glasgow and Rector of Carnemole (or Kirkinner), Galloway diocese..
Thomas and Alexander, who, being taken prisoners in Galloway, 9th February, 1306-7, by Duncan Macdowal, when bringing succours to their brother Robert from Ireland, after an engagement in which they were both severely wounded, and presented by him at Carlisle to Edward the First, were, by his order, immediately executed.
     Alexander died on 17 February 1307 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. He was executed.

Alexander Bruce Earl of Carrick

( - 1333)
     Alexander Bruce Earl of Carrick was the son of Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland and Isabel de Strathbogie. Alexander held the title of Earl of Carrick between 1330 and 1333.
     Alexander died in 1333 in Halidon Hill, Northumberland. He played an ambivalent role during Edward Balliol's first invasion of Scotland. For a time he fell in with Balliol, but then he rejoined the Bruce loyalist side. He was killed fighting on the Scottish side at the Battle of Halidon Hill..

Ann Bruce

(October 1805 - after 1875)
     Ann Bruce was born in October 1805 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Her immigration record implies that she was born in October 1805, the person certifying registry of baptism was Andrew Cairngriss?. She was the daughter of John Bruce and Ann Emslie.
Ann Bruce married John Riddel, son of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Renny, on 12 December 1820 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland. Marriage contract: December 9 1820 Mr John Riddel, Merchant in Aberdeen & Miss Ann Bruce, there, daughter of Mr John Bruce, Merchant in Aberdeen, cautioner for both parties. Three times on Sabbath first. £2.0.0.. Ann Bruce was widowed on 7 April 1832 on the death of her husband John Riddel.
Ann Bruce married Andrew Smith as her second husband, on 6 July 1832 in St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Andrew Smith, Rectifier of Spirits, residing in no.1 Clerk Street and Ann Bruce, or Riddel, also residing in same place, both in this parish, daughter of John Bruce, Innkeeper of Inverury and parish thereof, and relict of the deceased John Riddel, sometime Merchant in Aberdeen, afterward resident in Edinburgh, have been three times proclaimed in order to marriage in the parish church of St Cuthbert's and no objections have been offered. Married on the 6th day of July current by the Reverend Doctor David Dickson, one of the Ministers of this parish.
     Ann Bruce and Andrew Smith were recorded on the 1841 census in Citadel, Leith North, Edinburgh, Midlothian. Andrew Smith aged 30, labourer, Ann Smith 35, Ann Smith 16, none born in the county.
     Ann Bruce and Anne Riddell arrived per "New York Packet" on 23 October 1841 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from Greenock, Scotland. There was smallpox on board and the vessel (with 284 immigrants and passengers) was quarantined for over 6 weeks, together with the pilot. The ship was released on December 18th and the immigrants about 1 January 1842. They were brought out by John Miller, Esq. under the Bounty scheme at £19 each.
Ann Riddell was described as an unmarried female immigrant - a native of Aberdeen, aged 17, house servant, arrived in very good health. She was under the protection of her stepfather Andrew Smith & wife. Her character was certificed by John Gilton & Arch[bishop?] Geddes of Leith. Andrew Smith was a native of Edinburgh, being baptised at St Cuthbert's, a farm servant, aged 31, son of James, Excise Agent & Catherine, both dead. He complained generally about the treatment and the provisions but was in perfect health. He was in the colonial hospital when the forms were filled out and produced at the Officer in Health on 7 January 1842. His baptism was certified by Robert Canley?, Session clerk, of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh and his character certified by John Gillon & Archd Geddy of Leith. His wife Ann was a native of Aberdeen, daughter of John & Ann Bruce, who were alive, she was a servant aged 36 on application 35, Oct 1805, baptism certified by Andrew Cairngriss?, with John Gillon of Leith certifying her character. Ann Smith was in very good health but thought the doctor did not pay enough attention to them. They were all Protestants and could both read and write.
Ann Bruce and Andrew Smith witnessed John Morris and Anne Riddell's wedding on 19 March 1847 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia.
     Ann died after 1875. Her death (as Ann Smith) has not been identfied.
Ann Bruce and Andrew Smith witnessed William MacKenzie and Lily Weston's wedding on 14 July 1875 in St David's Manse, Presbyterian church, Albury, New South Wales.

