Richard Wallace Phillips

(1 February 1898 - 19 June 1987)
     Richard Wallace Phillips was born on 1 February 1898 in Oakendale, Clarence Town, New South Wales, Australia. He was the son of Edward Stanley Phillips and Elizabeth Maude (Bessie) Holmes.
Richard Wallace Phillips married Ruby Grace Pullen on 14 September 1921.
     Richard died on 19 June 1987 in Caloundra, Queensland, aged 89.

Child of Richard Wallace Phillips and Ruby Grace Pullen

Ruby Alice Phillips

(30 September 1878 - )
     Ruby Alice Phillips was born on 30 September 1878 in Queensland. She was the daughter of Clarence Alfred Phillips and Gertrude Laura Parker Bowles.

Ruby Eliza Phillips

(11 April 1899 - )
     Ruby Eliza Phillips was born on 11 April 1899 in Grey County, Ontario. She was the daughter of Charles Robert Phillips and Caroline Beatrice Ruby.

Samuel James Phillips

(29 November 1826 - 11 February 1843)
     Samuel James Phillips was born on 29 November 1826 in Paterson, New South Wales. He was the son of James Phillips and Lydia Ballard. Samuel James Phillips was christened on 3 December 1826 in Christ Church, Newcastle. Henry, Jane, William, Francis, Isabella, Alfred, Samuel and Charles were recorded as the children of James Phillips in the on 15 November 1828 census in 'Bona Vista', Paterson, New South Wales.
     Samuel died on 11 February 1843 in Paterson, New South Wales, aged 16. At the residence of his Father, Bona Vista, Paterson, on Thursday, 11th instant, Samuel James Phillips, in his sixteenth year. He was buried on 21 February 1843 in St Paul's churchyard, Paterson.

Sarah Louise Phillips

(27 July 1867 - 1916)
     Sarah Louise Phillips was born on 27 July 1867 in Mimosa, Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Edward Augustus Phillips and Ellen Besnard.
     Sarah died in 1916 in Young, New South Wales.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Julius Besnard Phillips in May 1917 at New South Wales. Probate Jurisdiction.- In the Estate of SARAH LOUISA PHILLIPS, late of Young, in the State of New South Wales Spinster, deceased, intestate. Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Letters of Administration of the Estate of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to JULIUS BESNARD PHILLIPS, the brother of the said deceased, and all notices are to be served at the undermentioned address. JULIUS
BESNARD PHILLIPS, Lynch-street, Young.

Susan Phillips

(before 1670 - )
     Susan Phillips was born before 1670.
Susan Phillips married Francis Cave, son of Francis Cave, on 15 July 1688 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Children of Susan Phillips and Francis Cave

Unknown Phillips

     Unknown Phillips was the child of James William Phillips and Annie Hanlon.

Unnamed Phillips

(25 May 1877 - )
     Unnamed Phillips was born on 25 May 1877 in Queensland. He was the son of Clarence Alfred Phillips and Gertrude Laura Parker Bowles.

Walter Ballard Phillips

(21 January 1864 - 11 January 1885)
     Walter Ballard Phillips was born on 21 January 1864 in Kangiaroo, Yass, New South Wales. He was the son of Edward Augustus Phillips and Ellen Besnard. Walter was an overseer, in Marengo, New South Wales.
     Walter died of influenza on 11 January 1885 in Mulway Line ?, Young, New South Wales, aged 20. The informant was his uncle Julius Besnard of Young. An unknown person was buried on 12 January 1885 in Church of England cemetery in Young, New South Wales.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Edward Augustus Phillips on 30 April 1885 at New South Wales. Estate & effects of Walter Ballard Phillips late of Marengo, conditional purchaser deceased was granted to Edward Augustus Phillps, the father of the deceased intestate. Estate under £341.

