Arthur Frederick Hooper

(8 March 1867 - 3 January 1941)
Arthur F Hooper (1867-1941)
     Arthur Frederick Hooper was born on 8 March 1867 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. He was the son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper was employed by Braine, Davidson & Stevenson, Stock & Station Agents circa 1887, Deniliquin.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper was employed by the Union Mortgage & Agency Co from about 1890 to 1899. In 1890 his promotion was recorded in the Pastoral times. In 1894 he was of the Union Mortgage & Agency Co. He resigned at the end of June 1899 after 9 years service to take up the position of Wool and Produce Manager for Goldsbrough Mort Company.
Arthur Frederick Hooper moved to Brunswick, Victoria, in 1893. He boarded at 12 Leyden St, Brunswick.
Arthur Frederick Hooper married Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster, daughter of William Dempster and Margaret Herbert Davies, on 2 July 1894 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Williamstown, Victoria. Hooper-Dempster-On the 2nd inst. at Holy Trinity Church, Williamstown, by the Rev. G. F. Cross, Arthur Frcderick, second son of William Hooper of Deniliquin, to Fanny Elma, third daughter of William Dempster, of Williamstown.
     Arthur resided at 220 Walpole Street, Kew, Victoria, between 1895 and 1896. He witnessed William Dempster's will dated 5 June 1898 in Toorak, Victoria.
     In James Wesley Hall's will dated 5 December 1898 in 'Oma', Toorak, Victoria, Arthur Frederick Hooper was named as executor of the estate.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated between 1899 and 1900 at 'Enmore' 24 Wallace Street, Toorak. Arthur was a manager for Goldsbrough, Mort & Company from July 1899, Melbourne, Victoria. He began as Wool and Produce Manager. In March 1916 he was appointed Manager for Melbourne. Wesley holds his departure gift of a "gold chatelaine suitably inscribed".
Goldsbrough, Mort & Co., were wool and grain brokers, station agents, etc, Bourke & William Streets, Melbourne. They auctioned wool, sheepskins, hidesm, tallow, etc., wheat, flour and other agricultural produce..
     Arthur resided at 13 Mathoura Rd, Toorak, between 1903 and 1906.
In October 1903 he was appointed a Justice of Peace for Queensland, in November a magistrate for NSW.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated between 1907 and 1909 at 'Enmore', Struan St, Toorak. He purchased the house in 1907. He was still listed at Mathoura Rd in the 1908 & 1909 electoral roll.. He was widowed on 17 September 1907 on the death of his wife Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster.
Arthur Frederick Hooper married secondly Jean Hamlin Lusk on 23 September 1908 in Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria.
     Arthur and Jean resided at 'Darnlee', 33 Lansell Rd, Toorak, from 1909 to 1913.
In September 1909 he was appointed a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand.
In 1911 he built and resided at "Enmore" or "Little Enmore", 16 Lansell Rd, Toorak, which is no longer standing. In 1913 he built and resided at 10 St Georges Rd, Toorak. (East side, house has been demolished and replaced with new street - Teringa Place - and court of houses). In 1915 he rented a house in Woorigoleen Rd, West side, next house to that on the corner of Toorak Rd.
     Arthur resided at 'Enmore', Lansell Rd, Toorak, Victoria, between 1912 and 1913.
     Arthur and Jean were registered at 4 Bruce St, Toorak, Victoria, on the 1914 electoral roll.
     Arthur and Jean were registered at 'Whare', St George's Rd, Toorak, Victoria, on the between 1915 and 1925 electoral roll.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1915 as Arthur F Hooper at St Georges Rd, Toorak. From 1916 to 1918 they lived at 25 St Georges Rd, Toorak (NW corner of Tahara Rd and St Georges Rd - double gates opened on to Tahara Rd). Two houses now on this land which was rented from Crowther.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper was employed as manager of the Melbourne office of Goldbrough, Mort in 1916, Melbourne.
Arthur Frederick Hooper settled 1500 shares in Goldsbrough Mort & Co. on his daughter Margaret Elma (Margot) with Sydney B Hooper as one of the trustees. Later Ashby A W Hooper, John Jeremy, then Wesley Trull Hooper were appointed as trustees. The trust was discharged 20 May 1958.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper received a letter from Mary Ann Hooper dated 10 January 1919. 100 Morshead Mansions, Maida Vale W9, Jan 10 1919: My dear Arthur, At last I have heard from Miss Dempster! & I am so sorry to hear how ill she has been. No wonder for the death of Mrs Hall so soon after that of Mrs Jackson must have been a very great shock & trials & of course she had much business to settle. Ashby sent me a military Xmas card - which has just been forwarded to me here. Miss Hodges kindly wrote to tell me that Charlie was a free man and coming to England so I am hoping to see him as he will be staying one of Red X in London. Poor boy! I do feel for him a stranger in London & what a different home going his will be to that of the Ashby's. No father or mother to greet him or I suppose brother & sister quite away from where he will be. I suppose he has not the opportunity of visiting Melbourne - or is nearer to Sydney where his uncle Syd can often see him. I think I told you in my last that I intended sending certain portraits to you and Ella. They are to be packed ready, to be sent when it is decided how and I hope they may not be injured in any way.
You are to have the portraits of your Gt Grandfather Trull, & smaller ones of your gr grandmother & your gt grandfather Trull, my mother's parents. I dare say you know that my Grannie had 3 husbands but I will not enter into that, in case you get confused.
I am glad to hear the young brides are likely to add to the population - but I do hope the little ones may be of the masculine gender. I hope Wesley has quite recovered from whooping cough & that the rest of your family are keeping well.
We are having damp & dismal weather but hope for a bright spring. Best love to you and yours, Your affectionate aunt, M Gillham
