Herbert John Judd

     Herbert John Judd married Isabella Emeline Ruby Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1927 in Victoria.

Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd

(29 December 1870 - 3 February 1949)
     Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd was born on 29 December 1870 in Grenfell, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Edward Pullen (1827-1911) & Emma (1837-1910) Judd.
Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd married George MacPherson, son of Peter MacPherson and Ann Murray, on 3 October 1892 in St John's Church of England, Forbes, New South Wales.
     Lillie died on 3 February 1949 in Parkes, New South Wales, aged 78.

Children of Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd and George MacPherson

Winefred Judd

(before April 1849 - 24 January 1879)
     Winefred Judd was born before April 1849.
     Winefred Judd married Frederick Henry? Mackglew as his second wife, on 4 September 1870 in St James, Shoreditch, London. He was a widower and claimed to be 35.
     Winefred's death was registered in the quarter ending on 24 January 1879 in the Infirmary, St Leonards Shoreditch, Shoreditch RD, Middlesex.

Elizabeth Judge

(before 1739 - )
     Elizabeth Judge married Philip Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Alice Coghlan. Elizabeth Judge was born before 1739. She was the daughter of Peter Judge, esq & his wife Mary Toler and sister of Samuel Judge, esq. of Ballyshaile, King's county. She was the daughter of Peter Judge.

Child of Elizabeth Judge and Philip Armstrong

Mary Judge

     Mary Judge married Andrew Armstrong, son of Edmund Armstrong and Isabella Armstrong. Mary Judge was the daughter of Peter Judge.

Peter Judge

( - circa 1752)
     Peter died circa 1752 in Ballysheil, Offaly.

Children of Peter Judge

Samuel Judge

(1736 - 15 March 1813)
     Samuel Judge was born in 1736 in Ballysheil, Offaly. He was the son of Peter Judge.
     Samuel died on 15 March 1813 in Tipperary.

Yolanthe von Julich

( - 31 October 1387)
     Yolanthe von Julich married Frederick VII, Count of Leiningen, before 3 November 1348.
     Yolanthe died on 31 October 1387. See Leo van de Pas website for further information: http://www.genealogics.org/.

Child of Yolanthe von Julich and Frederick VII, Count of Leiningen,

Ernest Kaasalainer

( - 4 November 1982)
     Ernest died on 4 November 1982.

Maria Selma Kaempf

(30 August 1887 - 10 June 1962)
     Maria Selma Kaempf was born on 30 August 1887 in Germany. She was the daughter of Carl Michel Franz Kaempf, born * Luxemburg 04.04.1848, & Catharina Henrichs.
Maria Selma Kaempf married Harry Granville Gordon Gray, son of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox, on 29 May 1910 in Switzerland. They had no issue..
     Maria resided at Minusio, near by Locarno, Lake Maggiore, Switzerland.
     Maria died on 10 June 1962 in Gordola/Tessin, CH, Switzerland, aged 74. She lived at last in Minusio/Tessin, CH. Minusio is a town next to Locarno, Lago Maggiore, Swiss.

Augusta Kane

(circa 1803 - )
     Augusta Kane was born circa 1803. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Caroline Kane

(circa 1802 - )
     Caroline Kane was born circa 1802. She is mentioned in the Dunbar Glenswilly letter of August 1842. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Emma Kane

(circa 1806 - 17 April 1839)
     Emma Kane was born circa 1806. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.
Emma Kane married Capt Frederick Dunbar, son of Major John Killigrew Dunbar and Helena Nash, on 29 October 1835 in St George's cathedral, Madras, India. Lately at Madras, Lt Fred Dunbar H.M. Regt, fourth son of Major J K Dunbar, late of the 83rd, to Emma, youngest daughter of the Lt Col. Daniel Kane, late of the 4th or King's Own Regt. and of Williamstown, co. Dublin.
     Emma died of cholera. A tomb near Kogira, Penukonda, Talluk states: 17th April 1839m Emma beloved wife of Frederick Dunbar, Lieutenant H M 30th Regiment, R E Sergeant "Amen" on 17 April 1839 in en route from Bellary to Madras, Goghira or Kogira, India.

Children of Emma Kane and Capt Frederick Dunbar

Helen Kane

(circa 1798 - )
     Helen Kane was born circa 1798. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

John Daniel Kane

(20 May 1770 - 1847)
     John Daniel Kane was born on 20 May 1770 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the nephew of Nathaniel Kane (1758-1826). The Dublin Evening Mail 30 Jun 1826 reported: Lt Col Nathaniel Kane, 4th or King's Own Infantry died 28 inst in Bagot St, in his 70th year..
John Daniel Kane served in the military Lt. Col. John Daniel Kane was an Ensign in 1787, a Major in 4th Foot 19 May 1801; Lieutenant-Colonel 17 July 1801; Inspecting Field Officer of Yeomanry by September 1803 on disbanding of 2nd and 3rd battalions. He went on half pay on 25 April 1816 between 1787 and 1803.
John Daniel Kane married Louisa Phillips on 11 April 1796.
     John died in 1847.

Children of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips

John Joseph Kane

(31 May 1796 - )
     John Joseph Kane was born on 31 May 1796. He was the son of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Louisa Kane

(circa 1800 - )
     Louisa Kane was born circa 1800. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Matilda Kane

(circa 1805 - )
     Matilda Kane was born circa 1805. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Susan Hester Kane

(circa 1804 - )
     Susan Hester Kane was born circa 1804. She is mentioned as Susan in the Dunbar Glenswilly letter of August 1842. She was the daughter of John Daniel Kane and Louisa Phillips.

