Ayscough Wells

(circa 1783 - 20 April 1853)
     Ayscough Wells was born circa 1783.
     Ayscough was buried on 20 April 1853 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. ||Ayscough Wells, of Horncastle, aged 70.

David Bowker Wells

(circa 1795 - )
     David Bowker Wells was born circa 1795 in London. He was the son of Samuel Wells and Patty Bowker.
     David matriculated Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Jan. 15, 1813. S. of David.
B. in London . [School, Rugby.] Matric. Michs. 1813.
Migrated to Christ's, Oct. 10, 1814; Scholar; B.A. 1817; M.A. 1820. Ord. deacon ( London , for Ely), Dec. 20, 1818; priest (Ely), 1819; C. of Hatley St George and East Hatley, Cambridgeshire , 1818. C.-in-charge of Tollesbury, Essex , 1833-40. C. of Shalford, 1841-2. Of Colchester (no cure), 1843-7. C. of St Mary's, Colchester, 1847-55. Author, St Paul Vindicated . Died Mar. 15, 1866, aged 70, in London . ( Peile, II. 377, which gives his father as Samuel and Place of birth as Ramsey, Huntingdonshire ; Rugby Sch. Reg; Clergy List; Crockford; The Guardian, Mar. 21, 1866.)
at Cambridge University in 1813.
Rev. David Bowker Wells, late of Bocking, Essex and now of St Neots, Thomas Bird, chemist and druggist of Huntingdon, and John Bird, farmer of Yaxley, (all executors of the will of the late Samuel Bird) to George Game Day, gentleman of St Ives, in trust to attend the inheritance of Overall Ibberson, merchant of Ramsey (only son and heir of Henry Ibberson). £550 Property as at R15/9/4. Copy of will of Thomas Bird (5th November, 1814) and all extract from the will of Samuel Ogleby Bird, (8th February, 1829.).
He was the Rev David Bowker Wells, curate of Shalford, Essex in 1841, son of Samuel Wells, esq. of Peterborough who attended Rugby School.

Elizabeth Wells

(before 1680 - )
     Elizabeth Wells was also known as Elizabeth Wells in records. She was born before 1680 in Lincolnshire, England.
     Elizabeth Wells married John Popplewell as his third wife, on 16 June 1699 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Elizabeth Wells and John Popplewell

Elizabeth Wells

     Elizabeth Wells married Samuel Rich in 1791. A Samuel Rich married Elizabeth Brown on12 May 1792 at Tickhill, Yks.

Children of Elizabeth Wells and Samuel Rich

George Wells

     George Wells married Betty Rich, daughter of John Rich and Elizabeth Parkin, on 4 September 1793 in Anston, Yorkshire, England.

Samuel Wells

     Samuel Wells was born in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, England.
     A marriage settlement between Samuel Wells and Patty Bowker was made on 7 March 1774. Deeds relating to a farmhouse and 144 acres in Middlemoor district, Ramsey... (And subsequent deeds) (for the purpose of showing Mrs Wells is barred of her dower.) Samuel Wells, eldest son and heir at law and devisee named in the will of the late William Wells, to William Bowker and Daniel Gray, trustees. In consideration of the marriage intended between Wells and Patty Bowker and £500 paid by David Bowker as a marriage portion for his daughter Patty. His estate called Honey in the hamlet of Wimblington, Isle of Ely, Cambs., to hold to certain users, including, on the death of Wells, to use of themselves to the intent that Patty Bowker might receive out of the premises an annuity of £650 in lieu of all dower which might have out of Wells's real or personal estates.
Samuel Wells married Patty Bowker, daughter of David Bowker and Lydia Jennings, on 22 March 1774 in Farcett, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence.

Child of Samuel Wells and Patty Bowker

Sarah Wells

(circa 1700 - 2 May 1728)
     Sarah Wells was born circa 1700.
Sarah Wells married Thomas Popplewell on 15 May 1721 in Owston, Lincolnshire, England.
     Sarah was buried on 2 May 1728 in Owston, LIN, ENG. Buried Sarah Poplewell, Butterwick, wife of Thomas, 2/5/1728.

Child of Sarah Wells and Thomas Popplewell

Wilson Wells

(before 1810 - )
     Wilson Wells was born before 1810.

Naomi Wells?

( - before 1895)
     Naomi Wells? married James Dempster, son of John Dempster and Elizabeth Bishop, before 1894.
     Naomi died before 1895.

