Elizabeth Mure

     Elizabeth Mure married Sir John Dunbar, son of John Dunbar, before 1560.

Janet Mure

     Janet Mure married Archibald Dunbar, son of Sir John Dunbar and Janet Stewart. He married Janet, daughter of Mure of Rowallan. [Burke - see the Hope-Dunbar pedigree for full details of this line].

Ann Murgatroyd?

(before 28 November 1813 - )
     Ann Murgatroyd? was born before 28 November 1813 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. Ann Murgatroyd was the daughter of Phineas & Nancy Murgatroyd and was baptised at St Peter's.
Ann Murgatroyd? married James Milnes, son of Samuel Milnes and Martha Hall, on 21 July 1834? In Almondbury, Yorkshire.
     Ann Murgatroyd? and James Milnes were recorded on the 1851 census in 103 Hebble Terrace, Huddersfield. James Milnes, head, aged 37, cloth dresser, Ann wife aged 37, and their children John Henry, 16, Thomas 14, Mary 12, all scholars. They only gave Yorkshire as their birthplace.
     Ann Murgatroyd? and James Milnes were recorded on the 1861 census in 6 Oxford St, Huddersfield. James Milnes 47, cloth dresser, born Almondbury, his wife Ann 47, children John Henry unmarried, 26, cloth dresser, Tom 24, ditto, Mary 22, all born at Hudderfield.
     Ann Murgatroyd? and James Milnes were recorded on the 1871 census in Oxford St, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. James Milnes & his wife Ann, both 57, cloth finisher, born Huddersfield.
     Ann Murgatroyd? and James Milnes were recorded on the 1881 census in 12 Oxford St, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. James Milnes, 67, and his wife Ann, both 67, cloth dresser, both born in Huddersfield, with his daughter Mary Mason, widow, aged 42, born Huddersfield and her? children Hissit A Mson, 11, and Richard R Mason, 9, both born Huddersfield.

Children of Ann Murgatroyd? and James Milnes

Brooke Leighton Murphy

(14 December 1948 - )
     Brooke Leighton Murphy was born on 14 December 1948 in Newcastle, New South Wales.
Brooke Leighton Murphy married Vivien Isolde King, daughter of Ulick Frederick Sydney King and Joan Vivian Dunbar, in 1971 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Clarence Ferdinand Murphy

(1899 - 1931?)
     Clarence Ferdinand Murphy was born in 1899 in Sale, Victoria.
Clarence Ferdinand Murphy married Gertie May Bryan, daughter of George Thomas Bryan and Jane Fox, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Clarence died of tetanus in 1931? In Sale, Victoria.

Child of Clarence Ferdinand Murphy and Gertie May Bryan

Edith Victoria Murphy

(29 April 1910 - 16 November 1981)
     Edith Victoria Murphy was born on 29 April 1910 in Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox.
Edith Victoria Murphy married Maurice Ronalds in May 1937 in Victoria.
Edith Victoria Murphy married Eric Henry Davis on 28 November 1952 in Victoria. They had no issue.
     Edith died on 16 November 1981 aged 71.

Child of Edith Victoria Murphy and Maurice Ronalds

Ellen Murphy

     Ellen Murphy married Andrew Handy before 1806 in Ireland.

Child of Ellen Murphy and Andrew Handy

Louisa Murphy

     Louisa Murphy married Thomas Colbert, son of Thomas John Colbert and Harriet Boots, in 1891 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Louisa Murphy and Thomas Colbert

Margaret Murphy

(before 1818 - October 1888)
     Margaret Murphy was born before 1818 in Cork, Ireland.
Margaret Murphy married Benjamin Colbert, son of Unknown Colbert, on 29 April 1834 in Dromtarriff/Drumtarrif, Cork, Ireland. Margaret was present at Joanna Colbert's christening on 1 February 1840 in Dromtarriff/Drumtarrif, Cork.
     Margaret Murphy arrived per "Britannia" in 1846 at Adelaide, South Australia.
     Margaret died in October 1888 in Springbank, South Australia. COLBERT.— On the 24th September, at her residence, Springbank, Margaret, relict of the late Benjamin Colbert.

Children of Margaret Murphy and Benjamin Colbert

Reginald George Murphy

(16 June 1908 - 8 September 1980)
     Reginald George Murphy was born on 16 June 1908 in Victoria. He was the son of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox.
Reginald George Murphy married Edith Irene Ferguson in September 1935 in Victoria.
     Reginald died on 8 September 1980 aged 72.

