Margaret MacKenzie

(8 February 1786 - )
     Margaret MacKenzie was born on 8 February 1786 in Portleich, Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of John MacKenzie and Janet Munro. Margaret MacKenzie was christened on 16 February 1786 in Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.

Margaret MacKenzie

     Margaret MacKenzie was the daughter of Kenneth MacKenzie.
Margaret MacKenzie married (?) Fraser (Tutor of Foyers).

Margaret MacKenzie

( - 1742)
     Margaret MacKenzie was the daughter of Colin MacKenzie.
Margaret MacKenzie married Robert Dunbar, son of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket, on 27 November 1690. She was the only daughter of Colin Mackenzie of Pluscarden.
     Margaret died in 1742. His widow Margaret MacKenzie, the only daughter of Colin MacKenzie of Pluscarden, survived him by only three months..

Child of Margaret MacKenzie and Robert Dunbar

Margaret MacKenzie

(15 October 1779 - )
     Margaret MacKenzie was christened on 15 October 1779 in Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty. She was the daughter of Alexander MacKenzie and Margaret Dingwall.

Margaret Mackenzie

(16 January 1841 - )
     Margaret Mackenzie was born on 16 January 1841 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. Margaret Mackenzie was the child of Donald/Daniel Mackenzie and Anna Isabella Douglas.

Lady Margaret MacKenzie (Seaforth)

( - August 1706)
     Lady Margaret MacKenzie (Seaforth) married James Sutherland 2nd Lord Duffus, PC, son of Alexander Sutherland 1st Lord Duffus, in 1674.
     Margaret died in August 1706.

Child of Lady Margaret MacKenzie (Seaforth) and James Sutherland 2nd Lord Duffus, PC

Margaret Ann MacKenzie

(28 July 1917 - )
     Margaret Ann MacKenzie was born on 28 July 1917 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of John MacKenzie and Helen Livngstone Johnston.

Margaret Wheeler MacKenzie

(14 March 1932 - 30 May 2019)
     Margaret Wheeler MacKenzie was born on 14 March 1932 in Greta, Victoria. She was the daughter of Colin Bodman MacKenzie and Doris May Wheeler.
     Margaret resided at Lauriston, Victoria, Australia.
     Margaret resided at Clifton Springs, Victoria, between 1999 and 2010. Margaret Wheeler MacKenzie's address is 14 Bayvista Parade, Drysdale, Victoria.
     Margaret died on 30 May 2019 in Victoria aged 87. Buried with her twin sister at Drysdale..

Mary MacKenzie

(circa 1865 - before 1870)
     Mary MacKenzie was born circa 1865 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of John MacKenzie and Catherine Ferguson.
     Mary died before 1870 in Cromarty. Supposedly at school in Cromarty, of meningitis.

Mary MacKenzie

(12 February 1796 - )
     Mary MacKenzie was born on 12 February 1796 in Portleich, Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was christened on 13 February 1796 in Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of Donald Rioch and Katharine Campbell.

Mary MacKenzie

( - before 14 December 1961)
     Mary MacKenzie married Ivanhoe James Thomas Colbert, son of James Thomas Colbert and Jessie Watt Bowman, in 1921 in Victoria.
     Mary died before 14 December 1961 in Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 14 December 1961 in Fawkner, Victoria.

Child of Mary MacKenzie and Ivanhoe James Thomas Colbert

Mary MacKenzie

(circa 1830 - )
     Mary MacKenzie was born circa 1830 in Riveravon, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Child of Mary MacKenzie and James MacPherson

Mary MacKenzie

     Mary MacKenzie was born. Mary, who, as his second wife, married Sir Donald Gorm Mor Macdonald, VII., of Sleat, without issue. She was the daughter of Colin MacKenzie and Barbara Grant.

Mary Bowden MacKenzie

(9 May 1924 - 1 September 1989)
     Mary Bowden MacKenzie was born on 9 May 1924. She was the daughter of James George MacKenzie and Vio Jewel Bowden.
     Mary was educated at Won Wron.
Mary Bowden MacKenzie married John Reginald Wickham Grieve on 21 December 1947.
     Mary died on 1 September 1989 aged 65.