     Arthur Frederick Hooper and Henry St George Murray MacRae, Kate Ella Hooper, Sydney Benjamin Hooper, Kate Florence Murray, Gertrude Annie Murray, Charles Henry Hooper and Frederick Hooper were beneficiaries in Mary Ann Gillham's will dated 30 April 1919 in Maida Vale, Middlesex.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated from 1919 to 1924 as Arthur F Hooper at Whernside Avenue, Toorak. On 12 September 1918 he purchased lots 19-21 (over 1 acre) at 1 Whernside Avenue, Toorak and built a house called "Whare", where they resided from 1918 to 1924. (North side next house to that facing Albany Rd, the house has been demolished and there are now 3 houses on the land). The house was sold to Doris May Luxton in 1928, a caveat being lodged in 1925 and 1928.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper received a letter from Mary Ann Hooper dated 28 October 1919. Maida Vale W9, Oct 28 1919 My dear Arthur, I a generally considered very ... but, from your experience I am sure you will not agree with my friends! Now in the first place I am sorry to disappoint you but that album is meant for Syd. He took a fancy to it when he came to see me & (I do not think that I promised him he should have it) only thought that I would give it to him & as I was sending the portraits I deemed it a good opportunity to send it with them. But I ought to have told you that I meant it for him. Now about the portraits! The handsome young man in pastel's ... is Darby and he is your great grandfather. The large portrait of a toothless? old gentleman is also your great grandfather Trull by name.
A short time before Mr Gillham's death the picture fell hence that hole in it! I am not superstitious by many think such a fall portends a death I know. Now the two smaller pictures in old fashioned dress, are portraits of your great grandfather and great grandmother Trull. The two portraits that I suppose were in a case together are for Ella and are likenesses of your grandmother Hooper and her uncle William Trull who was devoted to her & I supposed wished to be taken at the same time. Your grandmother Hooper's father died 6 months before she was born. I cannot give you any times of birth or death today, but will try to do so another time. Ashby is taking with him, two miniatures for you. One of your gt grandfather Hooper & one of your great grandmother Trull.
I do hope you may be able to understand the relationships!
We are still in a very miserable state. In this ... as well as outside owing to our difficulty in getting someone to take Rose's place & as she is so devoted to her mistress & would not like to leave her without a competent servant I shall not be surprised if she puts off her marriage until next year for, at present, she cannot get a passage & it would not do for her to arrive in India during the hottest season.
I will only add my love to this long letter from Your affectionate aunt, M Gillham
     Arthur Frederick Hooper received a letter from Mary Ann Hooper dated 22 November 1919. My dear Arthur, Now I am going to tell the little I know of our ancestry & Ashby is bringing you 2 miniatures - one of your gt grandmother Trull who died in 1856 at the age of 77 & the other of your great grandfather Hooper (with his pigtail!) who died in 1840 at the age of 66. We never had a likeness of his wife. All I know of her is that her maiden name was Darby & that she died in 1839 at the age of 55. The 2 framed likenesses you have are of your gt grandfather Trull (who died 6 months before your Gt (?) grandmother Hooper was born. Is this the one you spoke of as having .. so untidy? The larger picture you have is of your dear old gt gt grandfather Trull. I cannot give any information! I have had a very nice? photo of your grandmother Hooper but such as it is I will enclose a copy. Of course you know the portraits Ella has are of her grandmother Hooper & of our Gt Uncle Trull. She made a mistake in thinking it was of her grandfather.
We are still very anxious as to what may become of us if our Rose should leave. She cannot get a passage to India yet but another trouble is that her sister is ill & we fear that she must go to help nurse her for she ought not to .. from her couch - & yet she had 5 boys to care for, poor thing & her husband a soldier in France? & we poor things have no one in view!
This dearth of servants is a terrible trial to one "Men Poor?" Hoping you are all well & with love to all. Your affectionate aunt, Gillham
     Arthur resided at 'Ellinga', 149 Kooyong Rd, Toorak, 1924.
     Arthur and Jean resided at 149 Kooyong Rd, Toorak, Victoria, between 1927 and 1928.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated between 1927 and 1931 at Trawalla Ave, Toorak. From 1927-1931 he was listed at "Whare", 3 Trawalla Ave, Toorak. (on the north side, about half way down hill, garage on street, walls with "fancy" plaster) which he built. It has been demolished and replaced with a "mansion". The marriage broke down in 1929 and in 1930 the Trawalla Ave house was let. The furniture was sold 28 Oct 1930 (W T Hooper has catalogue). The house was in Jean's name as settlement, and was subsequently sold in 1942/3. Arthur & his daughter Margot moved to Greenwich House, 281 Williams Rd, (a guest house) where they stayed until 1933/4 when Ashby moved from Sydney. Jean moved to "Totnes" 11 Douglas St Toorak in 1929.
     Arthur and Margaret resided at 188 Orrong Rd, Toorak, 1931.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1933 at Toorak. In 1930/1 Arthur & his daughter Margot rented a house at 188 Orrong Rd, Toorak (street now renumbered).
     Arthur and Margaret were registered at 25 Jackson St, Toorak, on the between 1934 and 1936 electoral roll.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1935 as Arthur Hooper at 26 Jackson Street, Toorak. In 1932-3 Arthur & Margot moved to 25 Jackson St, Toorak (north side about half way, garage on street line (owner built). They sold it 22 June 1937.
Arthur Frederick Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1937 at 25 Jackson Street, Toorak.
     Arthur and Margot resided at 551 Toorak Rd, Toorak, 31 August 1937.
     Arthur Frederick Hooper made a will dated between 3 May 1940 and 13 December 1940 in 551 Toorak Rd, Toorak, Victoria. He gives one fortieth part of his residuary estate to his nephew Jack Hooper (C/- Grice & Co., Rockhampton) in trust.
     Arthur died on 3 January 1941 in Toorak, Victoria, aged 73. He was cremated on 4 January 1941 in The Necropolis, Springvale. His ashes were placed in the Dempster family grave at Boroondara Cemetery, Kew compartment 68, on 16 Sep 1977 along with his daughter Margaret (Margot). An inventory of his estate was dated on 31 July 1945.

