Joseph MacCulloch

(1868 - 11 November 1941)
     Joseph MacCulloch was born in 1868 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson.
     Joseph was registered as Joseph McCulloch, farmer at Carisbrook, Victoria, on the 1908 electoral roll.
     Joseph MacCulloch was mentioned in the will of Joseph MacCulloch dated 23 April 1915.
     Joseph died on 11 November 1941 in Port Melbourne, Victoria. He may have married Ada Florence Jane Allan in 1895 who was the daughter of William Allan and Frederica Watts, and died in 1953 at Port Melbourne, aged 83. Another possibility is the 1915 marriaged to Margaret Levy.

Margaret MacCulloch

(1871 - 18 February 1942)
     Margaret MacCulloch was born in 1871 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson.
     In Paul MacPherson's will dated 24 September 1897 in Carisbrook, Victoria, Margaret MacCulloch was named as heir.
Margaret MacCulloch married Albert John Glazner in 1899 in Victoria.
     Margaret MacCulloch was mentioned in the will of Joseph MacCulloch dated 23 April 1915.
     Margaret died on 18 February 1942 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Rebecca MacCulloch

(1888 - 1961)
     Rebecca MacCulloch was born in 1888 in Charlotte Plains, Victoria. She was the daughter of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson.
Rebecca MacCulloch married Thomas Arthur Green in 1911 in Victoria.
     Rebecca MacCulloch was mentioned in the will of Joseph MacCulloch dated 23 April 1915.
Rebecca MacCulloch married William George Downing as her second husband, in 1923 in Victoria..
     Rebecca died in 1961 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Robert MacCulloch

(1870 - 1933)
     Robert MacCulloch was born in 1870 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson.
Robert MacCulloch married Mathilda Perryman, daughter of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson, in 1895 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
     Robert and Mathilda were registered as a farmer and home duties at Carisbrook, Victoria, on the 1908 electoral roll.
     Robert MacCulloch was mentioned in the will of Joseph MacCulloch dated 23 April 1915.
     Robert died in 1933 in Caulfield, Victoria.

Children of Robert MacCulloch and Mathilda Perryman

Robert Granville Roy MacCulloch

(1896 - 1987)
     Robert Granville Roy MacCulloch was born in 1896 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Robert MacCulloch and Mathilda Perryman.
     Robert died in 1987 in Mont Park, Victoria.

William Charles Lesiie MacCulloch

(1904 - 1975)
     William Charles Lesiie MacCulloch was born in 1904 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Robert MacCulloch and Mathilda Perryman.
     William died in 1975 in Elsternwick, Victoria.

William Paul MacCulloch

(10 May 1885 - 19 August 1947)
     William Paul MacCulloch was born on 10 May 1885 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson.
William Paul MacCulloch married Ellen Rachel Woodman in 1913 in Victoria. They had a large family - see Ancestry Allen online tree of MareeBell66.
     William died on 19 August 1947 in Bendigo, Victoria, aged 62. Day & month from descendant's Ancestry tree.

Keith Gadsden MacCullough

(say 1920 - 1950)
     Keith Gadsden MacCullough was born say 1920.
     He served as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. Keith was a surgeon.
     Keith died of poliomyelitis in 1950.

Dolly MacCullum

     Dolly MacCullum married John Clark, son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, on 4 February 1929.

John William MacCurdy

     John William MacCurdy married Vera Evelyn Rout, daughter of William Charles Rout and Jessie Isabelle Tullock, in 1934 in Victoria.

Ethna Josephine MacDermott

(19 March 1914 - 6 April 2005)
     Ethna Josephine MacDermott was born on 19 March 1914 in Limerick, Ireland.
Ethna Josephine MacDermott married Aylmer Francis Foster Carter, son of George Foster Carter and Dorothea Chavasse, on 23 January 1947.
     Ethna died on 6 April 2005 in Vernham Dean, Hampshire, aged 91.