Harriet Wellstead

(24 January 1816 - )
     Harriet Wellstead was christened on 24 January 1816 in St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire. She was the daughter of Martin Wellstead and Charlotte George.
     Harriet Wellstead was a beneficiary in James Dempster's will dated 18 August 1841 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Martin Wellstead

     Martin Wellstead married Charlotte George, daughter of George George and Elizabeth (?), on 2 September 1811 in St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire.

Child of Martin Wellstead and Charlotte George

Alexander Welsh

     Alexander Welsh married Caroline Bowker Wood, daughter of John Wood and Rebecca Burnham Bowker, before 1 April 1892 in Oundle RD, Northamptonshire.

Beryl E Welsh

(1915 - 11 January 1999)
     Beryl E Welsh was born in 1915 in Bulli, New South Wales.
Beryl E Welsh married Allan Eric Dunbar, son of John Henry Dunbar and Florence Beatrice Buckenham, in 1939 in Bulli, NSW.
     Beryl died on 11 January 1999 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Bridget Welsh

     Bridget Welsh married Anthony Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1868.

Child of Bridget Welsh and Anthony Handy

Mary Welsh

(before 1670 - before 25 May 1753)
     Mary Welsh was born before 1670.
Mary Welsh married John Fawler, son of George Fawler and Elizabeth Lunne, on 3 June 1695 in St Swithin, London Stone, London. Mr John ffawler of St Margaret's Westminster & Madam? Mary Welsh of Wansted? in the county of Essex, were married by a provincial? lycence.
     In John Fawler's will dated 2 February 1743/44 in St Olave, Hart St, London, Mary Welsh was named as executrix of the estate; He was described as John Fawler of St Olive, Hart St Crutched Friars, City of London where he wished to be buried. His coffin was to be borne by his brethren at the Navy Board and his wife Mary his executrix. £1000 of his estate was left to his daughter Harriott Long, he mentions her husband Thomas Long, his son-in-law Thomas Rawstorn esq and daughter Anne Rawstorn; his sister Jane Newson, widow of Caleb Newson; his nephews George Thomas John & Henry Fawler and their sisters Elizabeth Purkey, Susannah, Sarah & Mary Fawler and his nephew Thos Newson; his unmarried daughters Mary Amy and Frances, and his unfortunate daughter Charlotte.
     Mary Welsh made a will dated August 1749 in Walthamstow, Essex. I Mary Fawler of Epping Forest in the parish of Walthamstow in the county of Essex ...whereas my husband John Fawler esquire ... daughters Frances & Mary Amy ... Thomas Rawstorn to care for her unfortunate daughter Charlotte ... daughter Harriot Long and her husband Thomas Long...
     Mary Welsh made a will dated 25 May 1753.
     Mary died before 25 May 1753 in Walthamstow, Essex. She was buried on 25 May 1753 in London.
     Her will was proved on 6 June 1753 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Mary Welsh and John Fawler

Mary Wembridge

(circa 1811 - after 1861)
     Mary Wembridge was born circa 1811 in Ashill, Someret, England.
Mary Wembridge married Charles James Bowker, son of James Bowker and Arabella Paget, circa 1838.
     Mary died after 1861.

Children of Mary Wembridge and Charles James Bowker

David Edward Gillespie Wemyss

(21 February 1900 - before 3 June 1989)
     David Edward Gillespie Wemyss was born on 21 February 1900 in Sweden.
David Edward Gillespie Wemyss married Edith Mary La Touche, daughter of Thomas Henry Digges La Touche and Anna Frances Handy, in 1924 in Cambridge RD, Cambridgeshire, England. Tjey had 3 sons..
David Edward Gillespie Wemyss married secondly Avice Gertrude La Touche in 1930 in Brentford RD, Miiddlesex, England.
     David Edward Gillespie Wemyss married thirdly Lynette Nowelle La Touche in 1961 in Cambridge RD Cambridgeshire.
     David died before 3 June 1989. An obituary in the Daily telegraph on Saturday 3 June 1989, stated that he was one of the most decorated and successful U-boat killers of the 39-45 war.
He was appointed to the Navy Lt Commander Jan 1913 [!], appointed Commander 20 Jan 1916, He retired from the Navy on 21 Feb 1950..

John Wemyss

     John Wemyss married Eupheme Unknown (Wemyss) before 1566.