Robert Marjoram Murphy

(17 November 1912 - 5 February 1986)
     Robert was a farmer. He was born on 17 November 1912 in Victoria. He was the son of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox.
     Robert died on 5 February 1986 in Berwick, Victoria, aged 73.

Vincent Ferdinand Murphy

(1 February 1925 - 1976)
     Vincent Ferdinand Murphy was born on 1 February 1925 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Clarence Ferdinand Murphy and Gertie May Bryan.
     Vincent died of cancer in 1976 in Victoria.

William George Murphy

( - 1 April 1941)
     William George Murphy married Edith Mary Fox, daughter of Robert Fox and Sarah Clover, on 14 August 1907.
     William died on 1 April 1941.

Children of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox

Alois Murr

(say 1910 - 5 November 1989)
     Alois Murr was born say 1910 in Waring, Germany.
Alois Murr married Lorna Fay Forbes, daughter of James John Forbes and Edith Mary Buckler, after 1942.
     Alois Murr was naturalized in November 1946 in Glen Iris. I Alois Murr, of German nationality, born at Waging, Germany, resident 6 1/2? years in Australia, now residing at 47 Iris Rd, Glen Iris, intend to apply for naturalization.
     Alois and Lorna resided at Mowbray St, Camberwell, Victoria, 1949.
     Alois and Lorna resided at 8a Cochrane St, Camberwell, Victoria, 1954.
     Alois and Lorna resided at 2 Thorn St, Camberwell, Victoria, between 1968 and 1980. He was an engineer.
     Alois died on 5 November 1989 in Victoria.

Adelaide Murray

     Adelaide Murray was the daughter of George Freeman Murray and Kitty Wallace.

Alice Freeman Murray

     Alice Freeman Murray was the daughter of George Freeman Murray.
     Alice Freeman Murray was mentioned in the will of Kate Florence Murray dated 23 September 1949.

Ann Murray

(circa 1821 - 13 March 1895)
     Ann Murray was born circa 1821 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. She was the daughter of Charles Murray, shoemaker. Some of her children's birth certificates state born Perthshire..
     Ann resided at Dee Street, Aberdeen, June 1849.
Ann Murray married Peter MacPherson, son of Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant, on 25 June 1849 in the United Presbyterian church, St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen. Peter McPherson, hat manufacturer, Banff, and Ann Murray, residing in Dee St in this parish signified their purpose of marriage by Mr Alex Crombie Elder and being thrice proclaimed, they were married on the 25th June 1849 by the Rev Henry Angus, Minister of the United Presbyterian Chuch, St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen.
This marriage is also proclaimed in Banff, Banffshire on 23rd June 1849 Peter Mcpherson, formerly Farm Servant, now hat maker in Banff and Ann Murray in the parish of Old Machar, were contracted for the purpose of Marriage and afyrt public Proclamations in the Parish Church were married by the Revd. Henry? Angus Minr. of the United Prespyterian Church, Aberdeen on 25th June 1849. Below the entry there is an N.B. Farm Servant" was inserted afterwards at Mr McPherson's desire. Signed Alex. Smith, S.C..
     Ann Murray and Peter MacPherson arrived per "Catherine" on 26 May 1851 at Adelaide, South Australia. Peter (aged 31, labourer, Banff) and his wife Ann (aged 30) with their infant daughter Margaret. They departed Liverpool 9 Feb 1851 via Plymouth and arrived at Port Adelaide on Monday 26 May..
     Ann died on 13 March 1895 in Eddington, Victoria. She was buried on 15 March 1985 in the Presbyterian section, Eddington.

Children of Ann Murray and Peter MacPherson

Ann Murray

(circa 1812 - )
     Ann Murray was born circa 1812 in Abernethy, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
     Ann Murray was recorded on the 1851 census in Cullochy, Abernethy, Inverness-shire. Cullachy: Ann Murray head, unmarried, 38, labourer, born Abernethy, Jane McPherson daughter 11, Mary McPherson daughter 9, Isabella McPherson daughter 3, all lab's daughters, born Abernethy.

Children of Ann Murray and John MacPherson

Annie Jean Murray

(1911 - 1979)
     Annie Jean Murray was commonly known as Jean. She was born in 1911.
The marriage of Annie Jean Murray and William Matravers Martin, son of William Fawler Martin and Bessie Matravers, was registered in Woolwich RD, Kent, in the September 1935 quarter.
     Annie died in 1979. She was killed when a truck ran out of control.

