Agnes of the Isles,,

     Agnes of the Isles, married Sir John Montgomery (of Ardrossan). Agnes of the Isles, was born in Scotland.

Agricola,, King of Demetia (Dyfed)

      Agricola (Aergul Lawhir), king of Demetia (Dyfed) (a good king, according to Gildas) [HG.2: "Aircol map Triphun"; ED] Note: His reign as king of Dyfed is confirmed by the contemporary testimony of Gildas, who, although he does not provide his name, calls his son Uortiporius the bad son of a good king. His name comes from the later sources, of which HG is the earliest. His chronology is very uncertain, due to the uncertain timeframe of Gildas, but the late fifth century would be a reasonable estimate. Agricola was of Irish descent, a member of the tribe known as the Déisi, a segment of which moved from Ireland to Wales at an uncertain date, and eventually became rulers of Dyfed. His claimed father Tryffin (Triphun), if accurately remembered, is nothing more than a name, and there are significant disagreements in the genealogy prior to Tryffin. If it can be accepted that they hi[de a grain of truth, it is at least arguable that Agricola's grandfather was a man who was nicknamed "Briscus" (Irish "Brosc", Welsh "Vreisc"). See DGD and DD for detailed discussions. It should be noted that the larger generation number for Agricola and his immediate descendants is due to the fact that the dynasty of Dyfed appears to have had a somewhat smaller average number of years per generation that the other lines followed (but not enough smaller to cause suspicion), and that Agricola was probably a rough contemporary of the Irish men who appear in generations 22 or 23.
The kingdom of Dyfed (modern Pembrokeshire and western half of Carmarthenshire) was founded by a family of Irish origin. One of its most famous early kings was Aircol 'Lawhir' (Africola of the Long Hand), ca.450-500, whose grandson Vortepor (the Vortiporius of Gildas) is commemorated by a memorial stone inscribed in Roman and Ogam, the earliest remaining royal monument in Britain.
The first King whose descendants I could trace was Llywarch ap Hyfaidd, who lived probably after the year 800. He, too, is an ancestor of most of the gateway ancestors.
Stewart Baldwin replied: According to the genealogies, Aircol/Agricola was father, not grandfather, of Vortipor. Nothing is known of Aircol other than the fact the Gildas called Vortipor the bad son of a good king, with the later Welsh genealogies supplying the name of Vortipor's father. Llywarch's descent from the earlier kings of Dyfed is give in Harleain MS. 3859, the earliest surviving manuscript of Welsh genealogies.

Child of Agricola,, King of Demetia (Dyfed)

Alan Seneschal of Dol

     Alan Seneschal of Dol was the son of Fratmaldus, the Seneschal.

Children of Alan Seneschal of Dol

Alan Thane of Lochaber

(circa 1088 - circa 1155)
     Alan Thane of Lochaber married Adelina de Hesding of Oswestry, daughter of Alan Fitz Flaald de Hesdin and Adeliza Warine. Alan Thane of Lochaber was born circa 1088 in France. He was the son of Walter, Thane of Lochaber, and Emma Fitzalan.
     Alan was Sheriff of Shropshire. He came to England with Henry I and was appointed in 1100.
     Alan died circa 1155. Possibly 1153?.

Child of Alan Thane of Lochaber and Adelina de Hesding of Oswestry


     Alan, was born in England?. Alan, who is principally known from the large dowries he gave to his sisters, and his grants to his brother and to the priory of Carlisle. He and his brother Gospatric appear as witnesses to a charter of King David I on 16 August 1139, He had a son Waldeve, who predeceased him, and his male line ceased. He was the son of Waldeve, and Sigrid or Sigarith.

Albrecht,, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing

(25 July 1336 - 13 December 1404)
     Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing was also known as Graaf van Holland, Zeeland en Henegouwen in records. He was born on 25 July 1336 in the Netherlands. See Leo van de Pas website for further information:
Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing married Margaret von Schlesien-Brieg on 28 July 1353.
     Albrecht died on 13 December 1404 in 's-Gravenhage, the Netherlands, aged 68.