Walter James Phillips

(18 March 1853 - 1942)
     Walter James Phillips was born on 18 March 1853 in Paterson, New South Wales. However Lodge records for his father give 1 Aug 1853 at Stonehenge, Williams River. He was the son of Alfred William Phillips and Elizabeth Maria Doyle. Walter James Phillips was christened on 4 November 1853 in Paterson. Walter James, son of Alfred William & Elizabeth Maria Phillips, born March 18.
Walter James Phillips married Gertrude L Ford in 1899 in Moree, New South Wales.
Charles Phillips remembers his Uncle Walter and his three children Norman, Alan & Florence.
     Walter died in 1942 in Waverley district, New South Wales.

Children of Walter James Phillips and Gertrude L Ford

William Thomas Phillips

(6 December 1813 - 19 October 1864)
     William Thomas Phillips was born on 6 December 1813 in Almeida, Portugal. He was the son of James Phillips and Lydia Ballard. William Thomas Phillips was christened on 19 July 1814 in British Factory Chaplaincy, Oporto, Porto, Portugal.
     William Thomas Phillips and Henry Phillips, Jane Phillips, Francis Henry Fortunatus Phillips and Isabella Lydia Augusta Phillips arrived with James Phillips and Lydia Ballard on 20 May 1822 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Henry, Jane, William, Francis, Isabella, Alfred, Samuel and Charles were recorded as the children of James Phillips in the on 15 November 1828 census in 'Bona Vista', Paterson, New South Wales. William was Post master from October 1835, in Paterson. William Thomas Phillips was appointed Post Master at Paterson in October 1835 according to the newspapers and he was also listed in the 1836 Blue Books - Phillips, William Thomas, Deputy Postmaster. William was a storekeeper in 1839, in Paterson, New South Wales.
William Thomas Phillips and Francis Henry Fortunatus Phillips witnessed David Sloan and Isabella Lydia Augusta Phillips's wedding on 15 September 1840 in 'Bona Vista', Paterson, New South Wales, Australia.
William Thomas Phillips married Mary Anne Lyons on 17 October 1843 in East Maitland, New South Wales.
     William Thomas Phillips was employed in selling spirits in 1850, Paterson.
On June 11 1851 the Maitland Mercury reported: W T Phillips - accounts due to be settled, etc. He may have been moving from the area. He was mentioned in a letter from Lydia Ballard dated 29 August 1853. 1853 Aug 29, Bona Vista - My dear Edward, I had the pleasure of receiving yours of the 21st 2 days ago and feel thankful to providence that you are in health and spirits and have our very lively hopes from what you communicate that you will ultimately succeed in your arduous undertaking. William had a letter from Mr Medcalfe last week wishing to try his luck with him again at Dungog should the report of gold being found there prove correct. I hear 20 persons have left this neighbourhood to prospect there. I received a letter from Lydia the day I got yours which I enclose for your perusal. I have written her to return soon, as I expect Hannah will be married when time is up, which will be next week. I fear we shall not get one to suit us so well, I engaged a man and his wife but they quarrelled so dreadfully I was obliged to send her away. She is now with Mrs Stoddart, the man I don't approve and shall discharge at the end of his month. Eliza Parker is with Elizabeth who is without a servant. Alfred will endeavour to procure one while in Sydney. I have just had a letter from him, he names having had a pleasant run of 12 hours from Newcastle, he was surprised on sailing into the harbour to see all the ships dressed out with flags; it appeared the foundation stone of the Sydney Exchange was laid that day. Two ships of emigrants went in with them; both went into quarantine having measles on board. Elizabeth & Eliza dined with me today, they desire their love to you, both of them have very severe coughs again, indeed most people are suffering more or less. Mrs Cory had part of a letter from you to them. The Blacksmiths place and tools were destroyed by the fire at Gostwyck, happening in the night and Mr Cory being from home, the females were as you may imagine, much alarmed. I am and family are well. I seldom hear from Frank. Did he ever get the things you left at the Sonisan? William going on much as usual. Mr C Stoddart is going this week to see if any thing can be done at Dungog. He will stay at Browns. It is gratifying to hear, that horrid vice, drunkeness is being checked. I do hope you take advantage of every opportunity of attending Divine Worship. Let me urge on you my dear Edward to do so. This world, with all these petty and evanescent interests which now so engross and agitate, will soon pass away. Its pleasure wholly engage us, or its crosses and cares make us miserable. It would not be so if we felt that we had a portion above and beyond the world. We would think less of amusements or the inconveniences of the road if we looked more to the end of it. Do write oftener, it is a great source of pleasure to me to get a letter from you. John & Dolly always send their love to you when they see Lydia or I writing to you. They both wrote their Papa last week and got very pretty answers yesterday of which they are not a little proud. I will say no more now or shall tire your patience. Heaven guard you dear boy! and believe me ever, Your affectionate mother, Lydia Phillips.. William was a teacher in 1864, Mudgee.
     William died of pharyngitis on 19 October 1864 in Mudgee, New South Wales, aged 50. He was buried on 22 October 1864 in Mudgee.
A Thomas Phillips was a foundation member of the Oddfellows Lodge in Church St, Paterson [C Mitchell, p.144].
Mal Frail of 12 Fairlands Td, Medowie 2301, states that William Thomas took over his father's estate and went further into debt. He also took over the store and cottage of his father in Prince St Paterson.
If WT was the Postmaster at Paterson, he appears to have married and fathered several children.