Children of Arthur Frederick Hooper and Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster

Child of Arthur Frederick Hooper and Jean Hamlin Lusk

Ashby Arthur William Hooper

(9 May 1895 - 25 March 1982)
Ashby A W Hooper (1895-1982)
     Ashby Arthur William Hooper was born on 9 May 1895 in 'Beulimba', 220 Walpole St, Kew, Victoria. He was the son of Arthur Frederick Hooper and Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster.
     Ashby was educated from from 1907 to 1909 at Melbourne Grammar School, South Yarra. He had previously attended Toorak College and a local school at Edgarley, Willaura.
     Ashby was educated from between 1910 and 1914 at The Geelong College. In December 1911 he passed the Junior Public Examination in 6 subjects (English, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geography, French with distinction and Latin), in February 1912 he passed in History and in December 1913 he passed (with distinction) in Geometry and Physics. In December 1912 he passed the Senior Public Examination in English Language & Literature and British History. In December 1914 he passed in Physics. The latter certificate was issued in December 1919.
     He served as a Captain in the Royal Field Artillery between 1915 and 1921. He qualified as a Corporal in the Commonwealth Military Forces on 1 April 1914 at the Melbourne University Rifles. He left Australia on 26 January 1915 for England arriving in London 8 March 1915. He joined the British Army and was appointed to a temporary commission as 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery 17 March 1915. On 29 June 1916 he was appointed temporary Lieutenant in France. He had 8 days leave in November 1915, 5 days in April 1916 and 8 days in November 1916. He was wounded on 22 July 1916. In March 1917 he had 8 days leave. He was Mentioned in Despatches in May 1917. In June 1917 he was appointed signalling officer and had 9 days leave that August. He was in Italy in November 1917. Appointed temporary Captain 26 April 1918 in France. On 3 June 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross and had 21 days leave at the end of June. He was gazetted a Captain in July 1918. He was demobilized from military service on 7 April 1919. He relinquished his commission and retained the rank of Captain 1 September 1921.
     In addition to the Military Cross, he was awarded the 1914-18 Star, British War medal, Victory medal, and was Mentioned in despatches. His number was 47191
     He was summoned to Buckingham Palace on the 17 May 1919.
On 12 Jan 1920 he requested that his medals be forwarded to him C/- Mrs Warrren Trevor, 53 Cheniston Gardens, Kensington W8. His address was given as: 'Whare', Whernside Ave, Toorak..
The London gazette announced on 19 March 1915: the undermentioned cadets and ex-cadets of the Officer Traning Corps to be temporary Secon Lieutanants. Dated 17 March: Lionel Norman Fullerton-Mackinnon, Ashby Arthr William Hooper.
     Ashby Arthur William Hooper travelled to Melbourne, Victoria, arriving 28 November 1919 per the "Morea".
     Ashby matriculated Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical), graduating 29 May 1924. at St Paul's College, Sydney University, between 1920 and 1923. He met his wife through friends while there.
Ashby Arthur William Hooper married Lydia Tempest Rich, daughter of George Edward Rich KCMG, PC and Elizabeth Steer Bowker, on 14 April 1924 in St Paul's College chapel, Sydney University. HOOPER-RICH. The marriage was celebrated on April 14 of Lydia Tempest Rich, only daughter of Mr. Justice and Mrs. Rich, of Elizabeth Bay, to Ashby A. W. Hooper, elder son of Mr. A. F. Hooper, of Toorak, Melbourne. The Rev. A. H. Garnsey officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father, was gowned in silver cloth satin with a court train lined with silver not and trimmed with diamond buckles. Tho bridesmaid, Miss M. P. Rolln, wore maize beaded Georgette. Mr. Frank Richardson (Geelong) acted as best man. The reception was held at the Royal Sydney Golf Club, where Mrs. Rich received the guests. The bride travelled in dark embroldcicd morocaln, and wore a toque to match. Ashby was an engineer from 1924. He joined the Institution of Engineers Australia on 3 March 1930.
Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Jill Rich moved to Switzerland departing August 1925. Ashby had taken a position with Brown Boveri in Baden, Switzerland (Barden im Aargau).
     Ashby and Jill resided at Baden, Switzerland, from November 1925 to 1928. His sister Margot joined them.
     Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia Tempest Rich were on the passenger list of the "Oronsay", arriving at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 5 March 1928. The departed London on 4 Feb 1928, via Toulon to Sydney.
     Ashby resided at 'Stanser', 104 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales. On their return from Switzerland, they moved into Jill's family home - the house having been divided into 3 flats. He continued working for Brown, Boveri until 1933.
     Ashby Arthur William Hooper was employed by James Hardie & Co from 1933 until 31 July 1960, Melbourne, Victoria. In 1933 he joined James Hardie at the invitation of Thyne Reid his university friend. In 1934 he was transferred to Melbourne as factory manager. He retired as Victorian Branch Manager of James Hardie & Co. Pty Ltd on July 31 1960 after 27 years service and was appointed a director of James Hardie Asbestos until 1970?
Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia Tempest Rich moved to Melbourne, Victoria, in 1934 per the "Westralia".
     Ashby and Lydia were registered at 11 Douglas St, Toorak, on the between 1934 and 1936 electoral roll.
Ashby Arthur William Hooper was listed in a directory dated 1935 as A A W Hooper at 11 Douglas Street, Toorak.
     Ashby and Jill resided at 31 Montalto Avenue, Toorak, from 1937 to 1957.
He was a member of the Royal Sydney Golf Club, The Australian Club, Melbourne and Footscray Rotary Club.
     In Maria Hunn Dempster's will dated 11 September 1952 in South Yarra, Victoria, Ashby Arthur William Hooper was named as executor of the estate.
     Ashby Arthur William Hooper received a letter from Sydney Benjamin Hooper dated 5 December 1958. Sydney B Hooper asks his nephew Ashby Hooper to send a Christmas cheque and any light cast off clothing for Jack Hooper who is "living a dull, restricted existence associated with his lady friends".
     Ashby resided at 115 Canterbury Rd, Toorak, from 1960.
He went to New Zealand on company business in 1963.
     Ashby died on 25 March 1982 in St George's Hospital, Kew, Victoria, aged 86. He was cremated after a service at St John's, Toorak. His ashes were placed in the family grave at Kew on 10 May 1982 in The Necropolis, Springvale.
     His will was proved on 31 May 1982 at Victoria.