Frances MacDermott

(say 1785 - )
     Frances MacDermott was born say 1785 in Westmeath, Ireland.
Frances MacDermott married William Handy on 11 December 1804 in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland.

Luke MacDermott

( - 1960)
     Luke died in 1908 in Gormandale, Victoria.
Luke MacDermott married Kathleen Ellen Colbert, daughter of Edmund Joseph Colbert and Marguerite Rose Ann Secker, on 5 July 1939 in Victoria. McDERMOTT-COLBERT St. Mary's Church, Yarram, was the scene of a pretty wedding on July 5, when the marriage of Kathleen Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Colbert, of Yarram, and Luke A., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. McDermott, Carrajung.
     Luke died in 1960 in Yarram, Victoria.

Doris May Seamer ? MacDonald ?

(1899 - 1982)
     Doris May Seamer ? MacDonald ? was born in 1899 in Sherbrooke, Victoria. There was also a Doris May McDonald was born in 1898 to Wm McDonald & Jane Margaret Harding) at Richmond.. She was the daughter of Maria Seamer.
Doris May Seamer ? MacDonald ? married Albert Daniels, son of Albert Daniels and Tamar Susannah Hainsworth, in 1921 in Victoria.
     Doris died in 1982 in Sand..., Victoria.

Child of Doris May Seamer ? MacDonald ? and Albert Daniels

Agnes MacDonald

(before February 1849 - 17 February 1890)
     Agnes MacDonald was also known as Ann in records. She was born before February 1849 in Fort William, Kilmallie & Kilmonivaig, Inverness-shire, Scotland. She was the daughter of a crofter, John McDonald & Mary McDonald..
     Agnes MacDonald married Thomas Handy as his second wife, on 6 October 1871 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Agnes MacDonald was the informant at the death of Bernard Handy, on 17 June 1880.
     Agnes MacDonald were recorded on the 1881 census in 80 Blackness Road, Liff & Benvie, Angus, Scotland. Agnes Handy, widow, aged 40, born Fort William, Argyll, Scotland, jute winder, Patrick Handy son, aged 15 born Ireland, jute winder and Margaret, daughter aged 13, jute winder, born Dundee, Forfar, Scotland.
     Agnes MacDonald made a will dated 16 February 1890 in Dundee. She left her estate to her step-daughter Margaret Handy, millworker, residing with her. The estate was valued at £300.
     Agnes died on 17 February 1890 in 80 Blackness Road, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Her gravestone calls her Agnes McDonald, died February 1890 aged 41.
     Her will was proved on 20 February 1890. Agnes Handy or M'Donald, 80 Hill's Land, Blackness Road, Dundee, widow, d. 17/02/1890 at Dundee, testate.

Arthur William Baynes MacDonald

(4 June 1903 - 29 July 1996)
     Arthur William Baynes MacDonald was born on 4 June 1903.
Arthur William Baynes MacDonald married Mary Julia Gray, daughter of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton, on 15 December 1928. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, 12 grandchildren, and at least 9 great-grandchildren so far.
     Arthur died on 29 July 1996 aged 93.

Barbara Merie Macdonald (MacKenzie)

(25 February 1931 - 21 June 2020)
     Barbara Merie Macdonald (MacKenzie) was born on 25 February 1931. Barbara was a primary school teacher.
Barbara Merie Macdonald (MacKenzie) married Colin James Wheeler MacKenzie, son of Colin Bodman MacKenzie and Doris May Wheeler, in 1952 in St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria.
     Barbara and Colin resided at 32 Aikman crecent, Oakleigh, Victora, 1967.
     Barbara and Colin resided at 32 Aikman Crescent, Chadstone, Victoria, 1982.
     Barbara died on 21 June 2020 aged 89.

Catherine MacDonald

     Catherine MacDonald married Joseph Emslie, son of Joseph Emslie, on 19 August 1859 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen.

Child of Catherine MacDonald and Joseph Emslie

Christian MacDonald

(before 1777 - )
     Christian MacDonald married Donald MacKenzie. Christian MacDonald was born before 1777.