Child of Mary Bowden MacKenzie and John Reginald Wickham Grieve

Mary Isabel MacKenzie

(1 January 1867 - 20 March 1938)
     Mary Isabel MacKenzie was commonly known as Isabella. She was born on 1 January 1867 in 'Ship Inn', Port Albert, Victoria. The Gippsland Guardian reported: BIRTH. On January 1st, at the Ship Inn, Port Albert, the Wife of Mr D. McKenzie, of a daughter. She was the daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson.
Mary Isabel MacKenzie married Vernon Ritchie Brown on 6 January 1892 in 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria. The local newspapers reported: MARRIAGE - BROWN - McKENZIE - On the 6th of January at the residence of the brides parents "Calrossie", by Rev. James Groundwater, Vernon Ritchie Brown, son of Thomas Brown "Yallock Vale", Bacchus Marsh, to Mary Isabel, eldest daughter of Donald Thomson McKenzie "Calrossie", South Gippsland.
     MARRIAGE: An orange blossom notice over the Standard leader discloses the pleasing fact of a wedding having been solemnized at "Calrossie", Won Wron, on Wednesday last by the Reverend James Groundwater, the contracting parties being Mr. V. R. Brown and Miss Isabel McKenzie who were united in the bonds of matrimony at 9 o'clock, and, after the customary hour for refreshments and toasting, the young couple left the cosy and picturesque home of the McKenzies for Traralgon, en route for Melbourne and the honeymoon.
So enthusiastic were their friends as to rice and old slippers at parting, that the four prancing horses which were in hand by Mr. Kelsie for driving the happy couple to Traralgon, did a lively wedding caper on their own account in honour of the occasion. The Misses McKenzie and Johnson were bridesmaids, Mr. B. P. Johnson acting as best man; and rumour hath it that the gentleman just named is about to enter the united states with another fair daughter of "Calrossie". Happy signs of the times! for it was but a fortnight previously that a similar ceremony to the one performed by Mr. Groundwater on Wednesday last, engaged the attention of the Rev. F. A. White in behalf of Mr. Richard Williams and Miss S. Bland and in the language of Rip Van Winkle we would say "May they live long and prosper"
Mary Isabel MacKenzie and Vernon Ritchie Brown moved to 'Ellerslie', Jones Bay, Victoria, on 30 January 1892. The local paper reported on January 29th Mr V R Brown's yacht, the "Carlisle", left Port Albert at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in charge of Mr H Avery, and under his skillful handling made excellent passage, passing through the Lakes Entrance on Thursday morning, and reaching Cunningham at half past eight. Her destination is "Ellerslie", the new residence taken up by Mr Brown on Jones' Bay, near the mouth of the Nicholson River. The "Carlisle" and her owner will leave behind them the memory of many a pleasant excursion; and whilst we cannot help regretting the loss our social circle has sustained by Mr Browns departure, we, of course, admit that the surroundings make it a matter for congratulation and we heartily wish himself and bride all health and happiness in their new home, and doubtless amongst their pleasures of the future not the least will be some breesy trips in the bonny "Carlisle." Mary Isabel Brown was registered in the 1912 electoral roll with Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson. Mary Isabel Brown, home duties, with her parents.
Mary Isabel MacKenzie was listed in a directory dated between 1925 and 1927 as Mrs M E Brown at 15 Mercer Rd, Malvern, Victoria. The house was then occupied by Phillip B Hudson until 1960 becoming flats.
     Mary died on 20 March 1938 in Oakleigh, Victoria, aged 71. BROWN.- On the 20th March. 1938. at private hospital, Oakleigh. Mary Isobel, relict of Vernon Ritchie Brown, and loved mother of Owen (Mrs. E. J. Adam), Or. V. C. Brown, and Dr. D. M. Brown. (Remains at Drayton and Oarton's chapel, 1217 High street, Malvern.)
BROWN, - A tribute to the memory of an esteemed and loyal friend, Mrs. M. I. Brown, who passed away on the 20th March In Oakleigh. (Inserted by L. Bridgman.)

