Rev Herbert Maziere Halahan

(17 September 1875 - 22 June 1919)
     Rev Herbert Maziere Halahan was born on 17 September 1875 in Berehaven, Cork. He was the son of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent.
     Herbert was educated at Fermoy College, Cork.
     Herbert matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, between 1894 and 1897. He entered 18 June 1894, BA 1898, Div Test 1899, MA 1906. Herbert Ordained deacon 24 Dec 1899 D... Priest 25 Mar 1901 Killeshandra, Curate at Drung 1900-02, Diocese of Kilmore, co. Cavan. Curate at Killac...agh, Berehaven 1902-07. Resigned 1907 from 1899 to 1907.
     Herbert resided at the Rectory, Berehaven, Cork, 1908.
Rev Herbert Maziere Halahan married Frances Ida Jane Darley on 10 October 1912 in Belfast.
     Herbert died on 22 June 1919 in Southsea, Portsmouth RD, Hampshire, aged 43. He had no issue.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Frances Ida Jane Darley on 12 December 1919 at London. The Reverend Herbert Mezziere Halahan, of 9 Blackrock Terrace, Bantry, Cork, clerk, died 22 June 1919 at 49 Festing Road, Southsea, Hampshire. Administration to Ida Halahan, widow. Effects £291 in England.

Hickman Rose Halahan

(9 November 1839 - 24 January 1844)
     Hickman Rose Halahan was born on 9 November 1839 in 11 York St, Dublin. On Saturday last, in York street, the widow of Samuel Handy Halahan, Esq., of a son. He was the son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Anne Hannan. Hickman Rose Halahan was christened on 13 November 1839 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin.
     Hickman died on 24 January 1844 in Kingstown, Dublin, aged 4. He was buried on 26 January 1844 in St Paul, Dublin.

Rev Hickman Rose Halahan

(before October 1800 - 26 February 1888)
     Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was born before October 1800 in Dublin, Ireland. He was born in 1798 if 89 as stated at death. He was possibly named after Hickman Rose (1752-1823) - see Burke's History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland p 604-5. Another Hickman Rose died in 1810 at Elm Park near Limerick aged 83 [Gents Mag]. He was the son of John Halahan and Mary Handy.
     Hickman matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 7 October 1816. Hickman Rose Halahan, entered TCD as a pensioner, prepared by Mr Phillips, 7 Oct 1816 aged 16, son of John, chirurgus; born Dublin. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Spring term 1822 and a Master of Arts at Easter 1832 along with John Walker Halahan. Hickman was a curate, minister then rector at St Nicholas Without, Dublin, from 1830 to 1882. Hickman R Halahan: Assistant curate 1830-1844; Minister 1844-61; Rector of Union of St Luke and St Nicholas Without, Dublin 1861-1882. Between 1822 and 1826 the parish church in the North transept was rebuilt. From Oct 1861 the parish of St Nicholas was united with St Lukes. The graveyard was known as the cabbage garden from the 1650s when Cromwell's soldiers rented the ground to grow cabbages. It was within the parish of St Kevin's when it was transferred to St Nicholas for a burial ground which was in use until 1878. It was later made into a public park situated at the top of Cathedral Lane, Upper Kevin St.
Rev W Halahan, the youngest son [of John Halahan] who was for 52 years curate and incumbent of St Nicholas Without & St Lukes, who survived till 1886 and died in his 87th year, retaining his faculties to the last. He witnessed the second marriage of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg on 26 January 1832, Dublin.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1835 as Rev Hickman Halahan at 11 York St, Dublin.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1839 as Rev Hick. Halahan, St Nicholas Without at Dublin. He was living with his brother Samuel. In the 1839 directory there was also a Dr Halahan, Bray.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated between 1846 and 1847 as H R Halahan, Rector St Nich's at 12 St Stephens Green North, Dublin. 1846 directory: H R Halahan, Rector St Nicholas Without, 12 Stephens Green North. There was also - Mrs Halahan, Roshenee Lodge, Mt Pleasant Ave, Upper. In 1847 - H R Halahan, Gulistan, Upper Mt Pleasant Ave and Mrs Halahan, Roshnee cottage, 3 Gulistan Tce.      
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was occupier of Gulistan in the Griffith Valuation of Ireland in 1850 in Dublin. Griffith's Primary Valuation of Tenements taken in 1850 for Dublin, St Peters parish, Rathmines East: Gulistan, occupier - R H R Halahan, Lessor - Earl of Meath, 5 acres 1 rood 31 perches, valued at £52.5.0. At Gulistan Tce, Aubrey Cottage - Mrs Sophia Halahan, in fee, - house, yard & small garden, sublet to other tenants.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1852 as H R Halahan at 12 St Stephen Green & 8 Gulistan Terrace, Dublin.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated between 1854 and 1857 at several addresses, Dublin. In the Ecclesiastical part of the directory: H Halahan, 13 Stephen's Green, Dublin; in the alphabetical listing: Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, Rector of St Nicholas Without, 29 Harcourt St & 8 Gulistan Tce, Ranelagh. George A.F., Samuel Henry & Thomas M Halahan were all at 29 Harcourt St. He was officiated at Anne Hannan's burial on 11 November 1855 in St Paul, Dublin.
Rev Shem du Bourdieu and Emma Sarah Sophia Halahan were married by Rev Hickman Rose Halahan on 30 April 1861 in St George's, Dublin.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated between 1863 and 1864 as Perpetual curate of St Luke's & St Nicholas Without (diocese of Dublin) Parliamentary elector for Dublin university at 29 Harcourt St & Gulistan, Ranelagh, Dublin.
Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan were married by Rev Hickman Rose Halahan on 28 January 1864 in St Peter's, Dublin.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1866 as Rev. H R Halahan at 'Gulistan', Ranelagh, Rathmines, Dublin.
     Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was mentioned in the will of Dorothea Dopping Halahan dated 9 June 1868.
     Hickman was registered as Rev. Hickman Rose Halahan at Gulistan Terrace, Dublin, on the 1868 electoral roll. He was listed in the 1868 Dublin electoral roll at Gulistan Tce along with Henry Samuel at 29 Harcourt St. Both were resident Freemen.
Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1877 as Rector St Nich's & St Luke's at 29 Harcourt St & Gulistan, Dublin. In 1877 he and Henry Samuel were listed at 29 Harcourt St, although his residence was Gulistan..
The Irish times on 14 Feb 1880 reported on a fatal fall at Rev Mr Halahan's house, Upper Mt Pleasant Ave. Between 1882 and 1885, an unknown person was listed in a directory in 'Gulistan', Ranelagh in Rathmines, St Peter's parish, Dublin.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Mary Halahan in 1888 at Dublin. Administration with will annexed of Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, late or Gulistan, Rathmines, co. Dublin, clerk who died 26 February 1888 at same, granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Dowse (wife of Richard H Dowse)) of Gulistan, the residuary legatee. Effects £678/16/-.
     Hickman died on 26 February 1888 in 'Gulistan', Upper Mt Pleasant Ave, Rathmines, St Peter's parish, Dublin. Undated newspaper cuttings in the prayer books of Frances Holmes Dunbar (Nichols) state: February 25? [1889], at his residence, Gulistan, Rathmines, Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, for over 50 years Rector of St Nicholas Without and St Luke's parish, aged 89 years. The funeral will leave the above address on Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock.
     Another cutting in the prayer book of Frances Holmes Dunbar (Nichols) states: The late Rev Hickman R Halahan, MA - A memorial tablet and lectern have just been placed in St Luke's church to the memory of an old and highly respected citizen, who was for over half a century, a parochial clergyman of this city, the Rev H R Halahan, late Rector of St Nicholas Without and St Luke's. The tablet was supplied by the firm of W C Harrison of Brunswick street, and is of exceedingly chaste design. It bears the following inscription - "Erected by parishioners and friends in memory of the late Incumbent, Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, MA, who for more than fifty years laboured zealously in the parishes of St Nicholas Without and St Luke. He was an ernest and faithful preacher of the Gospel in its fullness and simplicity and was untiring in his efforts for the education and welfare of the Protestant children of the Liberties. He entered into rest 26th February 1888, aged 89 years." The tablet is surmounted by an open book showing the text of Holy Scripture - 'Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." The lectern which is of solid brass, was manufactured by Messrs W Curtis and Son, Middle Abbey street, and is of the most exquisite workmanship. It stands on a black marble base, having a brass plate containing the following words: - "In loving memory of the Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, MA. Died 26th February 1889. Aged 89 years'..

