James Brereton Hooper

(24 September 1869 - 10 April 1913)
     James Brereton Hooper was born on 24 September 1869 in Brighton, Sussex. He was the son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton. James Brereton Hooper was christened on 28 October 1869 in St Nicholas, Brighton. George, Harriet, Augusta, Margaret, Herbert, Helen, William and James were listed as the children of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1871 census in 29 Cambridge Rd, Hove, Sussex. Harriet, Margaret, Helen, Herbert, William and James were listed as the children of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1881 census in 31 Cambridge Road, Hove, Sussex. James Brereton Hooper were listed as Rev Robert Poole Hooper's adult children in the 1901 census in 31 Cambridge Rd, Hove.
     James Brereton Hooper and Rev Robert Poole Hooper were recorded on the 1911 census in Hove, Sussex. Robert Poole Hooper, head, 84, widower, clergyman C/E, born Bloomsbury London; son James B Hooper, 42. single born Hove, Margaret Ross Hooper, daugahter, 53. single, born Langham ... Norfolk, with 3 servants.
James Brereton Hooper and Harriet Anna Hooper, Augusta Maude Hooper, Margaret Ross Hooper, Helen Elizabeth Hooper, Henry Brereton Hooper, William Barwick Hooper, Capt Herbert Ross Hooper and Lt Robert Poole Hooper were mentioned on 30 March 1912.
     James died on 10 April 1913 in Sussex aged 43. He was buried in New Shoreham, Sussex, England. He was mentioned with his father in the memorial in the side chapel at St Mary le Haura.

James Havelock Hooper

(13 March 1858 - )
     James Havelock Hooper was born on 13 March 1858. He was the son of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny.
James Havelock Hooper married Frances Daughtry on 23 February 1880?.

Child of James Havelock Hooper and Frances Daughtry

James S Hooper

     James S Hooper was the son of Thomas Clark Hooper and Mary Elizabeth Stevenson.
     James resided at Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA, 1905.

Jan Hooper

(16 December 1682 - )
     Jan Hooper was christened on 16 December 1682 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Alexander Hooper and Margaret Houiston or Hallast.

Jane Anna Maria Hooper

(circa 1840 - )
     Jane Anna Maria Hooper was born circa 1840 in Devon, England.
The marriage of Jane Anna Maria Hooper and Richard Leonard Hawkins was registered in Kingston RD in the March 1872 quarter.
     Jane Anna Maria Hooper and Richard Leonard Hawkins were recorded on the 1881 census in Hillside, Hastings, Sussex. Richard L Hawkins 33, coachbuilder employing 60 men, born Kensington; his wife Jane A Hawkins 40, born Stoke, Devon; Sarah Thomas 25 servant.

Janet Hooper

(3 August 1753 - )
     Janet Hooper was christened on 3 August 1753 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Janet Ker.

Janet Hooper

(7 October 1760 - )
     Janet Hooper was christened on 7 October 1760 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Joseph Hooper and Ann Roger.

Jean Hooper

(2 February 1781 - )
     Jean Hooper was born on 2 February 1781 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald. Jean Hooper was christened on 8 February 1781 in Ednam.

Jeremy Blair Hooper

(6 August 1930 - 6 July 2019)
     Jeremy Blair Hooper was born on 6 August 1930 in India. He was the son of Ian Mackay Hooper and Alison Margaret Blair.
     Jeremy resided at 42 Wardour, Tisbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, between 2003 and 2010.
     Jeremy died on 6 July 2019 in Wardour, Tisbury, Wiltshire, England, aged 88.

Jessie Hooper

(7 August 1853 - )
     Jessie Hooper was born on 7 August 1853 in Lyndhurst Rd, Camberwell, Surrey. She was the daughter of Henry Hooper and Susannah Sanderson. Jessie Hooper was christened on 31 August 1853 in St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey. Sophia, Arthur, Mary, Jessie, Katherine and Frances were listed as the children of Henry Hooper in the 1861 census in Penshurst Place, St Giles parish, Camberwell, Surrey. Mary, Jessie, Katherine and Frances were listed as the children of Susannah Sanderson in the 1871 census in 2 Lyndhurst Place, Camberwell, Surrey.
The marriage of Jessie Hooper and John Usher Davison was registered in Camberwell RD, Surrey, in the September 1875 quarter.
     Jessie Hooper and John Usher Davison were recorded on the 1881 census in Seven Sisters Rd, Stanley House, Stoke Newington, St Mary, Middlesex. J U Davison 33 , provision merchant, born Limehouse, Mdx: his wife Jessie Davison 27, born Peckham; children Jessie Davison 4 ,John H Davison 2, Sydney H Davison 1, all born Hornsey, Mdx; Katherine Hooper 25, unmarried, sister in law, born Peckham; and two servants Frances Thurrell 20, Elizabeth A Miller 21.
     Jessie Hooper and John Usher Davison were recorded on the 1891 census in Stoke Newington, Middlesex. John U Davison 43, provision merchant, born Stepney, wife Jessie Davison 37, born Peckham, Jessie M Davison 14, John H Davison 11, both born Hornsey, Hilda Davison, 8 , Lorna Davison 6, Reynold Davison 3, all 3 born Stoke Newington. Elizabeth Scott 34, Annie E Houghton 28, Florence Long 20, servants.

