Mary Pearson

(before 1680? - )
     Mary Pearson was born before 1680?.
Mary Pearson married Matthew Popplewell, son of Matthew Popplewell and Sarah Unknown, on 5 July 1698 in Gedney. Mark Grace reports; Marriage to “Maria” aka Mary PEARSON.

Child of Mary Pearson and Matthew Popplewell

Priscilla Pearson

     Priscilla Pearson was born in Cambridgeshire.
Priscilla Pearson married Francis Bowker on 28 June 1613 in March, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Mary F Peart?

( - before 1881)
     Mary F Peart? was born in Jamaica.
Mary F Peart? married William Boucher, son of John Boucher and Ann Tyler, in July 1865 in Wellington RD.
     Mary died before 1881.

Children of Mary F Peart? and William Boucher

Robert Peatfield

(circa 1810? - )
     Robert Peatfield was born circa 1810?.
Robert Peatfield married Mary Ann Shaw Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell and Hannah Shaw, on 6 April 1835 in All Saints, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Catherine Peck

(before 1750 - )
     Catherine Peck was born before 1750.
Catherine Peck married John Stanser, son of Matthew Stanser and Ann Waller, on 29 November 1767 in St Peter, Hayton. Married by licence.

Children of Catherine Peck and John Stanser

Jane Peck

(before March 1850 - )
     Jane Peck was born before March 1850 in Pakenham, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Peck and Susan Bullett. William and Jane were listed as the children of William Peck in the 1851 census in Pakenham.

Stanley Cyril David Peck

     Stanley Cyril David Peck married Ivy Doris Bland, daughter of Robert William Bland and Ellen Turner, in August 1939.

Unknown Peck

( - before May 1601)
     Unknown Peck married Agnes Unknown (Peck) (Mendlove) before 1590?.
     Unknown died before May 1601. Agnes Peck was described as a widow in May 1601..

William Peck

(before March 1825 - )
     William Peck was born before March 1825 in Pakenham, Suffolk.
William Peck married Susan Bullett, daughter of William Bullett and Elizabeth Fisher, before 30 June 1849 in Thingoe RD.
     William Peck and Susan Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in Pakenham. Wiliam Peck 26, ag. lab., with his wife Susan 25 and daughters Caroline E 5 and Jane 1, all born at Pakenham.

Child of William Peck and Susan Bullett

Arthur ap Pedr

     Arthur ap Pedr was born in Wales. He was the son of Pedr ap Cyngar.

Child of Arthur ap Pedr

Margaret Ellen Peed

(circa 1846 - soon after July 1885)
     Margaret Ellen Peed was born circa 1846 in Sydenham, Kent, England.
Margaret Ellen Peed married Francis Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker J.P., Squire and Sarah Eagles Cowley, on 2 July 1868 in St Bartholomew's, Sydenham, Kent, England. They had been childhood friends..
Margaret Ellen Peed emigrated to Canada.
     Margaret died soon after July 1885 in England.
     Margaret Ellen Peed and Francis Bowker were recorded on the 1901 census in 22 Blakesley Ave, Ealing, London. Francis Bowker 59,lving on own means, born Whittlesea, Cambs, children Ellen M Bowker 31, Henry F Bowker 30, Charles F Bowker 28, all born Canada, Isabel R Bowker 19, born Lowestft, Sfk, and two servants Rose Saunders 23, Annie Honey 23.

Children of Margaret Ellen Peed and Francis Bowker

Henry Joel Peek

(11 June 1910 - May 1987)
     Henry Joel Peek's birth was registered in the quarter ending on 11 June 1910 in Hoo, Strood RD, Kent.
The marriage of Henry Joel Peek and Gladys Elizabeth Parnell, daughter of Samuel Parnell and Ethel Dorothy Walters, was registered in Strood RD, Kent, in the December 1940 quarter. Son of Albert James Peek and Rosina Moore. Henry was born in 1910 in Hoo Kent and died in 1987 in Medway aged 77.
     Henry died in May 1987 in Chatham RD, Kent, aged 76.

