Unknown Armstrong

( - circa 1530)
     He was the Laird of Giltknock Hall..
     Unknown died circa 1530 in Carlingrig, Scotland. He was executed..

Children of Unknown Armstrong

Warneford Armstrong

(27 September 1699 - )
     Warneford Armstrong was born on 27 September 1699 in Ballykealy Castle, Ballykealy, Eglish, Offaly, Ireland. He was the son of Andrew Armstrong and Lucy Charnock (Mason).
     Warneford Armstrong married Elizabeth Bagot, daughter of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong, on 15 March 1719.
     He was in the commission of the peace, and served the office of Sheriff for the king's county in 1738.
     Warneford Armstrong married secondly Jane Jones on 19 May 1742 in St Bride's, Dublin.
     Warneford Armstrong married thirdly Frances Grey in January 1760.
     Warneford Armstrong made a will dated 2 October 1766. Warneford Armstrong of Ballicumber, Kings co., esq mentions his son Andrew of Clara, King's co, esq; his wife Frances; his daughter Margaret wife of Francis Browne; his daughter Caroline wife of Thomas Drought esq; his daughter Ellizabeth wife of Richard Vicars esq; his brother Thomas Armstron of Murosk; his sons John & William, son George. His wife was with child.
     His will was proved on 23 June 1767 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Children of Warneford Armstrong and Elizabeth Bagot

Child of Warneford Armstrong and Jane Jones

Children of Warneford Armstrong and Frances Grey

William Armstrong

(1763 - )
     William Armstrong was born in 1763. He was the son of Warneford Armstrong and Frances Grey.
     William Armstrong married Charlotte Champagne in August 1791.

William Armstrong

     William Armstrong was the son of Christopher Armstrong.

William Armstrong

     William Armstrong was the son of Andrew Armstrong and Elizabeth Johnston.

William Armstrong

     He was an officer in the Welsh Fusiliers, who lost an arm at the siege of Tournay and retired from the Army. He subsequently became Fort Major of Duncannon Fort. He died without issue.. William Armstrong was the son of William Armstrong.

William Armstrong

(circa 1638 - 1717 or 1718)
     William Armstrong was born circa 1638. He was the son of Edmund Armstrong and Mary Hamilton.
     William Armstrong married Alice Coghlan.
     William died in 1717 or 1718. He died in the 80th year of his age.

William Armstrong

(1797 - )
     William died young. He was born in 1797. He was the son of Edmund Armstrong and Elizabeth Trench.

William Armstrong

(14 September 1763 - )
     William Armstrong was born on 14 September 1763. He was the son of Andrew Armstrong and Constantia Maria Pigot.

William Armstrong

(1691 - )
     William Armstrong was born in 1691. He was the son of Archibald Armstrong and Letitia Playsted.
     William Armstrong married Rebecca Henzell, daughter of Bigoe Henzell, in 1715.

Children of William Armstrong and Rebecca Henzell

William Armstrong

(circa 1722 - 10 October 1784)
     William Armstrong was born circa 1722. He was the son of William Armstrong and Rebecca Henzell.
     William Armstrong married Mary Hunt on 3 July 1747. They had four daughters. He married secondly, the sister of Colonel Hill of London.
     William died on 10 October 1784 in London.

William Bigoe Armstrong

(1801 - )
     William Bigoe Armstrong was born in 1801. He was the son of Andrew Armstrong and Ann Armstrong.

Mary Arnold

(before 1720 - )
     Mary Arnold was born before 1720 in Stanningfield, Suffolk.
     Mary Arnold married John Cocksedge, son of Bradfield St Clare Cocksedge, after 7 June 1741 in Newton, near Sudbury, Suffolk. Their marriage allegation described them as: John Cocksedge of Bradfield St Clare, yeoman & Mary Arnold, of Stanningfield, s.w. at Newton or Little Waldingfield.

Children of Mary Arnold and John Cocksedge

Sarah Arnold

     Sarah Arnold married Thomas Dempster on 24 June 1698 in St Marylebone, Westminster, London.

William Arruldel

(say 1780 - )
     William Arruldel was born say 1780.
     William Arruldel married Sarah Bullett, daughter of Robert Bullett and Susanna Stuart, on 15 June 1802 in Thurston, Suffolk.

Maria Arscott

(circa 1872 - 1953)
     Maria Arscott was born circa 1872.
     Maria Arscott married William Ruby, son of Emanuel Ruby and Mary Ann Heathman, on 29 April 1894 in St James the Great, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon.
     Maria died in 1953 in Plymouth, Devon.