Children of Mary Isabel MacKenzie and Vernon Ritchie Brown

Mary Isobel MacKenzie

(24 March 1905 - 1 July 1996)
     Mary Isobel MacKenzie was commonly known as Mollie. She was born on 24 March 1905 in Sale, Victoria. McKENZIE.—On the 24th March, at Nurse Davis's Private Hospital, Sale, the wife of T. G. McKenzie, "Calrossie," Yarram—a daughter. She was the daughter of Thomas George MacKenzie and Annie Littlejohn Fraser.
     Mary and Annie Jean MacKenzie were educated at Devon North, Victoria.
     Mary and Annie Jean MacKenzie were educated at Presbyterian Ladies College, East Melbourne. Mary Isobel MacKenzie travelled with Thomas George MacKenzie and Annie Littlejohn Fraser on the "Cathay. They travelled second class, their last address in the UK being 53 Queensboruogh Terrace, London W2".
Mary Isobel MacKenzie married William MacAulay on 25 July 1940 in Victoria.
     Mary was registered as Mary Isobel MacAulay for land at Won Wron at Gelliondale, Victoria, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     Mary was registered as a voter for land at Won Wron at Albert Valley, via Gelliondale, Victoria, on the 1960 electoral roll.
     Mary resided at 2/15 Dougherty Street, Yarram, 1982.
     Mary died on 1 July 1996 in Yarram district, Victoria, aged 91. Obituary: Pioneering daughter dies. Mary Isobel MacAulay was born on March 24, 1905 and died on July 1, 1996 aged 91. Mary's life spanned almost all of this current century, being born at a time when motor cars and electricity were very much in their infancy, and there were no such things as radio, television, atomic bombs or computers.
She lived through an era that has seen the most rapid development in human history.
     Mary was the eldest daughter of Thomas George McKenzie and his wife, the former Annie Littlejohn Fraser, of Sandy Point. They made their home in a new house they called "Inveresk" on the family property "Calrossie" They were members of a pioneering family involved in the farming of beef and dairy cattle; the growing of crops such as lucerne, maize and flax; and the manufacture of butter, some of which was exported to England. Along with her sisters Jessie McLeod and Jean Luck. Mary was first educated at home through the services of a governess, before attending school at Devon North. They travelled to and from school in a small horsedrawn cart that they called a Governess Cart. After a break of one year, her schooling was competed at the Presbyterian Ladies' College in East Melbourne where she achieved awards for ability and leadership. After leaving P.L.C. she returned to help with the running of "Inveresk".
     In 1920 the family travelled on 8 cargo / passenger vessel to England via the Cape of Good Hope and along the west coast of Africa. The trip took about 10 months. Again in 1932 the family, along with relatives W.H. and Amy McKenzie and J.J. McKenzie, travelled to Japan.
     Some of her memories of life at "Inveresk" are worth mentioning for their historical interest.
     One memory was that of about 1918 when the hydro electrical generator was installed at Tarra Valley to provide power for Yarram. As their house was not too far from the supply line they were able to be connected :to the supply.
Another memory was of walking with her father along the road lo Calrossie to the big three storey barn with the water wheel to power the machinery.
There was a small artificial lake not far from the barn and the water came from that in race or drain to turn the wheel, so fascinating for a child.
This supplied the power to drive the butter churn, and it must also have driven a separator, and an endless chain system to lift things up to the other floors.
Beyond the butter factory were various divisions: a butchery room, a loose box for the imported stallion and other stables and places for housing machinery. Maize cobs were stored on the top floor along with probably pumpkins and potatoes. There was also a silo for storing lucerne, grown in a paddock near the Tarra River.
     A third memory was of the family visiting the singer Ada Crossley while they were staying in London.
     In 1940 Mary married William MacAulay of Albert Valley Staceys Bridge, a member of a pioneering family from that part of the Yarram district. At that time William was also a member for the Gippsland Province in the Victorian Parliament and a member of the council of the Shire of Alberton. Albert Valley became her home for almost the next 40 years. Here Mary developed her life around her three sons, Gordon, David and Ian and the public life of her husband which no doubt provided her with many challenges and interesting opportunities such as attending a number of functions and being presented to the Queen during the Royal visit in 1952. The opportunity came to purchase part of the original McKenzie property known as "Llanos" and she maintained an active interest In the running of this farm for the test of her life.
     On the death of her husband on May 17, 1957, Mary ensured that her sons received a good secondary and then university education. However, implied in this, was the requirement that "to whom much is given, much is expected".
Having lifelong associations with the land she maintained the farm as her home and source of livelihood as well as providing a home for her brother-in-law Hector MacAulay.
     In 1980 she moved to Yarram and was able to live independently until a fall meant she had to move to the Toora Nursing Home where she had lived for the past seven years. Here she contributed in her own way of life in the
e nursing home through her discussions of current affairs.
The family would like to express their gratitude to the staff at the Toora Nursing Home for their care and kindness during these years.
     A person of a quiet and thoughtful nature, she was a faithful member of the Yarram and Binginwarri congregations of the Presbyterian and eventually the Uniting Churches. As a member of the Methodist Church which met in the hall at Hiawatha she continued a family tradition of providing afternoon tea for the Minister and any other members of the congregation who happened to be passing the door. Church services at Hiawatha ceased in 1965.
In the Yarram congregation she was a long-time member of the PWMU and another group called the Work Band.
     Travel again became part of her life in the '70s when she first went to Western Australia and then in 1973 she travelled to Canada to see Gordon and his family.
     She had a subtle sense of humor, declining any offer to celebrate her 90th birthday. Somewhat disappointed at this response her family asked if she would perhaps come to after noon tea instead. Again she declined but quickly indicated that she would like to have a party with all of the family, and what a wonderful celebration it turned out to be.                                                       At home, providing hospitality. to friends and relatives, was one of the pleasures of her life, providing many memorable experiences for all those involved. Gardening was another lifelong interest which seemed to develop from an early age with the development of the garden at '`lnveresk".
She will be remembered as a person who served her community and her family with dignity.