Mary Wemyss

(circa 1665 - 15 April 1771)
     Mary Wemyss was born circa 1665 in Danesfort, Kilkenny, Ireland.
Mary Wemyss married James Agar, son of Charles Agar and Ellis Blanchville.
     Mary died on 15 April 1771 in Ringwood, Kilkenny, Ireland. Died. On Monday 15th inst. at Ringwood in this county, Mrs. Mary Agar, a widow aged 106 by whose death a jointure of £1,000 per ann. together with a great share of her personal fortune devolves to her grandson James Agar Esq. one of the Knights of the Shire for this county.

Children of Mary Wemyss and James Agar

Patrick Wemyss

     Patrick Wemyss married Ann Handcock, daughter of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington, in 1702.

Unknown Wenlock 3rd Baron

( - 1912)
     Unknown Wenlock 3rd Baron married Constance Mary Lascelles Baroness Wenlock, daughter of Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl of Harewood and Elizabeth Joan de Burgh, in 1872.
     Unknown died in 1912.

Alice Wensley

(before 1605? - 3 June 1634)
     Alice Wensley was born before 1605? In Lincolnshire, England.
Alice Wensley married Robert Popplewell, son of James Popplewell and Elizabeth Broughton, on 30 November 1622 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
     Alice was buried on 3 June 1634 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Alice, wife of Rob'te Popplewell, joyner.

Child of Alice Wensley and Robert Popplewell

Ann Wentworth

(October 1627 - )
     Ann Wentworth was born in October 1627. She was the daughter of Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford and Arabella Holles.
Ann Wentworth married Edward Watson 2nd Lord Rockingham.

Anna Maria Wentworth

     Anna Maria Wentworth was born in Hickleton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Mr Wentworth of Hickleton. Yks diaries states that she was the daughter of Godfrey Wentworth of Wolley. She was the daughter of Godfrey Wentworth.
Anna Maria Wentworth married Rev Edward Silvester, son of Edward Silvester and Mary Brattle or Battell, on 21 November 1726 in Hickleton, Yorkshire. John Hobson's diary records: Nov 16th,
At Barnsley. Mr Sylvester, of Burthwaite, was married the Monday before, at Hickelton, with Miss Wentworth, daughter of Mr Godfrey Wentworth, deceased, brother to the present Mr Wentworth, of Wooley.
She married secondly Mr Bold of Lancashire.
Anna Maria Wentworth married Peter Bold as her second husband, on 4 May 1730 in St Stephen Walbrook & St Benet Sherehog, London. He was a well established and prosperous member of the Lancashire gentry. He owned a large estate at Bold, near St Helens, and was MP for Wigan.
John Hobson's diary records: 29th
May 1730 Mr. Bold, of Lancashire, who has lately married the widow of Mr. Ed[ward] Silvester, brings her down to Burthwaite hall

Arabella Wentworth

(October 1630 - )
     Arabella Wentworth was born in October 1630. She married John McCarthy, Viscount Mountcashel. She was the daughter of Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford and Arabella Holles.

Edith Wentworth

(1845 - 8 January 1891)
     Edith Wentworth was born in 1845. She was the daughter of William Charles Wentworth, of Vaucluse, NSW & Sarah Cox.
Edith Wentworth married Charles Gordon-Cumming Dunbar 9th Bart of Northfield, son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield and Sophia Orred, on 17 October 1872 in St Paul's, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, England.
Charles was appointed Archdeacon of Grenada and left England in October 1875 but returned in 1877. He later became a preacher at the Tavistock chapel using his wife's money. In 1878 Edith left him and took legal action for a judicial separation and custody of her daughter. They went to court in February 1880. Beatrix went to Scotland with her grandparents as 'ransom' residing with them from 1880 to 1893..
     Edith died on 8 January 1891.

George Wentworth (of Woolley)

     George Wentworth (of Woolley) was the son of Sir William Wentworth (Baronet) and Ann Atkins or Atkinson.

Sir George Wentworth (of Woolley)

(circa 1600 - 18 October 1660)
     Sir George Wentworth (of Woolley) was born circa 1600.
Sir George Wentworth (of Woolley) married Ann Fairfax, daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske, before October 1621.
     George died on 18 October 1660.

Godfrey Wentworth

      He was of Woolley and Hickleton and was succeeded by his grandson who took the name Wentworth.

Child of Godfrey Wentworth

Sir John Wentworth Baronet

     Sir John Wentworth Baronet married Catherine Finch, daughter of Sir Moyle Finch (Bt) and Countess Elizabeth Heneage.