Children of Maria Arscott and William Ruby

Michael Arston or Austin

(8 September 1802 - )
     Michael Arston or Austin was born on 8 September 1802 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. He was the son of John Austin (Aston or Arston?) and Elizabeth Bullett. Michael Arston or Austin was christened on 19 September 1802 in Bradfield St George.

Nathan Arston or Austin

(23 January 1806 - )
     Nathan Arston or Austin was born on 23 January 1806 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. He was the son of John Austin (Aston or Arston?) and Elizabeth Bullett. Nathan Arston or Austin was christened on 2 February 1806 in Bradfield St George.

Sophia Arston or Austin

(8 January 1808 - )
     Sophia Arston or Austin was born on 8 January 1808 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Austin (Aston or Arston?) and Elizabeth Bullett. Sophia Arston or Austin was christened on 19 January 1808 in Bradfield St George.

Susan Arston or Austin

(13 February 1811 - )
     Susan Arston or Austin was born on 13 February 1811 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Austin (Aston or Arston?) and Elizabeth Bullett. Susan Arston or Austin was christened on 24 March 1811 in Bradfield St George.

Arthlwys ap Arthfoddw

     Arthlwys ap Arthfoddw was born in Wales. He was the son of Arthfoddr ap Boddw.

Child of Arthlwys ap Arthfoddw

Clydog ab Arthlwys

     Clydog ab Arthlwys was born in Wales. He was the son of Arthlwys ap Arthfoddw.

Child of Clydog ab Arthlwys

Mary Arthur

     Mary Arthur was born in Barbados?. She may be the Mary Arthur baptised 16 Oct 1764 at Christ Church, daughter of Samuel Arthur & Mary Ann.
     Mary Arthur married Robert Moore Ashby, son of Robert Ashby and Susanna Sisnett, on 24 December 1774 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Children of Mary Arthur and Robert Moore Ashby

Rebecca Arthur

     Rebecca Arthur married Jarrett Chase, son of John or Joseph Chase and Ann Jarrett, on 11 April 1766 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Roberta Arthur

(circa 1817 - September 1899)
     Roberta Arthur was also known as Arthure in records. She was born circa 1817. She was the daughter of Thomas Athure MD.
     Roberta Arthur married Rev Elias Handcock, son of Rev Thomas Handcock MA and Olivia Potts, on 27 February 1838 in St Peter, Dublin. He was of Stradbally and she was of 30 Lower Mount St. Witnesses were G D Handcock and Arthur Benedick. Roberta Arthur was an executor of Rev Elias Handcock's estate on 1 June 1870 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Roberta's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1899 in Dublin South RD, Dublin, Ireland.

Children of Roberta Arthur and Rev Elias Handcock

Elizabeth Arundel?

     Elizabeth Arundel? married James Bowker, son of James Bowker and Lucy Scotney, in 1898? In Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Sir Oliver de Arundell

