Alice Maud Kimpton

(13 March 1883 - )
     Alice Maud Kimpton was also known as Maud in records. She was born on 13 March 1883. She was the daughter of Charles Bishop Kimpton and Eliza Alice Wafford. Alice, Howard and Arthur were listed as the children of Richard Leonard Hawkins in the 1891 census in 30 Ash Grove, Hendon. Alice Maud Kimpton was listed as Richard Leonard Hawkins's daughter in the 1901 census in 40 Ranelagh Rd, Ealing, London.
She was the only child of the marriage and died unmarried after the Second World War.

Charles Bishop Kimpton

(September 1855 - )
     Charles Bishop Kimpton's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1855 in Islington RD, Middlesex. He was christened on 16 March 1856 in St Mary, Islington, London.
Charles Bishop Kimpton married Eliza Alice Wafford, daughter of John Henry Wafford and Harriett Haynes, on 29 January 1882 in St Thomas, St Marylebone, London. Charles Bishop Kimpton, 26. widower, athlete, of the parish of St George Hanover Square, son of Richard Frederick Kimpton, deceased gentleman, to, Eliza Alice Wafford, 23, spinster, of 15 Berrett St, daughter of John Wafford, fishmonger. Both signed in the presence of Wallace Wafford.
According to "FamilySearch" a Charles Bishop Kimpton married in Texas in 1890, which may explain why there is no death yet found in England and his wife re-married c 7 years after their daughter was born.

Child of Charles Bishop Kimpton and Eliza Alice Wafford

Iris Beryl Kinchela

(circa 1925 - )
     Iris Beryl Kinchela was born circa 1925. She was the daughter of Harold Edgar inchela and Esther Rosalie (Tyers)..

Children of Iris Beryl Kinchela

Isabel? Kinconquhar or Bruce?

(circa 1270 - )
      Lady Isabel, married secondly, to an earl of Athol; and thirdly, to Alexander Bruce, by whom she had a son of the same name. Among the charters of Robert the Bruce is one to Isobel countess of Athol and Alexander Bruce her son, of the lands of Dulven and Sannaykis. Two others are granted to Isabell de Atholia and Alexander Bruce, ‘filio suo nepoti nostro,’ of the lands of Balgillo in Forfarshire. Isabel? Kinconquhar or Bruce? was also known as de Kilconquhar in records.
She is the one (sometimes called Isabel Bruce, sister or half sister of Robert the Bruce) who married Thomas Randolph.
Isabel? Kinconquhar or Bruce? married Thomas Randolph (of Strathdon), son of Thomas Randolph. Lady Isabel, married, first, to Sir Thomas Randolph of Strathdon, high-chamberlain of Scotland, by whom she had Thomas earl of Moray, regent of Scotland. Isabel? Kinconquhar or Bruce? was born circa 1270 in Scotland. The daughter of Adam de Kilconquhar & Marjory Carrick according to Scott, therefore half sister to Robert the Bruce. She was the daughter of Adam de Kilconquhar and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick.

Child of Isabel? Kinconquhar or Bruce? and Thomas Randolph (of Strathdon)

John Kine

(say 1740 - )
     John Kine was born say 1740 in Jevington, Sussex.
John Kine married Mary Putland, daughter of John Putland and Elizabeth Reade, on 15 January 1766 in Willingdon, Sussex.

Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy

(before 1830 - )
     Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy was born before 1830 in Cork, Ireland.
Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy married William Colbert (of Cloyne), son of Patrick Colbert and Bridget A'Hearn, before 1841 in Cork.

Children of Margaret Kinealy or Kennealy and William Colbert (of Cloyne)

Alice Merle King

(6 April 1924 - October 1994)
     Alice Merle King was born on 6 April 1924.
Alice Merle King married Edward Albert Daniels, son of Albert Daniels and Doris May Seamer ? MacDonald ?, circa 1945 in Melbourne, Victoria.
     Alice died in October 1994 in Buderim, Queensland, aged 70.

Ann King

(circa 1730 - )
     Ann King was born circa 1730.
Ann King married John Vodry, son of John Vodry and Mary Clark, on 4 February 1749/50 in St John, Barbados.

Children of Ann King and John Vodry

Ann King

     Ann King married Thomas Osborn, son of Robert Osborn and Elizabeth Dunn, on 13 September 1737 in Croydon, Surrey.

Ann Maria KING

(circa 1845 - )
     Ann Maria KING was born circa 1845 in Boxford, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John KING and Maria Harper. Ann and Susan were listed as the children of John KING in the 1851 census in Boxford, Suffolk.