Child of Albrecht,, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing and Margaret von Schlesien-Brieg

Alexander Earl of Ross, Lord of the Isles

( - 1449)
     Alexander Earl of Ross, Lord of the Isles was the son of Donald Lord of the Isles and Mary Leslie.
After some ups and downs of fortune including prison in Tantallon, he was recognized as Earl of Ross before January 1436/7.
     Alexander died in 1449 in Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was buried in Fortrose, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.

Alexander,, King of Scotland

(circa 1078 - April 1124)
     Alexander, King of Scotland was born circa 1078. He was the son of Malcom, III Canmor, King of Scotland.
Alexander I, king of Scotland, son of Malcolm III, and Margaret, sister of Edgar Atheling, ascended the throne in 1107; and merited by the vigour and impetuosity of his character the appellation of The Fierce. He vigorously suppressed several insurrections which broke out in his kingdom, and successfully withstood the attempts of the English Archbishops to exercise jurisdiction in Scotland. He married one of the illegitimate daughters of Henry I of England.
     Alexander died in April 1124 in Stirling.

Alexander, Earl of Leven & Melvile,

     Alexander, Earl of Leven & Melvile, married Jane Thornton Countess of Leven & Melvile, daughter of John Thornton and Lucy Watson, on 11 August 1784. They had issue - see Hunter for further details.

Alexander, II, King of Scotland

(24 August 1198 - 8 July 1249)
     Alexander, II, King of Scotland was born on 24 August 1198 in Scotland. He was the son and successor of William the Lion, was raised to the throne in 1214, being then in his 16th year. He aided the English barons against King John, but made peace with Henry III, whose sister Joan he married in 1221. He had the reputation of a singularly just and wise ruler. He was the son of William the Lion, King of Scotland and Ermengarde de Beaumont.
Alexander, II, King of Scotland married Joan, Sister of Henry III, in 1221.
     Alexander died on 8 July 1249 aged 50.

Children of Alexander, II, King of Scotland

Child of Alexander, II, King of Scotland and Joan, Sister of Henry III,

Alexander, III, King of Scotland

(circa 1241 - 1285)
     Alexander, III, King of Scotland was born circa 1241 in Scotland. Alexander III, King of Scotland; was son of the preceding, and succeeded him 1249, when only eight years of age. He married Margaret, daughter of Henry III. of England, and lived upon terms of close friendship with his father-in-law, whom, in his wars with the barons, he assisted with 5000 men. In his reign Scotland was invaded by Haco, king of Norway, but the invaders were defeated, peace was made, and Alexander gave his daughter in marriage to Eric, the successor of Haco. The rest of his reign was peaceful, and he carried on the plans of his father for the good administration of the laws. He was the son of Alexander, II, King of Scotland and Joan, Sister of Henry III.
     Alexander died in 1285. Being killed in a horse riding accident.

Algitha or Ealdgith,,

     Algitha or Ealdgith, was the daughter of Uchtred Earl of Northumberland and Elgiva or Aelgifu (?). Algitha or Ealdgith, was also known as Aldgyth in records.
Algitha or Ealdgith, married Maldred or Malcolm, King of Cumbria, son of Crinan the Thane, and Beatrice or Bethoc,. He married Ealdgith or Algitha, daughter of Uchtred, Earl of Northumberland, by his wife Aelgifu or Elgiva, daughter of Aethelred II King of England.

Children of Algitha or Ealdgith,, and Maldred or Malcolm,, King of Cumbria


     Alirad was the son of Flotharius.

Child of Alirad

Allan, Earl of Brittany,

     Allan, Earl of Brittany, was born in France.

Child of Allan, Earl of Brittany,

Alpin,, King of Scots

( - 841)
     Alpin, King of Scots was the son of Eochaid, the poisonous.
     Alpin died in 841.

Child of Alpin,, King of Scots

Anarawd ap Rhodri,, Prince of Gwynedd, King of North Wales

(before 870 - 916)
     Anarawd ap Rhodri, Prince of Gwynedd, King of North Wales was born before 870 in Wales. He was the son of Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn and Angharad ferch Meurig.
     Anarawd died in 916 in Wales.

Children of Anarawd ap Rhodri,, Prince of Gwynedd, King of North Wales

Angus Og of Islay

     Angus Og of Islay was born in Scotland.

Children of Angus Og of Islay

Annun Ddu, 'King of Greece',

Child of Annun Ddu, 'King of Greece',

Arnulf, Seigneur de Hesdin,

     Arnulf, Seigneur de Hesdin, was born in France?. He was brother to Count Enguerrand de Hesdin.
When he joined the crusade in 1090 his daughter Aveline became his nominated deputy in England.