Children of William Thomas Phillips and Mary Anne Lyons

Evelyn Mary Philp

(10 December 1895 - 31 January 1989)
     Evelyn Mary Philp was born on 10 December 1895 in Reading, Berkshire. She was the youngest of three children of Thomas John PHILP (1853-1944) & his second wife Caroline TIPTON (1861-1944). On leaving school she was trained by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) to become a motor mechanic and during WW1 she was an ambulance driver. After the war she chauffered a retired army general in his Rolls Royce.
Evelyn Mary Philp married Capt Herbert Ross Hooper, son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton, on 1 March 1951 in London, England. Evelyn Mary Philp was an executor of Capt Herbert Ross Hooper's estate on 19 August 1954.
     Evelyn died on 31 January 1989 in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, aged 93.

Louisa Philpott

     Louisa Philpott married Bertram Bullett, son of Thomas Bullett and Elizabeth Seadon, on 15 May 1903 in St John the Evangelist, Bombay, India.

Children of Louisa Philpott and Bertram Bullett

Frank Hamilton Phinizy

(6 April 1940 - )
     Frank Hamilton Phinizy was born on 6 April 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He was the son of Frank Hamilton Phinizy and Ellen Harvey Trull.

Frank Hamilton Phinizy

     Frank Hamilton Phinizy was the son of John Phinizy and DeLacy Irvine.
Frank Hamilton Phinizy married Ellen Harvey Trull, daughter of Rev George Harvey Trull and Donna Adele Irvine, on 20 September 1932 in the Taylor Memorial Episcopal Church, Bombay, India. They were first cousins.

Child of Frank Hamilton Phinizy and Ellen Harvey Trull

John Phinizy

     John Phinizy married DeLacy Irvine, daughter of A Smith Irvine and Georgianna Whittemore.

Child of John Phinizy and DeLacy Irvine

William Phipps

      He was described as Late Major 27th Regt and of Abbey Ville, co. Sligo.
William Phipps married Dorothea Handcock, daughter of Rev Robert Handcock D D and Jane Bryanton.
William Phipps married Dorothea Jane Handcock, daughter of Rev Thomas Handcock MA and Olivia Potts, on 15 August 1820.

Annie Maria Pickard

     Annie Maria Pickard married William Isaac Cocksedge, son of Isaac Cocksedge and Ann Snell, on 12 September 1894 in Mexborough, Yorkshire.

