Charlotte Ann Brightwell Ewer

     Isaac Slodden married Charlotte Ann Brightwell Ewer as his second wife, on 18 August 1836 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. Isaac Slodden, widower. She was a spinster and the daughter of John Ewer. Their son Edward was baptised Oct 20 1838 at Shoreditch. Isaac was described as a colour ..eaker?? of New North? Road, Edward was aged 4 years and 11 days? His sister Sophia Life Slodden was baptised 19 May 1833 at Christ Church, Southwark, as daughter of Charles! & Charlotte, of Ask Terrace, Charles/Isaac was described as a colour maker..
     Charlotte Ann Brightwell Ewer and Isaac Slodden were recorded on the 1851 census in 46 Weymouth Terrace, London, St Leonard, Shoreditch. Isaac Sladden, 74, Annatto Manufacturer, born Canterrbury, Kent, wife Charlotte 50, born St L Shoreditch, children Sophia 18, son Edward 16, both born in Shoreditch.

John Ewine

     John Ewine married Jane Steer, daughter of Roger Steer, in 1661 in Darley, Derbyshire.

Elizabeth Eyre

(circa 1785? - )
     Elizabeth Eyre was born circa 1785?.
Elizabeth Eyre married William Rich on 10 November 1803 in All Saints, West Markham, Nottinghamshire, England.

Children of Elizabeth Eyre and William Rich

Isabella Mary Eyre

(circa 1846 - 17 June 1931)
     Isabella Mary Eyre was born circa 1846 in Berkshire, England.
Isabella Mary Eyre married Sir Archibald Hamilton Dunbar 8th Bart of Northfield, son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield and Keith Alicia Ramsay, on 15 July 1865. Isabella Mary Eyre was listed as Sir Archibald Hamilton Dunbar 8th Bart of Northfield's mother-in-law in the 1901 census in Northfield, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England.
     Isabella died on 17 June 1931.

Thomas Eyre

(say 1540 - )
     Thomas was described as a gentleman. He was born say 1540 in Yorkshire or Derbyshire.
Thomas Eyre married Ellen Wilson, daughter of Christopher Wilson and Elizabeth Hattersley, on 19 October 1563 in Yorkshire.

Maria Eyres

     Maria Eyres married Robert Thornton, son of John Thornton and Lucy Watson. She was the daughter of Charles Eyres esq. He was MP for Colchester. They had no issue.

Elizabeth Fagan

     Elizabeth Fagan was born in Feltrim, Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter and ultimately sole heiress of Christopher Fagan, of Feltrim co. Dublin, by Anne daughter of Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip, co. Kildare..
Elizabeth Fagan married George Hamilton 4th Lord, Baron Strabane, son of Claud Hamilton 2nd Lord Hamilton, Baron Strabane and Lady Jane Gordon, in 1659. Elizabeth Fagan was an executor of George Hamilton 4th Lord, Baron Strabane's estate on 22 May 1668.

Louise Ann Fagan

(7 December 1905 - )
     Louise Ann Fagan was born on 7 December 1905 in M'bury, Victoria.
Louise Ann Fagan married Ernest Alfred Clark, son of Alfred William Clark and Amelia Edith Sargeant, in 1934.
     Louise resided at Eastern Rd, Strathdale, Victoria, 1982.

Mary Bridget Fagan

(1 February 1872 - )
     Mary Bridget Fagan was born on 1 February 1872 in Tullamore, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland. She was the daughter of Peter Fagan and Mary Handy.

Peter Fagan

     Peter Fagan married Mary Handy, daughter of Stray Handy, before 1872.

Children of Peter Fagan and Mary Handy

Thomas Fagan

(16 August 1873 - )
     Thomas Fagan was born on 16 August 1873 in Tullamore, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland. He was the son of Peter Fagan and Mary Handy.

James Fahey

(1963 - 1981)
     James Fahey was born in 1963.
     James died in 1981.

Elizabeth Faiers

(circa 1800 - )
     Elizabeth Faiers was born circa 1800.
Elizabeth Faiers married William Wafford, son of William Wafford and Maria Bestwick, on 8 December 1822 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
     Elizabeth Faiers was recorded on the 1861 census in 33 Royal Street, Walworth, Newington, Surrey. She may be: Elizabeth Ann Wafford, widow, aged 60, house proprietor, born Walworth.

Children of Elizabeth Faiers and William Wafford

Frederick Thomas Fairbairn

     Frederick Thomas Fairbairn married Mary J Cocksedge, daughter of Elijah Cocksedge and Mary Ann Hammond, in 1884 in Canterbury, New South Wales.