Children of Jessie Hooper and John Usher Davison

John Hooper

(6 December 1744 - 1 January 1820)
     John Hooper was christened on 6 December 1744 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. John, son of Robert Hopper & Marjory Dawson, tenant in Edenmouth. The use of Jeffrey and Dawson as middle names support this. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson. [CR:]John Hooper was listed as a Freeman of the city of London on 4 February 1766. Tuesday the 4th day of February 1766 and in the sixth year of the reign of King George the Third...
This day Mr Chamberlain having presented unto this Court John Hooper to be made free of this City as the forty second of fifty granted unto him by this Court the 16th day of July 1765 to be applied towards the Discharge of the publick Debts of this City. It is ordered that the said John Hooper be admitted into the Freedom of this City by Redemption in the Company of Founders paying unto Mr Chamberlain for this City's Use the Sum of Forty six Shillings and eight pence.
At the side, son of Robt Hooper of Kelso in Scotland, farmer. John was a linen draper in 1768, London, England. From 1768-1772 he is described as a haberdasher at 150 Fleet Street, London in Kent's directories, Baldwins, Lowndes (1773), London & Payne's directories.
From 1774 to 1784 he was a linen draper at 140/149 Oxford St. Between 1775 and 1784 there was another John, linen draper at 17 Ludgate St, although this may have been a second shop.
1779 John Hooper, Linen draper, 149 Oxford St & " " linen draper, 17 Ludgate St & James H. mercer.
1780 (Kents) John Hooper, linen draper, 149 Oxford St; John Hooper, linen draper, 17 Ludgate St; James Hooper, mercer, 48 New Bond St.
In 1781 only the Ludgate St entry was listed in Bailey's Northern directory.
1782 (Loundes) James Hooper, mercer, 48 New Bond St.
1784 (Bailey's) John Hooper, linen draper, 149 Oxford St (this is his last entry in the commercial section); James Hooper, mercer 48 New Bond St, also a John Hooker, linen draper, 23 Cheapside & Ben Hooker, surgeon & apothecary, 7 Pimlico.
John Hooper was listed in a directory dated from 1769 to 1771 as a haberdasher at 150 Fleet Street, London. There is also a John Hooker of 32 Cheapside in 1769-70. There was also a Samuel Hooper bookseller of Newchurch Strand 1770-72. Sam the bookseller moves to 25 Ludgate Hill and another Sam appears as a linen draper at 92 Newgate St in 1773.
John Hooper married Mary Fawler, daughter of Capt John Fawler and Mary Poole, on 27 February 1769 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England.
     John Hooper was mentioned in the will of Thomas Poole dated 28 October 1778.
John Hooper was declared bankrupt in June 1781. BANKRUPTS John Hooper, of Ludgate-Street, in the City of London, Linen-Draper. To appear June 12, 2.3, and July 10, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Lowten, Lamb's Buildings, Temple.
John Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1782 as James Hooper, mercer at 48 New Bond St, London. Also John Hooker, linen draper, 23 Cheapside.
Pursuant to a decreee of the High Court of Chancery in a cause Hooper against Hooper, the creditors of Thomas Fawler, late of Clapham, Surrye, esq., are forthwith ... to come and prove their debts... was published in the London gazette on 22 Dec 1789 and 6 July 1790.
In 1791 John Hooper Esq, Bentinck St, was a subscriber to the "History of Georgina Neville, or, the Disinterested orphan, a novel". He was widowed on 13 November 1802 on the death of his wife Mary Fawler.
John Hooper was listed in a directory dated from 1805 to 1808 as John Hooper Esquire at 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, St Marylebone. He appears in the court pages as of 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, and Shoreham Sussex.
     John died on 1 January 1820 in 13 Bentinck St, Manchester Square, St Marylebone, Westminster, aged 75. He was buried on 11 January 1820 in New Shoreham, Sussex. There is a memorial in the side chapel of St Mary le Haura.
     The administration of his estate was granted to James Hooper on 10 February 1820 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. John Hooper Esquire, £3000. On the tenth day of February Admon of the goods chattels and credits of John Hooper late of Bentinck Street Manchester Square in the parish of St Marylebone in the county of Middlesex Esq. widower deceased was granted to James Hooper one of the natural and lawful children of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to administer.
John's grandson, the Rev Robert Poole Hooper was the author of correspondence to a genealogist whose notes are held in the Society of Genealogists library. He makes the comment that the family came from Ednam and that they went to Scotland from Somerset as a result of the Monmouth rebellion. Rev R P Hooper claimed they were a branch of the Boveridge Hoopers but was unsuccessful at finding the link.