Ellen Pegg

     Ellen Pegg married Robert Bullett, son of Robert Bullett and Elizabeth Humphrey, on 12 September 1883.
     Ellen Pegg and Robert Bullett were recorded on the 1891 census in Lewisham, Kent. Robert Bullett, head, 40, commercial traveller, born Weedon, Northamptonshire; his wife Ellen 42, born Stony Stanton, Leicestershire and son Leonard P? 6, born Stanmore, Middlesex and Claude H, 2, born Darton, London.

Children of Ellen Pegg and Robert Bullett

Jael de Peigne

(circa 1570 - before 28 March 1632)
     Jael de Peigne was born circa 1570.
     Jael de Peigne married Sir Henry Killigrew as his second wife, on 7 November 1590 in St Peter Le Poer, London, England. Maister Henry Killigrey & Mistries Jael de Peigne, a French woman.
Jael Killigrew married Rev George Downham as her second husband, on 22 April 1617 in St Margaret, Lothbury, London. Rev Father George [Downham], Lord Bishop if Derry, Ireland, widower, 50 & Lady Jael Killigrew, 46, widow of Sir Henry Killigrew, Kt, deceased 16 years since.
     Jael de Peigne made a will dated 16 October 1617.
     Jael died before 28 March 1632.
     Her will was proved on 28 March 1632 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Will of Jaell Killegrew alias Downame, wife.

Children of Jael de Peigne and Sir Henry Killigrew

John Pellocer

      He was Lord of the Manor of Pellor (called by some John Cheddore)..

Child of John Pellocer

Elizabeth Pellor

     Elizabeth Pellor married Nicholas Arundell, son of Ralph Arundell and Jane Trerice. Burke's Commoners identifies Nicholas's wife as Jane, daughter of Peller, Lord of Peller. BE1883 identifies her as ...Elizabeth Pellocer (daughter of John Pellocer). Elizabeth Pellor was born in England. She was the daughter of John Pellocer.

Child of Elizabeth Pellor and Nicholas Arundell

Bridget Pemberton

( - January 1765)
     Bridget Pemberton was born. She was the daughter of John Pemberton of Liverpool..
Bridget Pemberton married Richard Milnes, son of Robert Milnes and Hannah Poole, on 20 February 1717/18 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
     Bridget died in January 1765.

Children of Bridget Pemberton and Richard Milnes

Handy Pemberton

(before 1750 - )
     Handy Pemberton was born before 1750 in Ireland. Born about 1740 in the IGI. He was the eldest son.. He was the son of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy.
     Handy was educated from from 11 September 1757 at the Quaker School, Ballitore, Kildare.
Handy Pemberton was apprenticed in 1766.
John Wilson, Edenderry to Thomas Greer, Dungannon 19 Jan 1766. I have not been able to pay in Handy's apprentice fee of £136.10.0 as the tenants have not yet paid me. I delivered your daughter's letter and enclose one from her, also one for Handy..
John Wilson, Edenderry on 18 April 1767 to Thomas Greer, Dungannon. I am sorry Handy has not behaved well. If you could keep him at least until the next half year meeting, maybe he will have improved by then if not we will see what can be done with him.
Thomas Greer?] Dungannon on 1 Jun 1767 to John Wilson. Handy shows no sign of reforming, or even sorrow for his bad behaviour. I cannot keep him here as he might be a bad influence on others. Will you decide, with your sister, what is the best thing to do with him..
[Thomas Greer?] Dungannon replied to to John Willson 28 Jun 1767. In regard to your request that we should keep Handy at least until November, I do not feel it would be fair to my family or the other apprentices to do so. He says his "genious does not answer" to business, and from this I take it he has no inclination towards it..
Lettr from John Wilson, Edenderry to Thomas Greer, Dungannon on 9 Jul 1767. Cousin Molly Pemberton has consulted John Pim and other friends about Handy. I agreed to abide by what they say. She will write to you "to have him sent up before the time thee mentioned". Send him either by stage or by hiring horses which ever you think best..
Letter from John Wilson dated 9 July 1767 to Thomas Greer. Receipt for £68.5.0 being half of the apprenticeship fee given with Handy Pemberton and now returned on the termination of said apprenticeship .
Handy Pemberton was mentioned on 2 September 1769.
He left the Society of Friends, opting for the life-style of the rich bucks of Georgian Dublin. Described by a contemporary as "a sort of buffoon and idiot", he once started a riot against the Duke of Rutland in the Dublin playhouse. Burke incorrectly states that he married Jane Piggott....
     Handy matriculated Arts at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1771.
Handy Pemberton married Jane Sutton circa 18 January 1772. She was the daughter of William Sutton of Horetown, co. Wexford, by his wife Hester, a sister of Wiliam Piott of Slevoy, co. Wexford and of the Rev Thomas Pigott.. Handy was admitted to the Irish bar in 1775.
Handy Pemberton, (affirmed) Barrister-at-Law, lately arrived from Dublin - according to the Act of 5 Dec 1778.
     Handy resided at Hakin, Hubberstown, Pembrokeshire, Wales, 1787.

