Olive Amiet

(28 June 1893 - 1976)
     Olive Amiet was born on 28 June 1893 in Victoria.
Olive Amiet married Albert George Fox, son of George Fox and Julia Ann Clark, before 1920.
     Olive died in 1976 in Traralgon, Victoria.

Gwyar ferch Amlawdd

     Gwyar ferch Amlawdd was the daughter of Gwen ferch Cunedda.

Child of Gwyar ferch Amlawdd

Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales

(before 912 - 942)
     Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales married Mereddon ferch Cadwr, daughter of Cadwr ap Cadwr Wenwyn.
Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales married Avandreg ferch Merfyn, daughter of Merfyn ap Rhodri ap Rhodri King of Powys, in Wales. Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales was born before 912 in Wales. He was the son of Anarawd ap Rhodri, Prince of Gwynedd, King of North Wales.
     Idwal died in 942 in Wales. Idwal submitted to Edward the Elder of England from 918-37. Gwynedd was ruled by Hywel Dda of Deheubarth from 942-50.

Child of Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales and Mereddon ferch Cadwr

Ellis ap Anawawd

( - 940)
     Ellis ap Anawawd was born in Wales. He was the son of Anarawd ap Rhodri, Prince of Gwynedd, King of North Wales.
     Ellis died in 940 in Wales.

Ane Marie Andersen

(4 July 1899? - 5 January 1935)
     Ane Marie Andersen was also known as Mie in records. She was born on 4 July 1899?.
     Ane Marie Andersen married Kristian Thorvald Hansen as his second wife, on 9 June 1929 in Baekke Church, Andst, Ribe, Denmark.
     Ane died on 5 January 1935 in the hospital, Brorup, Denmark, aged 35.

Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen

(1880 - 1949)
     Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen was born in 1880.
Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen married Rasmine Jorgensen circa 1904 in Denmark.
     Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen was recorded on 1 February 1916 census in Sonder Felding, Hammerum, Ringkobing, Denmark. Chr M Anderson, aged 35, Rasmine Andersen, 38, Rikardt Josias 10, Peder Sigfred 8, Sine Elisabet 6, Aksel Torvald 4, Ansgar Kristian 3, Ane Kirstine 2..
     Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen was recorded on 1 February 1921 census in Sonder Felding, Hammerum Ringkobing. Parents: Kristen Mathis Andersen, 40, Rasmine Andersen, 43. Children: Rikardt Josias Andersen 15m Peder Sigfred Andersen, aged 13, Siger Elisabet Andersen 11, Aksel Thorvald Andersen 9, Ansgar Kristian Andersen 8, Anna Kirstine Andersen 7, Johannes 8, Bakkegård Andersen3, Magretha Andersen 2..
     Christian/Kristen died in 1949.

Children of Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen and Rasmine Jorgensen

Peder Sigfred Andersen

(26 March 1907 - 15 December 1982)
     Peder Sigfred Andersen was born on 26 March 1907 in Denmark. He was the son of Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen and Rasmine Jorgensen.
     Peder Sigfred Andersen was recorded on 1 February 1921 census in Sønder Felding, Hammerum, Ringkøbing, Denmark. Peder Sigfred Andersen, aged 13, born 26 March 1907. Parents: Kristen Mathis Andersen, Rasmine Andersen. Siblings: Rikardt Josias Andersen, Siger Elisabet Andersen, Aksel Thorvald Andersen, Ansgar Kristian Andersen, Anna Kirstine Andersen, Johannes Bakkegård Andersen, Magretha Andersen.
     Peder Sigfred Andersen was recorded on 5 November 1930 census in Oster Snede, Vejle, Denmark.
Peder Sigfred Andersen married Kjesten Marie Hansen, daughter of Kristian Thorvald Hansen and Ane Kjirstine Ibsen, on 28 October 1939 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kirsten Louise Marie Hansen, Aastrup.
     Peder died Hanna sent a picture of their gravestones on 15 December 1982 in Herning, Denmark, aged 75.

Rickardt Josias Andersen

(circa 1905 - )
     Rickardt Josias Andersen was born circa 1905 in Denmark. He was the son of Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen and Rasmine Jorgensen.