Inez Jean Fairbrother

(19 January 1922 - 27 November 1992)
     Inez Jean Fairbrother was born on 19 January 1922 in Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia.
Inez Jean Fairbrother married Raymond George Allan, son of George Frederick Allan and Anne Selina Hall, on 13 November 1943 in Hawthorn, Victoria.
     Inez died on 27 November 1992 in Maldon, Victoria, aged 70. She was buried on 1 December 1992 in Maldon, Victoria.

Jane Fairchild

(circa 1605? - )
     Jane Fairchild was born circa 1605?.
Jane Fairchild married John Bullett, son of Thomas Bulliant, in 1627 in Covehithe, Suffolk. He may have previously married Thomsin Neave there in 1612,or Elizabeth Cowper in 1626.

Children of Jane Fairchild and John Bullett

Mary Fairchild

(circa 1912 - 18 September 2009)
     Mary Fairchild was born circa 1912 in Canada.
Mary Fairchild married Lester Howard Walling, son of Samuel Walling and Alice Dummitt, on 20 June 1936.
     Mary died on 18 September 2009 in Canada.

Child of Mary Fairchild and Lester Howard Walling

Hannah Faires

(circa 1834 - )
     Hannah Faires was born circa 1834 in Offton, Suffolk.
Hannah Faires married John Grimwood, son of Thomas Grimwood and Sarah Grimwood, circa 1868? In Offton, Suffolk.
     Hannah Faires and John Grimwood were recorded on the 1881 census in Ringshall Stocks, Ringshall, Suffolk. John Grimwood, head, aged 52, born Ringshall, farm labourer and his wife Hannah, aged 47, born Ofton and their son James F Grimwood, aged 8, born Ringshall, scholar.

Child of Hannah Faires and John Grimwood

Andrew Fairfax

     Andrew Fairfax was the daughter of Sir William Fairfax and Isabel Thwaites.
Where does this come from? Not listed in Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire.

Ann Fairfax

(circa 1570? - before 29 August 1571)
     Ann Fairfax was born circa 1570?. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax (of Denton) and Dorothy Gale (Rokeby).
     Ann died before 29 August 1571. She was buried on 29 August 1571 in Bishophill, Yorkshire, England.

Ann Fairfax

(1621 - )
     Ann Fairfax was born in 1621. She was the daughter of Edward Fairfax and Dorothy Laycock.

Ann Fairfax

(27 April 1670 - )
     Ann Fairfax was christened on 27 April 1670. She was the daughter of Henry Fairfax 4th Baron Fairfax and Frances Barwick.
Ann Fairfax married Sir Ralph Carr on 2 September 1690. He was of Cocken. These are the 7th great grandparents of Jill Chapple of Queensland via the Pulleine family.

Ann Fairfax

(8 October 1600 - 19 August 1624)
     Ann Fairfax was born on 8 October 1600. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske.
Ann Fairfax married Sir George Wentworth (of Woolley) before October 1621.
     Ann died on 19 August 1624 aged 23.

Anne Fairfax (Everingham)

(before 1558 - )
     Anne resided at Laxton, Nottinghamshire. She was born before 1558. She was the daughter of Sir William Fairfax and Isabel Thwaites.

Brian Fairfax

(6 October 1633 - 20 September 1711)
     Brian Fairfax was born on 6 October 1633. He was the son of Henry Fairfax and Lady Mary Cholmondeley.
     Brian died on 20 September 1711 aged 77.

Charles Fairfax

(circa 1567 - 1603/4)
     Charles Fairfax was born illegitimate circa 1567. He was the son of Sir Thomas Fairfax (of Denton).
     Charles died in 1603/4. He was killed in battle. He was a renowned Continental soldier..

Charles Fairfax

(22 March 1614/15 - 7 July 1644)
     Charles Fairfax was born on 22 March 1614/15. He was the son of Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron and Mary Sheffield.
     Charles died on 7 July 1644 in Marston Moor, Yorkshire, aged 29.