Marylin Florence MacKenzie

(21 November 1937 - April 2000)
     Marylin Florence MacKenzie was born on 21 November 1937 in Yarram, Victoria. Possibly 1936. She was the daughter of John James MacKenzie and Lily Florence Mackenzie.
     Marylin resided at institutional care, Victoria.
     Marylin died The Yarram newspaper ofn12 Apil 2000 reported the death of: McKenzie, Marylin (Mary) Florence. Passed away at Yallambee Village, Traralgon. Late of Won Wron. Aged 63 years. Daughter of John James and Lily Florence (both dec.) in April 2000 in Traralgon, Victoria, aged 62.

Mathew Jarryd MacKenzie

(25 January 1994 - )
     Mathew Jarryd MacKenzie was stillborn on 25 January 1994 in the Royal Women's Hospital, Carlton, Victoria.

Maud MacKenzie

(23 May 1885 - 26 May 1885)
     Maud MacKenzie was born on 23 May 1885 in Won Wron, Victoria. In February 85 Donald Thomson was living at Fernbank, Yarram, as his father's executor. She was the daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson.
     Maud died on 26 May 1885 in Won Wron, Victoria. DEATH: McKENZIE - At Won Wron on the 26th May, Maud, infant daughter of D T and Mary Ann McKenzie. Aged 3 days. She was buried on 27 May 1885 in Alberton. The burial register calls her Maria.

Minnie May MacKenzie

(1904 - 8 July 1972)
     Minnie May MacKenzie was born in 1904 in Stanley, Victoria.
Minnie May MacKenzie married Frederick Anderson Ruby, son of Alfred Ruby and Elizabeth Anderson, in 1921 in Victoria.
     Minnie died on 8 July 1972 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 8 September 1972 at Victoria.