Arthur Murray

(5 August 1824 - )
     Arthur Murray was born on 5 August 1824 in London?. He was the son of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor and Ellen Butler O'Connor. Arthur Murray was christened on 12 June 1829 in West Twyford, Ealing, Middlesex.
     Arthur Murray was a beneficiary in Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor's will dated 2 May 1841 in Clifton, Somerset.
Arthur Murray married Laura Montagu Reynolds on 8 August 1846 in St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, London, England. On the 8th inst, at ... Arthur Murray, Esq.. Regiment, son of the late Lt General John Murray to Laura Montagu daughter of J M Reynolds, Esq of Brompton.
Arthur Murray and Ellen Murray and Jemima or Janina? Murray witnessed Henry Frederick McKillop Lt, RN and Mary Maria Murray's wedding on 20 April 1849 in Tamerton Foliot, Devon.

Child of Arthur Murray and Laura Montagu Reynolds

Arthur Wellesley Torrens Murray

(11 September 1855 - )
     Arthur Wellesley Torrens Murray was christened on 11 September 1855 in St Thomas, York, Yorkshire. He was the son of Arthur Murray and Laura Montagu Reynolds.

Augusta Hume Murray

(between 1807 and 1810 - 1866)
     Augusta Hume Murray was born between 1807 and 1810 in Newfoundland, Canada or Scotland. She was the daughter of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor and Elilzabeth Hume.
Augusta Hume Murray married John Radciffe on 17 May 1828 in British Guiana. They had 7 known childen. The British Guiana webstate gives her birth as in Newfoundland and her marrage date as 14 Jun 1828 to John Radcliffe R.N..
     Augusta died in 1866 in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Augustus William Murray

(circa 1812 - 18 March 1894)
      Fredda Steeves wrote:I have an obit that says that Augustus William is the son of Lt Gen John Murray 1777-1841. Augustus Wm was born in 1812-1924 and married 1840 to Catherine Fortescue Graham, daughter of Captain PhilipPercival Graham of Royal Navy who retired at Woodstock Ont ario and one of the early families.Capt Philip would be my gggrandfather.My g grandfather Vernon Napier was brother to Catherine.Catherine and Williamwere married at Old St Pauls Church at Woodstock Ont. Served in India, Cyprus etc etc. Amazing history as you follow the life of Lt Gen (Brig. later) John Murray. Augustus William was from first wife. Augustus William Murrays descendents are located from Australia to England. Augustus William Murray was born circa 1812. He was the son of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor.
     Augustus William Murray and George Freeman Murray, Ellen Butler O'Connor, Sydney Murray, Jemima or Janina? Murray, Harriett Murray, Emily Murray, Mary Maria Murray, Jane Euphemia Murray, Rev Henry Murray, James Horatio Murray and Arthur Murray were beneficiaries in Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor's will dated 2 May 1841 in Clifton, Somerset.
     Augustus died on 18 March 1894 in Limassol, Cyprus.
     His will was proved on 4 September 1894 at London. Augustus William Murray of Limassol, Cyprus, Lieutenant General in teh Armym C.B. died 18 March 1894.Granted to Roland Lyons Nosworth Michell, Commissioner of Limassol. Effectss 5929. Resworn Nov 1894 £6324.

Catherine Quinn Murray

(circa 1868 - 6 August 1916)
     Catherine Quinn Murray was born circa 1868.
Catherine Quinn Murray married John Colbert in 1885 in Victoria.
     Catherine died on 6 August 1916 in 24 Davison St, Richmond, Victoria. COLBERT.-On the 6th? August, at her residence... Davison street, North Richmond, Catherine dearly beloved wife of John Colbert, and loving mother of John, Robert, William, and the late Elizabeth (formerly of Sale), and loved fond daughter of the late William and Elizabeth Murray, aged 48 years. By request, no flowers. She was buried on 9 August 1916 in Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, Victoria.

Children of Catherine Quinn Murray and John Colbert

Charles Freeman Murray

(22 October 1860 - )
     Charles Freeman Murray was born on 22 October 1860 in Kurrachee/Karachi?, India (now Pakistan). He was christened 6 Dec 1860. He was the son of James Florence Murray and Marianne Ryder.
Charles Freeman Murray married Emily Louisa Elizabeth Lascells Marston on 12 August 1884 in St John the Evangelist, Hammersmith, Middlesex.