Children of Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia Tempest Rich

Augusta Maude Hooper

(June 1856 - September 1922)
     Augusta Maude Hooper's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1856 in Thornage, Erpingham RD, Norfolk. She was the daughter of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton. Harriet, Augusta and Margaret was listed as the daughter of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1861 census in Manor Cottage, Langham, Norfolk. Robert Poole Hooper, head, mar, 34, clerk in holy orders, without cure of souls, born Bloomsbury, Mdx; Harriot, wife, 34 born Blakeney, Nfk; George Brereton, son 10? born Gt Stanmore, Mdx; Harriet Anna, daughter 9, born Blakeney, Nfk; Robert Poole, son, 7, born Thornage Nfk; Randle Brereton, son 6, ditto; Augusta Maude, daughter 5, ditto, Margaret Ross, daughter 3, born Langham, Nfk; Henry Brereton, son 1, ditto; Margaret Hooper, sister, unmarried, 47, born Bloomsbury, Mdx; and four servants. George, Harriet, Augusta, Margaret, Herbert, Helen, William and James were listed as the children of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1871 census in 29 Cambridge Rd, Hove, Sussex.
     Augusta Maude Hooper were recorded on the 1881 census in 1 Birstall Hall, Birstall, Leicestershire. Augusta M. Hooper, unmarried, aged 24, born Thornage Hall, Norfolk, visitor in the large household of Joseph C. Clark 38, born Leicester Master Sewing Cotton Manufacturer (Thread) and his wife Harret A, 34, born Leicester. Augusta, Margaret, Helen and William were listed as the children of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1891 census in 31 Cambridge Rd, Hove. Augusta Maude Hooper were listed as Rev Robert Poole Hooper's adult children in the 1901 census in Hove.
Augusta Maude Hooper and Harriet Anna Hooper, Margaret Ross Hooper, Helen Elizabeth Hooper, Henry Brereton Hooper, William Barwick Hooper, Capt Herbert Ross Hooper, James Brereton Hooper and Lt Robert Poole Hooper were mentioned on 30 March 1912.
     Augusta died in September 1922 in Steyning RD, Sussex, aged 66.