Murdoch MacKenzie

     Murdoch MacKenzie was the son of Colin MacKenzie and Barbara Grant.
Murdoch of Kernsary, whose only lawful son, John, was killed at the Battle of Auldearn, in 1645, without issue.

Murdoch MacKenzie

( - 1416)
      Murdoch married Finguala or Florence, daughter of Malcolm Macleod, III. of Harris and Dunvegan, by his wife, Martha, daughter of Donald Stewart, Earl of Mar, nephew of King Robert the Bruce. By this marriage the Royal blood of the Bruce was introduced for the
first time into the family of Kintail, as also that of the ancient Kings of Man. Tormod Macleod, II. of Harris, who was grandson of Olave the Black, last Norwegian King of Man, and who, as we have seen, had married Christina, daughter of Ferquhard O'Beolan, Earl of Ross, married Finguala Mac Crotan, the daughter of an ancient and powerful Irish chief. By this lady Malcolm Macleod, III. of Harris and
Dunvegan, had issue, among others, Finguala, who now became the wife
of Murdoch Mackenzie and mother of Alexander Ionraic, who carried on
the succession of the ancient line of Kintail.
     Murdoch died in 1416. He was succeeded by his only son Kenneth.

Child of Murdoch MacKenzie

Murdoch MacKenzie

(before 1585 - )
     Murdoch MacKenzie was born before 1585. He was the son of Roderick MacKenzie (of Redcastle) and Finguella (Florence) Munro.
     A contract for the marriage of Murdoch MacKenzie and Margaret Rose was signed on 13 June 1599. She was the daughter of William Rose X, of Kilravock.

Child of Murdoch MacKenzie and Margaret Rose

Murdoch MacKenzie (of Bennetsfield)

(1600 - 1688)
     Murdoch MacKenzie (of Bennetsfield) was born in 1600. Murdoch MacKenzie, who was born in 1600, and educated for the
ministry. Referring to this Murdoch's cousin, John Mor Matheson of Fernaig and subsequently of Bennetsfield, the author of the "Iomaire" manuscript says, that John "was taken up" by the Bishop of Moray, who resided at Kinkell (hence no doubt Bishop-Kinkell, the name by which the place has since been known). The Bishop "kept him for some time at school and gave him 500 merks Scots to traffic therewith. After following the mercantile line for some
time, in which he was very successful, he began cattle dealing, by which he became master of a good deal of money." John, in consequence cut out a career for himself. His cousin, the Bishop, pointed out to him the great source of wealth which might open to
him if he succeeded in driving some of the superfluous herds of black cattle which at that time abounded in the Highlands to the southern markets, and which were then of scarcely any value among his own countrymen, but on the other hand often served as a strong
temptation to spoliations from their southern enemies, and deadly feuds among themselves. John Mor had the good sense to act on his Rev. cousin's advice, and he soon amassed a sufficient fortune to buy the estate of Bennetsfield and other lands, including Easter Suddie, in the Black Isle, County of Ross. [Mackenzie's "History of the Mathesons," pp. 17-18.]
The Rev. Murdoch was Chaplain of Lord Reay's Regiment, in the army of Gustavus Adolphus during the Bohemian and Swedish wars, and subsequently minister of Contin and Inverness in succession. He was transferred from Inverness to Elgin, and while there was, in 1662, appointed Bishop of Moray, and afterwards of Orkney, arriving
at Kirkwall on the 28th of August, 1677, where he was the last to occupy Earl Patrick Stewart's Palace, in which he died. He was the son of John MacKenzie.
Murdoch MacKenzie (of Bennetsfield) married Margaret Macley. He married Margaret, only daughter and heiress of Donald MacLey, Bailie of Fortrose.
1. Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Broomhill (sasine in 1686), and Pitarrow, in Kincardine. He was Commissary of Inverness and Sheriff of the Bishopric of Orkney, his father when appointing him to the latter office describing him as "Mr Alexander Mackenzie, Commissary of Inverness, my eldest lawful son." In 1706 he appears among the heritors of Caithness for the Nethertoun of Stroma in the parish of Canisbay.
He is again on record in 1713, in which
year he disponed the Nethertoun of Stroma to his nephew, Murdoch
Kennedy, son of his sister Jane, and her husband, John Kennedy of Carmunks. Sir Alexander of Broomhill had an only son, Colonel Alexander Mackenzie of Hampton, Virginia, who left his English estates to his nephew, Andrew Young of Castleyards.