Children of John Hooper and Mary Fawler

John Hooper

(1 July 1777 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 1 July 1777 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald.
John Hooper married Helen Smith.

Children of John Hooper and Helen Smith

John Hooper

(2 April 1693 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 2 April 1693 in Stichill, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Alexander Hooper and Isabel Hoggart.

John Hooper

(22 July 1676 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 22 July 1676 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Beatrice Trotter or Potter.
John Hooper was mentioned on 28 May 1698.

John Hooper

(21 November 1703 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 21 November 1703 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He was the son of James Hooper and Margaret Frazer.

John Hooper

(7 July 1706 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 7 July 1706 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He was the son of James Hooper and Margaret Frazer.

John Hooper

(16 December 1720 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 16 December 1720 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Joseph Hooper and Janet Row.

John Hooper

(18 August 1744 - )
      Family Connections and Life of James Hooper Paper by Elizabeth Boyle in Filing Case A at the Maryland Historical Society [online] states: John Hooper born in Boston August 18,1744, who enlisted February 16,1775 in the great War of Revolution as a private in the 7th Company Battalion of Regular Troops in service of the Province of Maryland (see Revolutionary Records in the Maryland Historical Society).
John Hooper was a brother of the Honorable William Hooper, a signer of the Declaration of Independence (representing the State of North Carolina). John Hooper was likewise a son of Reverend William Hooper of Trinity Church Boston, a native of Scotland. John Hooper located in Frederick County, Maryland while his two brothers resided in Wilmington, North Carolina. The latter was the first president Of Cape Fear Bank in Wilmington.
. John Hooper was born on 18 August 1744 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was the son of Rev William Hooper and Mary Dennie.

John Hooper

(4 January 1767 - )
     John Hooper was christened on 4 January 1767 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. John, son of William Hooper & his spouse Jannet Dickson, servant to Robert Hooper tenant in Edinmouth. He was the son of William Hooper and Janet Dickson.

