John Riddle Morris

(20 January 1848 - 25 June 1852)
     John Riddle Morris was born on 20 January 1848 in Gundagai, New South Wales. He was the son of John Morris and Anne Riddell. John Riddle Morris was christened on 29 April 1848 in New South Wales.
     John died on 25 June 1852 in Gundagai, NSW, aged 4. "Perished in the floods".

Margaret Morris

     Margaret Morris married Edward Haddock, son of Edward Haddock and Mary Butler, on 3 April 1684 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Michael Morris Lord Killanin

(30 July 1914 - 25 April 1999)
     Michael Morris Lord Killanin was born on 30 July 1914 in London, England. He was the son of Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris and Dora Maryon Wesley Hall.
In 1927 he succeeded as Lord Killanin when his uncle Martin Henry FitzPatrick Morris, 2nd Baron Killanin died in 1927 without an heir. Seat Spiddal House, Galway, Residence 15 Great Cumberland Place, London W; Ferring Sussex. Michael Morris Lord Killanin bore arms: ermine, a fesse indented sable, in base a lion rampart of the last armed and langued gules. Crest - On a fasces fesswise proper, a lion's head erased argent, gutte de sang.
Michael Morris, 3rd Baron Killanin, MBE, TD was an Irish journalist, author, sports official, the sixth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He was a member of one of the fourteen families making up the Tribes of Galway. He was educated at Eton College, the Sorbonne in Paris and then Magdalene College, Cambridge where he was President of renowned Footlights dramatic club. In the mid 1930s, he began his career as a journalist, working for the Daily Express the Daily Sketch and subsequently the Daily Mail. In 1937-1938, he was war correspondent during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
He served in World War II as a volunteer with the 12th (Queen's Westminsters) Battalion a territorial unit of the British Army where he was responsible for recruiting fellow journalists, and friends who were musicians and actors. He reached the rank of Major and took part in the planning of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy in 1944, acting as Brigade Major for the 30th Armoured Brigade, part of the 79th Armoured Division, receiving by the course of operations the Order of the British Empire. After being demobilized, he returned to Ireland.
In 1950, he became the head of the Olympic Council of Ireland, and became his country's representative in the IOC in 1952. He climbed up to senior vice-president in 1968, and succeeded Avery Brundage to the presidency of the IOC, being elected at the 73rd IOC Session in Munich, held prior to the 1972 Summer Olympics - between August 21st and August 24, 1972.
During his presidency, the Olympic movement experienced a difficult period, dealing with the financial flop of the 1976 Montréal Olympics and the boycotts of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Seen from IOC's point of interest, worse decisions were taken. The cities of Lake Placid, New York and Los Angeles were 'chosen' for 1980 winter and 1984 summer games without any competing cities, resulting in a demanding position of the IOC - instead of a claiming one. He resigned after the Moscow Olympics in 1980, and his position was taken over by Juan Antonio Samaranch.
Lord Killanin was also a director of many companies and dabbled in the film industry, collaborating with his lifelong friend, John Ford, on "The Quiet Man". He also produced films, including The Playboy of the Western World and The Rising of the Moon.
He served as Honorary Consul-General of Monaco in Ireland from 1961 to 1984
     Michael resided at 9 Lwr Mount Pleasant Ave, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 1995.
     Michael died on 25 April 1999 in Dublin, Ireland, aged 84. He was buried in Galway, Galway. Following a bilingual funeral Mass at St Enda's Spiddal, County Galway, he was buried in the family vault in the New Cemetery, Galway.

