Edward Joseph Egan

(1913 - 28 October 1931)
     Edward Joseph Egan was born in 1913 in Leongatha, Victoria. He was the son of John James Egan and Ellen Colbert.
     Edward died on 28 October 1931 in Leongatha, Victoria. He was buried in Leongatha.

Charles Patrick Colbert

(19 November 1880 - 30 December 1927)
     Charles Patrick Colbert was born on 19 November 1880 in Haddon, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Colbert and Mary Hagan.
     Charles Patrick Colbert and Ellen Colbert were placed in an orphanage on 9 June 1886 in Ballarat, Victoria. Ellen, Edward, Charles & Michael were placed in the Ballarat Orphanage on 9 June 1886, following their mother's death on 11 May 1886. Edward was described as a splitter, Roman Catholic, born county Cork, Ireland, who arrived in the colony in 1857 and paid 5/- a week for each of the children. Ellen, Charles & Michael left the orphanage on 3 March 1892 on their father's application, Ellen & Charles were described as gone to Ballarat, whereas Michael went to Gippsland.
     In Edward Colbert's will dated 23 September 1898 in Leongatha, Victoria, Charles Patrick Colbert was named as heir; This is the last will of Edward Colbert of Leongatha farmer I revoke all former wills and appoint Hugh McCartin of Leongatha auctioneer & Thomas Hyne of Leongatha farmer, executors and trustees of this my last will
I devise and bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate unto the said executors and trustees upon the trusts following To pay my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and if necessary for this purpose to mortgage my real estate. To permit my sons Michael and Charles to reside on cultivate farm and manage my real estate for their use and profit (and for this purpose the said Michael and Charles are to have the use of my plant furniture stock and everything now in use upon or .. in or about my farm) until the younger of them attains the age of 21 years or if the younger should die before attaining that age then till eth other of them attains that age. Upon the younger of the said sons attaining the age of 21 years, I direct my said executors and trustees to convey my said real estate to my said sons Michael and Charles as tenants in common and to transfer to them absolutely my personal estate
I direct my said executors to pay the following legacies following as soon as convenient after the younger of my said sons attaining the age of 21 years and for the purpose of paying the same they may mortgage or otherwise charge my real estate
To my son John one hundred pounds
To each of Johns's two children now living £25
To my daughter Ellen £20
To my son Edward £5
I direct my executors to pay as soon after my death as convenient two sums of £2/10/- each for masses for the repose of my soul, one sum to the abbot of Melleray co. Waterford Ireland, the other sum to Father Galivan now or lately stationed at Gisborne Vic. I further direct my executors to spend a sum not exceeding £50 in erecting a tombstone to my memory in the cemetery at Leongatha. Signed & dated 23 Sep 1898 - Edwd Colbert, witnessed by Edward Hurst accountant & Chas Hyne salesman, both of Leongatha.
Charles was a farmer in Koorooman, Victoria, from 1904.
     Charles Patrick Colbert married Catherine Matilda Hogan, daughter of James Joseph Hogan and Catherine Rush, in 1906 in Victoria.
     Charles was registered as Charles Patrick Colbert, farmer & Katherine. In 1915 Catherine was listed the same address as Michael, and Charles was listed as Leongatha. at Koorooman, Leongatha, on the between 1909 and 1912 electoral roll.
     Charles died on 30 December 1927 in Colbert's Road, Wooreen, Victoria, aged 47. He was buried on 31 December 1927 in Leongatha.
     His will was proved on 24 February 1928.

Children of Charles Patrick Colbert and Catherine Matilda Hogan

Catherine Matilda Hogan

(1885 - 8 October 1975)
     Catherine Matilda Hogan was commonly known as Kitty. She was born in 1885 in Buln Buln??, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Joseph Hogan and Catherine Rush.
     Catherine Matilda Hogan married Charles Patrick Colbert, son of Edward Colbert and Mary Hagan, in 1906 in Victoria.
     Catherine and Catherine were registered as Catherine Colbert, Leongatha, home duties at Leongatha, on the 1936 electoral roll. Which one?
     Catherine Matilda Hogan lived at 1 a'Beckett St, Leongatha, 1975.
     Catherine died on 8 October 1975 in Leongatha, Victoria. She was buried on 10 October 1975 in Leongatha.
     Her will was proved on 23 March 1976.

Children of Catherine Matilda Hogan and Charles Patrick Colbert