Brig John Ashby Hooper CBE

(18 February 1929 - 1 August 2007)
     John Ashby Hooper was born on 18 February 1929 in 'Stanser', 104 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales. He was the son of Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia Tempest Rich. Brig John Ashby Hooper CBE moved with his parents to Melbourne, Victoria, in 1934. John was educated from 1940 to 1946 in The Geelong College. He was a prefect in 1946 and began his education at 'Glamorgan', Toorak.
He trained at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, ACT from 1947 to 1949. He received the 'Sword of Honour'.
     He served in the Australian Army from 1950 to 1984. On graduation from Duntroon in December 1951, he was appointed a Lieutenant in Infantry and allotted to 2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment in Victoria. In mid-1952 he was posted as a rifle platoon commander to 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment then on active service in Korea. The following year he served in Japan for six months as a company commander at the Australian Reinforcement Unit before returning to Victoria firstly to the Regiment, then briefly as an instructor to the Officer Cadet School at Portsea. In 1955 Captain Hooper was appointed to the staff of Headquarters Third Division and later as Adjutant 8/7 Infantry Battalion based in Ballarat, but with territorial responsibility for most of North West Victoria. In late 1957 he joined 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment in Queensland which later moved to North Malaya where he served as Adjutant and then as a company commander on the Thai border in anti-terrorist operations in the rank of major. Following attendance at the Army Staff College Queenscliff, he spent two years instructing at the Royal Military College Duntroon in the subjects of tactics, training and military writing. He also organized and conducted the Inter-Service Athletics Competition. In late 1965 he joined 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment Group in South Vietnam as Second in Command. 1 RAR Group including Armour, Artillery, Engineer and Aviation was then serving as part of 173rd US Airborne Brigade. Later on with the arrival of the lst Australian Task Force, he became Second in Command of 6th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment. On returning to Australia in 1966 Major Hooper served as an operations staff officer in Army Headquarters. He was responsible for collecting and analysing operational reports from the Army in Vietnam, Malaysia and Borneo and for briefing the Minister and Chiefs of Staff on these matters. In 1967 he was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and attended the US Marine Corps Command and Staff College. In 1968 he spent two years at Army Headquarters where he was responsible for tactical training doctrine for the Army, the setting and conduct of the Chief of General Staff's annual exercise and for control of the Army Library Service. He then assumed command of 5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment at Holsworthy. This was followed by attendance at the Australian Joint Services Staff College in Canberra. Lieutenant Colonel Hooper's next appointment was as an analyst in the Joint Intelligence Organization in Canberra. In 1974 he was promoted Colonel and The Military Secretary, a position broadly responsible for the management of officers. He was then promoted Brigadier and Director General of Personnel Operations which embraced a wide range of personnel policy matters. The position also carried the responsibility of Chairmanship of the Army Health Benefits Society, Army Amenities Fund, and of being Army member of the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits management committee. After a year as Deputy Chief of Personnel, he again became The Military Secretary. In December 1982 Brigadier Hooper was appointed to command The Second Military District (the State of New South Wales) and to be an Honorary ADC to the Governor General. He retired from the Army on 14 February 1984. John served in five of the RAR Battalions, three of them on active service. He served with 2RAR 1951; 3RAR Japan & Korea 1952; Adjt., 1RAR, Malaya 1958; 1RAR South VietNam 1965; 6RAR SVN 1966; and Commanding Officer 5RAR 1970-72.
     Brig John Ashby Hooper CBE and Lorelee Marguerite Carstens were engaged on 21 December 1951. HOOPER-CARSTENS-The Engagement is announced of Lorelee Marguerite Carstens only daughter ol Mrs N H Fisher of Deakin Canberra to John Ashby Hooper, Lieutenant Australian Staff Corps, elder son of Mr and Mrs Ashby Hooper of Tcorak.
John Ashby Hooper married Lorelee Marguerite Carstens on 9 January 1954 in St John's, Canberra, ACT. The Adelaide advertiser reported: A CANBERRA wedding with an Adelaide interest was that of Miss Lorelee Carstens, daughter of Mrs. N. H. Fisher, whose husband, Dr. N. H. Fisher, is chief Commonwealth geologist. Lorelee was married in the old St. John's Church, Canberra, to Lieut. John Ashby Hooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. W. Hooper, of Toorak, Melbourne. Melbourne. Miss Heather Menzies was bridesmaid, and her mother, Dame Pattie Menzies. was present. Mrs. Wesley Hooper, formerly Miss Margaret Jolly, who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jolly, of Medindie. flew home to Melbourne to join her husband, and they then went on by air to the wedding. Lieut. Hooper is Mr. Wesley Hooper's nephew. Mrs. Hooper and her sons, Andrew, Jeremy, and Robert, will return to Canterbury, their home i Melbourne, next week end.
     John and Lorelee were registered as a soldier and home duties at Longs Rd, Lower Plenty, Victoria, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     John resided at 'Lauderdale', 4 Muir Crescent, Ballarat, Victoria, from 1955 to 1957.
     John resided at 75 McCaul Street, Taringa, Brisbane, Queensland, July 1958.
     John resided at 4 Canberra Rd, Canberra, ACT, August 1969.
     John resided at 19 Lamington St, Canberra, after August 1969.
     John resided at Lumeah St, Canberra.
     John resided at Victoria Barracks, Paddington, New South Wales, from 1982. He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for service to the Austarlian Army, particularly in the field of personnel mangement on 1 January 1983.
     Brig John Ashby Hooper CBE was employed as Private Secretary to NSW Governors Rowland & Martin between 1985 and 1990, Sydney. After a brief period working for AUSTCARE Brigadier Hooper was in 1985 appointed Private Secretary to the Governor of New South Wales, and also a part-time member of the Veterans' Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
     John and Lorelee resided at 103 Cook Rd, Centennial Park, New South Wales, 1997. They retired to their beach-house at Dalmeny.
     John resided at Dalmeny, New South Wales. They retired to their beach house.
     John died on 1 August 2007 in Dalmeny, New South Wales, aged 78. Geelong College publication: Geelong Collegians at the Second World War and Subsequent Conflicts' compiled by J. Affleck p566 (citing The Pegasus; Australian War Memorial; Obituary from Fifth Battalion Royal Australian Regiment website, by Colin Khan CO SRAR 1968-70); The Age (Melb) 4 Aug 2007, states:
HOOPER, Brigadier John Ashby CBE (1929-2007)
Born on 18th February 1929 in Sydney, the son of Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia, nee Rich, he attended Geelong College as a boarder from 15 February 1940 to March 1947. He had peviously attended Glamorgan School and his adress at enrolment wa 31 Montalto Ave, Tooak.
The Pegasus of December 1951 reported: 'At the Duntroon graduation parnde Senior Under Officer John Hooper, as the cadet with the greatest all-round ability, received the Sword of Honour.'