Bertie Charles Hooper

(31 March 1881 - )
     Bertie Charles Hooper was born on 31 March 1881 in Islington, London. He was the son of Walter Henry Hooper and Maria Ann Colston. Bertie Charles Hooper was christened on 24 April 1881 in St Thomas, Charterlhouse, Islington, London.

Commander Brereton Ross Hooper

(11 October 1897 - 10 January 1943)
     Commander Brereton Ross Hooper was born on 11 October 1897 in Canada. He was the son of Capt Herbert Ross Hooper and Adele Isabelle Unknown.
     Brereton served in the Royal Navy He was appointed midshipman Royal Navy 2 Aug 1914, and commissioned Lieutenant 15 Sep 1918, Lieut Commander 15 June 1926. In 1914 he was in the "Doris" Light cruiser, 5,600 tons, and 12 August 1918 he went to the "Bonaventure" Light cruiser, 4,360 tons, for submarines. On 31 Jan 1919, he was sent on a course of instruction at Cambridge University, and on 5 Nov 1924 he joined the "Repulse" Battle cruiser, 26,500 tons. In the January 1933 Naval list he has no post against his name, and in that of July 1935 he is in the retired list. He received the medal for War Serice, and served again in the Second World War, dying on active service from August 1914.
Commander Brereton Ross Hooper married Sylvia Marian Virgoe Buckland on 31 March 1921 in St John the Evangelist, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London. He was a 23 year old bachelor, Lt in the Royal Navy, his residence was 'The Cottage', Shoreham on Sea, son of Herbert Ross Hooper, civil engineer. She was the daughter of Alfred Virgoe Buckland, surveyor, deceased. She was a 28 year old spinster and lived at 12 Ladbroke Square. His mother Adele I Hooper was witness.
     Brereton died from wounds on active service on 10 January 1943 in Lewes RD, Sussex, aged 45. There is a memorial to his death in the church at St Mary le Haura in New Shoreham: To the memory of Commander Brereton Ross Hooper, Royal Navy, born 11 October 1982, died on active service 10 January 1943, the only son of Captain H Ross Hooper of Hove & Shoreham.

Caroline Alice Hooper

     Caroline Alice Hooper was the daughter of George De Berniere Hooper and Caroline Eliza Mallett.

Catherine Hooper

(9 January 1683 - )
     Catherine Hooper was christened on 9 January 1683 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Elizabeth Pringle.

Catherine Hooper

(29 May 1690 - )
     Catherine Hooper was christened on 29 May 1690 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Beatrice Trotter or Potter.

Catherine Deborah Hooper

(2 February 1795 - 29 March 1796)
     Catherine Deborah Hooper was also known as Katherine Deborah in records. She was christened on 2 February 1795 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Mary Dallman.
     Catherine died on 29 March 1796 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire, aged 1.

Cecil W Hooper

(1871 - before 10 December 1904)
     Cecil W Hooper was born in 1871 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. He was the son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday.
Cecil W Hooper sat the Civil Service exams in November 1895. He served as a census enumerator in the census of in 1891 in Deniliquin. 1891.
     Cecil died before 10 December 1904 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cecilia Petersdorff Hooper

(16 December 1843 - 19 April 1923)
     Cecilia Petersdorff Hooper was christened on 16 December 1843 in St Marylebone, London. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Hooper and Emma Warner. Katherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Emma and Cecilia were listed as the children of Nathaniel Hooper in the 1851 census in The Rise, Richmond, Surrey. Emma and Cecilia was listed as the daughter of Emma Warner in the 1861 census in 3 Park Villas, Datchet, Buckinghamshire. Emma Hooper, head,widow, aged 59, widow of a solicitor, born London, Mdx; Katherine S Hooper, step daughter, unmarried, 34, fundholder, born Evercreech, Somerset; Elizabeth S Hooper, step daughter aged 33, fundholder, born Fulham, Mdx; Emma A W Hooper, daughter, aged 22, fundholder, born Brompton, Mdx; Cecilia P Hooper, daugher 17, born ... Mdx; with a cook and a housemaid. Katherine and Cecilia were listed as the children of Emma Warner in the 1871 census in Parke Rd, Tonbridge, Kent.
     Cecilia Petersdorff Hooper and Katherine Saxon Hooper were recorded on the 1881 census in 11 Park Rd, Tonbridge, Kent. Katherine S. Hooper, unmarried, 55, born Evercreech, Somerset, head, propietor of dividends; Cecilia P. Hooper, unmarried, 37, born Kilburn Middlesex, sister, propietor of dividends; Ella M. Acheson, married, 47, born Falmouth, Devon, cousin
Ella Mary Acheson, unmarried, 15 born Monkston, Ireland, cousin, scholar; Maria O'Connell, u, 25, born Conemara, Ireland, Servant - housemaid.
     Cecilia Petersdorff Hooper and Katherine Saxon Hooper were recorded on the 1911 census in 2 Gelnmore Place, Southborough Common, Kent. Living on private means.
     Cecilia died on 19 April 1923 in Southborough?, Kent, aged 79.
     Her will was proved on 24 May 1923. Her executor was Julia Ella Brackenbury, spinster. Effects £4362 6. 11d.

