Ann Rodes

(3 May 1688 - 16 May 1724)
     Ann Rodes was christened on 3 May 1688 in Leeds, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of William Rodes and Mary Wilson.
Ann Rodes married Samuel Crompton on 3 April 1710 in Yorkshire.
     Ann died on 16 May 1724 in London, England, aged 36.

Sir Edward Rodes

(circa 1599 - 19 February 1665/66)
     Sir Edward Rodes was born circa 1599 in Darfield?, Yorkshire. Wikipedia states: Sir Edward Rodes (c. 1600 – 19 February 1666), of Great Houghton, Yorkshire, served as sheriff of Yorkshire and colonel of horse under Cromwell; he was also a member of Cromwell's privy council, sheriff of Perthshire, and represented Perth in the parliaments of 1656-8 and 1659-1660. He was the son of Sir Godfrey Rodes and Ann Lewknor.
Sir Edward Rodes married Mary Whitchcote in May 1629. Wikipedia states: Edward Rodes married Mary (or Margaret), the daughter of Sir Hammond Whichcote and Millicent Markham in 1629. They had a number of children, but only one son, William married and had children. William had two sons Godfrey (d. unmarried 1709) and William Rodes, esq. of Great Houghton, the last male heir of this branch of the family, who died unmarried in 1740, leaving his two sisters, his co-heirs. Edward was present at William Rodes's christening on 11 July 1639 in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire.
He was High Sheriff of Yorkshire & Justice of the Peace.
     Edward died on 19 February 1665/66 in Darfield, Yorkshire. He was buried on 22 February 1665/66 in Darfield.

Children of Sir Edward Rodes and Mary Whitchcote

Elizabeth Rodes

( - 10 April 1688)
     Elizabeth Rodes was born in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Godfrey Rodes and Ann Lewknor.
     Elizabeth Rodes married Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford as his third wife, in October 1632. She was the daughter of Sir Godfrey and grand daughter of Francis Rodes.
     Elizabeth died on 10 April 1688.

Child of Elizabeth Rodes and Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford

Sir Godfrey Rodes

( - 1634)
     A marriage settlement between Sir Godfrey Rodes and an unknown person was made on 20 September 1598. Prenuptial settlement: Godfrey Rodes of Gt Houghton agrees with Edward Lewknor of Denham (co. Suffolk) to levy a fine and suffer a recovery for barring entails (in consideration of a marriage to be had between Godfrey and Anne, one of the daughters of the said Edward and a dowry of £600) of the manor of Gt. Houghton, 20 messuages, 500 acres of land, 200 of pasture, 60 of meadow, 200 of wood, 200 of Fyires and heathe, and eight pounds in rents in Gt Houghton, Billiggley, Darfield and Mylnehouse. to the following uses:-
The Manor and Capital messuage of Gt. Houghton and closes called Hye Breakes, Low Breakes, the Longelandes, the hedges, the Holmes, the Broadinge end, the pigehills, Neather Kirkhills, the Whynny and Holmes, Buck Lowe and the oxe closse, hall crofts, corner breakes, cowbreakes, Shirbarrowefields, thickheads, Westowe breakes, hassocke Mynes and woods called little Park, Westowe wood and Burntwood, also the coney warren, mills called windmill and horse mill, lands called odster and vermin yard, all in Gt Houghton, lands in Billingley, Darfield and Milnehouse to the use of the said Anne and Godfrey; concerning the residue of the estate provisions are made for securing the annual rent charges of £40 apiece left by Francis Rodes, father of Godfrey to his sons Robert and Francis, Godfrey's brothers of the whole blood
Sir Godfrey Rodes married Ann Lewknor after 20 September 1598. Sir Godfrey Rodes was knighted He married four wives, and left, with other issue, including a daughter, Elizabeth, the third wife and widow of the ill-fated Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford, and a son and successor, Sir Edward Rodes of Great Houghton on 13 July 1615 in Havering, Essex.
     Godfrey died in 1634.

Children of Sir Godfrey Rodes and Ann Lewknor

Martha Marrion Rodes

(1717 - 29 June 1802)
     Martha Marrion Rodes was born in 1717 in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire. She was co-heiress.. She was the daughter of Richard Rodes and Martha Rich.
     Martha Marrion Rodes married Hans Busk as his second wife, on 20 May 1755 in St Werbugh, Derby, Derbyshire.
     Martha died on 29 June 1802 in Leeds, Yorkshire. She was buried on 10 July 1802 in St Peter, Leeds.

Children of Martha Marrion Rodes and Hans Busk

Mary Rodes

(22 August 1714 - 4 March 1789)
     Mary Rodes was born on 22 August 1714 in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Richard Rodes and Martha Rich.
Pre-nuptial settlement (lease and release) - dated 28-29 May 1781: Mary Rodes of Gt Houghton spinster, one of the sisters and co-heiress of Richard Rodes, deceased, to Pemberton Milnes of Wakefield and John Hatfield of Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Yorks, in consideration of a marriage to be had between Richard Slater Milnes of Newland Park, Yorks, (only son and heir of Robert Milnes, deceased) and Rachel Busk (daughter of Hans Busk of Leeds and Martha his wife, formerly Martha Rodes, another sister and co-heir of Richard Rodes). All the manor of Gt. Houghton and capital messuage of Houghton Hall with messuages, closes etc. (named) in Gt. Houghton, 2 rent charges of £6 each payable out property in Barnsley, par.Silkstone, and Grimesthorpe, South Kirkby heretofore the estate of Samuel Smith, deceased, and messuage and closes late the property of Thomas Box; to the use of Mary Rodes for life and then to the said Richard Slater Milnes and Rachel Busk and their issue [as stated] and the right heirs of Richard; but if the eldest son shall inherit the estates devised by Aymor Rich's will (quoted in full) then to the second son; Richard Slater Milnes also undertakes to secure to the trustees £15,000, to the use of Rachel, their issue, and then to uses of her will.
     Mary died on 4 March 1789 in Darfield, Yorkshire, aged 74. She was co-heiress and died a spinster aged 76. She was buried in All Saints, Darfield. In the middle aisle isle near this place are interred the remains of Mary Rodes of Great Houghton who departed this life March 4th 1789 in the 76 year of her age, sister and coheiress of William Rodes Esqr also near this place are interred the remains of Martha Busk who departed this life May 17th 1777 in the ?21st year of her age, second daughter of Hand Busk esqr, Martha his wife, sister of William and Mary Rodes.

Mary Rodes

(before 9 August 1694 - )
     Mary Rodes was born before 9 August 1694. She was the daughter of William Rodes and Mary Wilson.
Mary Rodes married William Rookes on 27 January 1712/13.

Child of Mary Rodes and William Rookes

Mary Rodes (Wordsworth)

     Mary Rodes (Wordsworth) was the daughter of Sir Edward Rodes and Mary Whitchcote.
     A marriage settlement between Mary Rodes (Wordsworth) and an unknown person was made on 20 September 1671 in Yorkshire. Pre-nuptial agreement: Mrs Mary Rodes of Gt Houghton, spinster, daughter of Sir Edward Rodes, deceased to Josias Wordsworth of Waterhall, Penistone and William Spencer of Attercliffe, in consideration of a marriage between Mary Rodes and John Wordsworth of Swaith Hall, in Worsbrough Messuage with garden and croft, one close in Surfeild called Saunderson's surfeild close, one close by the long hedge, and closes called Colepitt close, Engclose, Little Pighells, Crawshaws Ing close and others all in Gt. Houghton to the use of John and Mary for their lives and to their issue, as security for payment by Godfrey Rodes, of Mary's dowry of £500.

Millicent Rodes

(before 7 May 1648 - before 16 July 1730)
     Millicent Rodes was born before 7 May 1648 in Long Houghton, Yorkshire. 4th daughter of Sir Edward Rhodes of Long Houghton.. She was christened on 7 May 1648 in St Martin's, Coney St, York, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Edward Rodes and Mary Whitchcote.
Millicent Rodes married Charles Hutton, son of Richard Hutton and Dorothy Fairfax, before 1696. They had no issue.
Rev Robert Banks married secondly Millicent Rodes on 21 January 1700 in Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire. She was the widow of Charles Hutton of Poppleton, Yks. She had no issue.
     Millicent died before 16 July 1730 in Hooton Roberts, Yorkshire. She was buried on 16 July 1730 in Hooton Roberts.
     Her will was proved on 15 September 1730.

Richard Rodes

(24 September 1691 - 4 February 1720/21)
      The Crewe muniments described him as younger brother and heir of Godfrey Rodes of Gt Houghton. d. 1709. Richard Rodes was christened on 24 September 1691 in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Rodes and Mary Wilson.
     Richard Rodes and Martha Rich obtained a marriage licence on 21 October 1713 in York, Yorkshire. Rich. Rodes aged 22 of Long Houghton, Darfield, & Martha Rich aged 21 of Bullhouse, Peniston for a marriage at Penistone parish church or Denby chapel or Silkstone parish church.
Richard Rodes married Martha Rich, daughter of Elkanah Rich and Martha Thorpe, on 18 November 1713 in the nonconformist chapel, Penistone, Yorkshire. Richard Rodes married Martha, daughter of Elkana Rich of Bullhouse, 18 Nov 1713. Mr Richd Rodes, of Great Houghton, and Mrs Martha Rich, of Bullhouse, married Nov 18 1713.
     Richard died on 4 February 1720/21 in Gt Houghton, Darfield Yorkshire, aged 29. He was buried on 17 February 1720/21 in Darfield, Yorkshire, England. Richard Rodes Esq of Gt Houghton bp 24 Sep 1691 (son of William Rodes), died 14th buried 17 Feb 1720/21 at Darfield.

Children of Richard Rodes and Martha Rich

William Rodes

(4 November 1715 - 30 March 1740)
     William Rodes was born on 4 November 1715 in 'Bullhouse', Thurlstone, Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Richard Rodes and Martha Rich.
     William died on 30 March 1740 in London, England, aged 24. William Rodes esq, 29th?. He was buried on 9 April 1740 in All Saints, Darfield, Yorkshire. To ... of William Rodes of Great Houghton who departed this life March 30th 1740 in the ?25th year of his age. Only son of Richard Rodes esqr by Martha the daughter of Elkanah ... Rich Esqr of Bull House in this county who are both interred in the same place.

William Rodes

(11 July 1639 - 13 December 1694)
     William Rodes was christened on 11 July 1639 in Gt Houghton, Darfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir Edward Rodes and Mary Whitchcote.
     He served as a "Cornet of Horse".
William Rodes married Mary Wilson on 17 November 1685.
     William died on 13 December 1694 in Darfield, Yorkshire, aged 55. He was buried on 17 December 1694 in Darfield.

Children of William Rodes and Mary Wilson

Ellen Roe

( - before 1873)
     Ellen Roe married Henry Charles Bowker, son of Henry Francis Bowker and Eliza Alice Keep, in 1865 in Norwich, Norfolk.
     Ellen died before 1873.

Children of Ellen Roe and Henry Charles Bowker

Wesley Scardefield Roedel

(12 June 1895 - 29 December 1926)
     Wesley Scardefield Roedel was born on 12 June 1895 in Mt Vernon, New York, USA.
Wesley Scardefield Roedel married Adelin Grace Trull, daughter of William Evans Trull and Adelin Grace Hunken, on 19 September 1925 in Mt Vernon, New York.
     Wesley died of pneumonia on 29 December 1926 in Mt Vernon, New York, aged 31. He was buried in Kensico cemetery, Valhalla, New York.

Henrietta Matilda Roehricht

(4 January 1869 - 7 May 1941)
     Henrietta Matilda Roehricht was born on 4 January 1869 in West St, Toowoomba, Queensland.
Henrietta Matilda Roehricht married Ralph Herbert Paul, son of George William Paul and Emily Parkins, on 30 March 1897 in Sandgate, Queensland. PAUL-ROEHRICHT.-On the 30th March, at St. Nicolas's Church, Sandgate, by the Rev. Canon Matthews, Ralph Herbert, third son of Judge Paul, to Ettie, second daughter of the late R. H. O. Roehricht, Assoc. M. Inst. CE. Henrietta Matilda Roehricht was registered in the 1925 electoral roll with Dr George William Frederic Paul and Frances Marie Townsend.
     Henrietta died on 7 May 1941 in Toowoomba, Queensland, aged 72.

Children of Henrietta Matilda Roehricht and Ralph Herbert Paul

Pain de Roelt

Child of Pain de Roelt

Catherine Roelt

(1350 - 10 May 1403)
     Catherine Roelt married John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward, III, King of England. Catherine Roelt was born in 1350. She was the daughter of Pain de Roelt.
     Catherine died on 10 May 1403.

Child of Catherine Roelt and John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster

John F Roennfeldt

     John F Roennfeldt married Alice May Bowker, daughter of William James Bowker and Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst, on 12 September 1911 in Laura, South Australia. ROENNFELDT- BOWKER.-On the 12th Sep tember, at Baptist Church, Laura, by Rev E. B Turner, John F, second son of L and the late K Roennfeldt, of Poplar Holme, Grenock to Alice May, eldest surviving daughter of C J and the late W J Bowker, of Water Newton, Laura. Present address-Laura. At home October 25 tnd 27.