2. George of Pitarrow, of whom nothing is known.

3. William Mackenzie, Commissary of Orkney, who, in 1679, married
Margaret Stewart of Newark, with issue - Murdoch, born in 1680, who was invited to become minister of the Episcopal Meeting House of Kirkwall, but emigrated to New England in 1714, and a daughter Margaret, who married Andrew Young of Castleyards, Kirkwall also with issue - a daughter who married Riddoch of Cairston, Provost
of Kirkwall.

4. The Rev. Thomas Mackenzie, minister of Shapinshay, Orkney. He was born about 1652, and was appointed minister of Shapinshay on the 5th of May, 1678. On the 1st of May, 1679 he married Elspet, daughter of James Blaikie of Burness with issue - Murdoch,
who succeeded his grandfather, the Bishop, as representative of the family; James, N.P., who seems to have succeeded his brother Murdoch; Alexander, of whom there is no trace; Thomas, of whom also nothing is known; Sibella, who married William, second son of George Traill of Quendale, with issue - Anna, who, in 1716, married the Rev. James, Nisbet, Stromness; Margaret; and Anna. The Rev. Thomas Mackenzie died, aged 36 years, on the 7th of February, 1688, a few days before his father.

5. Captain James, of the Dragoons, who married the Hon. Frances,
daughter of Andrew, eighth Lord Gray, with issue - a daughter, Frances, who married a clergyman in England.

6. David, who died young, before 1676, and is buried in Elgin Cathedral.

7. Jane, who, on the 15th of May, 1678, married her cousin, John
Kennedy of Carmunks, with issue - Murdoch, already referred to as
afterwards of Stroma.

8. Mary, who, on the 4th of April, 1678, married George Balfour of Faray.

9. Jacobina, who settled in Dundee
     Murdoch died in 1688. He was interred in the Session House of St. Magnus Cathedral, which bad been given to him as a burial place for himself and his descendants, and used by them as such, until any further interments in it were, some years ago, prohibited.

Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie

(6 November 1904 - 21 September 1984)
Dr Norman Fraser Mackenzie, wife Audrey and children Audrey and [Andrew but amended to James Fraser]
     Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie was born on 6 November 1904 in 7 Ardconnel Terrace, Inverness, Scotland. He was the son of Donald Alexander MacKenzie and Elizabeth Fraser. Norman was a psychiatric doctor in England from 1930. The 1961 Medical directory states: MacKenzie, Norman Fraser, Orrin Lodge, Culcheth nr. Warrington, Lancs. (Culcheth 2160). - MB ChB Ed.1930, Dip Psych 1937; (Ed.); Medical Superintendent Newchurch Hospital, Culcheth; Clin. teach. in Psychiatry University of Liverpool; Advis. in Mental Defic. Liverpool RHB; Mem. BMA & Roy. Med.-Psych. Assn. Late Deputy Medical Superintendent Brookhall Ment. Defic. Inst. Langho; 2nd Sen. Asst Medical Officer Bracebridge Mental Hospital Lincoln; Res. Ho. Surgeon Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. Author, "Delinquent borderlander" Approved Sch. Gaz.1957.
     Medica directory 1975: 4 Barkly St, Cromarty, Ross-shire. MB ChB Ed. 1930. Dipl. Psych 1937; MRC Psych 1971; (Ed); Member BMA. Late Medical Superintendent Newchurch Hospital, Culcheth: Clin. Teach. in Psychiat., University Liverpool; Advis. in Ment. Sub-N, Liverpool RHB. Author, "Delinquent borderlander". Approved Sch. Gaz. 1957.
The marriage of Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie and Anne Adelaide Newsham was registered in Barrow in Furness R D, Lancashire, in the March 1934 quarter. Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie was the informant at the death of Donald Alexander MacKenzie, on 2 March 1936.
     Norman resided at Braemuir, Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, 2 March 1936.
     Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie and Anne Adelaide Newsham were recorded in September 1939 census in Woodside/Woolside, Blackburn R D, Lancashire. Norman F MacKenzie, born 6 Nov 1904, Deputy medical Superintendent Mental Defective Instituion? with Anne A Mackenzie born April 1909, unpaid domestic duties and Elizabeth? Mackenzie?, widow, born 16? Sep/Nov? 1880, ditto, 2 closed records (Deirdre & Valerie) and Audrey M Lofts, born 4 Feb 1923, single, domestic duties. Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie was the informant at the death of William Mackay MacKenzie, on 4 August 1952.
     Norman resided at 'Orrin Lodge', Culcheth, Lancashire, England, 4 August 1952.
He spent his retirement in the old family home in Barkly St, Cromarty.
     Norman died on 21 September 1984 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland, aged 79. He was buried after 21 September 1984 in Cromarty Easter Burial Ground, Cromarty. MEMORIAL ID: 190407617 · View Source [Find a grave].

Patricia Wheeler MacKenzie

(14 March 1932 - 29 March 2020)
     Patricia Wheeler MacKenzie was born on 14 March 1932 in Greta, Victoria. She was the daughter of Colin Bodman MacKenzie and Doris May Wheeler.
     Patricia resided at Lauriston, Victoria.
     Patricia resided at 48 Parrakoola Drive, Clifton Springs, Victoria, between 1999 and 2010. Patricia Wheeler MacKenzie's address is 14 Bayvista Parade, Drysdale, Victoria.
     Patricia died on 29 March 2020 in Victoria aged 88. Buried with her twin sister at Drysdale..

Raymond Leslie (Tom) MacKenzie

(30 September 1930 - 6 November 1981)
     Raymond Leslie (Tom) MacKenzie was commonly known as Tom. He was born on 30 September 1930 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of Robert George Ferguson MacKenzie and Ethel Maud Hulley.
     Raymond died on 6 November 1981 in Whittlesea, Victoria, aged 51.

Robert MacKenzie

(7 January 1882 - 21 June 1944)
     Robert MacKenzie was born on 7 January 1882 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston.
     Robert was registered as Robert McKenzie, labourer at Won Wron on the between 1908 and 1912 electoral roll. Robert was a farmer in Macks Creek, Won Wron, Victoria. Robert reported for active duty from 27 January 1916 to 1918. 21st Battalion, ex 24th. Regimental number 5062. Presbyterian. Occupation: Farmer. Address: Mack's Creek, Lower Bulga, Victoria. Single. Age at embarkation 33.
Next of kin: Father, William McKenzie, Macks Creek, Lower Bulga, South Gippsland, Victoria. Enlistment Date: 9 February 1916. Rank on enlistment: Private. Unit name: 24th Battalion, 13th Reinforcement. AWM Embarkation Roll number 23/41/4. Embarkation details: Unit embarked from Melbourne, Victoria, on board HMAT A32 Themistocles on 28 July 1916. Rank from Nominal Roll: Private. Unit from Nominal Roll: 24th Battalion. Returned to Australia 20 December 1917. See:
     Robert was registered as Robert McKenzie, labourer at Won Wron on the between 1919 and 1931 electoral roll.
     Robert was registered as a farmer at Macks Creek, Won Wron, on the between 1935 and 1936 electoral roll.
     Robert died on 21 June 1944 in the Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria, aged 62. MCKENZIE.On June 21, at Alfred Hospital, Robert (1st A.I.F.), son of the late William and Lily McKenzie, Mack's Creek. He was buried on 24 June 1944 in Yarram.