The Pegasus of December 1952: 'On active service in Korea with the United Nations forces are Major Warwick Callander, who made a good recovery from his wound, Captain John H Anderson, Captain John Salmon and Lt John Hooper. The two last-named met on the field in an international Rugby match, Captain Salmon being attached to a NZ artillery regiment.'

He spent 330 days on service in Korea as 335028 Lieutenant J A Hooper with the 3rd Battalion RAR from 24 July 1952 until 18 June 1953; he was Company Commander 1 RAR in Malaya in 1959, and Second-in-Command 6 RAR in South Vietnam in 1966.
The Department of Veterans’ Affairs lists him with Vietnam Service (No. 335028) as a Major with the Royal Australian Infantry Corps. His Vietnam service is listed as follows: '1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment 04/12/1965 - 04/06/1966 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment 05/06/1966 - 11/10/1966.'

He became Honorary ADC to the Governor-General until 1984, and Private Secretary to the Governor of New South Wales from 1985 to 1989; a Director of the Vietnam Veterans Trust of Australia from 1990; and Vice-President of the Order of the British Empire Association from 1994, having been promoted Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1983. He was a part-time Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Veterans' Appeals) from 1985.
Brigadier Colin Khan (CO 5RAR 1968-70) wrote his obituary after John Hooper's death in August 2007:
'John Ashby Hooper commanded 5RAR at Holsworthy in 1970-71, after the Battalion returned from Vietnam.
He died very suddenly, in August 2007, at is home on the NSW South Coast. John went to Royal Military College Duntroon in 1947 and graduated in 1951 having been my class senior and BSM of the Corps of Staff Cadets.
His overseas service included Japan and Korea, Malaya, Vietnam and Singapore. He served during his 37 years in the Army in five battalions of the Regiment, namely 2RAR (Puckapunyal), 3RAR (Korea), lRAR and 6RAR (Vietnam) and 5RAR (Holsworthy). He also had staff postings at Army Headquarters and retired in 1984 as Commander 2nd Military District.
At his memorial service in Canberra, I wrote a special prayer for John and also read a message of condolence from the Commanding Officer of 5RAR in Iraq. Our Association was well represented by the President, Geoff Pearson, Brian Budden and Paul Greenhalgh. Stan Maizey was also present as an RMC classmate and former member of the Battalion. John will be remembered as an outstanding soldier who gave his all to the Regiment and the Army. It is a privilege to have known him.'
His father, Ashby Arthur William Hooper MC (1895-1982), and brother, George Arthur Ashby Hooper were also educated at Geelong College.
. He was cremated on 7 August 2007 in Broulee. A memorial service was later held at St John's Canberra. His ashes were placed with the family in 26 Sep 2007.

John Benjamin Hooper

(18 April 1778 - 16 June 1808)
     John Benjamin Hooper was born on 18 April 1778 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. He was the son of John Hooper and Mary Fawler. John Benjamin Hooper was christened on 15 May 1778 in St Marylebone. John was a merchant with his brother in London.
John Benjamin Hooper witnessed William Hooper and Mary [Darby] Bickley's wedding on 1 May 1804 in St Mary, Islington, London.
     John Benjamin Hooper made a will dated 22 June 1807 in Dove Crt, Lombard St, London. John Benjn Hooper of Dove Court, Lombard St, London (parish of St Pancras), merchant: To my brother George Henry Hooper, merchant of Coleman St Bldgs, my half of the household furniture Plate Linen Wine or every article in the house of Coleman St Buildings and of Kentish Town, Mdx for his own use ... and half of all my property. The other half to my bros James, Robert, Thomas & Wm in equal shares. Wish to be buried at Shoreham near my mother To my father John Hooper £200... to my brother James a house lately purchased in Star Lane Shoreham now in the occupation of Mrs Durant. ... To Thos Dyer 10 pounds, etc.
     John died on 16 June 1808 in Kentish Town, London, aged 30. He was buried on 23 June 1808 in St Mary le Haura, New Shoreham, Sussex.
     His will was proved on 2 July 1808 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
John Benjamin Hooper and Dr Robert Hooper, William Hooper, George Henry Hooper and Rev Thomas Poole Hooper were mentioned as deceased on 2 November 1820.

