John Douglas 2nd Earl of Morton

(before 1466 - circa 1512)
     John Douglas 2nd Earl of Morton was also known as John Douglas in records. He was born before 1466. He was the son of James Douglas Sir, Earl of Morton and Joan or Janet Stewart.
John Douglas 2nd Earl of Morton married Janet Crichton, daughter of Patrick Crichton, before 1493.
     John died circa 1512. He died between 8 Nov 1511 & 26 Nov 1513 ..

Lady Margaret Douglas

(circa 1510 - after 1578)
     Lady Margaret Douglas was born circa 1510. She was the eldest daughter. She was the daughter of James Douglas 3rd Earl of Morton and Catherine Stewart.
Lady Margaret Douglas married James Hamilton Duke of Chatelherault, son of James Hamilton 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Arran and Janet Beaton, on 23 September 1532 in Scotland.
     Margaret died after 1578.

Children of Lady Margaret Douglas and James Hamilton Duke of Chatelherault

Lady Margaret Douglas

(18 October 1515 - 9 March 1577/78)
     Lady Margaret Douglas was born on 18 October 1515 in Harbottle, Northumberland. She was the daughter of the Queen dowager, Margaret of Scotland, and half-sister of James V of Scotland. She was the daughter of Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus and Princess Margaret, Tudor, Queen of Scotland.
Lady Margaret Douglas married Matthew Stewart 4th Earl of Lennox, son of John Stewart 3rd Earl of Lennox and Lady Anne Stewart (Countess of Lennox), circa 1544. She became the Countess of Lennox.
     Margaret died on 9 March 1577/78 in Hackney, London, aged 62. She was buried in Westminster Abbey, London.

Children of Lady Margaret Douglas and Matthew Stewart 4th Earl of Lennox

Lady Margaret Douglas

( - circa 1475)
     Lady Margaret Douglas married William Douglas 8th Earl, son of James Douglas the Gross, 7th Earl. Lady Margaret Douglas was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Archibald Douglas 5th Earl and Euphemia Graham.
Lady Margaret Douglas married James Douglas 9th Earl, son of James Douglas the Gross, 7th Earl, after February 1451/52. Margaret was granted a divorce from James Douglas 9th Earl after 1452.
Lady Margaret Douglas married John Stewart Earl of Athol, son of James Stewart Black Kt of Lorn and Queen Joan or Jane Beaufort, between 1459 and 1460. She was the Dowager Countess of Douglas, widow of William, 8th Earl, who died February 1451/2 and the divorced wife of his brother James, 9th Earl), only daughter of Archibald, 5th earl of Douglas by Eupheme Grahame, daughter of Eupheme, suo jure Countess of Strathern. She, who was called 'the fair maid of Galloway' was heir to her brother Willliam, 6th Earl of Douglas who died without issue 24 November 1440. On this marriage the King bestowed upon them the Lorship of Balveny (one of the forfeited possessions of the family of Douglas) and other large estates.
     Margaret died circa 1475. She was living 21st January 1472/3.

Children of Lady Margaret Douglas and John Stewart Earl of Athol

Richard Douglas

     Richard Douglas was the son of John Douglas 2nd Earl of Morton and Janet Crichton.

Sir Robert Douglas

Sir Robert Douglas

     Sir Robert Douglas was the son of Robert Douglas (of Lochleven).

Child of Sir Robert Douglas

Sir Robert Douglas

( - 1547)
     Sir Robert Douglas was the son of Thomas Douglas.
     Robert died in 1547. He was slain [at the battle of Pinkie, 10 Sep?].

Sir Robert Douglas (Earl of Buchan)

     Sir Robert Douglas (Earl of Buchan) was the son of Sir Robert Douglas.

Robert Douglas (of Lochleven)

( - 1513)
     Robert Douglas (of Lochleven) was the son of Sir Henry Douglas.
     Robert died in 1513 in Flodden, Northumberland, England.

Child of Robert Douglas (of Lochleven)

Thomas Douglas

      He died in the lifetime of his father.. Thomas Douglas was the son of Sir Robert Douglas.