Bridie Judith Evelyn King

(8 October 1952 - )
     Bridie Judith Evelyn King was born on 8 October 1952 in Sydney, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Ulick Frederick Sydney King and Joan Vivian Dunbar.

Child of Bridie Judith Evelyn King

Cecil George Charles King

(6 August 1881 - 9 December 1942)
     Cecil George Charles King was buried in the Cemetery, Hampstead. He was born on 6 August 1881 in Gunnersbury, Middlesex. He was the son of George Frederick King and Alice Elizabeth Bowker.
     Cecil died on 9 December 1942 in Middlesex aged 61.

Daisy May King

(1890 - 3 September 1962)
     Daisy May King was born in 1890.
Daisy May King married William Weston MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston, in 1920 in Victoria. Daisy arrived in the area to teach piano and singing to Molly McKenzie and her sisters Jean and Annie.
Her nephew George came to stay with them. He was the son of Daisy's sister Lilly. During 1926/27 at the age of nine or ten, George Andrew Beecher arrived at William and Daisy's to help out at the dairy and many other chores. George's older brother James Raymond- known a Ray - had previously been on the farm to help out and on his return to Melbourne was replaced by George. (Ray died of TB after the Second World War and George was a P.O.W. in the Japanese Changi camp for many years until the end of the war returning home to live with his Mother and Father - marrying many years later).
On George's first day of school at Mack's Creek, he was thrown on the back of Stan Davis' horse for the ride on the sand track to school to meet his new teacher - Mr. Lofts? Being from the city George was encouraged by the other children to wander through the rabbit traps they had set up for a bit of a laugh.
George remembers leaving the skinned rabbits out under hessian bags to be collected for pocket money, sometimes using it to go to the pictures at the Regent in Yarram by walking along the railway line. it was quicker this way as you could not be sure of a lift into town along the road. Daisy would go into town with horse (Clydesdale) and jinker as the farm did not have any vehicles. On a Saturday night with kero lamps in hand they would all walk over to D.T.'s and George would play with the children, Don, David and Lilly.
In his teenage years George returned from Melbourne to holiday at Mack's Creek. In training for professional cycle racing he would follow the postie - Tommy Cook on his run from Yarram to Traralgon trying to catch up with the vehicle as Tommy delivered mail, nuts and bolts and other specialty items requested by the neighbours.
George has fond memories of fun and hard working times at Mack's Creek and was thrilled to be at the Muster 13th June, 1999 - renewing old acquaintances and arranging return visits to reminisce.
     Daisy died on 3 September 1962 in Macks Creek, Won Wron, Victoria. She was buried on 5 September 1962 in Yarram.

Elsie Frances Paget King

(22 October 1875 - )
     Elsie Frances Paget King was born on 22 October 1875. She was the daughter of George Frederick King and Alice Elizabeth Bowker.

Frances King

(circa 1776 - 13 October 1822)
     Frances King was born circa 1776.
Frances King married Thomas Noakes before 1803.
     Frances died on 13 October 1822 in Willingdon, Sussex. She was buried in St Mary the Virgin, Willingdon, Sussex. To the memory of Thomas Noakes, yeoman of this parish and formerly of Wannock / who departed this life April 8th 1829 / aged 54 years / To the memory of / Frances Noakes wife of / Thomas Noakes of Jevington, Gent / and eldest daughter of Rich'd King / late of this parish esq / who departed this life / 13 October 1822 / aged 46 years / In loving memory of Emily Holt / who died/ June 12 1942 / aged 88.

Child of Frances King and Thomas Noakes

George Frederick King

(29 March 1847 - 16 January 1903)
     George Frederick King was born on 29 March 1847 in Saffron Walden, Essex. He was the son of Simeon JohnKing and Matilda Parke.
George Frederick King married Alice Elizabeth Bowker, daughter of Henry Francis Bowker and Eliza Alice Keep, on 17 November 1874 in Brighton, Sussex.
     George died on 16 January 1903 in Middlesex aged 55. He was buried on 21 January 1903 in the Cemetery, Hampstead.

Children of George Frederick King and Alice Elizabeth Bowker

Henry George King

     Henry George King married Blanche Clarissa Outlaw, daughter of William Outlaw and Blanche Sophia Easter Cocksedge, in 1922 in New South Wales.

Jane King

     Jane King was born in Preston, Lancashire?, England?.
Jane King married Benjamin Evans, son of John Evans and Eleanor Evans, in 1875 in Victoria, Australia. He does not appear to be the son of John Evans as he is not mentioned in the disposal of his estate..