Children of Ann Bruce and John Riddel

Christian Bruce

( - after 1329)
     Christian Bruce was the daughter of Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland.
     Christian died after 1329. Christian Bruce of Carrick, was in receipt of a pension from the King in 1328 and 1329.

Christina Ann Milne Bruce

(29 September 1855 - before 1901)
     Christina Ann Milne Bruce was born on 29 September 1855 in Woodland, Udny, Aberdeenshire. She was the daughter of Adam Bruce (who owned(?) the Udny Station Hotel in Udny , Aberdeenshire) and Isabella Garden who was born in about 1839.
Christina Ann Milne Bruce married Alexander Alexander Tindal, son of James Tindal and Beatrix/ Beatrice Johnston, on 7 February 1871 in Foveran, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was 24, station master, Cultercullen, Foveran, she was aged e 15, innkeepers daughter, Udny Station Inn. William A Bruce Minister of Newmachar (?) Witnesses W Cruckshank and James J Tindal.
     Christina Ann Milne Bruce and Alexander Alexander Tindal were recorded on the 1881 census in 45 Wellington Street, Aberdeen. Alexander A Tindal, head, married, aged 35, born Banff, clerk in Steam Coy, Christina A M Tindal, wife aged 26, born Udny, Isabella G Tindal daughter aged 8, born Aberdeen, Adam A Tindal aged 6 born Aberdeen, Margaret J Tindal aged 4, born Foveran, Christina A Tindal aged 2 born Aberdeen, Jemima Tindal aged 3 months born Aberdeen, Eliza G Bruce, unmarried aged 15, sister in law, born Foveran.
     Christina died before 1901. She was widowed on 14 January 1916 on the death of her husband Alexander Alexander Tindal.

Children of Christina Ann Milne Bruce and Alexander Alexander Tindal

Christina Bruce Countess of Mar

(say 1280 - circa 1356)
     Christina Bruce Countess of Mar was also known as Christian in records. She was born say 1280. She was the daughter of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick.
Christina Bruce Countess of Mar married Gartnait, Earl of Mar,, son of Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar,, circa 1295? In Scotland. Lady Christian, married, first, to Gratney/Gaitnait, earl of Mar; secondly to Sir Christopher Seton of Seton, who was put to death by the English in 1306; and thirdly, to Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell.
Christina Bruce Countess of Mar married Sir Christopher Seton as her second husband. They had no issue.
By the end of June, 1306, Queen Elizabeth, the 10 year old Lady Marjorie, two of the King's sisters and Isabella MacDuff, Countess of Buchan were taken prisoner by the Uilleam II, Earl of Ross, and sent to the Kingdom of England. Queen Elizabeth was sent to a manor house in Yorkshire. Young Marjorie and her aunt Christina Seton were sent to convents, while her aunt Mary and the Countess of Buchan were kept in cages for the first few years of their imprisonment. Christopher Seton, husband of Christina and murderer of Robert Comyn, was executed. Edward I had thought of putting Marjorie in a cage too, but changed his mind. [citation needed] Edward I died on July 7, 1307. He was succeeded by his son Edward II of England who subsequently held her captive in a nunnery for about 8 years. She was finally set free around 1314, possibly in exchange for English noblemen captured after the Battle of Bannockburn (June 23 - June 24, 1314).
     Christina Bruce Countess of Mar married Sir Andrew Moray Lord of Bothwell as her third husband, circa October 1326. A dispensation for their marriage was granted October 12, 1326. They were related in the fourth degree. She did not have any children by her third marriage.
     Christina died circa 1356.

Child of Christina Bruce Countess of Mar and Gartnait, Earl of Mar,

Claude Stanley Bruce

(26 December 1890 - 1961)
     Claude Stanley Bruce was born on 26 December 1890.
Claude Stanley Bruce married Ethel Layton Bowker, daughter of Henry Layton Bowker and Margaret Agnes Dudley, in 1921 in New Zealand.
     Claude died in 1961 in New Zealand.