Child of Thomas Douglas

William Douglas

( - after 1296)
     William Douglas was born in Midlothian, Scotland. He was the son of Andrew Douglas.
     William died after 1296.

Child of William Douglas

Sir William Douglas (Earl of Morton)

     Sir William Douglas (Earl of Morton) was the son of Sir Robert Douglas. William succeeded as Earl of Morton in 1588.

Sir William Douglas (of Douglas)

(1239 - circa 1274)
      He is the ancestor of the Earls of Douglas and (by bastard descent) of the Earls of Angus, Queensberry, etc.. Sir William Douglas (of Douglas) was born in 1239. He was the son of Archibald Douglas of Douglas.
     William died circa 1274. He left issue..

Sir William Douglas (of Lochleven)

( - circa 1421)
     Sir William Douglas (of Lochleven) was the son of Sir Henry Douglas.
John Ravilious spoke to Andrew MacEwen concerning his conjectures concerning the identification of the wife of Sir William Douglas of Lochleven (d. 1421)[1]. He agreed that the relationships set forth in the dispensation did not match with the presentation in Scots Peerage (i.e., that Sir William Douglas was married to a daughter of David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford); and that while he was not aware of any documentation or source that would further relate to the matter, he had "no problem" with the conjectures, and that he "didn't see anything wrong with your theory."
Based upon the above, it does appear that the identification in Scots Peerage was based on a flawed understanding of the dispensation itself, and/or of the actual descents of Sir William Douglas and his wife (to be) from Walter the Stewart (d. 1326). I think it then reasonable to state the following:
1. Sir William Douglas of Lochleven (d. 1421) had dispensation to marry Elizabeth Lindsay, daughter of Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Earl of Crawford, as appears from " a dispensation by Henry, Bishop of St. Andrews, for the marriage of William Douglas of St. Andrews diocese, and Elizabeth Lindsay of Brechin diocese, they being in the third and fourth degrees of consanguinity. " [2]

2. It appears that the marriage to Elizabeth Lindsay did not occur (likely due to either her death or to marriage to another individual) and that Sir William Douglas was married to Christian, most likely a sister of Elizabeth and another daughter of Alexander Lindsay.

3. The relationships identified between the Lindsay family and certain descendants of Christian (including her daughter Elizabeth Douglas, of Earl Alexander Lindsay (d. 1439), and her son Sir John Auchinleck of that Ilk, " lovit cousin and squire " of David Lindsay, (5th) Earl of Crawford in a confirmation of a grant in 1466) serve to confirm this conjecture.

This will further serve to correct existing confusion, whereby Elizabeth Lindsay, daughter of David Lindsay (1st Earl of Crawford) and his wife Elizabeth Stewart, is shown on occasion to be married to Sir William Douglas instead or, or in addition to, her known husband Sir Robert Erskine [3].

Some statements (documentation not noted) indicate that Elizabeth Lindsay, a daughter of Alexander Lindsay (the 2nd Earl) was married to one Simon Glendonwyn: perhaps further evidence will be found concerning this alleged marriage, which would serve to account for Sir William Douglas of Lochleven marrying another Lindsay daughter.

1) Marjory = Walter the = 2) Isabel
Bruce I Steward I Graham
__________I I____
Robert II = 2) Euphemia Sir John Stewart
K of Scots I of Ross of Railston
I_____ I____________
David Lindsay = Elizabeth Sir Henry = Marjory
E of Crawford I Stewart Douglas I Stewart
I of Lugton I
2nd E of Crawford I
_____________I_____________ I____
David Elizabeth Christian = 1) Sir William Douglas
3rd Lindsay I of Lochleven
Earl I d. ca. 1421
I = 2) David Wemyss of Wemyss
I = 3) Sir James Auchinleck
I of that Ilk
Sir Henry Alexander Sir James ELIZABETH = Richard
Douglas Douglas Douglas Douglas Lovel
of Lugton of Railston of
and Lochleven Earl ALEXANDER

[1] See prior threads, , SGM, 11 May 2006, and , SGM, 11 May 2006 et seq.