John De Berniere Hooper

(6 September 1811 - 23 January 1886)
      John De Berniere Hooper (called De Berniere or D. B.) was a tutor and professor at the University of North Carolina and married his cousin Mary Elizabeth Hooper. She was the daughter of William Hooper, professor at UNC and South Carolina College, president of Wake Forest, and teacher, with his son-in-law at a private school in Littleton, North Carolina.
See: https://www.ncpedia.org/biography/hooper-john-de-berniere.
The Hooper family of Alabama included Caroline Alice Hooper, Charles Mallett Hooper, John DeBerniere Hooper, and their cousin Fanny DeBerniere Hooper Whitaker of North Carolina. The collection contains correspondence, genealogical research materials, biographical materials, pictures, and other papers relating to various members of the Hooper family. Correspondence between various members of the Hooper family documenting family happenings, financial affairs, and business transactions dates from 1829 through 1941, with the bulk dating from the 1890s through 1941. Numerous letters are addressed to John DeBerniere Hooper and Caroline Alice Hooper from family and acquaintances, including members of the Hooper, Waddell, Hough, and Collier families. Also included is correspondence between Charles Mallett Hooper and his cousin Fannie DeBerniere Hooper Whitaker concerning his service in the 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Genealogical and biographical materials concern the Hooper, Mallett, Waddell, DeBerniere, Maclaine, and Nash families. Pictures include individual and group portraits of family members. - Manuscripts Department, Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. John was a professor of Languages at the University, in North Carolina, USA. He was born on 6 September 1811 in Wilmington/Smithville, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA. He was the son of Archibald Maclaine Hooper and Charlotte de Bernier.
John De Berniere Hooper married Mary Elizabeth Hooper, daughter of William Hooper and Frances Pollack Jones, 20-30 Dec 1837 in Orange, North Carolina, USA. The marriage bond was dated 19 Dec 1837, They were fourth cousins.
     John died on 23 January 1886 in Chapel Hill, Orange County, North Carolina, USA, aged 74.

Children of John De Berniere Hooper and Mary Elizabeth Hooper

John de Berniere Hooper

     John de Berniere Hooper was born. He was the youngest son. John was the first Inspector of Mines in Alabama and is a Civil and Mining Engineer in that State. He was the son of George De Berniere Hooper and Caroline Eliza Mallett.

John James Hooper

(27 February 1810 - February 1877)
     John James Hooper was born on 27 February 1810 in Coleman St, London, England. He was the son of William Hooper and Mary [Darby] Bickley. John James Hooper was christened on 15 February 1811 in St Stephen, Coleman St, London.
John James Hooper mentioned on 25 March 1839.
     Administration of the estate of William Hooper was granted to John James Hooper, on 12 January 1841 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Admon of the goods chattels and credits of William Hooper late of Brewhouse Yard Saint John's Street and of Finchley in the county of Middlesex Annatto and Blue manufacturer widower deceased was granted to William Benjamin Hooper and John James Hooper two of the natural and lawful children of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to adminster. Estate £9000, Resworn in December 1841 at under £10,000 and additional security given. Admon of goods unadministered passed at the Principal Registry May 1881. [CR:]John James Hooper was listed as a Freeman of the city of London on 8 February 1841. Born within the Liberty of the City to wit at Coleman St, John James Hooper, son of William Hooper, Citizen and Founder of London ... legitimate and born after his father's admission. His father ... was admitted 9 Feb 1809, born 27 Feb 1810. John James Hooper of Brewhouse Yard, St Johns Street, Clerkenwell was this 8 day of February 1841 admitted and sworn a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Founders by patrimony. An unknown person was a blue & annatto manufacturer with his brother William, from 1847 he described himself as a dry salter from 1844.
John James Hooper married Sarah Elizabeth Horder on 26 February 1846 in St Matthew's, Brixton, Surrey.
     John James Hooper and Sarah Elizabeth Horder were recorded on the 1851 census in St John Street, Brewhouse Yard, Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex. John James Hooper, head, 41, annatto manufacturer, born Lothbury, London; Sarah his wfe, 25, born Whitechapel, children James 3, Robinah 1, both born Clerkenwell, Annie Wakefield, visitor, unmarried aged 23, born Leicester and two servants. John was an auctioneer in 1861.
     John James Hooper and Sarah Elizabeth Horder were recorded on the 1861 census in 2 Hill-Martin Villas West, Islington. John J Hooper, 54 [51?], auctioneer; Sarah E wife, 34, James son, 13 scholar; Robinah J daughter 11; Sarah A daughter 9; Walter H, son 8, Emily A daughter 6, Frank A son 2; all born city of London; Charles E son 11 months born Islington, Mdx; with a nurse and housemaid.
     John died in February 1877 in Auckland, New Zealand. At Auckland, at the residence of his son-in-law, the Hon Henry H Perry, John James Hooper, the beloved father of James Hooper, comedian, of this city.

Children of John James Hooper and Sarah Elizabeth Horder

John Jeffreys Hooper

(20 October 1776 - 25 April 1777)
     John Jeffreys Hooper was born on 20 October 1776 in London. He was the son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon. John Jeffreys Hooper was christened on 14 November 1776 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster.
     John was buried on 25 April 1777 in St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex. John Jeffries Hooper.

John Murray Hooper

(14 August 1926 - 23 July 1994)
     John Murray Hooper was born on 14 August 1926 in New South Wales. A Robinson tree on Ancestry states: John Murray HOOPER was born on 14 August 1926 in Bingara, New South Wales, to Clare RYAN, age 25, and Charles William Hooper, age 32.
His brother William Denis was born on 19 January 1937 in New South Wales.. He was the son of Charles William Hooper and Clare Ryan.
John Murray Hooper served in the military in 1954. He and an unknown person were divorced between 1957 and 1959 in New South Wales. Divorce papers John Murray Hooper - Marguerite Deas (Falsely called Hooper)..
     John resided at 95 Anzac Ave, Engadine, New South Wales, 1980.
     John died on 23 July 1994 in New South Wales aged 67. HOOPER, John Murray, late of Corowa, formerly of Engadine.

John Richard Hooper

(1909 - 1964)
     John Richard Hooper was born in 1909 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Roland William Hooper and Mary Anne Goodlet.
     John died in 1964 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

John Rossi Hooper

(September 1826 - 8 November 1917)
     John Rossi Hooper was born in September 1826 in Peckham, Surrey. He was the son of James Hooper and Sophia Richman. John Rossi Hooper was christened on 21 July 1827 in St Giles, Camberwell.
     John Rossi Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in the household of James Hooper and Sophia Richman in Deptford Lane, Peckham, Camberwell, St Giles, Surrey. Ellen, Frances, Alfred and John were listed as the children of James Hooper in the 1851 census in 'Acorn House', Queens Rd, Peckham, Surrey, England.
In 1854 he was at Port Philip, Australia.
     John Rossi Hooper was mentioned in the will of James Hooper dated 15 May 1854.
John Rossi Hooper married Elizabeth Glover on 15 October 1858 in Holy Trinity church, Shanghai, China. They met in Melbourne.
In 1860 had lately returned to England from China.
     John Rossi Hooper and Elizabeth Glover were recorded on the 1861 census in 5 Bushey Hill Terrace, Camberwell. John Hooper, head, married 34, China merchant, born Peckham, Surrey; Elizabeth wife, 28?, born Liverpool; Laura M, daughter, 1? born China, Shanghai and a nurse.
John Rossi Hooper was mentioned on 31 December 1861.
     John was registered as John Rossi Hooper, at 5 Bushy Hill Terrace, Peckham Rd, Camberwell, Surrey, on the 1864 electoral roll.
John Rossi Hooper was declared bankrupt on 30 November 1864. John Rossi Hooper and William Fripp, jun, were reported in Perry's Bankrupt gazette 10 Dec 1864. No details given. The Manchester Courier on 5 Dec 1864 reported that the partnership between John Rossi Hooper &Wiliam Fripp, Jun had been dissolved..
In 1868, but not in 1875, John Rossi Hooper, merchant, was a partner in Alf. Hooper & Co., merchants, 32 Gt St Helens, E.C.
     John was registered at Church Crescent, Greenwich, Kent, on the 1874 electoral roll.
     John Rossi Hooper travelled to New Zealand in September 1874.
     John resided at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, between 1881 and 1886. John Rossie Hooper, merchant.
     John died on 8 November 1917 in Castle St, Dunedin, New Zealand, aged 91. Nellie was the executor of his will. The Evening star reported on 9 Nov 1917: Mr John Rossi Hooper, of Castle Street, a widely known and respected resident of the City, died yesterday afternoon, aged 91 years. His death was easy,- and represented a ripe finish to a strenuous life. It is given to few men to reach so wide a span of marvellous years, and fewer, still gain the varied and adventurous experiences that fell to him in many lands. A Londoner by birth, he became a wise cosmopolitan by wide travel and ever-changing conditions. It was not surprising that he was by choice, if not by instinct, a roamer; his folk in the far-off days sent ships out of London into all the seas. Mr Hooper was born in London in 1826, when George IV. was King and Canning Premier, and lived under five Sovereigns —George IV., William lV., Victoria, Edward VII., and George V. He was at school when Sir Walter Scott was so valiantly writing to retrieve the ruin of his publisher. As a youth the late Mr Hooper gained business training in the office of his father, senior partner in the firm of Willis, Gunn, and Co., who ran the first ships out to New Zealand, these really forming the nucleus of the Shaw-Savill and Albion Company's line. At 22 years of age he accompanied his elder brother to Mexico, and there engaged in mining operations. The gold fever was then felt in many lands, and men who loved adventure roamed the world, and found more of it than of gold. In 1860 Mr Hooper rnturned from Mexico in the London packet, the Margaret Evans. A little later he sailed for New Zealand on the Duke of Portland, which arrived at Lyttelton in September1851. He thus missed the opening of the first "Great Exhibition" by Prince Albert, the Queen's Consort. The same year the first shipment of Australian gold arrived in London, and soent the fame of Australia into many lands. Bendigo was the El Dorado of the diggers, and Mr Hooper went over to try his luck, journeying from Auckland to Sydney in a schooner of 75 tons, thence to Melbourne in the new brig Thomas and Henry (now a coal hulk at Port Chalmers). He was present at the Eureka Stockade. He was a gold buyer for a time at the Ovens diggings. Later he joined his brother at Shanghai. While in China ho saw the sacking of tho Summer Palace at Peking bv the French, who with the British, under Sir Hope Grant, invested the capital of China and forced a surrender. About this time he married Miss Elizabeth Glover, of Melbourne, but as the climate of China did not agree with Mrs Hooper, they returned to England. A year or so ago he went to Japan, and there was under arms during the rising against foreigners, but did not participate in any fighting. A few months sfter he returned to England, thence left for New Zealand, arriving by the Haddon Hall at Dunedin in September, 1874, the voyage occupying nine months. From then till his death he made Dunedin his home, carrying on business for many years as a Custom-house agent. He was secretary to mining companies during tho dredging boom. His wife died six years ago. He leaves his only son, Mr W. L. Hooper, of Dunedin, and three daughters—Miss Hooper, Mrs Fox (England), and Mrs W. Nesbit. For 30 years the deceased kept a diary, in which there were many references to wars and rebellions in many lands. It is interesting to note that in his day and. generation he saw history being made in the Afghan war, with the forcing of the Kyber Pass, the Crimean war with its battles of Alma, Balaclava, and Inkerman the Indian Mutiny, the South American war, the seven weeks' war between Austria nnd Prussia, the Franco-Prussian war, the second Afghan war, the Zulu war, the Russian war, the first Transvaal war. the Egyptian war, the Korean war, the GrecoTurkish war, South African war. the Russo-Japanese war, and last of all the present war of all the continents, besides which all the wars of close on a century were trivia.l A stirring life. .
     His will was proved on 16 November 1917 at New Zealand.