Child of Christian MacDonald and Donald MacKenzie

Eileen MacDonald

     Eileen MacDonald married John Scarfe, son of John Scharfe and Minnie Eliza Featherstone, on 23 August 1941.

Child of Eileen MacDonald and John Scarfe

Elizabeth MacDonald

     Elizabeth MacDonald married William Cameron.

Children of Elizabeth MacDonald and William Cameron

Elspet MacDonald

(before 1750 - )
     Elspet MacDonald was born before 1750.
Elspet MacDonald married Robert MacPherson, son of John MacPherson and Janet Bain, on 25 August 1768 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Robert McPherson in Mains of Inveraury & Elspet McDonald.

Child of Elspet MacDonald and Robert MacPherson

Flora MacDonald

(1860 - 1923)
     Flora MacDonald was born in 1860 in Tarr..., Victoria. She was the daughter of Henry McDonald and Susanna Prout.
Flora MacDonald married David Reville on 29 April 1880 in Tarraville, Victoria.
     Flora died in 1923 in Essendon, Victoria.

Children of Flora MacDonald and David Reville

Flora Eliza MacDonald

(29 January 1910 - 14 February 1986)
     Flora Eliza MacDonald was born on 29 January 1910.
Flora Eliza MacDonald married Alvin Clifford Walling, son of Thomas Ruby Walling and Laura Melinda Long, in Canada.
     Flora died on 14 February 1986 aged 76.

Frances Eliza MacDonald

(1873 - 1921)
     Frances Eliza MacDonald was born in 1873 in nr Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.
Frances Eliza MacDonald married James Herbert MacNair, son of George Best MacNair and Frances Dorothy Dixon, on 14 June 1899 in Dumbartonshire. James and Frances were involved with Rennie Mackintosh and the Arts & Crafts Movement. James Herbert McNair, Architect, became a friend of John Keppie and C. Rennie Mackintosh; McNair became part of a circle of artists centred on Jessie Keppie, called ‘The Immortals’ which included his future wife, Frances Macdonald. In 1898 he had become engaged to Frances whose older sister Margaret became the wife of the famous Glasgow Artist and Architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). In 1901 in Liverpool they became friends of Augustus John... after many sadly regressive events , he died at Inellan near Argyll, Scotland, on 22nd April 1955. See: Dictionary of Scottish Architects – DSA Biography Report (March 14, 2008).”.
     Frances died in 1921 in Glasgow, Scotland. For further information see:

Hector Norman Ross MacDonald

     Hector Norman Ross MacDonald married Clarice Napier Ruby, daughter of William Henry John Ruby and Ruth Maria Trafford, in 1915 in Victoria.

Child of Hector Norman Ross MacDonald and Clarice Napier Ruby

Janet MacDonald

(before 1768 - )
     Janet MacDonald was born before 1768 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
Janet MacDonald married George MacPherson on 4 September 1784 in Inchnacape, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Jean Stwart MacDonald

(say 1905 - 12 March 1984)
     Jean Stwart MacDonald was born say 1905.
Jean Stwart MacDonald married Robert Edward Glover, son of Edward Glover and Elizabeth Ellen Fox, in 1926 in Victoria.
     Jean died on 12 March 1984 in Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

Margaret MacDonald

     Margaret MacDonald married William MacPherson, son of unlinked early MacPherson. Margaret was present at Isabel MacPherson's christening on 4 March 1734 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Margaret was present at Christian or Chirsten MacPherson's christening on 30 June 1740 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT.

Children of Margaret MacDonald and William MacPherson

Margaret MacDonald

(1877 - 1953)
     Margaret MacDonald was born in 1877 in Little River, Newfoundland, Canada.
Margaret MacDonald married Charles Edmund Pawlett, son of Edmund Pawlett and Alice Jane Dempster, on 14 June 1915 in Heatherton, Newfoundland, Canada.
     Margaret died in 1953 in Robinson, Newfoundland, Canada.