[2] Correction to SP VI:365, sub _Douglas, Earl of Morton_,
which cites Harl. MS., 6438.

[3] SP III:17, sub _Lindsay, Earl of Crawford_. See also
SP V:604, sub _Erskine, Lord Erskine_, which notes an
agreement between Thomas Erskine and David, Earl of Crawford, dated at Brechin, 20 Dec 1400 that Sir Robert Erskine should marry a daughter of the Earl.
This relationship is proven by a dispensation for the marriage of Elizabeth Lindsay's daughter Janet and Walter Stewart of Lennox, dated at St. Peter's, Rome, 26 April 1421:
' Dispensatio matrimonialis
Walter Steuart of Levenax, Glasgow diocese, and Joneta de Erskyn, daughter of Robert de Erskyn, knight, St. Andrews diocese, - that the Pope would dispense them to contract and remain in matrimony, notwithstanding that they are related in the third and third degree of consanguinity. Fiat et petitur. O. Rome, S. Peter's, 6 Kal. May, anno 4, [Calendar of Scottish Supplications to Rome, 1418-1422, p. 250]
Leo Van der Pas replied: Christian Lindsay married (1) Sir William Douglaa of Lochleven (2) Sir David
Wemyss of Wemyss (3) Sir James Auchinleck

Have a look Burke's Peerage 1938 page 2547
David Wemyss, of Methil and Wemyss married before 4 February 1423/4
Christian Douglas, they had two daughters and one son, he dies before
September 1430 and she marries Sir James Auchinleck

I would say, obviously, Christian Lindsay and Christian Douglas is one and
the same person.
Sir William Douglas died circa 1421 and as his widow she is called Christian
     William died circa 1421.

Child of Sir William Douglas (of Lochleven)

Sir William Douglas (of Nithsdale)

( - circa 1392)
     Sir William Douglas (of Nithsdale) married Egidia Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Euphemia Ross Countess of Moray, in 1387. They had issue.
     William died circa 1392 in Danzig, Poland.

William Douglas 6th Earl

(circa 1423 - 24 November 1440)
     William Douglas 6th Earl was born circa 1423. He was the son of Archibald Douglas 5th Earl.
     William died being beheaded on 24 November 1440 in Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian, Scotland.

William Douglas 8th Earl

(circa 1425 - February 1451/52)
     William Douglas 8th Earl married Lady Margaret Douglas, daughter of Archibald Douglas 5th Earl and Euphemia Graham. William Douglas 8th Earl was born circa 1425. He was the son of James Douglas the Gross, 7th Earl.
     William died in February 1451/52.

William Douglas Earl of Angus

(1589 - 19 February 1660)
     William Douglas Earl of Angus was born in 1589.
William Douglas Earl of Angus married Mary Gordon (Douglas), daughter of George Gordon Marquess of Huntly and Lady Henrietta Stewart, on 15 September 1632 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland. Mareit at the Kirk of Bellie with Lady Mary Gordon, (third) dochter tot he Marquess (of Huntly) be Maister Robert Douglass, minister at Glenbervie, whome the Earll of Angous brocht with him of purpoiss.
     William died on 19 February 1660 in Douglas Castle, Scotland. He was buried in front of the altar of St Brides's Kirk, Douglas, South Lanarkshire.

Child of William Douglas Earl of Angus and Mary Gordon (Douglas)

William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar

(circa 1327 - 1384)
     William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar was born circa 1327. William was created Earl of Douglas and by marriage became Earl fo Mar. In 1371 he disputed the succession with Robert II, claiming descent from the Balliols and Comyns in 1357.
     William died in 1384.

Children of William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar

William Douglas Earl of Selkirk

(24 December 1634 - 18 April 1694)
     William Douglas Earl of Selkirk was born on 24 December 1634. He was the eldest son of the first Marquis of Douglas by his second wife and third son. He was created earl of Selkirk, Lord Daer and Shortcleugh by patent dated 4 Aug 1646. He had 7 sons and 4 daughters who all took the name of Hamilton. [The Scottish nation, p.430] He was created Duke of Hamilton. He was the son of William Douglas Earl of Angus and Mary Gordon (Douglas).
William Douglas Earl of Selkirk married Anne Hamilton Duchess of Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton Duke of Hamilton, in 1646. She had 11 children.
     William died on 18 April 1694 in Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 59.