Olive Elizabeth Morris

(13 March 1915 - 29 May 1996)
     Olive Elizabeth Morris was born on 13 March 1915 in Mansfield, Victoria. She was christened in the Church of England, Yarrawonga, Victoria.
Olive Elizabeth Morris married Donald William George MacKenzie, son of David Turnbull MacKenzie and Catherine Snadden MacKenzie, after June 1935 in Victoria. Engagements: MORRIS--McKENZIE. - Olive Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr and Mrs H E Morris Higher Rlementary School Yarram and Donald William George eldest son of Mr and Mrs David T McKenzie, Braeside, Calrossie Yarram.
     Olive was registered as Olive Elizabeth McKenzie, home duties at 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria, on the 1966 electoral roll.
     Olive was registered as Olive Elizabeth McKenzie, h.d. at 'Calrossie', near Yarram, on the 1972 electoral roll.
     Olive died on 29 May 1996 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia, aged 81. She was buried in the Anglican section, Yarram.

Child of Olive Elizabeth Morris and Donald William George MacKenzie

Olwen Myfanwy Morris

(before 1896 - )
     Olwen Myfanwy Morris was born before 1896. Olwen was a matron of Newport Hospital.
     Olwen Myfanwy Morris married Richard Ryther Stanser Bowker as his second wife, in 1946 in Wales. Olwen Myfanwy Morris was an executor of Richard Ryther Stanser Bowker's estate on 7 December 1954 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

Richard William Morris

William Henry Morris

     William Henry Morris married Isabella Ann Forbes, daughter of Alexander Forbes and Sarah Jane Rose, in 1897 in Victoria.

William? Morris

     William? Morris married Mary Darby, daughter of George? Darby, on 4 January 1779 in Southwark, Surrey. They may be the William Morris and Mary Darby who married by licence 4 Jan 1779 at St George the Martyr, Southwark. The licence was dated 2 Jan 1779) - William Morris of the parish of St George, Southwark ,, bachelor & spinster.

Michael Henry Morrisey

(6 November 1913 - 3 September 1987)
     Michael Henry Morrisey was also known as Harry in records. He was born on 6 November 1913.
Michael Henry Morrisey married Mavis Marie Hoey, daughter of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson, in 1936 in Victoria.
     Michael resided at Chelsea, 1982.
     Michael died on 3 September 1987 in the Peter McCallum Clinic, Melbourne, aged 73. Widow of Yarram, died 6 Aug. Death notice in "The Sun" undated from Mum: Morrissey, Michael Henry (Harry) on Sep 3 1987 at Peter MacCallum Hospital. Son of James & Susan, husband of Mavis, father of Lorraine, Dawn Kevin, Maureen, Colleen and Sharon. Father-in-law of Carl, Les, Jill, Greg, Herbie and Geoff. Poppa of Doug & Michelle, Chris, Michael Shane, Peter, John, Susan (in heaven), Kevin, Matthew, Maria, Paul, Tim, Glenn, (space) Patrick, David, Lisa, Anthea, Belinda, Kristie, Grant and Bradley. Gt-grandfather of Daniel & Cameron. Aged 73.

Ann Morrison

(circa 1730? - circa 1766)
     Ann Morrison was born circa 1730? In Banffshire, Scotland.
Ann Morrison married Robert MacPherson als Gould, son of unlinked early MacPherson, before 1757.
     Ann died circa 1766.

Children of Ann Morrison and Robert MacPherson als Gould

Frances Morrison

(before 1845 - )
     Frances Morrison married John Colbert (of Walshtown More RD). Frances Morrison was born before 1845 in Cork, Ireland.

Child of Frances Morrison and John Colbert (of Walshtown More RD)

Margaret Morrison

(before 1848 - )
     Margaret Morrison married Patrick Colbert (of Walshtown More RD). Margaret Morrison was born before 1848 in Cork, Ireland.

Child of Margaret Morrison and Patrick Colbert (of Walshtown More RD)

Margaret Morrissey

(circa 1870 - )
     Margaret Morrissey married Robert Gardiner in 1858 in Victoria. Margaret Morrissey was born circa 1870.

Child of Margaret Morrissey and Robert Gardiner

Charles Henry Morse

     Charles Henry Morse married Margaret Isabel Willis, daughter of John Willis and Janet Wight, in 1902 in Victoria.