Rev Charles Hume? Murray

(1805 - 26 December 1844)
     Rev Charles Hume? Murray was born in 1805 in America. He was the son of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor and Elilzabeth Hume.
     Charles matriculated at Peterhouse, Cambridge University, between 1822 and 1830. Murray, Charles. Adm. pens. at Peterhouse, Nov. 19, 1822. Of America.[3rd] son of J., Major-General (sometime Lieut.-Governor of Demerara). Matric. Lent, 1823; B.A. 1827; M.A. 1830.
Rev Charles Hume? Murray married Frederica Jane Groves on 4 October 1824 in London. At London, Charles Murray esq. of St Peter’s College, Cambridge, third son of Major General John Murray to Frederica Jane, second daughter of the late Frederick Groves, esq. Charles He was ordained in 1827 as deacon, Appointed Stipendiary Curate at Clothall 1829; ordained priest 1829 Appointed Stipendiary Curate at Newnham; 1830 Appponted Rector of Ashe between 1827 and 1844. He christened John Murray on 14 April 1838 in Paris.
     Rev Charles Hume? Murray and Frederica Jane Groves were recorded on the 1841 census in Ashe, Hampshire. Charles Murray 35, clergyman, Frederica Murray 35, Euphemia Murray 15, Jane Murray 10, Eliza Groves 70, Independent - none born in the county; plus servants Elizabeth Edwards 70 William Nathy 30, Victoria Nathy 25, Martha Milbourne 30, John Smith 25, Lucy Taylor 15.
     Charles died on 26 December 1844 in Ashe, Overton, Hampshire, England. On the 26th inst, aged 40, the Rev Charles Murray, of Ashe near Overton, Hants, eldest surviving son of the late Lieutenant General John Murray. He was buried on 1 January 1845 in All Souls, Kensall Green, London, Middlesex. The Reverend Charles Murray, of Brooke House, Upper Clapton, Clapham, aged 40.

Children of Rev Charles Hume? Murray and Frederica Jane Groves

Daughter Murray

(13 April 1820 - )
     Daughter Murray was born on 13 April 1820 in Paris, France. The Morning Post on 3 May 1820 reported: On the 12..? April at Paris, the lady of Major General John NMurray, of a daughter. She was the daughter of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor.

Sir David Murray

     David resided at Tullibardine, Perthshire, Scotland. He was born in Perthshire, Scotland.

Child of Sir David Murray

Ellen Murray

(20 April 1827 - 22 April 1916)
     Ellen Murray was born on 20 April 1827 in London?, England. She was his last child. She was the daughter of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor and Ellen Butler O'Connor. Ellen Murray was christened on 12 June 1829 in West Twyford, Ealing, Middlesex.
Ellen Murray and James Florence Murray, Mary Ann Margaret Denty, Jemima or Janina? Murray, Sydney Murray and Henry Frederick McKillop Lt, RN witnessed Rev Henry Murray and Louisa Frances Denty's wedding on 9 February 1848 in Tamerton Foliot, Plympton St Mary RD, Devon.
Ellen Murray and Arthur Murray and Jemima or Janina? Murray witnessed Henry Frederick McKillop Lt, RN and Mary Maria Murray's wedding on 20 April 1849 in Tamerton Foliot, Devon.
Ellen Murray married William Eastwood Carruthers Tench, son of Humphrey John Tench and Maria Unknown, in 1858 in Ontario, Canada. He was of Drummondville, Niagara Falls, Ontario. They appeared on the 1861 census..
     Ellen died on 22 April 1916 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, aged 89. Mrs. WILLIAM EASTWOOD CARROUTHERS TENCH, the last of the twenty-two children of the late Lieut. Gen John Murray, Governor of Demerara and Georgetown, British Guiana, at the end of the eighteenth and early part of the nineteenth centuries, died on Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J A D Vickers, in Chicago, Ill. She was born in Little Ealing, London, England and was in her eighty-ninth year. Mrs. Tench was educated at Versailles, France during the reign of Louis Phillipe. (New York Times).. She was buried on 25 April 1916 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
     Her will was proved on 14 May 1918. Ellen Tench of the City of Niagara Falls, Welland, Canada, widow, died 22 April 1916. Adminstration (with will limited) granted to A F Forster, solicitor attorney of Frederick Tench. Effects £17952.

Ellen Eliza Florence Murray

(circa 31 July 1845 - )
     Ellen Eliza Florence Murray was born circa 31 July 1845 in Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Ireland. Privately baptised at St Mary's.. She was the daughter of James Florence Murray and Eliza Sisson. Ellen Eliza Florence Murray was christened on 1 October 1845 in Tamerton Foliot, Devon.
Ellen Eliza Florence Murray married John Henry Harries on 16 March 1867 in St Anne, Wandsworth, Surrey, England.