Ann Roger

     Ann Roger married Joseph Hooper, son of Joseph Hooper and Janet Row, on 23 August 1753 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Ann Roger and Joseph Hooper

Catherine Roger?

(circa 1520? - before 26 December 1567)
     Catherine Roger? was born circa 1520? In Suffolk.
Catherine Roger? married Edmund Bland in Suffolk, England. Marriage records begin in 1586.
     Catherine Roger? made a will dated 2 December 1567 in Depden. Will : 2? Dec?, I Catheryn Bland, widow of Depden, Sfk ... in bodye but perfect of remembrance do make my last will and testament in manner and form following, First I bequeath my soule unto almighty God & my body to ... buryall ... the ... unto John Bland my son conditionally that he shall pay unto Edmonde Bland my son the sum of five pounds of lawful English money on the same day at the same ... of Andrew Stott? and Edward E... ... Edmonde ... unto Mary my daughter ... I bequeath to my daughter Ellyne ... Also I bequeath to Elizabeth ... I bequeath to my daughter Margret ... among my sons ... Andrew Stott of Depden ... unto my daughter Margaret ... my executors ... ... ... John Roggers Andrew Stott Edward? Tylar ...
     Catherine died before 26 December 1567 in Depden, Suffolk. She was buried on 28 December 1567 in Depden.
     Her will was proved on 26 December 1568 at Sudbury.

Children of Catherine Roger? and Edmund Bland

Anne Rogers

     Anne Rogers married Hammond Banks, son of Rev Robert Banks and Margaret Thornton. They had no issue.

Catherine Rogers

     Catherine Rogers married Frederick Ashby, son of Nathan Ashby and Sarah Harbourn Nowell, on 25 February 1858 in Christ Church, Barbados. Which Frederick?.

Child of Catherine Rogers and Frederick Ashby

Emily Myrtle Rogers

(1892 - 1973)
     Emily Myrtle Rogers was born in 1892 in Kadina, South Australia.
Emily Myrtle Rogers married John Henry Ruby, son of Richard Henry Ruby and Mary Ann Monk, in Victoria.
     Emily died in 1973 in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Children of Emily Myrtle Rogers and John Henry Ruby

Mary Ann Rogers

(circa 1835 - )
     Mary Ann Rogers was born circa 1835.
Mary Ann Rogers married Elijah Catchpole, son of Richard Catchpole and Sophia Cocksedge, circa October 1854 in Hessett, Suffolk.

Child of Mary Ann Rogers and Elijah Catchpole

Regina Mary Rogers

(circa 1899 - 1984)
     Regina Mary Rogers was born circa 1899.
     Thomas George Booker married Regina Mary Rogers as his second wife, in 1924 in Victoria.
     Regina died in 1984 in Maffra, Victoria.

Ruby G Rogers

( - July 2007)
     Ruby G Rogers was born in Suffolk.
The marriage of Ruby G Rogers and Wilfred Noel Bland, son of William John Bland and Eliza Barnes, was registered in Suffolk in the March 1944 quarter.
     Ruby died in July 2007 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Susan Clementina Rogers

(circa 1841 - June 1937)
     Susan Clementina Rogers was also known as Clementina in records. She was born circa 1841 in Scotland.
     Susan Clementina Rogers and George Wafford were recorded on the 1881 census in 17 New Chesterfield St, Marylebone, London. George Wofford, 50, carpenter, born Drury Lane, Mdx, his wife Clementina, 40, born Paddington, Mdx, son Robert aged 17, smith (white), born St Pancras, Mdx.
The marriage of Susan Clementina Rogers and George Wafford, son of John Wafford and Eliza Porter, was registered in London, St Pancras RD, in the March 1904 quarter.
     Susan died in June 1937 in Islington RD, Middlesex.

Daniel Rohan

     Daniel Rohan and Margaret Colbert obtained a marriage licence in 1850 in Cork, Ireland.

Hannah Rohers

     Hannah Rohers married John Ryther as his third wife, in 1746 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross)

(1859 - 7 September 1936)
     Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) was buried in Dandenong, Victoria. She was born in 1859. She was the daughter of William Rolfe and Maria (?).
Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) married Henry Charles Seamer, son of John Seamer, on 31 August 1878 in Upchurch, Kent.
Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) married Richard Hills in 1922 in Victoria.
     Maria died on 7 September 1936 in Victoria.

Children of Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) and Henry Charles Seamer