Charles Hooper

(26 July 1780 - 17 July 1852)
     Charles Hooper was born on 26 July 1780 in Westminster, Middlesex. He was the son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon. Charles Hooper was christened on 8 September 1780 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. Charles was a merchant and broker. He is possibly the Charles Hooper who was of Charles Hooper & Co., merchants, Batson's Coffee House in 1806, Charles Hooper, Ship & Insurance broker, 13 Angel Crt, Thogmorton St 1809; Charles Hooper & Co., merchants of the same address 1807-1810, Charles Hooper merchant of the same address in 1811-12; Charles Hooper, merchant 30 Thorgmorton St 1813-14; Charles Hooper, insurance broker, 23 Clements Lane 1814-1822, and ship broker at Clements Lane, Lamb St in 1822, not listed in 1823.
Charles Hooper married Harriet Elizabeth Scott on 13 November 1828 in St George, Bloomsbury, London. He was of the parish of St Paul. Covent Garden.
     Charles Hooper and Harriet Elizabeth Scott were recorded on the 1841 census in St Helen Bishopsgate, London. Charles Hooper 60, wine merchant, Harriott 40, Harriot, 10 al born in the county.
     Charles Hooper and Harriet Elizabeth Scott were recorded on the 1851 census in 7 Studley Tce, Lambeth, St Mary, Surrey. Charles Hooper, 70, wine merchant, born St George Hanover Square, with his wife Harriot aged 54, born St Hen... Mdx and unmarried daughter Harriot aged 20, born St George Hanover Square.
     Charles died on 17 July 1852 in Stockwell, Lambeth, Surrey, aged 71.

Child of Charles Hooper and Harriet Elizabeth Scott

Charles Hooper

(15 March 1711/12 - )
     Charles Hooper was christened on 15 March 1711/12 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He was the son of James Hooper and Margaret Frazer.

Charles Dalman Hooper

(26 May 1798 - 10 September 1798)
     Charles Dalman Hooper was born on 26 May 1798 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Mary Dallman. Charles Dalman Hooper was christened on 17 June 1798 in Ednam.
     Charles died on 10 September 1798 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire.

Charles Edward Hooper

(11 May 1860 - 1 July 1871)
     Charles Edward Hooper was born on 11 May 1860 in Hill-Martin Villas, Camden Rd, Haggerston, London. He was the son of John James Hooper and Sarah Elizabeth Horder. James, Robinah, Sarah, Walter, Emily, Frank and Charles were listed as the children of John James Hooper in the 1861 census in 2 Hill-Martin Villas West, Islington. Charles Edward Hooper was christened on 26 February 1862 in St Mary Magdalen, Haggerstone.
     Charles died on 1 July 1871 in Edwardes St, Auckland, New Zealand, aged 11. He was buried on 3 July 1871 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Charles Henry Hooper

(1862 - November 1908)
     Charles Henry Hooper was born in 1862 in Richmond, Victoria. He was the son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday. Charles was a telegraph officer from May 1879, in Hay, New South Wales.
Charles Henry Hooper witnessed John Jeremy and Kate Ella Hooper's wedding on 23 May 1888 in St Paul's, Deniliquin, New South Wales.
Charles Henry Hooper married Margaret Dickson in 1891 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. In 1894, Charles was the occupier of a residence owned by the Dickson Estate, in End Street in Deniliquin, New South Wales. In 1895, Charles was the occupier of a weatherboard cottage in Cressy St, Deniliquin, New South Wales.
     Charles resided at Brawarrina, New South Wales, May 1906.
     Charles died in November 1908 in Coogee, New South Wales. The National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW : 1889 - 1954) Tue 24 Nov 1908 Page 3 reported: An enquiry was held to-day concerning the death of Charles Henry Hooper (45), telegraph operator, whose body was found in the Northern Reserve, Coogee, on Friday under circumstances pointing to suicide. Deceased was clutching a revolver in his right hand, and there was a bullet wound in the head. Evidence was given to the effect that deceased's wife suicided four months ago, and this, together with tho effects of drink, caused him to take his own life. A verdict of suicide was recorded..
     Charles Henry Hooper was mentioned as being deceased in the will of Mary Ann Gillham dated 30 April 1919.

Children of Charles Henry Hooper and Margaret Dickson

Charles Mallett Hooper

(1842 - 1910)
      Charles M and his brother George joined volunteer companies of the Confederate Army at the beginning of the War for Southern Independence. Charles, was promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel on the battle field of second Manassas, for distinguished gallantry in the face of the enemy, was afterwards awarded a medal of honor authorized by the Confederate Congress, and made Colonel on the recommendation of General Lee himself.. Charles Mallett Hooper was born in 1842. He was the son of George De Berniere Hooper and Caroline Eliza Mallett.
     Charles died in 1910.