Children of John Rossi Hooper and Elizabeth Glover

Johnson Jones Hooper

(1815 - 7 June 1862)
      He was author of 'Simon Suggs' and other humorous works, and Secretary to the Confederate Provisional Congress.
Johnson Jones Hooper, cont. The marriage was a happy one, and Hooper became a fast friend and political supporter of his father-in-law, who, like himself, was a member of the Whig party.
With the collapse of the Whigs and the approach of war, Hooper supported the Know-Nothing or American party, and then turned to the Democratic party where he took a firm stand for Southern rights. In his new political affiliation he was an admirer of William Lowndes Yancey, and, like Yancey, an advocate of immediate secession. In 1861 Hooper was living in Montgomery, where he was owner and editor of the Montgomery Mail, when the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States of America was convened in that city, he was elected its permanent secretary by acclamation. He soon sold his interest in the Mail, and in May 1861, with his wife and younger son, moved to Richmond, Va., with the new government. In 1862, as a result of governmental reorganization, Hooper lost his position as secretary of the Congress, but through the influence of Howell Cobb was appointed editor of the proceedings of the Provisional Congress and the constitution of the Confederate States of America.
As Richmond began to feel the effects of war, Mrs. Hooper and Adolphus returned to Montgomery, and Hooper, who had been an Episcopalian but never an ardent churchman, joined the Roman Catholic church. The war, overwork, and illness soon took their toll. He died, probably of tuberculosis, and was buried in Richmond's Shockhoe Hill Cemetery. For almost a century his grave went unmarked, and then, late in 1950, eleven men, "all ardent admirers of one of America's greatest humorists," contributed the funds to erect a suitable monument. A portrait of Hooper hangs in the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery.
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J. ISAAC COPELAND. Johnson Jones Hooper was born in 1815 in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA. He was the son of Archibald Maclaine Hooper and Charlotte de Bernier.
Johnson Jones Hooper married Mary Mildred Brantley on 15 December 1842 in Chambes, Alabama, USA.
Johnson Jones Hooper, a journalist, lived in Alabama.
     Johnson died on 7 June 1862 in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Children of Johnson Jones Hooper and Mary Mildred Brantley

Joseph Hooper

(1 March 1744/45 - before 1751)
     Joseph Hooper was christened on 1 March 1744/45 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Janet Ker.
     Joseph died before 1751.