Hawise de Lancaster

     Hawise de Lancaster married Piers de Brus, son of Piers Brus.

Child of Hawise de Lancaster and Piers de Brus

William Lancaster

     William Lancaster married Margaret Bullett, daughter of Unknown Bullett, in 1721 in Mellis, Suffolk.

Ann Lane

     Ann Lane married Frederick Hunn, son of Frederick Hunn unlinked as yet and Mary Ann White, on 16 September 1838 in St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire.
     Ann Lane and Frederick Hunn were recorded on the 1841 census in Portsea, Hampshire. Frederick Hunn, 26, blacksmith, Ann 22, Eliza 5, Frederick 1, all born in the county. He is possibly the Frederick Hunn, armourer, with wife Ann mentioned in RN allotment declarations in 1849, also in 1850-51.

Ann Lane

(circa 1700? - )
     Ann Lane was born circa 1700?.
Ann Lane married George Stanser, son of Gervas Stanser and Isabel Unknown (Stanser), on 24 May 1721 in St Peter & St Paul, North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. Georgius Stancer & Anna Lane.

Children of Ann Lane and George Stanser

Ann Lane

(say 1790 - )
     Ann Lane was born say 1790.
Marriage banns for Ann Lane and Samuel Keen were published on 12 January 1812 in Adlestrop. Samuel Keen of Chipping Norton (Oxon) & Ann Lane of this parish Wintessed by Daniel Smith & Elizabeth Lane.
Ann Lane married Samuel Keen on 8 February 1812.

Hilda Lane

(circa 1885 - 13 February 1948)
     Hilda Lane was born circa 1885. She was the daughter of David Lane and aged 29 at her marriage..
Hilda was a noted singer - a mezzo soprano. They performed together.
Hilda Lane married Reginald Robert John Dempster, son of Robert William George Dempster and Lydia May Ward, on 7 July 1914 in St Matthew's, Marryatville (Kensington), South Australia.
     Hilda died on 13 February 1948 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Children of Hilda Lane and Reginald Robert John Dempster

Mary Lane

(before March 1788 - )
     Mary Lane was born before March 1788 in Brent, Devon.
Mary Lane married Nicholas Reeby, son of Nicholas Wakeham Reeby and Mary Lane, circa 2 April 1813 in Ermington, Devon.
     Mary Lane and Nicholas Reeby were recorded on the 1851 census in Western Lodge?, Holbeton, Devon. Nicholas Reeby, head, 67, ag. lab., born Holbeton, Mary his wife aged 63, born Brent, Devon, sons Nicholas 37, unmarried, ag. lab., John 27, ditto, Jane daughter, 29, unmarried, house servant, all born Ermington; Elizabeth Ann Reeby, grand daughter, 3, pauper, born Plymouth.

Children of Mary Lane and Nicholas Reeby

Mary Lane

     Mary Lane married Nicholas Wakeham Reeby circa 4 June 1781 in Ermington, Devon. His family name was somtimes transcribed as Ruby. They may have had a common origin.

Children of Mary Lane and Nicholas Wakeham Reeby

Elizabeth Lang

(circa 1730? - 1789)
     Elizabeth Lang was born circa 1730?.
Elizabeth Lang married John Ruby, son of Richard Ruby and Mary Curson, on 15 January 1756 in Okehampton, Devon.
     Elizabeth died in 1789 in Okehampton, Devon.

Children of Elizabeth Lang and John Ruby

Mary Langdale

(say 1640 - )
     Mary Langdale was born say 1640 in Lanthrop, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Philip Langdale, of Lanthrop, Yks.
Mary Langdale married John Ryther, son of John Ryther and Ursula Dolman, circa 1658?. Mary Langdale was confirmed as a Roman Catholic in 1687 in Hazlewood or Hazelwood, Yorkshire. Her family were Roman Catholic; a Dorothy Langdale was confirmed with the Rythers at Hazelwood in 1687.

Children of Mary Langdale and John Ryther

Elizabeth Barrow Langdon

(circa 1821 - )
     Elizabeth Barrow Langdon was born circa 1821 in Whitechapel, London, England.
Elizabeth Barrow Langdon married Richard Grimwade, son of William Grimwade and Elizabeth Sheppard, circa 1846.
     Elizabeth Barrow Langdon and Richard Grimwade were recorded on the 1851 census in Ipswich, Suffolk. Richard, a draper aged 35, had a wife Eliza born c.1821/2 at Whitechapel (aged 29), and children Charlotte born c.1846, John Henry born c.1848 & Charles born about 1850.

Children of Elizabeth Barrow Langdon and Richard Grimwade

Charles Langley

(circa 1865 - )
     Charles Langley was born circa 1865 in Worcester.
Sarah Griffin married secondly Charles Langley between January 1888 and March 1888 in Worcester.
     Charles Langley and Sarah Griffin were recorded on the 1891 census in New Punch Bowl Inn, 8 Lich St, Worcester, Worcestershire. Charles Langley, 29, licenced victualler, born Worcester, with his wife Sarah 36, born Droitwich, Worcs, and stepchildren Nellie F Martin 15 born Plumstead; Percy D/O Martin 9, scholar, born Plumstead; Mable F Martin 7, scholar, born Worcester.