Douglas Victor Morse

     Douglas Victor Morse married Margaret Isabel Colbert, daughter of David Colbert and Susan MacArthur, in 1940 in Victoria.

Marjorie Helen Morse

(3 September 1907 - )
     Marjorie Helen Morse was born on 3 September 1907.
Marjorie Helen Morse married William Thomas Whitford, son of Thomas Joseph Whitford and Bertha Clark, in 1935 in Victoria.
     Marjorie resided at Yarram, Victoria, 1982.

Child of Marjorie Helen Morse and William Thomas Whitford

Hawise de Mortimer

     Hawise de Mortimer married Stephen of Blois, son of Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois, and Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle. Hawise de Mortimer was born in Wigmore, Herefordshire, England.

Child of Hawise de Mortimer and Stephen of Blois

Hawise de Mortimer

     Hawise de Mortimer married Stephen Aumale Count. They had other children not listed here.

Children of Hawise de Mortimer and Stephen Aumale Count

Frank Mortimer

(4 October 1915 - 30 July 2017)
     Frank Mortimer was born on 4 October 1915 in Great Green, Cockfield, Suffolk. He was the son of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland.
The marriage of Frank Mortimer and Olive Gladys Bulpin was registered in Windsor Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, in the June 1939 quarter.
Frank Mortimer married secondly Yvonne Pauline Hiscock on 16 February 1952 in St Mary's, Eling, Hampshire, England.
He was a coach driver, lorry driver, hotel manager, farmer and postman. He received the MBE 14 June 1997. He was a larder chef on the line Queen Mary's maiden voyage, also on the Aquitania. He suffered a stroke, with partial paralysis on right side.
     Frank resided, May 2013.
     Frank died on 30 July 2017 aged 101.

Happy Samuel Mortimer

(4 February 1862 - 1956)
     Happy Samuel Mortimer was born on 4 February 1862.
     Happy Samuel Mortimer married thirdly Thirza Bland on 5 December 1906 in Bethesda Baptist Chapel, Stowmarket, Suffolk. His first two wives had died and he is buried with his second wife Jenny. By his first wife he had Herbert & Cissie. By his second wife he had Nelson & Samuel. Happy was a greengrocer in 1915.
     Happy Samuel Mortimer was recorded in September 1939 census in Suffolk. Happy S Mortimer, born 4 Feb 1863, retired cowman.
During the period 1951-53 he used to go to the Ipswich Co-Op Society restaurant for lunch, sometimes he would do a little jig for the customers. He was apparently a happy old man. He stopped going there about 1952/3, they heard that he had died.
     Happy died in 1956 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Children of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland

Harold Sidney Mortimer

(24 October 1907 - 9 January 1996)
     Harold Sidney Mortimer was born on 24 October 1907. He was the son of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland.
The marriage of Harold Sidney Mortimer and Edith Smith (Pyggott) was registered in Doncaster RD in the September 1929 quarter.
     Harold died on 9 January 1996 in the hospital, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, aged 88. He was buried in Thorne, Lincolnshire.

Child of Harold Sidney Mortimer and Edith Smith (Pyggott)

Hugh Mortimer

( - circa 1180)
     Maud de Meschin (Belmeis) (Mortimer) married secondly Hugh Mortimer. He was of Wigmore, co. Hereford. They had Hugh de Mortimer, who died bef 1181, d.v.p. and Roger de Mortimer, died bef 19 Aug 1214.
     Hugh died circa 1180.

Mabel Thirza Mortimer

(29 October 1910 - 10 August 1981)
     Mabel Thirza Mortimer was born on 29 October 1910. She was the daughter of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland.
She was 'in sevice' when young. She had polio at 6 months and needed a caliper for many years.
The marriage of Mabel Thirza Mortimer and Edward Abraham Brinkley was registered in Bury St Edmunds RD, Suffolk, in the March 1936 quarter.
     Mabel died on 10 August 1981 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, aged 70.