Robert MacKenzie

(1876 - January 1877)
     Robert MacKenzie was born in 1876 in Port Albert, Victoria. He was the son of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson.
     Robert died in January 1877 in Port Albert, Victoria. He was buried on 15 January 1877 in the Presbyterian section, Alberton.

Robert Ross MacKenzie

(16 January 1852 - before 30 November 1933)
     Robert Ross MacKenzie was commonly known as Bob. He was born on 16 January 1852 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal. Robert Ross MacKenzie was christened on 21 February 1852 in Cromarty. Catherine, Thomas, Isabella, James, Robert and George were listed as the children of William MacKenzie in the 1861 census in 5 Barclay Lane, Cromarty.
     Robert immigrated with the family to Victoria, Australia, in December 1870 per "Great Britain".
From June 1871 to January 1872 William, John & Robert McKenzie were listed as building Gellion's house "Woodlands". See the account books at the Port Albert Maritime Museum. Robert was a miner in 1884, in Yarram.
He went to the 25 Mile (WA) goldfields - a letter from him was mentioned in the Feb 1896 South Gippsland Chronicle; he was joined by his nephew D T McKenzie jnr at Coolgardie later in 1896. He later moved to Tasmania.
He left for the WA goldfields according to a report in the Gippsland Standard 8 August 1900.
Robert Ross MacKenzie served in the military in the Victorian Army in 1901 in South Africa. "One of the most jovial, active and comradelike members of a Victorian contingent for South Africa would be Bob McKenzie, of Calrossie, but he seems to prefer to fight for "Queen & Country" as one of the Bushmen's Corps. It need hardly be stated, therefore that when he left Yarram yesterday, and also at the Alberton Railway Station, Mr Robert McKenzie (brother of Messrs John, Donald, James & William McKenzie) was accorded many hearty handshake and whole clusters of good wished for glorious times and happy return - ie of course, if he passes muster, for it is so to offer himself that he has taken the present trip & hopes to be accepted.
Mr H. Andrews wired to the late secretary of the rifle club on Wednesday evening stated that Mr McClure had passed for the Bushman's Corps, but that his (Mr Andrews) application had been held over. He expressed regret at this, but added that he is determined to go to South Africa and was booking his passage for March."
Although 48, he was obviously accepted as the following appeared in the same newspaper on the 21st Aug 1901: "The arrival of Mr Robert McKenzie (Scottish Horse) from South Africa on Saturday last at Port Albert will be an interesting item for his many friends in the South."
The third (Bushmen's Contingent) departed Melbourne in SS Euryalus 10 March 1900. They had trained at Langwarrin. Their principal engagements were at Koster River, Eland's River, Rhenoster Kop, 2nd De Wet Hunt, Wolvekuilen, Pietersburg. See the 'Defending Victoria website" for more information on the Regiment..
Robert Ross MacKenzie served in the military He was described as a farmer from Calrossie near Yarram when he enlisted. He embarked 15/2/1901 at Melbourne on Orient. On the 14th Feb he signed a declaration stating he was single and willing to enlist on arriving in South Africa. He enlisted 15/3/1901 in South Africa as No.31675 Trooper for the privately raised Marquis of Tullibardine’s 2nd Battalion, Scottish Horse. He served in the eastern Transvaal under Colonel George Elliott Benson and was discharged on 17 July 1901 as medically unfit. He was awarded the Queen South Africa Medal with clasps for Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal and South Africa 1901 in February 1901.
     Robert was registered as Robert Ross McKenzie, farmer at Won Wron, Victoria, on the between 1908 and 1912 electoral roll.
Robert Ross McKenzie, aged 58, farmer, born Scotland was admitted to Kew Asylum 18 August 1910.
     Robert was registered as a farmer at Won Wron, Victoria, on the 1919 electoral roll.
     Robert died before 30 November 1933 in Kew, Victoria. He was buried on 30 November 1933 in the Church of England section, Alberton.