Sarah Karrington

(circa 1760 - before 14 September 1829)
     Sarah Karrington was also known as Carrington in records. She was born circa 1760 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk.
Sarah Karrington married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge, on 14 July 1783 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk.
     Sarah died before 14 September 1829 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 September 1829 in Lt Whelnetham.

Children of Sarah Karrington and John Cocksedge

Anne Karslake

     Anne Karslake married Rev Charles Steer, son of Charles Steer and Sarah Allott, on 22 October 1811 in Filleigh, Devon. Charles Steer, vicar of the parish of Axminster & Anne Karslake, were married by Wm Karslake.

Henry Kater

(16 April 1777 - 26 April 1835)
     Henry Kater was born on 16 April 1777.
His portrait and notes are to be found in Memoirs of the Distinguished Men of Science of Great Britain at:
Henry Kater married Mary Frances Reeve, daughter of Edward Reeve and Frances Elizabeth Reynardson, circa 1810. She married Captain [Henry?] Kater of the Ordnance and became Lady of the Manor of Mexbro'. They had two sons Henry Herman & Edward. See The Exchequer reports for further information at:
     Henry died on 26 April 1835 in York Gate, York?, Yorkshire, aged 58.

Peter Katernick

(say 1915 - )
     Peter Katernick married Virginia Desjarlais. Peter Katernick was born say 1915.

Ellen Kavanagh

     Ellen Kavanagh married Henry Handy.

Child of Ellen Kavanagh and Henry Handy

Elizabeth Kay

     Elizabeth Kay was also known as Stanser in records.
Elizabeth Kay married John Stansall on 14 February 1614 in Staveley, Derbyshire.

Children of Elizabeth Kay and John Stansall

Elizabeth Kay

(1862 - 1943)
     Elizabeth Kay was born in 1862. She was the daughter of Thomas & Jessie Kay..
Elizabeth Kay married William Jeffrey Wight, son of George Wight and Marion Jeffrey, on 18 November 1885 in 'Blinkbonny', Woodside, Victoria. Their grand-daughter is Mrs Jean Bland (living in 1978).
     Elizabeth died in 1943 in Yarram, Victoria.

Children of Elizabeth Kay and William Jeffrey Wight

Lyle Kay

(1905 - 1983)
     Lyle Kay was born in 1905 in Kaniva, Victoria.
Lyle Kay married May Colbert (Guy?), daughter of David Colbert and Susan MacArthur, in 1928.
     Lyle died in 1983 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Margaret Kay

( - 26 May 1942)
     Margaret Kay married David Wight, son of George Wight and Marion Jeffrey, in 1890 in Victoria.
     Margaret died on 26 May 1942 in Yarram, Victoria. WIGHT.-On May 26, at Yarram Hospital, Margaret Wight, dearly beloved wife of David and loving mother of George, Thomas, David, Alison (deceased), Robert and Henry.

Child of Margaret Kay and David Wight

Robert Walter Kay

     Robert Walter Kay married Cora Albertha Bland, daughter of John Bland and Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell, in 1919 in Queensland.

Sarah Kay

(circa 1620? - before 26 June 1688)
      She is not the Sarah Rich, widow of Sheffield whose will was dated 15 Feb 1680 - Ronksley Collection #2754, b.M. Add. mss 24,586 1127].
. Sarah Kay was born circa 1620? In Yorkshire, England.
Sarah Kay married Reginald Rich, son of Richard Rich and Frances Priest, on 15 August 1638 in Penistone, Yorkshire.
     In Reginald Rich's will dated 26 May 1677 in Penistone, Sarah Kay was named as executrix of the estate; His will mentions his wife Sarah, daughter Martha & her husband John Rich and their children Jonas, Sarah & Martha, daughter Sarah Wordsworth & her children Martha, William, John, Josias & Jonathan.
In the name of God amen 26 May 1677 according to the computation of the church of England I Reginald Rich of Parkin House in the parish of Penistone in the county of York, yeoman, being sick and weak in body but of good and perfect memory praised be God therefore I do make and ordain this my last will and testament manner and form following First and principally I commit my soul in to the hands of almighty God my maker hoping assuredly through the merits and passion of Jesus Christ my only saviour and redeemer to have free pardon and remission of all my sins and my body I committ to the earth to be buried in a Christian and devout manner at the direction of my executors hereafter named And as touching? that outward estate which it has pleased God to bestow upon me I dispose thereof as followeth
First I give and bequeath unto SARAH my daughter the wife of JOHN WORDSWORTH of Softley in the parish above said that my cupbord which now standeth in the house wherein dwell
Item I give unto MARTHA WILLIAM JOHN JOSIAS & JONATHAN the children of the said John WORDSWORTH the summe? of ? pounds of lawful English money to be equally divided amongst them to be paid within one year ... after my decease
tem I give and bequeath unto JONAS RICH my grandchild the son of JOHN RICH my son in law one why calfe being now one week old
Item I give and bequeath unto SARAH AND MARTHA (grandchildren the daughters of the said JOHN RICH) to either of them one ewe and one lambe
Item my will is that SARAH my wife have and enjoy her third throughout my whole estate according to the usage and customs of the country
Item all the residue and remainder of all my goods chattells and personal estate whatsoever (after the payment and discharge of my debts legacies and funeral expenses) I give and bequeath unto MARTHA my daughter the wife of John Rich my son in law above said
And I make and ordain Sarah my said wife the sole executrix of this my said will hereby revoking all former wills whatsoever and do publish? and declare this to be my last will and testament the day and year first above written the mark and seal of Reginald Rich. Signed, sealed and published in the presence of David Greaves, Sarah Wilson her mark, Nathan Stainforth.

     Sarah died before 26 June 1688 in Penistone, YKS. She was buried on 26 June 1688 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Sara Rich de Parkin h:, vid.

Children of Sarah Kay and Reginald Rich