Charles Saxon Hooper

(5 May 1806 - 2 February 1880)
     Charles Saxon Hooper was born on 5 May 1806 in London. He was the son of Robert Saxon Hooper and Chiara or Clara Marianna de Rossi. Charles Saxon Hooper was christened on 11 June 1806 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex.
Charles Saxon Hooper married Prudence Nutt on 22 June 1846 in St Bride Fleet St, London. On the 22nd inst., at St Bride's, Charles Saxon Hooper, Esq., 23?, Laurence Poultney-Lane, to Prudence, eldest daughter of the late Joshua Nutt, Esq., of Limehouse.
Charles Saxon Hooper was declared bankrupt in April 1849 in London. Several newspapers reported on the bankruptsy of Charles Saxon Hoopr of Lawrence Poultney Lane. Charles was a wine merchant. In 1853 and 1859 he was a partner in Saxon, Hooper & Co., merchants, 24 Laurence Pountney Lane. E.C., and in 1878 in Hooper, Saxon, wine merchants, 12 Pancras Lane, Cheapside. He also had his own business as Charles Saxon Hooper, wine merchant, 14a St Helen's Place, E.C. in 1859, as Charles Saxon Hooper & Co., wine merchants, 12 Pancras Lane, E.C., in 1868 as Charles Saxon Hooper, wine merchant 14 Queenhithe and 12 Pancras Lane in 1878, and in 1879 at the latter address. He is not listed in 1886.
Charles Saxon Hooper married Anne Elizabeth Musson on 14 September 1858 in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire. At Caythorpe on the 14th inst., Charles Saxon Hooper, Esq, of 39 Woburn-square, London, to Anne Elizabeth daughter of Mr Francis Musson, late of Caythorpe. [CR:]Charles Saxon Hooper was listed as a Freeman of the city of London on 31 October 1859. Charles Saxon Hooper, son of Robert Saxon Hooper, late of London, merchant, deceased, occupying premises 24 Lawrence Pountney Lane in the City of London, wine merchant, by redemption, no Company stated.
     Charles Saxon Hooper was recorded on the 1861 census in 18 Torrington Square, Bloomsbury. At a boarding house was C Saxon Hooper, aged 43 and A E Saxon Hooper his wife aged 38. The occupation was n...., he was born at London and she was from Hough, Lincolnshire. They are not to be found in later census. In 1871 his address at 12 Pancras Lane was offices with no residents.
     Charles Saxon Hooper was recorded on the 1871 census in 14 Queenhithe, London, St Michael Queenhithe. Charles Saxon Hooper, head, married, 50, merchant born Hay Market, Middlesex, living in an apartment/lodging house.
     Charles died on 2 February 1880 in London aged 73. Feb 2, Charles Saxon Hooper, of 12 Pancras-lane, Cheaside, in his 71st year.. He was buried on 6 February 1880 in Northfleet. He was buried with his mother: Clara Hooper née De Rossi relict of R Saxon Hooper 7 Jan1866, 80. Also Charles Saxon Hooper of Pancras Lane, City of London, son of the above 21 Feb. 1880, 71. Anne Elizabeth his widow 20 June 1896, 73.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 20 February 1880 to Anne Elizabeth Hooper of 13 Castledine-road, widow, the relict. He was described as Late of 13 Casteledine-road Anerley , Surrey, wine merchant. Personal estate under £600.

Charles William Hooper

(19 November 1894 - 9 March 1954)
     Charles William Hooper was born on 19 November 1894 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. He was the son of Charles Henry Hooper and Margaret Dickson.
     He served as a Lieutenant in the Army and served in France. Charles William Hooper aged 20, clerk, (next of kin - Miss M Hooper) both of "Nevada' of Macleay St, Potts Point, NSW, was listed on the AIF nominal roll, embarked with the 4th Infantry Battalion on 20 October 1914 from Sydney on HMAT Euripides. Lt Charles Wiliam Hooper of the 4th Batallion, returned to Australia 23 Sep 1919 as a repatriated prisoner of war, serving from 28 8 1914 between 1914 and 1919.
Charles William Hooper married Clare Ryan on 4 March 1924 in Bingara, New South Wales.
     Charles was a bank manager - Commerical Banking Company in New South Wales.
     Charles and Clare were registered as Charles William Hooper, bank clerk & Clare Hooper, home duties at Roderick St, Tamworth, New South Wales, on the 1930 electoral roll.
     Charles and Clare were registered at Bundarra, New South Wales, on the between 1932 and 1934 electoral roll.
     Charles and Clare were registered at 26 Lamrock Ave, Bondi, New South Wales, on the 1936 electoral roll.
     Charles and Clare were registered at Fox St, Walgett, New South Wales, on the between 1943 and 1949 electoral roll.
     Charles and Clare were registered at Commerical Bank, Richmond, New South Wales, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Charles died on 9 March 1954 in Concord, New South Wales, aged 59. CHARLES HOOPER, A leading figure in district banking circles, Mr Charles William ('Bert') Hooper, manager of the Richmond branch of the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, passed away at the R.G.H., Concord, on March 9, at the age of 59 years, the sad news being received with keen regret by a big circle of friends in this district.
The late Mr. Hooper, who had been stationed at Richmond for some years past, held a commission in the 4th Battalion, 1st A.I.F., with which he served in World War I, and the rigours of that service no doubt in later years had effects which resulted in his final illness at a comparatively early age. The sympathy of Hawkesbury friends is extended to Mrs. Hooper and sons Murray and William in their loss.
The funeral on March 11 followed a service in St. Peter's, Richmond, the interment being conducted in the adjoining Church of England cemetery.