Hugh Albert Halahan

(1897 - )
     Hugh Albert Halahan was also known as Bertie in records. He was born in 1897 in New York, USA. He was the son of Samaurez de Bourdieu Halahan and Margaret Mary Reid.

Lt Cdr Humfrey Fisher Crosby Halahan RN

(15 September 1910 - 4 June 2001)
     Lt Cdr Humfrey Fisher Crosby Halahan RN was born on 15 September 1910 in Fairfield, Chiddingfold, Hambledon RD, Surrey. He was the son of Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO and Brenda Cecil Cooper. Edward and Humfrey were listed as Capt Henry Crosby Halahan RN, DSO's children in the 1911 census in Old Pickhurst, Chiddingfold, Surrey.
Lt Cdr Humfrey Fisher Crosby Halahan RN married Evelyn Hope Barrington-Baird on 8 September 1937. Lt Cdr Humfrey Fisher Crosby Halahan RN and Evelyn Hope Barrington-Baird were divorced in 1947.
     Humfrey died on 4 June 2001 in Sherborne, Hampshire, aged 90.

Rev Ihaum Halahan

     Rev Ihaum Halahan married Jane du Bourdieu, daughter of Saumarez du Bourdieu and Jane Carmichael.

Irene Cecilia Halahan

(12 September 1919 - )
     Irene Cecilia Halahan was born on 12 September 1919 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the daughter of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne. Irene was a nun/sister, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Isabella Halahan

( - 11 January 1856)
     Isabella Halahan was buried on 11 January 1856 in St Peter, Dublin.
     Isabella died on 11 January 1856 in 10 Longford Sr, Dublin, Ireland.

Isabella Henrietta Halahan

(5 January 1862 - 18 December 1887)
     Isabella Henrietta Halahan was born on 5 January 1862 in the Hospital, Rutland Square, Dublin. She was the daughter of Dr Henry Samuel Halahan and Isabella du Bourdieu. Isabella Henrietta Halahan was christened on 1 December 1862 in St Nicholas Without & St Luke, Dublin.
     Isabella died on 18 December 1887 in Carrick, Donegal, aged 25.

James Halahan

(circa 1848 - )
     James Halahan was born circa 1848 in London. He may be the James who died in the March quarter of 1879 in the Chelsea RD. He was the son of Peter Augustus Halahan and Harriet Carpenter (Maitland).

James Halahan

     James Halahan was born in Ireland.

Child of James Halahan

Jane Halahan

(7 September 1857 - 27 August 1887)
     Jane Halahan was born on 7 September 1857 in 29 Harrow St, Dublin. She was the daughter of Dr Henry Samuel Halahan and Isabella du Bourdieu. Jane Halahan was christened on 5 December 1857 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin.
     Jane died on 27 August 1887 in Carrick, Donegal, aged 29.

Jane Armstrong Halahan

(before November 1792 - 6 November 1867)
     Jane Armstrong Halahan was born before November 1792 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Halahan and Mary Handy. Jane Armstrong Halahan was an executor of Mary Handy's estate on 12 February 1846 in Dublin, Ireland.
Jane Armstrong Halahan was mentioned on 23 September 1846. On 20 February 1850 Jane Armstrong Halahan leased property to George Augustus Frederick Halahan in Rathmines, St Peter's parish, Dublin. Indenture of lease 20 Feb 1850: between Jane Armstrong Halahan of Gulistan, executor of Mary Halahan, widow, deceased ... Dorothea Dopping Halahan, & Lucy Halahan spinsters of Gulistan & ... Augusta Frederica Fitzsimons of Gulistan, widow ... re land of Cullenswood now called Gulistan.
Indenture of lease, same date between 1) Jane Armstrong Halahan, administrator of Mary Halahan, widow, Dorothea Dopping & Lucy Halahan; 2) Augusta Frances Fitzsimons, widow; 3) George Augustus Frederick Halahan of St Stephens Green, MD; whereby 1 & 2 let to 3 Cullenswood or Gulistan ... Mosopher Cottage build by Augusta Frederick Fitzsimon & Aubrey Cottage now in the possession of Mr Robert Halahan for 82 years

     Jane Armstrong Halahan made a will dated 17 November 1866 in Dublin. I Jane Armstrong Halahan ... I give & bequeath to my sister Dorothea Dopping Halahan ... for her life the rent of my house situated on Upper Mt Pleasant Ave & known as #48 and at the death of the said Dorothea I give & bequeath the afsd house to Mary Douse only daughter of my eldest brother Samuel Henry Halalan ... [this will is virtually the same as her sister Dorothea's] in the presence of John Dunbar, Rector of Ballybay & Louisa S Daniell, 30 L Baggot St, 17 November 1866.
RATHMINES AND RATHGAR TOWNSHIP/URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL : LIST 10 - Gulistan: Halahan and Dowse Lease. Doc. No. UDC/1/10/11. WILL of Jane A. Halahan (died November 1867). Bequests: rent of 48 Upr. Mount Pleasant Avenue to Dorothea D. Halahan with reversion to niece Mary Dowse. Interests in Gulistan, inlcuding rents of Gulistan Terrace, to her brother Hickman Rose Halahan with reversion in equal shares to Mary Dowse and nephew Christopher Halahan.
Executor: Thomas Mahon Halahan. Witnesses: John Dunbar, Rector of Ballybay; Louise S. Daniell, 30 Lr. Baggot Street. 17 Nov 1866.

     Jane died on 6 November 1867 in 'Gulistan', Upper Mt Pleasant Ave, Ranelagh, Rathmiines, Dublin. She was buried on 8 November 1867 in St Paul, Dublin.
     Jane Armstrong Halahan was mentioned in the will of Dorothea Dopping Halahan dated 9 June 1868.

Jane Eliza Halahan

(9 March 1872 - 10 September 1965)
     Jane was nick-named Jinnie. She was commonly known as Eliza. She was born on 9 March 1872 in Killougham, Dublin?, Castletown RD, Cork. She was the daughter of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent.
Jane Eliza Halahan married Henry Edmond Lavallin Puxley on 15 September 1897 in Berehaven, Cork. 5th Sep according to Agnes Townsend's notebook: Mr Puxley, Dunboy Castle married Miss Halahan.
The boys spent 6 months of the year in Switzerland and the other 6 months with their grandparents Dean Halahan & his wife in the Glebe. They moved to Dublin in 1909, after their mother remarried. Shortly before her death she paid her last visit to Dunboy, with her son Commander John Paul Puxley of the Royal Navy. He said that those 6 months spent in Berehaven were the happiest of his life.
Jane Eliza Halahan married Dr William Steele Haughton on 4 August 1909.
     Jane died on 10 September 1965 in Dublin, Ireland, aged 93.

Children of Jane Eliza Halahan and Henry Edmond Lavallin Puxley

Children of Jane Eliza Halahan and Dr William Steele Haughton

Jane Flemyng Halahan

(6 February 1862 - 20 March 1928)
     Jane Flemyng Halahan was christened on 6 February 1862 in Carnew, Wicklow. Born in Dublin acccording to the 1901 census. She was the daughter of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan. Jane, Emma and Harriet were listed as Rev Christopher Halahan's children in the 1901 census in Mullylogan, Fermanagh, Ireland.
     Jane Flemyng Halahan was recorded on the 1911 census in Mount Prospect or Tullyoran, Crum, Fermanagh. Jane Flemyng Halahan aged 47, single, born Dublin, was a visitor in the Winslow household.
     Jane and Elizabeth resided at Vicardale, Donaghmoine, Carrickmacross, Monaghan, 1912?. ECD Halahan, J F Halahan and Emma H S Halahan signed the women's section of the Ulster Covenant with this address, then N H Halahan of Hamstead, London and then H Halahan of Vicardale. Jane Flemyng Halahan was an executor of Emma Sarah Sophia Halahan's estate on 9 April 1925 in Dublin, Ireland.
     Jane died on 20 March 1928 in 'Blenheim House', Glenageary, Monkstown, Dublin, aged 66. Jane Flemyng Halahan, spinster aged 54, informant: A H Halahan, present at death. She was buried in Deansgrange cemetery, Blackrock, Dublin.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 12 September 1928 at London. Jane Flemyng Halahan, of Blenheim, Marlborough Rd, Glenagary, co. Dublin, spinster died 20 March 1928. Adminstration was granted to her sisters Anne& Harriet.

Jeremiah Halahan

(18 June 1846 - )
     Jeremiah Halahan was also known as Joseph Hallahan in records.
     Jeremiah resided at 21 Chapel St, Bandon, Cork, Ireland. He was born on 18 June 1846 in Macroom, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Patrick Halahan.
Jeremiah Halahan served in the military with the 1st and 2nd Regiments and by 1870 was a sergeant in the 63rd Regiment. However he aso served from 1864 in the Chatham Division of the Royal Marine Light Infantry between 1857 and 1879.
Jeremiah Halahan married Deboragh Noonan on 3 October 1870 in Cork, Cork, Ireland. His father was named as Patrick Halahan (deceased), mason. Jeremiah Halahan was widowed on 19 July 1877 on the death of his wife Deboragh Noonan.
     Jeremiah resided at Chester, Cheshire, England, February 1879.
The marriage of Jeremiah Halahan and Jean MacCullogh was registered in St Anne's Church of Ireland, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland, in the December 1879 quarter. He was a sergeant in the North Down Rifles.

Children of Jeremiah Halahan and Deboragh Noonan

Jill May Kathleen Halahan

(2 May 1945 - 2 January 1987)
     Jill May Kathleen Halahan was born on 2 May 1945 in Durban, Natal, South Africa. She was the daughter of Sydney George Fenton Halahan and Mavis Lilian Mennin Cooke.
     Jill died on 2 January 1987 aged 41.

John Halahan

(1753 - 8 March 1819)
     John Halahan was born in 1753 in Cork, Ireland. He was described as the son of a country gentleman. The naming pattern suggests he could be the son of Richard & Jane (or Mary). Their children's middle names probably give an indication of family ties. Handy & Wallen were Mary's parents' surnames, so perhaps Parker was John's mother. Armstrong is Mary's grandmother's name. I have not yet found links for Newton, Mahon, Dopping or Holmes. Hickman Rose is the name of Mary's brother-in-law.
The Halahans had property in Ballinbritting townland in the parish of Carrigtwohill/Carrigtohill, Barony of Barrymore, Cork.. He was the son of Patriarch Richard? Halahan.
     John Halahan and Mary Handy obtained a marriage licence on 13 December 1780 in Dublin, Ireland.
     A marriage settlement between John Halahan and Mary Handy was made on 13 December 1780. Indented articles of agreement dated 13 December 1780 made between 1) John Halahan of the city of Dublin, surgeon, 2) Lucy Handy, widow of Samuel Handy deceased & Mary Handy daughter of the Samuel & Lucy, 3) William Speer, of the City, druggist & Thomas Fouace of Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, esq reciting that said Mary Handy was in and by the will of her father the said Samuel Handy entitled to £1000 at 21 or marriage proved if under 21 she married with consent of her mother Lucy Handy & further the will of SH £1000 the interest to be paid to his daughter Lettice during her life & after her decease the £1000 plus the £500 on the decease of Lucy to be divided between his three other daughters, Ann Wade, the said Mary Handy & Jane Handy & reciting that a marriage was shortly to be had between John Halahan and Mary Handy with consent and approbation of Mary's mother he called? the £1500 to provide for Mary Handy after John Halahan's death. Witnessed by Andrew Armstrong, Kings co., Hickman Rose, Dublin city, merchant, William Canaway, Dublin, gent, Jane Handy, Dublin city, spinster.
John Halahan married Mary Handy, daughter of Samuel Handy and Lucy Wallen, on 14 December 1780 in St Bride's, Dublin, Ireland. Marriages: Mr John Hallahan, of Stephen-street, surgeon, to Miss Handy, of Peter-street.. John was a surgeon in Dublin from 1785. He taught anatomy in Dublin with great success. Surgeon of the Foundlings Hospital and to the Dublin General Dispensary, Temple Bar. He was also professor of anatomy to the Hibernian Society of Artists. In 1814 the Society presented him with a piece of plate, with an address and a portrait. His eldest son was surgeon in the Royal Artillery; his second became Inspector-General of Hospitals; the third and fourth were Lieutenants in the army; the fifth was a commander in the Royal Navy; and the sixth was long engaged in medical practice in Dublin.
     Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Schools of surgery - John Halahan - Founding Professor of Anatomy & Physiology 1785-1794, 1799-1804; Third Professor of Surgery 1799-1804; Founding Professor of Midwifery 1789-1793.
     He commenced lecturing in anatomy, physiology & bandaging in Nov 1785 at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Held first college chair of Midwifery, founded in 1785 - the first applicant was not accepted until 1789 when John Halahan the Professor of Anatomy & Physiology was appointed until 1793.
     In November 1785 William Dease appointed professor of surgery, and John Halahan professor of anatomy & physiology. The one applicant for the chair of midwifery was not approved, and no appointment was made until some years later. Halahan proposed to give a course of demonstrations in anatomy and physiology, together with the operations of surgery, and bandages. He would fit up a theatre at his own expense, and find every material that might be necessary. Each member of the College could attend the dissecting room at will 'to observe the conduct of his pupils, or renew his ideas in anatomy.' This plan was passed in Jan 1786 and at the same time a proposal from Dease for a course of lectures on surgery was approved. Dease added that he would present his collection of anatomical preparations to the College for the use of Halahan. The offer was accepted and Halahan was instructed to receive such part of the preparations as he might need. The College, in addition, voted that £20 be allowed Halahan, to be used in fitting up his dissecting room. ... The schools were ready for occupation in October 1789. Classes began, with Halahan & Hartigan as joint professors of anatomy and physiology, and Dease in the chair of surgery. The vacant professorship of midwifery was filled by Halahan, and a new chair of surgical pharmacy by Clement Archer... John Halahan, the first professor was appointed in 1785. It will be remembered that he fitted up a dissection room at his own expense, when there was no school building.
In 1775, at the age of 23, his reputation as a private anatomical teacher was established, as we know from a poem called 'The Medical Review', published in that year. The author John Gilborne, writes:
John Hallahan our just Esteem deserves
His curious Art dead Bodies long preserves
Entire and sound, like Monuments of Brass
Embalm'd Aegyptian Mummies they surpass
Surpass the Labours of the famous Ruysch
He does injections to Perfection push.

     Halahan was also professor of anatomy to the Hibernian Society of Artists, the "Academy" of that time, and his portrait by Hamilton, which now hangs in the board-room, was presented to him by the society. It shows him as he stood when lecturing to its members.
     p.43 ...The first chair of midwifery to be founded in Dublin was that in the College Schools. John Halahan, elected in 1789, was its first incumbent. Halahan was already in the chair of anatomy, which he continued to hold. On his appointment as professor of midwifery, he provided at his own expense some necessary equipment, which included "a machine and glass uterus for demonstrating midwifery", for which he was subsequently compensated. This branch of medicine was then looked upon by physicians as a degrading occupation, and it was practised by surgeons, many of whom bore the title "surgeon and man-midwife". To take the College of Physicians Diploma in midwifery prevented the recipient from subsequently proceeding to a degree in medicine. In addition to found a chair, the college conferred a diploma in midwifery, from which they excluded any person already holding the medical licence of the College of Physicians. In 1793 Halahan was released from this chair, the College stating their intention had always been to have separate professors for each, and he was thanked "for the distinguished manner in which he had for 3 seasons delivered courses of lectures in midwifery". It had now become possible "to relieve him by accepting the proposals of another gentlemen", Sir Henry Jebb, surgeon to Queen's Hospital, an original member of the Dublin Society of Surgeons, and of the College..
     John Halahan and John Handy were mentioned in a deed dated 13 December 1785 in Marlborough St, Dublin.
Saunders news-letter of 10 March 1786 announced; Mr Halahan will commence a course of lectures on the theory and practice of surgery and the appolication of bandages, on Monday 10th March instant, in Mercer's Hospital at one o'clock. N.B. For particulars inquire at no. 94, Marborough St..
In 1789 John Halahan, ex-assistant Master of the Rotunda becomes first RCSI Professor by introducing regular courses on midwifery until he is replaced by Henry Jebb in 1793.
On 18 & 29th October 1792, the Dublin Evening Post carried advertisements: The School of Surgery and practical Anatomy, under the direction of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, will open at the Theatre, Mercer-street, on Monday 5 November, at one o’clock, when courses of lectures will commence on Anatomy and Physiology, by Messrs Halahan and Hartigan,
Theory and Practice of Surgery, by Mr Dease,
Midwifery, by Mr Halahan
Surgical Pharmacy, by Mr Archer.
Registered pupils to pay one guinea, all others three three guineeas except surgeons and mates to the Army on the Irish Establishment, who may attend gratis.
N.B. Practical anatomy, as usual, under the direction of the Professors and Messrs Wilkinson, Lawless and Wright, Superintendents of the Dissecting Pupils.
By Order of the Court of Examiners, James Henthorn, Sec. Dublin 24 Sep 1792.
John Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1793 as John Halahan, at 90 Marlborough St, Dublin. He was listed as a practitioner in midwifery, in the Court of Assistants at the Royal College of Surgeons..
John Halahan was declared bankrupt in August 1794 in Dublin. Saunders's News-Letter 19 August 1794 reported: On Tuesday the 19th inst, will be sold, the undermentioned plate, beig the property of Doctor Hallahan, a bankrupt, viz - Table spoons, deserts do, flop basons, cups waiters, a table ring, a coffe pot, slats, salt spoons, sugar tongs, cream ewer, butter boatsf, a plated bread basket.
John Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1802 as Messrs Halahan and Dease, Professors of Anatomy and Physiology at the Schools of Anatomy & Surgey in Mercer St. Registered pupils were to may one guinea each, except surgeons and mates to the Army or Navy, who may attend gratis at Dublin.
John Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1803 as John Halahan at York St, Dublin. He was listed in the Court of Assistants, Royal College of Surgeons..
He was Professor of Anatomy to the Hibernian Society of Artists, who in 1814 presented him with a tribute to his "indefatigable zeal for the promotion if the Fie Arts" - an address and a piece of plate; also his portrait, which shows him lecturing to the Society, and is in now in the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.
The portrait remained in the family until May 1888 when it was presented to the RCSI..
     John Halahan made a will dated 2 February 1819 in Dublin. John Halahan of York St, Dublin, surgeon, nominated his brother in law John Handy of Aughrim, co. Galway and son Samuel Handy Halahan of Dublin, surgeon as trustees. He mentions his wife Mary Halahan, nee Handy, his seven sons - Samuel Halahan, John, George, Richard, Thomas, Robert and Hickman, and his five daughters - Augusta Fitzsimons nee Halahan, Frances Dunbar nee Halahan, Jane, Dorothea and Lucy. His sons were provided for. The will was witnessed by Sam Litton, Mich Daniel and Jas Carmichael.
     John died on 8 March 1819 in 11 York St, Dublin. Died yesterday, Dr Hallahan of York Street, a very respectable professional gentleman. He was buried on 10 March 1819 in St Paul's, North King St, Dublin. His monumental inscription at St Paul's Dublin shows a Crest, hand grasping a sword. The inscription reads This stone is erected to the memory of John Halahan Esq. to whose exertions and lectures whilst professor the Royal College of Surgeons in this City is indebted for its celebrity throughout Europe. In his own practise he exhibited a rare combination of natural sagacity and consummate dexterity in operation. He was distinguished for his private worth, an affectionate husband and father, a kind relation. Ardent & steady in his friendships, with a heart expanded by universal philanthropy, after a long protracted illness, which he supported with, Christian resignation, he died the 8 day of March 1819 in the 66th year of his age. In the hope of everlasting happiness, through the merits of Our Lord & Saviour.
     His will was proved in 1819 at Dublin. Probate was granted to Samuel Handy Halahan of 9 York St, Dublin due to the sorry plight of Jn Handy. The Irish probate indexes for 1819 show John Halahan, York St, Dublin, also John A Halahan, Private 41st Regt and Leonard Halahan, Tallow, co. Waterford.
"Chapters of Dublin history" website cites Cameron: Crime, parks and royalty: the History Of The Royal College Of Surgeons - I intended to give a short biography of everyone who had been a President, Professor, Curator, or Secretary of the College. To get reliable information relative to those who were connected with the College in the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century was often very difficult. The documents in the Records Office, Four Courts, Parish Registries of births and deaths, old newspapers, &c., had to be examined.
     Surgeon John Halahan, who was a member of the College from its foundation, was appointed its first Professor of Anatomy in the year 1786. In a curious, and now very rare, book, entitled "The March of the Physicians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries of Dublin to the Temple of Fame," written by Dr. John Gilborne, and published in 1775, I found a short poetic description of Halahan:-
"John Halahan our just esteem deserves;
His curious art dead bodies long preserves
Entire and sound like monumental brass,
Embalm'd Aegyptian mummies they surpass
Surpass the labours of the famous Ruysch*
He does injections to perfection push."
[* A famous Dutch anatomist.

     Now, I was anxious to discover a descendant of this man, who was famous in 1775, and was born in 1753; and, adopting my usual practice, I wrote for information to all the Halahans whose names appeared in the directories, hoping that some grandson or great-grandson would answer my letter. I was surprised to receive one from his own son. He proved to be the late Reverend Nicholas Halahan, Rector of St. Luke's Protestant Church, Coombe, Dublin.
     I visited the venerable cleric; and whilst I obtained some information about his father of which I was ignorant, I told him some things concerning the Professor which he had never heard of. He was delighted when I showed him the poetical eulogium on his father.
I noticed the portrait of a man, having one of his hands resting upon a skull, and in an attitude suggestive of giving a lecture or address. I suspected that it was the portrait of Halahan lecturing to the Hibernian Society of Artists, the predecessors of the Royal Hibernian Academicians, and my surmise proved correct. At my request Mr. Halahan promised to bequeath it to the Royal College of Surgeons.
At a proper interval after his death I called to see his granddaughter (who had kept house for him), and to claim the portrait of her great-grandfather. She said that the Rev. Mr Halahan, of Enniskillen, had also claimed it as a family heirloom. I said that was nonsense, it could not be regarded as such.
Then I said to her that if I could get the boy she had referred to at my last visit a situation, would she consent to the picture going to the college. She promptly said she would, and in due time the portrait was placed in the college. When I saw Mr. Halahan he was 87 years old; his father had been born 134 years before that time (1886).
Captain Halahan, lately Adjutant of the 4th Battalion Dublin Fusiliers, is a descendant of Professor Halahan.

Children of John Halahan and Mary Handy

John Halahan

     John Halahan was the son of Dr John Halahan and Edith Emily Bristowe.

John Halahan

(circa 1875 - )
     John Halahan was born circa 1875 in Wicklow, Ireland. He was the son of Patriarch Wicklow Halahan. John Halahan was listed as Patrick Halahan's brother in the 1911 census in 12.2 Wentworth Place, South Dock, Dublin.

John Halahan

(25 January 1819 - 21 August 1850)
     John Halahan was born on 25 January 1819 in Murmullane, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Dr Richard Halahan and Catherine Ford. John Halahan was christened on 28 January 1819 in Murmullane, Cork.
John Hallahan was admitted to Greenwich Hospital School on 9 Feb 1831..
     John died on 21 August 1850 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, aged 31.

John Halahan

(circa 1840 - )
     John Halahan was born circa 1840 in Wicklow.
John Halahan married Julia Unknown.
     John Halahan and Julia Unknown were recorded on the 1901 census. John Hallahan, head, 60, milesman born co. Wicklow, wife Julia 60, born co. Carlow, children Wiliam, 35, milesman, James 22, milesman, Julia 20, Susanna 20, all born co. Wicklow, all Catholic. [James died in 27 March 1952, aged 73, married, retired hackney man, at Dunlavin..

Child of John Halahan and Julia Unknown

John Halahan

(9 December 1902 - )
     John Halahan was born on 9 December 1902 in Dubliln. He was the son of Patrick Halahan and Julia O'Brien.

Dean John Halahan

(23 October 1823 - 28 September 1920)
     Dean John Halahan was born on 23 October 1823 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Cdr Thomas Mahon Halahan and Catherine Dufour.
     John matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, from 1839 to 1844. Admitted pensioner, prepared by Mr Callaghan, entered 2 July 1839 aged 15, son of Thomas, navalis, born Dublin, B.A. Vern 1844, M.A. Aest 1872. John was a clergyman at Berehaven, Cork, from 1846 to 1919. He is mentioned in Crockford's clerical directory from 1883-1890. A.M., Precentor of Ross & incumbent of Berehaven. Also listed in Thom's Irish directories e.g. 1863 Thom's Irish almanac: J Halahan, Rector of Berehaven & Rural Dean (Ross), Castletown Berehaven.
     Dean John Halahan, the grandson of Surgeon John Halahan, 1st Professor of Anatomy, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. He served in Berehaven [diocese of Ross] as Curate and Rector 72 years from 1846-1919. .
Dean John Halahan married Harriette Sargent on 23 November 1865 in St George's, Dublin North.
     John resided at the Glebe, Castletown-Berehaven, Cork, from 1885 to 1908.
     Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent were recorded on the 1911 census in Curradonohoe, Killaconenagh Killaconen, Cork, Ireland. Halahan,John, 87, Head, Rector of Berhaven, his wife Hariette, 66, married 45 years, both born Dublin; Mannin, William Wybrants, 27, Boarder, curate of Berehaven & 3 servants, all Church of Ireland.
Rev Dean John Halahan, later Church of Ireland Dean of the Diocese of Ross, and who, first as Curate of Killaconenagh under Rev Thomas O'Grady, and later as Rector of Berehaven, served altogether in the Beara
Peninsula for 72 years. Dean Halahan, a man with broad and liberal views for the time in which he lived, was highly-thought-of by people on both sides of the religious divide in the Peninsula. A son of his was a prominent surgeon in faraway Buenos Aires, Argentina. A daughter of the Dean, Eliza Halahan, married first to Henry Edmund Lavallin Puxley of the Puxley Castle, Dunboy (near Castletownbere), who died within a few years, leaving her with two sons, the youngest aged 6 months.
See website by Riobard O'Dwyer for further information on these families.
     John died on 28 September 1920 in The Terrace, Bantry, Cork, Ireland, aged 96. John Halahan, married, aged 96, clerk in Holy Orders, Church of Ireland, informant: Harriette Halahan, widow, present at death.. He was buried on 1 October 1920 in St Killian's cemetery, Castletownbere, Cork.

Children of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent

Dr John Halahan

(16 July 1869 - 30 August 1934)
     Dr John Halahan was born on 16 July 1869 in Berehaven, Castletown RD, Cork. He was the son of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent.
     John was educated at Middleton College, Cork.
     John matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 11 October 1887. MB, BCh 20 Dec 1892 Dublin.
Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography: Boyle [née Jones], Kathleen [Catalina] (1869-1941), headmistress and educationist, was born on 18 October 1869 at 54 Rathgar Road, Dublin, the daughter of Francis P Jones, a civil engineer who worked in the General Valuation office, and Elizabeth Dowling, both with Church of Ireland background.
Kathleen was sent to England to study literature in the university of Cambridge. Her father died in 1886 and the family emigrated to Rio de Janeiro, where she taught English, music and arts in the Colegio Americano Brasileiro. A yellow fever outbreak forced them to travel to Argentina. Their cousins John and Robert Hallahan, sons of the Rev John Hallahan of Castletown, Berehaven (Co. Cork), were physicians in the British Hospital of Buenos Aires, and in 1891 received Kathleen’s mother and her four children
Dr John Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1895 at Barnethby, Linciolnshire.
Dr John Halahan emigrated from Ireland in 1896 to Argentina. A gentleman Naval Officer called Halahan travelled to Hong Kong departed 24 Jan1896. John in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 1898 to 1930.
Dr John Halahan married Edith Emily Bristowe on 9 November 1898.
Dr John Halahan and Edith Emily Bristowe emigrated from Newport on 6 October 1901 to La Plata, Argentina, per "Azul". Their infant daughter Kathleen travelled with them..
Dr John Halahan emigrated from Southampton on 18 May 1906 to Buenos Aires. Dr J Halahan, Mrs M? & Master & Miss Halhan, with Miss Grandison, maid, and possibly Mrs E Jones & Miss Jones - it is not clear where a family group starts and ends. The parents were cabin passengers, the children between 1 & 12. The travelled on the ship Aragon..
     John died on 30 August 1934 in Buenos Aires aged 65. Obituary in the British Medical journal Jan 12 1935: Dr John Halahan, who died at his residence in Buenos Aires on August 30, 1934, at the age of 65, was a son of the late Dean Halahan, and received his medical education at Trinity College, Dublin, where in 1892 he graduated M.B. He went out to Buenos Aires four years later, and was appointed assistant medical officer of the British Hospital in that city. A year or two later he began general practice there, and was soon after elected physician to the Alvear Hospital. He later became physician to the Hospital de Clinicas, which appointment he held until his death. For many years he took a keen interest in yacht racing, and his yacht, the Banshee, was well known on the River Plate. From time to time he contributed instructive and amusing articles on this sport to British magazines and newspapers. He was a prominent Freemason, a P.M. of the Victoria Lodge, and an officer of the District Grand Lodge of South American, Southern Division. His professional abilities and his wife outlook on life brought him very many friends, particularly in the local British community, by whom his death is mourned.

Children of Dr John Halahan and Edith Emily Bristowe

John Crosby Halahan

(28 February 1878 - 22 February 1967)
     John Crosby Halahan was commonly known as Jack. He was born on 28 February 1878 in Dulwich, Camberwell, Surrey. He was the son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham. Kathleen, Constance, Henrietta, Arthur, George, John and Frederick were listed as the children of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan in the 1881 census in Thomas' Hill, Haighlands, Camberwell, Surrey, England.
     John was educated at Dulwich College, Surrey.
John Crosby Halahan served in the military in the Army. He began as 2nd Lt in the 102nd Foot on 3 April 1897. Lt 24 Feb 1900. Capt 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers 26 Jan 1908. Transferred to Royal Marine Corps 1 Feb 1915. Major RFC 2 Feb 1914. Lt Col. 1 July 1918. Wing Commander RAF, Group Captain RAF, CBE 1919, A Fl.
John Crosby Halahan married Winifred May Carter on 6 May 1902 in Portsmouth RD, Hampshire. She was the daughter of the late Dr Carter of Weymought.
     John Crosby Halahan and Winifred May Carter were on the passenger list of the "Armadale Castle", arriving at Southampton, Hampshire, England, on 23 July 1904. J C & Mrs Halahan from Natal, Irish & English cabin passengers. John Crosby Halahan and Winifred May Carter were divorced in 1911.
     John Crosby Halahan and Winifred May Carter were recorded on the 1911 census in 7 Mount Eden Rd, Pembroke West, Dublin, Ireland. John Crosby Halahan, 33, head, Captain, Royal Dublin, born England, Winifred May 32, wife, married 8 years, 2 children, born India; Molly Doreen 5, daughter, born co. Cork; Patrick John Handy 3 born co. Dublin, all Church of England, parents read & write; with Kate McNaughton 30, Julia Slynn (Flynn?) 45, Katherine O'Hara 27, servants. The house had 11 rooms.
John Crosby Halahan married secondly Evelyn Russell Dunne (Brody or Brady) on 24 June 1915 in London, Kensington RD. She was the daughter of the Rev F W Dunne of Bedford.
Group Captain John Crosby Halahan was mentioned in biographical dictionaries from 1920 to 1939 and as a Colonel in 1921?. John Crosby Halahan and Evelyn Russell Dunne (Brody or Brady) were divorced in 1929.
     His will was proved in 1966.
     John died on 22 February 1967 in the Hospital, Teignmouth, Devon, aged 88. He was buried on 25 February 1967 in Bishop's Teignton, Devon.

Children of John Crosby Halahan and Winifred May Carter

Dr John Henry Halahan

(17 April 1828 - 4 May 1859)
     Dr John Henry Halahan was born on 17 April 1828 in 138 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming. Dr John Henry Halahan was christened on 8 May 1828 in St Peter, Dublin. He matriculated on 12 January 1844 at Trinity College, Dublin, John H Halahan, pensioner (prepared by Mr Shannon) entered 12 Jan 1844, aged 15, son of George, pharmacoepia, born Dublin.
John H Halahan, aged 19, healthy but of rather delicate nervous temperament reported on an experiment with sulphuric ether at 12 Stephen's-green on Jan 21 1847 to the American Journal of the Medical Sciences.
     He served as an Ensign with the 3rd West India Regiment of Foot in 1847.
     John matriculated medicine at Glasgow University, Scotland, in 1849. John was a surgeon between 1849 and 1859. Assistant surgeon, Ordnance Medical Department 6 Aug 1849, staff surgeon 2nd class 20 Oct 1857. M.D. Glasgow 1849. He was serving under John Wallon Halahan in 1857.
Dr John Henry Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1852 as John Henry Halahan, accoucheur, LRCSI at 12 St Stephens Green, Dublin.
Dr John Henry Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1854 as a surgeon at Dublin. Royal College of Surgeons Ireland: Licentiates residing in Ireland: John H Halahan, 12 St Stephens Green, Dublin (authorised by practice midwifery) - only listed in the Dublin alphabetical section as the son of George Augustus Frederick & Son.
Dr John Henry Halahan married Harriette Ann Dowling on 18 July 1855 in St Peter's, Dublin, Ireland. John Henry Halahan, of full age, bachelor, MD Royal Artillery, of Portobello Barracks, son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan, MD to Harriette Ann Dowling, of full age, spinster of 1 Harcourt St, daughter of James Dowling, comptrolling surveyor, customs. By licence, both signed in the presence of George A F Halahan & E C Halahan..
     John died on board the "Euxine" in the River Hoogly on 4 May 1859 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India, aged 31.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 3 January 1860 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. John Henry Halahan, 3 January 1860. Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of Hohn Henry Halahan late a staff surgeon in the Rioyal Artillery stationed at Benares in the East Indies deceased who died 4 May 1859 at sea were granted the Principal Registry to Harriette Anne Halahab of 8 Harcourt-road Dublin in Ireland, widow the relict of the said deceased she having been first sworn.
Dr John Henry Halahan was listed in a directory dated between 1863 and 1868 as John H Halahan, Army surgeon at Dublin. Army listing: Halahan, John H, M.D. R. Artillery, Assist. Surgeon, 1849.

John Lionel Halahan

(23 March 1918 - 9 April 2002)
     John Lionel Halahan was also known as Juan Lionel in records. He was born on 23 March 1918 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the son of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne.
     John matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 2 July 1935.
John Lionel Halahan married Josephine Hughes on 17 December 1960. She was of Frederictown, New Brunswick, Canada.
     John died on 9 April 2002 in York Manor Nursing Home, Fredericton, aged 84. HALAHAN, CAPTAIN JOHN LIONEL (retired) The passing of Captain John Lionel Halahan (retired) of Fredericton occurred at York Manor Nursing Home on Tuesday, April 9, 2002. He was 84. Born in Beunos Aires, Argentina, he was a son of the late Robert and Lydia (Hearn) Halahan. Retired from the Armed Forces, he served in the British Army during World War II and with the Canadian Army in the Korean War and United Nation Services. He received the 1939-1945 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-1945, Korean Medal, United Nations Service Medal and the Canadian Forces Decoration. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 4, Fredericton. Survived by his wife Josephine (Hughes); a step-daughter Patricia Malone (Brian) of Victoria, BC; one sister, Sister Irene Halahan of Philadelphia, USA; nephews Jim (Jane) Asher and Robert (Cindy) Asher. Predeceased by his parents, a brother Robert and sisters Lydia, Maureen and Margaret. No visitation or funeral service at this time. bishop's funeral Home (4581885) in charge of arrangements.
CAPTAIN JOHN LIONEL (RETIRED) A HALAHANHALAHAN, CAPTAIN JOHN LIONEL (RETIRED) . A graveside service for Captain John Lionel Halahan (retired) who passed away April 9, 2002 will be held Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 11:30 a.m. in the Hermitage Cemetery, Fredericton, Msgr. Brian Sheehan will officiate. Arrangements by Bishop's Funeral Home.

Dr John Wallen Halahan

(January 1790 - 23 November 1860)
     Dr John Wallen Halahan was born in January 1790 in Dublin, Ireland. He was described as the second son by Cameron but was aged 16 in October 1804 which suggests 1788. Saunder's Newsletter 27 May 1789 reported: Birth: A few evenings ago in Marlborough-street, the lady of Dr Hallahan, of a son. He was the son of John Halahan and Mary Handy.
     John matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, from 1804. On 2 Oct 1804 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin as a Pensioner (Mr Martin) aged 16, son of John, chirurgus. A John Walker Halahan received a BA in 1822 and an MA in 1832 which is assumed to be the same person. John was an Army Surgeon from 1808. If in the Army he is unlikely to be the John Walker Halahan who received a BA at TCD in 1822 and an MA in 1832, and was later practising as an apothecary and accoucheur in Dublin in 1877.
     He served as a surgeon in the Ordnance Medical Department and eventually Inspector General of Hospitals from 5 December 1808 to 1858. He was Second Assistant Surgeon in the Ordnance Medical Department from 5 Dec 1808, first Asst. Surgeon, O.M.D. 29 Aug 1814, Surgeon O.M.D. 5 June 1829 then Senior surgeon from 1 Jan 1843. He was appointed Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals 1 April 1854 and retired on half pay with rank of Inspector-General 7 Dec 1858. The Army lists show him at Gibraltar in 1849 and in the 1863 Thom's Irish almanac - army list: Halahan, J W, M.D. Royal Artillery, D.I.G. 54..
     John matriculated at St Andrews University, Scotland, in 1818. MD 3 Jan 1818 on testimonials signed by Samuel Litton, MD, VPKQCPI & George Frank Toderich, MF Dublin. Born Jan 1790 son of John Halahan, Prof of Anatomy & Surgery, RCSI, Dublin. TCD Matric 1804, BA 1822, MA 1832. Second Asst Surgeon OS Medical Department 1809. Retired on half pay with Honorary rank of Inspecdtor General 1858. Died 23 Nov 1869 Guernsey.
     John matriculated at Dublin in 1822. John Walker Halahan received a Bachelor of Arts in the Spring term of 1822 and a Master of Arts at East (Summer) 1832. This is probably a mistranscription for Wallen.
Dr John Wallen Halahan married Mary Anne Creighton 29 Feb 1822 in St Peter, Dublin. Saunders's News-Letter on 30 March 1822 reported: Married. On Friday, in St Peter's church, by the Rev Henry Leanu, John Walter Halahan, Esq., M. D. to Marrianne, third daughter to the late Hamilton Creighton, Esq..
Freeman's journal reported: Fever cases at Gibraltar Sep-Dec 5 1828: Royal Artillery. Surgeon Halahan, serious, not expected to live.
Dr John Wallen Halahan married secondly Henrietta Brownrigg on 26 January 1832 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin.
     A marriage settlement between Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg was made on 26 November 1832. Marriage settlement dated 26 November 1832 between 1) Henrietta Brownrigg of Gloucester St, Dublin, spinster, youngest daughter of the late Henry Thomas Brownrigg of Rathmines Rd, Dublin & Elizabeth Brownrigg otherwise Warren his wife, both deceased 2) John Wallin Halahan, MD, surgeon, Royal Artillery, Island Bridge Barracks & John Brownrigg of Edenderry, Kings co. Esq & Rev Hickman Rose Halahan of York, St, Dublin, clerk..
The Times reported on 19 Sep 1846 in the Naval intelligence column: Portsmouth, Friday. ... Dr Dempsey is appointed to succeed Dr Halahan RA, in charge of the ordnance medical department at this port. Dr Halahan has proceeded to Gibraltar in a similar capacity.
     Dr John Wallen Halahan made a will dated 7 April 1850 in Gibraltar. Will of John Wallen Halahan, MD Senior Surgeon of Ordnance Medical Department now stationed at Gibraltar ... to my wife Henrietta Halahan ... (all).
     Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg were recorded on the 1851 census in Field Officers Quarters, Woolwich Common, Kent. John W Halahan, 61, senior surgeon, Artillery, born Ireland, with his wife Henrietta aged 42, born Ireland and children Henry T, 15, scholar, born Gibraltar, Mary 13, born Ireland, Elizabeth 11, born Ireland, Samuel 9, born Corfu, Charles G T 6, born Devon, Portsmouth? and four servants.
     John died on 23 November 1860 in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK, aged 70. At Guernsey, on Nov 23, Dr Halahan, Inspector General of Hospitals, late Royal Artillery.
     His will was proved on 8 January 1861 at England. The will of John Wallen Halahan formerly of Gibraltar but late of the Island of Guernsey, MD, deceased who died 23 Nov 1860 at Guernsey aforesaid was proved a the Principal Registry by the oath of Henrietta Halahan of Guernse afsd, widow the relect the sole executrix. Efects ubder £450.
     His will was proved on 21 March 1861 at Dublin.

Children of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Mary Anne Creighton

Children of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg

Dr John William Halahan

(circa 1834 - 7 March 1903)
     Dr John William Halahan was born circa 1834 in Ireland. He was the son of Dr Richard Newton Christophilus Halahan.
Dr John William Halahan married Margaret Kennedy on 27 November 1867 in St James RC chapel, Dublin, Ireland.
Dr John William Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1868 as John W Halahan, MD, R Art DIG at Dublin.
Dr John William Halahan was listed in a directory dated 1877 as an apothecary and accoucheur at 95 Meath St, Dublin. John was an apothecary & accoucheur in Dublin, Ireland, in 1877.
Dr John William Halahan was listed in a directory dated between 1879 and 1891 as John William Halahan, apothecary at Dublin. The Medical directory records: Registered 1873 Feb 18, Lic. Apoth Hall, Dublin 1871..
     John died on 7 March 1903 in R S L? Asylum, Dublin North, Dublin, Ireland. John W Halahan of 95 Meath St, married, aged 69, apothecary.