Children of Handy Pemberton and Jane Sutton

Henry Pemberton

(circa 1746 - )
     Henry Pemberton was born circa 1746. He was the son of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy.
     Henry was educated from from 10 May 1764 at the Quaker School, Ballitore, Kildare.

Jane Pemberton

(before 1752 - )
     Jane Pemberton was born before 1752 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy.
     In Mary Handy's will dated 13 May 1765 in Dublin, Jane Pemberton was named as heir.

John Pemberton

(2 November 1714 - before 11 April 1760)
     John Pemberton was born on 2 November 1714 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Henry Pemberton whose will was dated 16 Feb 1746 and proved 8 August? (8th month) 1747: He mentions his son John (married to Sarah Handy). John was a merchant in Meath St, Dublin.
     A marriage settlement between John Pemberton and Sarah Handy was made on 13 April 1744. Lease and release dated 12 & 13 April 1744 between 1) Henry Pemberton of the city of Dublin, merchant, 2) Samuel Handy of Kilbegg, Westmeath, gent & Thomas Strangman, Dublin, merchant & others. Deeds of lease between Thomas Handy of the city of Dublin merchant, Samuel Handy & Thomas Strangman. Release between 1) the said Henry Pemberton & Elizabeth his wife, 2) Thomas Handy & Mary his wife & Sarah one of the daughters of the said Thomas & Mary, 3) & John Pemberton the eldest son of the said Henry Pemberton and Elizabeth, 4) Samuel Handy & Thomas Strangman & 5) John Pim of the city of Dublin, merchant & John Clibborn of Moat, Westmeath. Deed of release the said Henry Pemberton for the consideration therein mentioned did grant release & confirm unto 4 (SH) & their heirs the townlands of Ballynbarney otherwise Ballynabarna otherwise Big Ballynabarna & Killcumria? otherwise Killcumera, barony of Moycashel, Westmeath & town and lands of Ballynabarna or Little Ballynabarna otherwise Springbrook, Westmeath also townlands of Ballinlugg, Moycashel, Westmeath for the lives of the said John Pemberton, Henry Pemberton ye younger, Thos Strangman ... the said Thomas Handy for consideration did grant release & confirm to the said Samuel Handy & Thomas Strangman the lands of the 3 Bulgon in Barony of Bantry, Wexford c. 332 acres now in possession of [others].
John Pemberton married Sarah Handy, daughter of Thomas Handy and Mary Hillary, on 15 April 1744 in Ireland. Sunday last: Mr Henry Pemberton, an eminent Quaker merchant, was married to Miss Sally Handy, daugher of Mr Thomas Handy, of Meath St, merchant. The Quaker records show his parents as Henry & Elizabeth of Dublin and hers as Thomas & Mary of Dublin.
His father's will mentions them: Pemberton, Henry, Dublin, merchant. My wife Elizabeth Pemberton. To my daughter Elizabeth Pemberton £600 on day of marriage. To my son John (married to Sarah Handy) residue. Nephew Robert Lecky, son of my sister Jane. To nephew Henry Pemberton £10. My sister Elizabeth Vickers £80 yearly from holding in Dolphins Barn. Executors John Pemberton (son), Elizabeth Pemberton (daughter). Dated 16 Feb. 1746. Proved in Prerogative Court 8th of 8th month 1747. Witnesses: William Dixon, Henry Stearne, Chris. Dalton, public notary.
     John resided at Cole Alley, Dublin, 1752.
     John died before 11 April 1760 in Dublin, Ireland. He was buried on 11 April 1760 in Dublin.