Child of Mabel Thirza Mortimer and Edward Abraham Brinkley

Vera Kitty Mortimer

(4 July 1917 - 14 December 2007)
     Vera Kitty Mortimer was born on 4 July 1917. She was the daughter of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland.
The marriage of Vera Kitty Mortimer and Margerson E Palmer was registered in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, in the December 1947 quarter.
     Vera died on 14 December 2007 aged 90.

Vera Olive Mortimer

(1 January 1931 - circa 1932)
     Vera Olive Mortimer was born on 1 January 1931. Vera Olive Mortimer was 1 years old when she died, she had spina bifida and only survived the year. She was the daughter of Harold Sidney Mortimer and Edith Smith (Pyggott).
     Vera died circa 1932. Vera Olive Mortimer was 1 years old when she died, she had spina bifida and only survived the year.

Wilfred Arthur Mortimer

(2 April 1913 - 12 February 1998)
     Wilfred Arthur Mortimer was born on 2 April 1913 in Cosford RD, Suffolk. He was the son of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland. Wilfred was a farmer.
     Wilfred died on 12 February 1998 in New Milton, Hampshire, aged 84.

Susannah Mortlock

     Susannah Mortlock married William Whiting, son of Samuel Whiting and Martha Collins, on 25 December 1814 in Alpheton, Suffolk. They had a large family at Drinkstone.
     Susannah Mortlock and William Whiting were recorded on the 1841 census in Drinkstone. William Whiten, 50, ag. lab, Susan 49, Samuel 22, ag lab, Charles 15, Elizabeth 12, Mary Ann 9, Hannah 6, all born in the county.

Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook)

(before 1684 - 29 October 1718)
     Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook) was born before 1684 in Waldershelf, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter and heir of Thomas Morton of Waldershelf..
     Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook) and Abel Rich obtained a marriage licence on 23 October 1700 in York, Yorkshire. Abel Rich, of Bullas, Penistone & Ellen Brook, parish not stated, no ages or place of the marriage nominated.
Abel Rich married secondly Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook) on 24 October 1700 in Silkstone, Yorkshire. Eleanor, relict of John Brook of Pond in Dodworth.
     Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook) and Abel Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 2 & 3 June 1714 in Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire. Indenture of lease and release between 1) Abel Rich, yeoman of Dodworth in the parish of Silkstone and Ellen his wife & 2) Jonathan Ellis of Sappitt? in the parish of High Hoyland re lands in Skelmanthorpe.
     Ellen was buried on 29 October 1718 in Silkstone, Yorkshire. Elenor the wife of Mr? Abel Rich, Dodworth.

Child of Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook) and Abel Rich

Isabella Morton

(before 1638 - before 5 June 1706)
     Isabella Morton was born before 1638 in Yorkshire, England.
Isabella Morton married John Rich, son of Edward Rich, on 10 April 1654 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Johannes Rich et Isabella Morton.
     In John Rich's will dated 7 July 1682 in Penistone, Isabella Morton was named as heir.
     Administration of the estate of Martha Rich was granted to Isabella Morton, on 29 July 1697 Visesimo nono die mensis July A.D. 1697 ... Martha Rich ... de Milnehouse parish de Penyston Ebor di.... Isabella Rich vidua? ...
     Isabella died before 5 June 1706 in Penistone, YKS. She was buried on 5 June 1706 in Penistone, YKS. Izabel Rich, Th[urlstone].

Children of Isabella Morton and John Rich

Mary Morton

(before 1660 - before 24 November 1691)
     Mary Morton was also known as Mary Morton in records. She was born before 1660. A Mary Morton was baptised in 1656, another in 1658 and another in 1666 at Cawthorne..
Mary Morton married Edward Rich, son of Richard Rich and Frances Priest, on 31 July 1682? In Cawthorne, Yorkshire. Edward Rich and Mary Morton married July the 31st 1682.
     Mary died before 24 November 1691 in Cawthorne, YKS. She was buried on 24 November 1691 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire.