Florence Sophia Minter

(1894 - )
     Florence Sophia Minter was born in 1894 in Leyton, Middlesex. He was the son of Arthur Minter and Julia Elizabeth Cocksedge.
Florence Sophia Minter married George G Marshall in 1920 in Edmonton, London.

Frederick Minter

     Frederick Minter was the son of Ernest James Minter and Elizabeth Frances Grimes.

Gladys Minter

     Gladys Minter was the daughter of Ernest James Minter and Elizabeth Frances Grimes.

Leonard James Minter

(13 June 1916 - )
     Leonard James Minter was born on 13 June 1916 in Edmondton RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Ernest James Minter and Elizabeth Frances Grimes.

Percy Minter

     Percy Minter was the son of Ernest James Minter and Elizabeth Frances Grimes.

Tempe Dorothy Mervyn Minter

( - 26 December 1993)
     Tempe Dorothy Mervyn Minter was born. She was a descendant of George Minter, born 15 November 1790 in Canterbury, Kent. See www.theminters.co.uk for more on this family.
     Tempe died on 26 December 1993 in Bungendore, New South Wales.

Winifred Doris Minter

(December 1906 - )
     Winifred Doris Minter was born in December 1906 in Edmondton RD, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Ernest James Minter and Elizabeth Frances Grimes.
Winifred Doris Minter married Henry W Parker in June 1928 in Edmondton RD Middlesex.

Elvie Eileen Missen

     Elvie Eileen Missen married Allan Bland, son of Walter George Bland and Daisy Beatrice Horton, in 1940 in Victoria. MISSEN-BLAND-The engagement is announced of Elvie Eileen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Missen, of Yarram, to Allan, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bland, of Briar-Vale, Alberton (30 Sep 1939).

Dr Arthur Martin Mitchell

( - 12 April 1936)
     Dr Arthur Martin Mitchell was born in England. Arthur was a doctor in Guildford, Surrey.
Dr Arthur Martin Mitchell married Mary Evelyn Hebbert, daughter of Francis Henry Hebbert and Rosa Frances Dempster, on 3 July 1902 in Guildford, Surrey. On July 3 at Holy Trinity Church Guildford ... Arthur Martin Mitchell, MA, MD, BC, DPH Cantab; youngest son of the late Rev Walter Mitchell, Vicar of Purton, Wilt., to Mary Evelyn, eldest daughter of the late Francis Henry Hebbert, ICS, and granddaughter of Mrs Dempster, of Glenthorpe, Guildford.
     Arthur died on 12 April 1936 in Tower House, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. He was of Portsmouth and formerly of Guildford and left an estate of over £33000. He was cremated at Southampton and had a committal service in Guildford.

Child of Dr Arthur Martin Mitchell and Mary Evelyn Hebbert

Barbara Mitchell

(14 February 1798 - before 27 August 1869)
     Barbara Mitchell was born on 14 February 1798 in Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire.
Barbara Mitchell married James Emslie, son of Peter Emslie and Mary Law, on 20 September 1824 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire.
     Barbara Mitchell and James Emslie were recorded on the 1841 census in Backbrae, Premnay. James Emslie aged 55, farmer, Barbara aged 45, James 14, Mary 12, William 12, Alex 10, Ann 8, Barbara 6, John & George aged 4, Isabel 2, and Robert aged 5 months. In the next household but same building are Peter Emslie aged 25, ag. lab., with Alex Gray, Ag. lab, 35; William Davidson, aged 15, ag. lab., and Margaret Meldrum aged 15, F.S.
     Barbara Mitchell and James Emslie were recorded on the 1851 census in Premnay. James Emslie, aged 65, farmer of 80 acres, born at Tullynessle with his wife Barbara aged 55, born Kinnethmont, William aged 21, Alexander aged 19, both ag. labs, Ann aged 17 & Barbara aged 15, both house servants, John aged 13, ag. lab, George 13, Isabel 11, & Robert 9, all scholars, all born at Premnay.
     Barbara Mitchell and James Emslie were recorded on the 1861 census in Premnay. James Emslie, 75, head, born Tullynessle, farmer of 80 acres employing 4 labourers, with his wife Barabara 63, born Kinethmont, and children Alexander 28, born Premnay, Ann 25, ditto, George 22, ditto, Isobel 20, ditto, Ann 1, grand daughter, born Premnay, and John Watt aged 13 and George Anderson aged 15, farm servants.
     Barbara died before 27 August 1869 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire.
     Her will was proved on 27 August 1869 at Aberdeen. Barbara Emslie alias Mitchell, residing at Backbrae in the parish of Premnay, widow of James Emslie, farmer, inventory.

Children of Barbara Mitchell and James Emslie

Elizabeth Mitchell

     Elizabeth Mitchell married George Albert Rich, son of Frederick Rich and Elizabeth Unknown, on 5 June 1911 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorkshire. They were both single, aged 31 & 29, he was a collierof Darfield, son of Frederick, horsekeeper; she was the daughter of Tom Mitchell, deceased, publican.

Frederick Adam Mitchell

     Frederick Adam Mitchell married Mary Ann Popplewell, daughter of Edward Popplewell and Sarah Skill, on 25 May 1813 in All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex. She was aged 26 - wtinesses were Sarah & Edward POPPLEWELL. Presumably the sister, Sarah, who later married the widower in 1821.
Frederick Adam Mitchell married secondly Sarah Popplewell on 28 June 1821 in Cripplegate, London. Her son Charles MITCHELL, had a son Arthur Popplewell MITCHELL, and her daughter Jane Eliza had child Henry Popplewell MUNNINGS.

James Mitchell

     James Mitchell married daughter Rich, daughter of William Rich and Ann? Unknown, before 1599 in Yorkshire.

James Mitchell

(24 June 1836 - 12 December 1939)
     James Mitchell was born on 24 June 1836 in Logie, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
James Mitchell married Isabella Bruce Riddell, daughter of Donaldson Riddell and Margaret Webster, on 8 May 1872 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     James died on 12 December 1939 in New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, aged 103.

Lydia Mitchell

     Lydia Mitchell married John Rithe in 1695 in DOM, Surrey.

Robert Mitchell

     Robert Mitchell married Mary Emslie, daughter of James Emslie and Barbara Mitchell, on 3 August 1850 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Robert Walter Benbow Mitchell

(1909 - )
     Robert Walter Benbow Mitchell was born in 1909 in England. He was the son of Dr Arthur Martin Mitchell and Mary Evelyn Hebbert.

Velma Christine Mitchell

     Velma Christine Mitchell married William Arthur Ricks, son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.

Anna Maria Mitford

( - 8 July 1868)
     Anna Maria Mitford married Miles Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Dorothy Monkhouse, on 8 March 1800 in Mitford, Northumberland.
     Anna died on 8 July 1868 in South Africa.

Children of Anna Maria Mitford and Miles Bowker

George Mizen

(circa 1800 - )
     George Mizen was born circa 1800 in England.

Mary Moat

(circa 1824 - before 1891?)
     Mary Moat was born circa 1824 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     Mary Moat married William Cocksedge as his second wife, on 8 May 1858 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     Mary Moat and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Planch, Thurston. William Cocksedge, head, 64, ag. lab., born Hessett with his wife Mary, aged 37, and grandson Daniel Cocksedge, 19, ag. lab. and daughter Susannah aged 2, Frederick L/S Moat, step son aged 7, all born Thurston.
     Mary Moat and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Beyton Rd, Thurston. William Cocksedge, head, 77, ag. lab., born Hessett with his wife Mary, aged 47 and daughter Susannah aged 12, son Thomas 9, and daughter Mary Ann, 7, all born at Thurston. Daniel and his wife are living next door.
     Mary Moat were recorded on the 1881 census in Thurston. Mary Cocksedge, head, widow, 57, laundress, with her children Thomas 19, butcher (out of employ) and mary Ann 17, domestic servant, all born at Thurston.
     Mary died before 1891?. None of the children are identifiable in 1891 so they may have emigrated.

Children of Mary Moat and William Cocksedge

Mercy Mockett

(before April 1818 - 26 July 1888)
     Mercy Mockett was born before April 1818 in Alciston, Sussex.
The marriage of Mercy Mockett and William Shaw Denman, son of William Denman, was registered in Lewes RD in the December 1841 quarter.
     Mercy Mockett and William Shaw Denman were recorded on the 1871 census in Willingdon. William Denman, head, 59, blacksmith, born Bolney, Sussex & his wife Mercy, aged 54, born Alciston, with lodgers Henry & Jane Hall, and a daughter Catherine J Hall (but amended in transcript to Denman), unmarried, 20, born Southwick, Sussex.
     Mercy Mockett were recorded on the 1881 census in Willingdon. Mary Denman, head, widow, aged 63, born Allceston, Sussex, with her sister Esther Mockett, widow, aged 62, born Allceston, and Frederick J Pitcher, unmarried, 28, a lodger, a Land agent's clerk, born Wartling, Sussex.
     Mercy died on 26 July 1888 in Willingdon, Sussex. She was buried in St Mary the Virgin, Willingdon, Sussex. William Denman who died 2 September 1880 aged 69. Also his wife Mercy Denman who died 26 July 1888 aged 72 / And Hester Mockett wife of Henry Mockett of Uckfield and sister of Mercy Denman who died 18 January 1884 aged 68 years.
     Her will was proved on 18 August 1888 at Sussex. Mercy Denman, personal effects £291/15s. The will of Mercy Denman, late of Willingdon, Sussex, widow, who died 26 July 1888 at Willingdon, proved at Lewes by Thomas Martin, sub-postmaster & Edwin Mockett, blacksmith, the nephew, both of Willingdon, the executors.

John Mode

(before 1800 - )
     John Mode was born before 1800.
John Mode married Harriot Stancer on 9 May 1819 in Rotheram, Yorkshire. John Mode & Harriot Stancer, both single of this parish, by banns, neither signed.

Unknown Moffat

     Unknown Moffat married Lyla May Colbert (Moffat?), daughter of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson.

Margaret Moggenwood

(before 1575 - before 15 January 1647)
     Margaret Moggenwood was born before 1575 in Hampshire, England.
Margaret Moggenwood married William Ryther, son of Unknown Ryther, on 13 July 1589 in Heckfield & Mattingley, Hampshire.
     Margaret Moggenwood made a will dated 10 December 1646 in Finchampstead, Berkshire. The wll of Margaret Ryther, widow, l mentions her sons William, Richard & Nicholas and daughters Margaret, Elizabeth & Ann?
     Margaret died before 15 January 1647.
     Her will was proved on 15 January 1647 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Margaret Moggenwood and William Ryther

John Mohun Lord of Dunster

Child of John Mohun Lord of Dunster

Margaret Mohun

( - before 1362)
     Margaret Mohun married John Carew Lord of Moulesford, son of John Carew and Joan Talbot. Margaret Mohun was the daughter of John Mohun Lord of Dunster.
     Margaret died before 1362.

Child of Margaret Mohun and John Carew Lord of Moulesford

Reginald Mohun

     Reginald Mohun married Mary Killigrew, daughter of Sir Henry Killigrew and Katherine Cooke, circa 7 September 1589 in London, England. 1589 Sep 7, Reginald Moone [i.e. Mohun] Esq., now of City of London, son & heir of Sir __ Moone, kt. & Mary Killigrew spinster, daughter of Henry Killigrew of St Margaret Lothbury, London, Esq. General Licence Harleian Society v.25 London Marriage licences 1520-1610, p.181.

Major General Arthur Molesworth

( - 7 January 1843)
     Major General Arthur Molesworth was born. He was of the East India Company in 1820. He married Mary Kearney and had issue: Hickman Thomas b: 1820 (General); Robert Francis b: 1826 (Rev); Gertrude b. 1807?; Mary ; Emma ; Selina Hase; Agnes Maria b. 1810? married 12 Oct 1847 Rev. Charles Richard de Havilland. He was the son of Robert Molesworth and Elizabeth Rose.
     Major General Arthur Molesworth was mentioned in the will of Capt Jonas Rose dated before June 1820.
     Arthur died on 7 January 1843.

Arthur H Molesworth

(1860 - )
     Arthur H Molesworth was born in 1860 in Northbourne, Kent. He was the son of Rev Rennel Francis Wynn Molesworth and Eleanor Jane Hilton. Mary, Francis, John, Ernest and Arthur were listed as the children of Rev Rennel Francis Wynn Molesworth in the 1861 census in Betteshanger Parsonage, Northbourne, Kent. Mary, Arthur and Eleanor were listed as the children of Rev Rennel Francis Wynn Molesworth in the 1871 census in the Vicarage, Todmorden, Lancashire.