Children of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy

Mary Pemberton

(before July 1750 - )
     Mary Pemberton was also known as Molly in records. She was born before July 1750 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy.
Letter in 1769 among the Quaker correspondence in PRONI show her worries about her brother Handy Pemberton.
Letter from Mary Pemberton, Ballitore to Thomas Greer, Dungannon on 2 Sep 1769. I am sorry to have kept your daughter so much longer than you permitted. I shall leave her to Edenderry as soon as the Chaise returns. It has been sent to Jacob Goffs at Horetown, for my brother Handy who took a fever while on a visit there..
Mary Pemberton married John Helton on 17 December 1780 in Dublin. Michelle Kahler of Qld states: She was his third wife. Their two known children were:
1. John HELTON b.c1781, Mountmellick, Co.Queens. He married a fellow Quaker, Anne ALEXANDER. Nothing more is known of John, Anne, or their descendants.
2. William HELTON b.c1783, Mountmellick, Co.Queens. William died 21 Jan 1789 in Bristol..

Mary Pemberton

     Mary Pemberton was the daughter of Handy Pemberton and Jane Sutton.

Robert Pemberton

(1756 - before 7 January 1757)
     Robert Pemberton was born in 1756. He was the son of John Pemberton and Sarah Handy.
     Robert died before 7 January 1757. He was buried on 7 January 1757.

William Pemberton

(3 January 1773 - 10 March 1854)
     William Pemberton was born on 3 January 1773 in England. He was the son of Handy Pemberton and Jane Sutton. William Pemberton was christened on 28 January 1773 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. On October 1788 his name was legally changed to Pemberton Pigott. He was High Sheriff of Wexford in 1794.
     William died on 10 March 1854 in 'Slevoy Castle', Slevoy, Wexford, aged 81.

Dorothy Alice Pengelly

( - 1996)
     Dorothy Alice Pengelly married George Alexander Hughes Field, son of William Hughes Field and Isabel Jane Hodgkins, on 2 October 1939 in New Zealand.
     Dorothy died in 1996 in New Zealand.

Child of Dorothy Alice Pengelly and George Alexander Hughes Field

Thomas Penninge

     Thomas Penninge married Susan Cocksedge, daughter of George Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, on 5 October 1684 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Rose Pennocke

(before 1570 - )
     Rose Pennocke was born before 1570 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
Rose Pennocke married John Bland on 9 May 1586 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
Rose Pennocke married John Mould as her second husband, on 5 September 1602 in Hadleigh, Suffolk..

Children of Rose Pennocke and John Bland

Elizabeth Penny

(circa 1851 - )
     Elizabeth Penny was born circa 1851 in Firbeck, Yorkshire.
Elizabeth Penny married Edward Rich, son of Joseph Rich and Elizabeth Taylor, before 1 July 1872 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
     Elizabeth Penny and Edward Rich were recorded on the 1881 census in 'Osberton Lodge', Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Edward Rich, mar, 46, born Blyth, Nottingham, Head, Joiner; Elizabeth Rich, 39, born Firbeck, Yks, wife, House Wife; John J P Rich, 5, born Worksop, son, Scholar; Arthur E A Rich, 6, born Scofton (Worksop), Son, Scholar; Jane M M Rich, 4, b. Scofton (Worksop), daughter; George W E Rich, 3 m, Scofton (Worksop), son; James J Leslie, unmarried, 20, born Appleby, Westmorland, boarder; clerk.
     Elizabeth Penny and Edward Rich were recorded on the 1891 census in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Edward Rich, mar, 54, born Blyth, Nottingham, Head, Joiner; Elizabeth Rich, 49, born Firbeck, Yks, wife; John J Vivian Rich, 18, joner's apprentice, born Worksop, son; A E Algernon Rich, 16, born Osberton, gardener's apprentice; C W Evelyn Rich, son, scholar, born Osberton; Catherine Clarke, visitor 63, born Dby, and Martha Penny, sister in law, 46, dressmaker, born Worksop.

Children of Elizabeth Penny and Edward Rich

John Penrose

     John Penrose married Anne or Agnes Killigrew, daughter of John Killigrew and Jane or Joan or Maude Petit, before 1567. She was named in the will of her brother James in 1567..