Siger Elisabet Andersen

(circa 1910 - )
     Siger Elisabet Andersen was born circa 1910 in Denmark. She was the daughter of Christian/Kristen Mathis Andersen and Rasmine Jorgensen.

Agnes Victoria Anderson

(circa 1907 - 8 February 1972)
     Agnes Victoria Anderson was born circa 1907.
Agnes Victoria Anderson married Frank Robertson, son of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke, in 1931 in Victoria.
     Agnes died on 8 February 1972 in Preston, Victoria.

Child of Agnes Victoria Anderson and Frank Robertson

Alexander Anderson

     Alexander Anderson married Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of Nicholas Dunbar and Elizabeth Lawtie.

Catherine or Margaret Anderson

     Catherine or Margaret Anderson married William Dunbar, son of Alexander Dunbar and Hon Elizabeth Forbes. She was the daughter of John Anderson Struthers and Janet Gibson.

Charles William Anderson

     Charles William Anderson married Mary Jean Forbes, daughter of Neil William Gordon Forbes and Edith MacPherson, in 1936 in Victoria.

Elisabeth Anderson

(before 1780 - )
     Elisabeth Anderson was born before 1780 in Scotland.
Elisabeth Anderson married John MacIntosh in Scotland.

Child of Elisabeth Anderson and John MacIntosh

Elizabeth Anderson

(1878 - 1952)
     Elizabeth Anderson was born in 1878 in Maryborough, Victoria.
Elizabeth Anderson married Alfred Ruby, son of William Henry John Ruby and Ruth Maria Trafford, in 1900 in Victoria. Elizabeth Anderson was admitted to the hospital, Maryborough, Victoria, on 16 September 1907. She was aged 29, married, home duties and Presbyterian.
     Elizabeth and Alfred were registered at Railway Street, Maryborough, on the 1908 electoral roll. Elizabeth Ruby, home duties.
     Elizabeth died in 1952 in South Yarra, Victoria.

Children of Elizabeth Anderson and Alfred Ruby

Esther Mary Anderson

(16 May 1895 - 2 September 1982)
     Esther Mary Anderson married William Robert Walling, son of William George Walling and Ellen MacAleece. Esther Mary Anderson was born on 16 May 1895 in Canada.
     Esther died on 2 September 1982 in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, aged 87.

Children of Esther Mary Anderson and William Robert Walling

Eugene Norman Anderson

(4 October 1936 - 3 March 2006)
     Eugene Norman Anderson was born on 4 October 1936 in Rivers, Manitoba, Canada.
     Eugene died on 3 March 2006 aged 69.

Frederick William Anderson

(1909 - before September 1989)
     Frederick William Anderson was born in 1909 in Fitzroy North, Victoria.
Frederick William Anderson married Kathleen Egan, daughter of John James Egan and Ellen Colbert, in 1930 in Victoria.
     Frederick and Kathleen were registered as Frederick William, cordial maker & Kathleen, home duties at 10a Royal Cres, Armalde, Victoria, on the between 1937 and 1943 electoral roll.
     Frederick died before September 1989 in Victoria.

Gladys Viola Anderson

     Gladys Viola Anderson married Fredrick Handy LaFortune, son of Francis or Francois Xavier Lafortune and Mary Elizabeth Handy, on 27 November 1923 in Sedgewick, Alberta, Canada.

Glorie Patricia Anderson

(circa 1911 - 25 April 1965)
     Glorie Patricia Anderson was born circa 1911.
Glorie Patricia Anderson married Louis Arnold Halahan, son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Constance May Shepperson, on 25 June 1940 in Durban, Natal, South Africa.
     Glorie died on 25 April 1965 in Cape Province, South Africa. She was buried on 27 April 1965 in Maitland, Cape Province, South Africa. Gliie Patricia Halahan, aged 55, of Green Point, 18 Daventry Court, RC.

Hugh Ralph Anderson

( - 1967)
     Hugh Ralph Anderson married Janice Elizabeth Ross, daughter of Tindel Allan Ross and Olive Marguerite Latta, in 1942.
     Hugh died in 1967.

Isabella Anderson

     Isabella Anderson married Joseph Emslie, son of Joseph Emslie.