     Sir Oliver de Arundell was born in England. Sir Oliver Arundel of Carshay Burke's Commoners identifies Sir Oliver's wife as Margery, daughter of Ralph, Lord of Albominster, son of George, Lord Arundel, by Maud. Not being certain as to which family she belonged to, we show her as just ... m. Margery.
     The Cornwall Record Office states: The earliest record of an Arundell in Cornwall is in 1131 in the Pipe Roll but no connection can be demonstrated between that individual and the later Arundells of Lanherne. An Arundell occurs in Dorset and Somerset in Domesday Book and there are also instances of the name in Devon in the Middle Ages but again there is no evidence to link these people with the Cornish Arundells. The Devonshire manors of Morchard Arundell and Uton Arundell received their affixes from their ownership by the Cornish family.
The Arundells extended their land-holdings and rose to prominence through a series of good marriages to wealthy heiresses. Some of their property was purchased but the majority was acquired in this way from the mid-thirteenth century to the late 1500s. Between these dates the Arundells were active locally and nationally. Ralph Arundell was sheriff of Cornwall in 1259-60 and John Arundell became Bishop of Exeter in 1502. Sir John Arundell fought for Henry VI at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471 and his grandson was one of those appointed to put down the Cornish rebellion of 1497-8. Two Arundells served as stewards of the Duchy of Cornwall in the sixteenth century and Arundells led Royalist troops during the Civil War. Branches of the family were established at Trerice and Tolverne by younger sons in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The influence of the Arundells declined after the Reformation, when their staunch adherence to Catholicism made them ineligible for public office, but they remained prominent in Cornwall as long as they retained their lands there.
The direct male line of the family died out in 1701, the estates being inherited by an heiress and then in 1739 passing to the Wardour Arundells on the marriage of Mary Arundell to her distant cousin Henry Arundell, later seventh Baron of Wardour. From the late seventeenth century the family had ceased to live permanently in Cornwall and when financial problems struck the Cornish estates were at first heavily mortgaged and then, in the late 18th century, began to be sold.
The following is an account of the direct descent of the family, noting the additions of land to the estate. The evidence for the 14th century is not very clear and there may have been another John Arundell at that time.
Remfrey Arundell I; floruit 1230-50; in possession of Treloy manor in circa 1230; possibly married to Maud.
Ralph Arundell son of Remfrey; sheriff in 1259-60; took possession of Restormel Castle on behalf of Thomas de Tracy in July 1265; married Eve de la Roche in 1242 x 1245 and was given Trembleath manor by Eve's father Sir Richard de la Roche (Rupe) in circa 1255 [Trembleath became the family's principal residence in the later thirteenth and the fourteenth centuries]; purchased Mitchell manor in circa 1270; died Aug 1275 x Feb 1276.
Remfrey Arundell II son of Ralph [?; the sole evidence that he was Ralph's son is that Odo his brother and executor in 1281 was son of Eve]; married in 1265 x 1268 Alice de Lanhern the heiress to Connerton manor, the Hundred of Penwith, Lanherne manor, land in St Columb Major and, in Devon, the manors of Morchard Arundell and Uton Arundell; died 1278 x 1281. Alice remarried in 1285-6 to John de Umfraville and consequently Alice's inheritance did not revert to the Arundells until after her death, in 1302 x 1311, and that of her second husband, in 1311 x 1322.
John Arundell I son of Remfrey II; asserted his title to a market and fair at Mitchell in 1302 (Quo Warranto, p.109b); married Joan, daughter and heiress of Ralph le Soor (this marriage resulted in the Arundells acquiring the manors of Prospidnick and Tolverne in the early 15th century); died 1306 x 1309.
John Arundell II son of John I; inherited lands of Alice de Lanherne in 1311 x 1322; knighted by July 1334; died ?
Arundell of Trerice: This was a junior branch of the Arundells of Lanherne which appears to have been established in the fourteenth century, probably by a younger son. According to Carew's Survey of Cornwall a Ralph Arundell married Jane/Joan, the daughter of Michael Trerise, during the reign of Edward III. Compare Public Record Office JUST I/1476, mem.73 dorse, July 1367 in which the defendants include Ralph Arundell of Treres and Joan his wife. AR/1/104 is a grant from Sir John Arundell to Ralph Arundell of Trerys in 1358. This Ralph died between July and November 1369 (AR/1/241; AR/32/1 and AR/1/846), and had at least two sons, Nicholas (AR/41/6) and Thomas (AR/41/5), and a daughter Joan (AR/32/1). There is no record of the split in the Lanherne archive and unfortunately the archive of the Arundells of Trerice has disappeared virtually without trace.
In 1664 Richard Arundell was created Baron Arundell of Trerice. The title became extinct in 1773 on the death without issue of his great-grandson John
. He was the son of Thomas Arundell and Mary Dumford.
     Sir Oliver de Arundell of Carshayes, Kt, temp Hen III. See Arundell of Lanhern for his ancestry..
     Sir Oliver de Arundell married Margery Arundell, daughter of Ranulph Arundell.

Child of Sir Oliver de Arundell and Margery Arundell

Alice Arundell

(say 1565 - )
     Alice Arundell was born say 1565. She was the daughter of John Arundell and Catherine Cosworth.
     Alice Arundell married Henry Somaster.
     Bargain and sale: Rich. Carew of Antony, esq., and w. Julian, dau. of Jn. Arundell of Trerice, esq., decd., Hen. Somaster of Payneford, Devon, esq., and w. Alice, dau. of Jn. Arundell, decd., Edw. Cosowarth of St. Enoder, gent., and w. Dorothy, dau. of Jn. Arundell, decd., and Oliver Dynham of Lifton, Devon, gent., and w. Mary, dau. of Jn. Arundell, to Jn. Rashleigh of Fowey, esq.
Property as above. (F 22)

Ann Arundell

(1549 - )
     Ann Arundell was born in 1549 in Trerice, Madron, Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of Sir John Arundell and Juliana Erisey.

Ann Arundell

( - 1701)
     Ann Arundell was the daughter of John Arundell and Mary Cary.
     Ann Arundell married John Arundell, son of John Arundell. They were childless.
     Ann died in 1701.