Children of Jane King and Benjamin Evans


(circa 1801 - )
     John KING was born circa 1801 in Boxford, Suffolk.
John KING married Maria Harper, daughter of William Harper and Mary HURREL, on 16 April 1827 in Boxford, Suffolk.
     John KING and Maria Harper were recorded on the 1851 census in Boxford, Suffolk. John King 50, born Boxford, farmer of 57? acres ... & grocer, his wife Maria King 46, born Thorpe Morieux, daughters Susan King 23, dressmaker in shop, Ann Maria King 6, both born Boxford.

Children of John KING and Maria Harper

John King

Mary King

(before 1610 - before 2 May 1633)
     Mary King was born before 1610 in Suffolk.
Mary King married Andrew Cocksedge on 5 May 1625 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.
     Mary died before 2 May 1633 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 2 May 1633 in Bury St Edmunds. Mary, wife of Andrew Cocksage.

Mary King

(circa 1780 - before 21 February 1847)
     Mary King was born circa 1780 in Bildeston?, Suffolk.
Mary King married Thomas Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 15 October 1804 in Ringshall, Suffolk. Thomas Grimwood & Mary King. The banns described them as both of Bildeston.
     Mary King and Thomas Grimwood were recorded on the 1841 census in Battisford. Thomas Grimwood 55, ag. lab; Mary Grimwood, 60, Ann 20, Mary 15, all born in the county.
     Mary died before 21 February 1847 in Ringshall, Suffolk. She was buried on 21 February 1847 in Ringshall.

Children of Mary King and Thomas Grimwood

Mary King

(28 February 1865 - 11 February 1936)
     Mary King was born on 28 February 1865 in Bo'ness, West Lothian (Linlithgow).
Mary King married David Mackay, son of Isabella MacKay, on 8 October 1886 in Manhatten, New York, USA.
     Mary died on 11 February 1936 in New York, Queens, USA, aged 70.

Children of Mary King and David Mackay

Mary King

     Mary King married Charles Costello, son of Edmund Costello and Hon Mary Margaret Bermingham.

Child of Mary King and Charles Costello

Rosemary Louie Eva King

(14 October 1932 - 22 April 1988)
     Rosemary Louie Eva King was born on 14 October 1932 in Yeoval, New South Wales. She was the daughter of William Stevenson! King MB, ChM and Elizabeth Louie May Phillips.
     Rosemary died on 22 April 1988 in Little Bay, New South Wales, Australia, aged 55. She was cremated on 27 April 1988 in Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, Botany.

Susan KING

(circa 1828 - )
     Susan KING was born circa 1828 in Boxford, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John KING and Maria Harper. Ann and Susan were listed as the children of John KING in the 1851 census in Boxford, Suffolk.

Ulick Frederick Sydney King

(28 July 1914 - 27 November 1966)
     Ulick Frederick Sydney King was born on 28 July 1914 in Galway, Ireland.
Ulick Frederick Sydney King married Joan Vivian Dunbar, daughter of Eric Vivian Dunbar and Thelma Edith Fortey, on 2 January 1942 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Ulick died on 27 November 1966 in Burwood district, New South Wales, aged 52.

Children of Ulick Frederick Sydney King and Joan Vivian Dunbar

Vivien Isolde King

(28 February 1951 - 10 May 1991)
     Vivien Isolde King was born on 28 February 1951. She was the daughter of Ulick Frederick Sydney King and Joan Vivian Dunbar.
Vivien Isolde King married Brooke Leighton Murphy in 1971 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Vivien died on 10 May 1991 in Newcastle, New South Wales, aged 40.

William Stevenson! King MB, ChM

(16 September 1892 - 3 April 1966)
     William Stevenson! King MB, ChM was born on 16 September 1892 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
William Stevenson! King MB, ChM married Elizabeth Louie May Phillips, daughter of Clarence Irvine Phillips and Sarah Jane Hawker (Verge), on 7 September 1929 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     William died on 3 April 1966 in 'Neringah Home', Wahroonga, New South Wales, aged 73. He was cremated on 4 April 1966 in the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Chatswood.

Child of William Stevenson! King MB, ChM and Elizabeth Louie May Phillips

Sarah King/Tokins/Wheatley

(circa 1820 - before 22 August 1847)
     Sarah King/Tokins/Wheatley was born circa 1820.
The marriage of Sarah King/Tokins/Wheatley and William Bowker, son of Which Bowker, was registered in St Neots RD, Huntingdonshire, in the March 1839 quarter.
     Sarah died before 22 August 1847 in St Neots, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 22 August 1847 in St Mary, St Neots.

Children of Sarah King/Tokins/Wheatley and William Bowker