Child of Isabella Anderson and Joseph Emslie

Jane Anderson

Child of Jane Anderson and Donald MacPherson

Margaret Anderson

(1891 - 1969)
     Margaret Anderson was born in 1891.
Margaret Anderson married William Handy, son of Patrick Francis Handy and Mary Collins, on 22 April 1910 in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
     Margaret died in 1969 in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Child of Margaret Anderson and William Handy

Maude Bridget Anderson

(circa 1916 - 1976)
     Maude Bridget Anderson was born circa 1916.
Maude Bridget Anderson married James Hoey, son of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson, in 1934 in Victoria.
     Maude died in 1976 in Warr..., Victoria.

Oscar Anderson

(14 May 1910 - )
     Oscar Anderson was born on 14 May 1910 in Granback, Grasmark, Sweden. He was the son of Jons Anderson & Anna Karolina Magnusson.
Oscar Anderson married Katharine Rose! Margaret Goggin, daughter of Phillip Goggin and Catherine Ellen Bell, on 28 October 1934 in Butte, Montana, USA.

Reginald Anderson

     Reginald Anderson married Eleanor Gertrude Egan, daughter of John James Egan and Ellen Colbert, in 1932 in Victoria.

Mary Jane Andrew

(circa 1840 - 1898?)
     Mary Jane Andrew was born circa 1840 in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire.
Mary Jane Andrew married Thomas Stancer, son of John Stancer and Mary Withernwick, in September 1859 in the Register Office, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire.
     Mary Jane Andrew and Thomas Stancer were recorded on the 1861 census in 50 Waverley St, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire. Thomas Stancer aged 19, cooper, his wife M J Stancer aged 20 and son Thomas A Stancer aged 1, all born at Hull.
     Mary Jane Andrew and Thomas Stancer were recorded on the 1871 census in Nottingham. Thomas 39, born Hull; Mary J, aged 30, born Hull; Thomas A, aged 11, born Hull; Isabel A, aged 8, born Hull; Elizabeth E aged 6, born Nottingham; William H Stancer, aged 4, born Nottingham; Harriet aged 1, born Nottingham.
     Mary Jane Andrew and Thomas Stancer were recorded on the 1881 census in 10 Bruce Grove, Nottingham. Thomas Stancer, head, cooper employing 1 man, aged 40, born Hull; Mary J, wife, aged 40, born Hull; Thomas A, 21 unmarried son, cooper, born Hull; Isabel A 18 daughter born Hull, lace (jennier); Elizabeth E, 16 daughter; William H, son 13 scholar; Harriet 11, daughter, scholar; Mary J daughter 7, scholar; George 3 son, all born at Nottingham.
     Mary Jane Andrew and Thomas Stancer were recorded on the 1891 census in 25 Wilford Grove, Nottingham. Thomas 44, cooper, Mary Jane 50, and children Thomas A 31 cooper, all born at Hull; Elizabeth E 26 dressmaker, William H 23 Spanish & morocco leather finisher, Harriett 21 dressmaker, Mary Jane 17 & George 13 scholar all born at Nottingham.
     Mary died in 1898? In West Sculcoates SD, Yorkshire.

Children of Mary Jane Andrew and Thomas Stancer

Jane Andrews

(say 1745 - before 6 March 1816)
     Jane Andrews was born say 1745 in Gloucestershire, England.
Jane Andrews married John Keen, son of Valentine Keen and Elizabeth Paxford, on 14 May 1770 in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire. John Keen, bachelor, and Jane Andrews, spinster, both of this parish, were married in this chapel by banns this 14th day of May 1770 by me Thos Leigh. Witnessed by John Freeman and Jon Newman. He made his mark. He witnessed a marriage of Thomas Newman and Mary Alcock on 27 March 1769. The banns were called April 29, July 7 & 14.
     Jane died before 6 March 1816 in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire. She was buried on 6 March 1816 in Adlestrop.

Children of Jane Andrews and John Keen

John Andrews

(circa 1743 - )
     John Andrews was born circa 1743 in Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire, England.
John Andrews married Mary Bowker, daughter of Burgess Bowker and Elizabeth (Mary) Higby, on 27 June 1766 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire, England.