Children of Charles William Hooper and Clare Ryan

Charlotte Elizabeth Hooper

(18 December 1859 - )
     Charlotte Elizabeth Hooper was born on 18 December 1859. She was the daughter of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny.
Charlotte Elizabeth Hooper married Benjamin Crowall Alston on 28 January 1880. They had issue listed on a web site..

Christian Hooper

(19 September 1675 - )
     Christian Hooper was christened on 19 September 1675 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of Robert Hooper and Elizabeth Pringle.

Clara Anna Hooper

( - after 1859)
     Clara Anna Hooper was born in London. She was the daughter of Robert Saxon Hooper and Chiara or Clara Marianna de Rossi.
     Clara died after 1859. She was described as a spinster in 1859. A Clara Ann Hooper's will was proved 27 Jan 1875, formerly of 7 Melcombe Place, Dorset Square, Middlesex but late of Teignmouth. Effects under £800.

Dr Du Ponceau Hooper

(8 January 1833 - 4 April 1863)
     Dr Du Ponceau Hooper was born on 8 January 1833. He was the son of William Hooper and Frances Pollack Jones. Du was assistant surgeon in the 8th Florida Regiment.
     Du died on 4 April 1863 in Fayetteville, Cumberland county, North Carolina, USA, aged 30. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg and died at Fayetteville, unmarried.

Edward de Berniere Hooper

(23 July 1846 - 10 August 1847)
     Edward de Berniere Hooper was born on 23 July 1846 in North Carolina, USA. He was the son of John De Berniere Hooper and Mary Elizabeth Hooper.
     Edward died on 10 August 1847 in Wake, North Carolina, USA, aged 1.

Edward John Hooper

(February 1866 - )
     Edward John Hooper was born in February 1866 in Brighton, Sussex. He was the son of George Henry Hooper and Julia Beetham Churchill.
     Edward John Hooper were recorded on the 1881 census in Chertsey, Surrey. Edward J Hooper, aged 15, born Brighton, Sussex, boarder, scholar living with the Coleridges at their private boarding school in Guildford St ("Bromonds"), Chertsey.
     Edward was educated from from May 1882 to April 1883 at Uppingham school, Rutland.
The marriage of Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield was registered in London, Marylebone RD, Middlesex, in the March 1890 quarter.
     Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield were recorded on the 1891 census in 13 Clarence Square, Brighton. Matilda E Dibbs 62, lets furnished apartments ... Edward J Hooper 25, visitor, living on his own means born Brighton; Eva F Hooper 20, his wife, born Langleybury, Hertfordshire.
     Edward John Hooper and Eva Florence Oldfield were recorded on the 1901 census in 55 Barkston? Gardens, Kensington, London. Edward J Hooper, head, 36, living on own means, born Bloomsbury, Mdx, with his wife Eva F, 37, born Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.
Gift, for natural love and affection, from Edward John Hooper of 71 Barkston Gardens, Earls Court (co. London), esq. (eldest son of George Henry Hooper who died on 13 July 1904), to w. Eva Florence of the same -date:18 Jan. 1906
Moiety of one third part of the proceeds of the sale of the unsold real estate of his grandfather, George Henry Hooper, as in Add Mss 5381
The property in question is that listed in Add Mss 5382 (except Harts Farm 'which has recently been sold for £6 700 and the Grantor's interest in which is not intended to be included in this deed of gift')
Assignment from Eva Florence, w. of Edward John Hooper of 3 Blomfield Court, Maida Vale (co. London), to Rev. Robert Poole Hooper 10 Apr. 1912
Charles Robert Rivington, and Henry Brereton Hooper, for whom the assignment, was made in trust, of the sum of £5,000, the remainder of the purchase money

Dr Edward Jones Hooper

(24 March 1818 - 21 October 1850)
     Dr Edward Jones Hooper was born on 24 March 1818. He was the son of William Hooper and Frances Pollack Jones. Edward was a doctor.
Dr Edward Jones Hooper married Amelia Massy on 27 November 1845.
     Edward died on 21 October 1850 aged 32.

Children of Dr Edward Jones Hooper and Amelia Massy

Edward William Hooper

(18 April 1854 - )
     Edward William Hooper was born on 18 April 1854. He was the son of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny.

Eleanor Hooper

(1902 - )
     Eleanor Hooper was born in 1902. She was the daughter of Walter Edmund Hooper and Annie Jaconda Styles.

Eleanor Frances Hooper

(before 7 January 1863 - )
     Eleanor was nick-named Nellie. She's birth was registered in the quarter ending before 7 January 1863 in London, Camberwell RD, Surrey, England. She was christened on 7 January 1863 in St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, New Zealand. She was the daughter of John Rossi Hooper and Elizabeth Glover.

Elisabeth Hooper

(24 January 1813 - )
     Elisabeth Hooper was christened on 24 January 1813 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of John Hooper and Helen Smith.