Child of Arnulf, Seigneur de Hesdin,


     Aveline, married Flaald Seneschal of Dol, son of Alan Seneschal of Dol.
She was known as the Lady of Norton and her son Alan Fitz Flaald was baron of Oswestry during the reign of Henry I.. Aveline, was the daughter of Arnulf, Seigneur de Hesdin.

Child of Aveline,, and Flaald Seneschal of Dol

Banquo, Thane of Lochaber,

(990 - 1043)
     Banquo, Thane of Lochaber, married Muldivana (Maud) (?), daughter of Phaetus (?). Banquo, Thane of Lochaber, was born in 990. He was the son of Kenneth and Dunclina.
     Banquo died in 1043. He was slain by MacBeth.

Child of Banquo, Thane of Lochaber,

Beatrice or Bethoc,,

(say 980 - )
     Beatrice or Bethoc, was born say 980 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Malcolm, II, King of Scots.
Beatrice or Bethoc, married Crinan the Thane, circa 1000.

Children of Beatrice or Bethoc,, and Crinan the Thane,,

Bleiddig (Bleddri)

     Bleiddig (Bleddri) married Tangwystl ab Owain (?), son of Owain ap Maredudd. Bleiddig (Bleddri) was born in Wales.

Child of Bleiddig (Bleddri) and Tangwystl ab Owain (?)

Brochwel Ysgythrog ap Cyngen,, King of Powys

( - 617)
     Brochwel Ysgythrog ap Cyngen, King of Powys was born in Wales. He was the son of Cyngen Glodrydd ap Cadell Ddyrnllug and Tudglid ferch Brychan.
Brochwel Ysgythrog ap Cyngen, King of Powys married Arddun Benasgell ferch Pabo, daughter of Pabo Post Prydyn ap Ceneu (?).
     Brochwel died in 617.

Child of Brochwel Ysgythrog ap Cyngen,, King of Powys and Arddun Benasgell ferch Pabo

Cadell ap Rhodri,, King of South Wales

(before 876 - 910)
     Cadell ap Rhodri, King of South Wales was born before 876 in Wales. He was the son of Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn and Angharad ferch Meurig.
     Cadell died in 910. He was the second son..

Child of Cadell ap Rhodri,, King of South Wales

Cadell Ddyrnllug,, King of Powys

     Cadell Ddyrnllug, King of Powys was the son of Cateyrn ap Gwrtheyrn.
     Cadell died in Powys, Wales.
His parentage is dubious..

Child of Cadell Ddyrnllug,, King of Powys

Casnar Wledig

     Casnar Wledig was born in Powys, Wales.

Child of Casnar Wledig

Cathen ap Gwlyddien,, King of Dyfed & Brychan

     Cathen ap Gwlyddien, King of Dyfed & Brychan was born in Wales. Cathen was King of Dyfed & Brychan. He was the son of Gwlyddien ap Nowy (?) and Ceindrech ferch Rhiwallon.

Child of Cathen ap Gwlyddien,, King of Dyfed & Brychan

Catherine, of Cleves,

(25 May 1417 - 10 February 1479)
     Catherine, of Cleves, was also known as Catharina von Kleve in records. She was born on 25 May 1417. She was the daughter of Adolph Duke of Cleves and Mary de Bourgogne.
Catherine, of Cleves, married Arnold d'Egmond Duke of Gueldres, son of John II d'Egmond and Mary van Arkel, on 26 January 1430 in Cleves.
     Catherine died on 10 February 1479 in Lobith, the Netherlands, aged 61. In Schilfgaarde's book, same page 105, her mother, Catharina van Kleef, died at Lobith 20 February 1476, and was buried in the Karthusian Convent/monastery "op ten Grave" near Wesel. The appropriate footnote tells that her remains, in 1590, were moved to the Dominican church in Wesel.

Child of Catherine, of Cleves, and Arnold d'Egmond Duke of Gueldres


(19 May 1450 - 19 May 1450)
     Child died on 19 May 1450. He was born on 19 May 1450. He was the son of James, II, King of Scotland and Mary of Gueldres Queen of Scotland.