Edith Violet Langley

(circa 1898 - 1966)
     Edith Violet Langley was born circa 1898.
Edith Violet Langley married Donald Thompson MacKenzie, son of Thomas MacKenzie and Elizabeth Ann Thomas, in 1927 in Victoria.
     Edith died in 1966 in Bendigo, Victoria.

Frances Jane Langley

     Frances Jane Langley married Rev Robert Handcock as his second wife, on 7 July 1840. She was the daughter of Hmphre Langley of Wellington, Somerset.

Caroline Frances Langstaff

(14 October 1846 - 1928)
     Caroline Frances Langstaff was christened on 14 October 1846 in St James, Hatcham, Lewisham, Kent, England. She was the daughter of Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore.
     Caroline Frances Langstaff arrived in 1854 at Australia.
Caroline Frances Langstaff married William Augustus Hungerford, son of Robert Richard Hungerford and Ellen Winder, on 16 January 1872 in Maitland, New South Wales, Australia. HUNGERFORD—LANGSTAFF—January 16, at St. Mary's, West Maitland, by the Rev. R. Chapman, W. A. Hungerford, of Barry, to Caroline Frances, eldest daughter of the late Francis Langstaff, surgeon.
     Caroline died in 1928 in Waverley district, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Caroline Frances Langstaff and William Augustus Hungerford

Francis George Langstaff

(circa 1810 - 1863?)
     Francis George Langstaff was born circa 1810 in London, Cripplegate, England.
     Francis George Langstaff was recorded on the 1841 census in Cripplegate, London. He is probably the Franciis Langstaff, aged 30 living with his father George, surgeon, aged 60 and Julia aged 30.
The marriage of Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore was registered in Croydon Registastion District, Surrey, in the December 1845 quarter.
     Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore were recorded on the 1851 census in East India Company Depot, Little Warley, Rochester, Essex. Francis Langstaff, 40, apothecary, born Cripplegate; his wife Caroline F L Langstaff     35, born St Giles Cripplegate; children Caroline F Langstaff, 4, born Deptford, Kent; Francis G Langstaff, 13 months, born Greenwich, Kent.
He was a doctor and at one time, Medical Superintendant at Callan Park Asylum.
     Francis died in 1863? In Parramatta, New South Wales. He is probably the Francis Langstaff, who died in 1863, aged 53, son of George & Unknown Campbell. His descendant stated that he died when his daughter was a small child.

Children of Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore

Francis George Langstaff

(24 February 1850 - 1886)
     Francis George Langstaff was christened on 24 February 1850 in St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent, England. He was the son of Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore.
     Francis died in 1886 in Manly, New South Wales.

Harriet J Langstaff

(1854 - )
     Harriet J Langstaff was born in 1854 in New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Francis George Langstaff and Caroline Frances Louisa Livermore.

Elizabeth Langton

     Elizabeth Langton married Henry Vavasour (of Haselwood), son of Sir Henry Vavasour Kt and Effame or Ann Skipwith. Elizabeth Langton was born. She was the daughter of Sir John Langton of Hodelston in Yorkshire by Susanna Aske.

Child of Elizabeth Langton and Henry Vavasour (of Haselwood)