William Douglas Marquis of Douglas

(circa 1589 - )
     William Douglas Marquis of Douglas was born circa 1589 in Scotland.
William Douglas Marquis of Douglas married Margaret Hamilton, daughter of Claud Hamilton (Baron Paisley) and Margaret Seton, circa 1601.

Child of William Douglas Marquis of Douglas and Margaret Hamilton

William Douglas Sir, Duke of Atholl

( - August 1353)
     William Douglas Sir, Duke of Atholl was the son of Sir James Douglas. William Sir William Douglas of Liddesdale, kmown as 'the flower of chivalry', son & heir of Sir James Douglas, of Lothian (ancestor of the earls of Morton), was created Earl of Atholl 18 July 1341, and almost immediately afterwards resigned that earldom, at Aberdeen, in favour of Robert Stewart, the High Steward. He obtained lands from the Grahames, and is usually said to have married Margaret, sister and coheir of John Graham, of Dalkeith & Abercorn. He married Elizabeth. Having entailed on 3 Nov 1351, his lands of Liddesdale on the sons of his brother John Douglas, he died s.p.m. in August 1353, being assassinated by his kinsman, William (Douglas), 1st Earl of Douglas. His widow Elizabeth remarried Hugh Dacre on 18 July 1341.
     William died in August 1353. He left no male issue and was assassinated by his kinsman William Douglas 1st Earl Douglas..

William Douglas the Hardy

     William Douglas the Hardy was born. Second son of Sir William of Douglas, who was son of Sir Archibald.

Child of William Douglas the Hardy

Emma Sarah Doultree

(1901 - 10 September 1958)
     Emma Sarah Doultree was born in 1901 in Rosedale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Robert Doultree & Sarah Davis.
Emma Sarah Doultree married Henry Albert Clark, son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, in 1929 in Victoria.
     Emma died on 10 September 1958. She was buried on 12 September 1958 in Methodist section, Yarram, Victoria.

Mary Dove

     Mary Dove married Robert Stanser Bowker as his second wife, on 1 August 1881 in St Mary Magdalene, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Mary Dove and Robert Stanser Bowker

Ellen Dowbiken

     Ellen Dowbiken married Christopher Banks on 6 August 1601 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Unknown Dowell

(say 1660 - )
     Unknown Dowell was born say 1660 in Brickcliffe Castle, near Boyle, Sligo, Ireland.
Unknown Dowell married Edmond Costello, son of Jordan (Boy) Costello, before 1680.

daughter Dowl

(January 1763 - )
     Daughter Dowl was born in January 1763 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Lachlan MacPherson als Doul (of Belnakyle) and Janet Riach. Daughter Dowl was christened on 3 July 1763 in Kirkmichael.

Harriette Ann Dowling

(1828 - March 1907)
     Harriette Ann Dowling was born in 1828. They were the same age at their marriage.
Harriette Ann Dowling married Dr John Henry Halahan, son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming, on 18 July 1855 in St Peter's, Dublin, Ireland. John Henry Halahan, of full age, bachelor, MD Royal Artillery, of Portobello Barracks, son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan, MD to Harriette Ann Dowling, of full age, spinster of 1 Harcourt St, daughter of James Dowling, comptrolling surveyor, customs. By licence, both signed in the presence of George A F Halahan & E C Halahan..
     Harriette Ann Dowling were administrators of Dr John Henry Halahan's estate, on 3 January 1860 in the Principal Probate Registry, London, John Henry Halahan, 3 January 1860. Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of Hohn Henry Halahan late a staff surgeon in the Rioyal Artillery stationed at Benares in the East Indies deceased who died 4 May 1859 at sea were granted the Principal Registry to Harriette Anne Halahab of 8 Harcourt-road Dublin in Ireland, widow the relict of the said deceased she having been first sworn.
     Harriette's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1907 in London, Kensington RD, Middlesex.