Edward Colbert

(before 1805 - probably before 1864)
     Edward Colbert was also known as Edmond Colebert in records. He was born before 1805 in Knockmourne / Ballynoe, Ireland. The 1766 Religious census of Ireland, the parishes of Knockmourne & Ballynoe included papists: Edmond Colbard & Denis Colbard, William Colbert, James Colbard, David Colbard, Thomas Colbard, Joseph Colbard, Edmond Colbard, Denis Colbard & 3 Colemans.
     An Edward Colebert aged 22, was listed in the Irish Prison Registers (via findmypast) for assaulting police on Jan 2 1846, tried at the Petty Sessions and sentenced to 14 days imprisonment, discharged Jan 16 1846..
     Edward Colbert married Catherine MacAuliffe before 1827 in Cork, Ireland. Edw/d Edmd Colebert Cate Mcauliffe, Charles Colebert, Ma.. Colbert? Child rather than a marriage.
     Edward Colbert was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act between 1823 & 1837 in Ballymonteen, Ballynoe, Cork, in 1833. Edward & John Colbert were listed in the Tithe Applotment Books. The preceding entries were for John & William McAuliff. John McAulif had 68 acres of arable land and 4 acres of bog. Wiliam McAuliff had 18 acres of arable and 3 acres of bog (paying £72/6/2 together in total). Edmond Colbert had 80 acres of arable land and 2 acres of wetland (£108/18/5 in total), John Colbert had 46 acres of arable, plus another 18 and 2 acres of bog (£36/18/5). In Killaseragh townland of Ballynoe, Edmond Colbert had 5 acres of arable land. John Colbert had 20 acres of arable land & 8 acres of bog, not adjacent to Edmond.      
Edward Colbert in 1850 in Deerpark East, Lismore & Mocollop, Waterford.      
Edward Colbert was assessed in Griffith's Primary Valuation in 1850 in Ballymonteen, Ballynoe, Cork. An Edmund Colbert was renting a house, office & small garden worth 10/- (the lowest category) from Michael Colbert who in turn leased c.98 acres from John Nason Esq, in the townland of Ballymonteen in the parish of Ballynoe, John Colbert also rented 68 acres from John Nason there. There were also McAuliffes in the townland.
Other Colberts in the Kinnatalloon barony and the parish of Ballynoe were at Killasseragh (Pat), Kilphillibeen (John & Pat), Longueville (David) & Rathdrum (Tom), in the parish of Clonmult they lived at Garryduff John/Pat & John), and in Knockmourne parish they were living in the Killavarilly (Pat), Curraghglass West (Maurice & Catherine), Glenacroghery (Tom) and Rosybower (Michael & James) townlands.      
Edward Colbert and Edward Colbert was assessed for tax in the Griffith Valuation in 1850 in Ballynella, Knockmourne, Cork, Ireland. In the 1852 Griffith Valuation of Ireland there was only one Edward Colbert as head of household in Cork, living in Ballynella townland, civil parish of Knockmourne (Catholic parish of Conna) barony of Barrymore. (Parish number 45). He rented a house and garden (13 perches, c.3500 square feet) from Edward Barry who leased 167 acres from G Walker & others. Edward's land was valued at 2/- and the house at 10/-, which is the lowest class of housing. However there were also 2 Edmonds and 2 Edmunds of the 56 Colbert families in the baronies of Fermoy, Condons, Barrymore, Kinnatalloon & Imokelly. The Edmond of Knockanemorney, Aghada and the Edmond of Crocane, Rostellan seem unlikely as they are nearer Cork than Fermoy. Which leaves Edmund of Ballymonteen, Ballynoe & Edmund of Dungourney.
     Edward died probably before 1864 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. In 1852 a Catherine Colbert was head of the household in Curraglass West townland, civil parish of Mogeely. She rented a house, office (outbuilding) & garden (26 perches) from Major Edward Croker who was lessor of most of the townland (he leased over 76 acres from the Duke of Devonshire there), the land was valued at 7/- and the house at 1 pound. A Maurice Colbert also leased a house & garden (18 perches) valued at 16/- from Maj. Croker in the same townland.
On 24 January 1865 at Barrack? St, Tallow, died Edward Colbert, married, 71, tailor, of chronic hepatitis - 16 months, vomiting - 10 days, certified. Informant Ellen (x) Colbert, wife, present at death.
An Edward Colbert aged 65, died at the Lismore Workhouse/Hospital on 24 Jan 1872, but he was a bachelor, labourer.
     Edward died in 1873 in Fermoy, Cork. Edward Colebert aged 73, (Indexed on IrishGenealogy as Cilehert)..

Children of Edward Colbert and Catherine MacAuliffe