Alice de Lanherne

( - between 1302 and 1311)
     Alice de Lanherne was born. She was the only daughter & heiress of John Lanherne and Margery Pincerna.
Alice de Lanherne married Remfrey Arundell, son of Ralph Arundell, between 1256 and 1258. He married between 1265 & 1268 Alice de Lanhern the heiress to Connerton manor, the Hundred of Penwith, Lanherne manor, land in St Columb Major and, in Devon, the manors of Morchard Arundell and Uton Arundell. Alice de Lanherne was widowed between 1278 and 1280 on the death of her husband Remfrey Arundell.
(St Dunstan, 13 Edw [I]); at Lahern. Grant of wardship of lands during minority
Alice de Arundell who was wife of Remfrey de Arundell, widow = (1)
Master Odo de Arundell = (2)
(1), in her widowhood, to (2), all right that she has after the death of Lady Eve de Arundell who was wife of Lord Ralph de Arundell, in the manor of Trembleyd, in the new mill in the land of Trerofel (in novo molend' sito in terra de Tre an unknown person ofel), and in 1 acre of land in the vill of Penros, together with all appurtenances of that manor except for the manor of Tredreysec, [all] belonging to her by reason of the custody of John de Arundell, son and heir of Remfrey; for (2) to hold until the full age of John; if he does not attain full age (quod absit), then (2) shall hold them until the full age of John's successor. When the heir attains full age, then (2) is bound to give him the lands. Warranty.
Sir Oliver de Arundell, Sir Laurence de Dinesel, and Sir Robert le Flamang, knights, Laurence de Arundell, Richard le Flamang, Stephen de Trenewed, John de Tregod, Portell (Portello) de Treueben, Nicholas de Trenewed.
[16th century?] "Alicia de Arundell". [17th century?] "Deed sans date -- Alice de Arundel wife of Remphry d'Arundel grants custody of John son & heir of said Remphry to Odo de Arundel."
manor of Trembleyd [= Trembleath, in St Ervan]
Novum mo lendinum (in Trerofel) [= Millingworth, in St Ervan; tenement of Trembleath manor]
Penros [= Penrose, in St Ervan; tenement of Trembleath manor] manor of Tredreysec [= Tredrizzick, in St Minver: see AR/2/1341] Portellus de Treueben [in Little Petherick]
Cf. AR/3/27 and AR/4/179 (same people, same year).
Lady Eve de Arundell was still alive later in 1285: AR/3/27 and AR/4/179.
Portell de Treveben occurs also in AR/4/179 (also 1285)
Alice de Lanherne married John de Umfraville in 1285/86. Alice remarried in 1285-6 to John de Umfraville and consequently Alice's inheritance did not revert to the Arundells until after her death, in 1302 x 1311, and that of her second husband, in 1311 x 1322.
     Alice died between 1302 and 1311.

Child of Alice de Lanherne and Remfrey Arundell

Serle of Lansladron Kt

Child of Serle of Lansladron Kt

Christopher Murray Lanyon

(1887 - 13 November 1926)
     Christopher Murray Lanyon was born in 1887.
Christopher Murray Lanyon married Hilda Gladys Mary MacGlew, daughter of William Henry MacGlew and Lucy Emma Jane Bowra, on 5 June 1921.
     Christopher died on 13 November 1926 in Perth, Western Australia.

Ruth Lanyon

(1873 - )
     Ruth Lanyon was born in 1873 in Victoria. She was the 12th child of Thomas Lanyon (1827-1892) and Jane Thomas.
Ruth Lanyon married Alexander Borland, son of Alexander Borland and Isabella MacPherson, in 1894 in Victoria.

Children of Ruth Lanyon and Alexander Borland

Unkown Lapham

     Unkown Lapham married John de Berniere Roberts, son of Rev John J Roberts and Louisa Hooper. He died young leaving an only son..

Child of Unkown Lapham and John de Berniere Roberts

Agnes Eliza Lapthorn

(circa 1833 - )
     Agnes Eliza Lapthorn was born circa 1833 in Ermington, Devon, England.
Agnes Eliza Lapthorn married John Lane Reeby, son of Nicholas Reeby and Mary Lane, on 24 December 1854 in St Charles the Martyr, Plymouth, Devon.
     Agnes Eliza Lapthorn and John Lane Reeby were recorded on the 1881 census in Ermington, Devon. John Ruby, aged 56, married, born Ermington, head, wall mason with his wife Agnes E Ruby, aged 49 born Ermington and their sons George 18, farm labourer, Fred 12 scholar & Robert 10 scholar, all born at Ermington and three boarders.
     Agnes Eliza Lapthorn and John Lane Reeby were recorded on the 1891 census in Thorn Cottage, Ermington, Devon. John Reeby/Ruby, head, 67, mason, his wife Agnes E, 59, children William H, 25, general labourer, and grandson Nicholas J Smale, 12, school boy, all born at Ermington.

Children of Agnes Eliza Lapthorn and John Lane Reeby

daughter Larkham

(25 July 1954 - )
     Daughter Larkham was stillborn on 25 July 1954 in Derbyshire, England.

Alan Frederick Lascelles

(1887 - )
     Alan Frederick Lascelles was born in 1887 in England. He was the son of Frederick Canning Lascelles and Frederica Maria Liddell.
Alan Frederick Lascelles married Joan Frances Vere Thesiger in 1920.

Alfred Daniel Lascelles

(26 February 1829 - 24 March 1845)
     Alfred Daniel Lascelles was born on 26 February 1829 in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood and Louisa Thynne. Alfred Daniel Lascelles was christened on 2 April 1829 in Goldsborough, Knaresborough, Yorkshire.
     Alfred died on 24 March 1845 in Harewood, Yorkshire, aged 16.

Algernon Francis Lascelles

(21 January 1828 - 28 March 1845)
     Algernon Francis Lascelles was born on 21 January 1828 in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood and Louisa Thynne. Algernon Francis Lascelles was christened on 20 February 1828 in Goldsborough, Knaresborough, Yorkshire.
     Algernon died on 28 March 1845 in Harewood, Yorkshire, aged 17.

Anne Lascelles

(5 December 1676 - )
     Anne Lascelles was christened on 5 December 1676 in Kirby Sigston, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Daniel Lascelles and Margaret Metcalfe.