Charles Fairfax (of Menston)

(5 March 1595/96 - 22 December 1673)
      The Gen-Medieval mailing list had a query from Christopher T. Smithson:
I am researching a Fairfax lineage that one of the descendants Eleanor Fairfax (b. 31 Jan 1631 in Menston) marries a George Smithson of Moulton, Yorkshire, England in 1653. Eleanor was the daughter of Col. Charles Fairfax of Menston born in Denton on 5 Mar 1597. He married Mary Breary daughter of John Breary of Scow Hall & Menston. Eleanor was a sister of Lord Fairfax of Cameron.
Col. Charles Fairfax was the son of Sir Robert Fairfax of Denton and Non Appleton born at Bilbro in 1560 and died 2 May 1640. He married Ellen Aske daughter of Robert Aske of Aughton and Elizabeth Dawnay, daughter of Sir John Dawnay. She died 28 Aug 1620.
Sir Robert Fairfax's father is Sir Thomas Fairfax of Denton & Nun Appleton (b. 1521; knighted in 1579 and died 28 Jan 1599. He married Dorothy Gale Rokely, widow who died 20 Jan 1596. She was a daughter of George Gale of York and Mary, daughter of Lord of Kendel.
Sir Thomas' parents were Sir William Fairfax of Steeton and Isabel Thwaits.
According to the information in Plantagenet Ancestry by Doug Richardson he has Ellen Aske marrying Gabriel Fairfax. Also I am showing an extra generation before getting to William and Isabel. Also I have Elizabeth Dawnay as Ellen Aske's mother.
My question is which is correct?
. Charles Fairfax (of Menston) was born on 5 March 1595/96 in Denton, Yorkshire. He was the seventh son (1595//6 or 1596/7?). He was uncle to the illegitimate Edward & Charles, and brother to Ferdinando. He was the son of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske.
Charles Fairfax (of Menston) married Mary Unknown circa 1627. They had 14 children inc. Ferdinando bp 11 Jan 1636 dying 13 Dec 1702; a daughter Eleanor born 31 Jan 1631 in Menston married George Smithson of Moulton on 20 Jan 1653. They had issue including identical twins John, a Captain in the Army and Henry a fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.
In his book Analecta Fairfaxiana, Charles Fairfax of Menston records (The Fairfax Correspondence, i, 314) a conversation he had in 1640 with 'my dear father, the first Thomas, Lord Fairfax... not many months before his death... He, walking in his great parlour at Denton I only then present, did seem much perplexed and troubled in his mind. But after a few hours broke out with these or the like expressions: 'Charles, I am thinking what will become of my family when I am gone. I have added a title to the heir male of my house, and shall leave a competent estate to support it. Ferdinando will keep it, and leave it to his son. But such is Tom's pride (led much by his wife) that he, not contented to live in our rank, will destroy his house'. Charles Fairfax (of Menston) was buried in Fewston, Yorkshire. They are listed in the burial register but thier is a mural monument in the Fairfax transept of the parish church at Otley.
He was Governor of Hull.
     Charles Fairfax (of Menston) made a will dated 1672.
     Charles died on 22 December 1673 aged 77.

Christian Fairfax

(circa 1571 - before 1 July 1619)
     Christian Fairfax was born circa 1571. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax (of Denton) and Dorothy Gale (Rokeby).
Christian Fairfax married John Aske, son of Robert Aske and Elizabeth Dawney. Their eldest son, John Aske (d.1655) had no male heirs who survived him.
His second son, Richard Aske (1589-1626), had ten children by his wife, Ellen. Their eldest son, Robert Aske (b.1617), died unmarried in 1656. Their second son died as an infant and their third son, Richard Aske (b.1619), had only female heirs.
Their fourth son, Francis Aske (1620-1712), had six sons by his wife, Barbury, including twin boys who died in infancy.
Their eldest son, Robert Aske (1654-1692), had four children, including three sons who outlived him.
The third son, Thomas Aske (1686-1727), married Jane Precious and by her had another Thomas Aske (1727-1812). His son, Thomas Aske (d.1826), was followed by another male heir called Thomas Aske (1782-1834) and he and his wife, Charlotte Brown, had two daughters and a son: Aske's eldest daughter, Margaret (1813-1833), married James Coultous.
     Christian died before 1 July 1619 in Bishophill. She was buried on 1 July 1619 in Bishophill, Yorkshire. Christiana Aske.

Dorothy Fairfax

(4 June 1617 - 7 June 1687)
     Dorothy Fairfax was born on 4 June 1617. She was the daughter of Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron and Mary Sheffield.
     Dorothy Fairfax married Richard Hutton as his second wife. Their other children were Sir Thomas, Richard, Matthew & Dorothy. His first wife was Ursula Sheffield, daughter of Sir Edmund Sheffield, son of 1st Earl of Mulgrave.
     Dorothy died on 7 June 1687 aged 70.

Child of Dorothy Fairfax and Richard Hutton