Harriett Pickaver

(June 1864 - September 1926)
     Harriett Pickaver's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1864 in Wymondham, Melton Mowbray RD, Leicestershire.
The marriage of Harriett Pickaver and Joseph Stancer, son of James Stanser and Mary Plowright, was registered in Melton Mowbray RD, Leicestershire?, in the September 1881 quarter.
     Harriett Pickaver and Joseph Stancer were recorded on the 1891 census in Church St, Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire. Joseph Stancer, head, 38, ag. labourer, born Easton; with his wife Harriett aged 31, born Wymondham, Leics and daughter Lizzie aged 8, scholar, Maud A Stancer 7, Horace W Stancer 5, Joseph H Stancer 3, John H Stancer 8 months, all born at Easton.
     Harriett died in September 1926 in Spalding RD aged 62.

Children of Harriett Pickaver and Joseph Stancer

Martha Picke

( - before 2 March 1778)
     Martha Picke married Philip Ruby, son of Philip Ruby and Ann Stacey, on 27 April 1735 in Tavistock, Devon.
     Martha died before 2 March 1778 in Tavistock, Devon. Martha Rubby.

Children of Martha Picke and Philip Ruby

Joan Pickering (Greystock)

(before 1395 - after 1 May 1426)
     Joan Pickering (Greystock) was born before 1395 in Yorkshire, England.
     Joan Pickering (Greystock) married Chief Justice William Gascoigne as his second wife. She was the widow of Sir Ralph Greystoke, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. Other sources from Gen-Medieval mailng list state:
The second wife of Sir William Gascoigne, the Chief Justice, is named in the pedigrees as Joan, daughter of Sir William Pickering. Some time ago I pointed out here that there was no such person as Sir William Pickering alive at that time. Joan was actually the daughter of Sir James Pickering (ca. 1332-1398), and widow of Sir Christopher Moresby of Moresby, Cumberland who died before November 1391. By her first husband, she had three sons, Sir Christopher, Robert and Richard who are named as executors of her will in May 1426.
Agnes the wife of Robert Constable of Flamborough (ca. 1390-1441) was a daughter of Joan Pickering and she mentions "Robert Constable and my daughter his wife", in her will. Presumably she was a daughter of the judge and not of Christopher Moresby. By William Gascoigne she had a son James, ancestor of the Gascoignes of Cardington, Bedfordshire..
     Joan Pickering (Greystock) made a will dated 1 May 1426. Her will mentions five children, her daughter [Agnes Gascoigne] who married Robert Constable of Flamborough, her son James [Gascoigne] who founded the family of Gascoigne of Cardington, Bedfordshire and 3 other sons, presumably from her former marriage(s); Sir Christopher, Robert and Richard.
     Joan died after 1 May 1426.

Children of Joan Pickering (Greystock) and Chief Justice William Gascoigne

Martha Pickering

(before April 1854 - 8 October 1915)
     Martha Pickering was born before April 1854 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.
Martha Pickering married Walter Popplewell, son of George Popplewell and Sarah Ann Whiteley, on 20 August 1876 in Darfield, Yorkshire.
     Martha Pickering and Walter Popplewell were recorded on the 1881 census in 34 Tune Street, Barnsley, Silkstone, Yorkshire, England. Walter Popplewell, head, married, railway wagon builder, aged 29, born Althorpe, Lincs, Martha, wife, aged 27, Charles Edward aged 3. William J, aged 2 all born Barnsley.
     Martha Pickering and Walter Popplewell were recorded on the 1901 census in Ardsley, Yorkshire. Walter Popplewell, 48, head, railway wagon repairer, born Althorpe, Lincs; with his wife Martha 47, born Barnsley, son William J 22, draper's assistant, born Barnsley, nephew Tom Popplewell 19, railway waggon reparier, born Monk Bretton, daughters Margaret A 17, milliner and Laura M 15 house maid, domestic, both born at Barnsley.
     Martha died on 8 October 1915.

Children of Martha Pickering and Walter Popplewell

William Pickering

(say 1610 - 1686)
     William Pickering was born say 1610 in England.
William Pickering married Ann Banks, daughter of Robert Banks and Anne Craike, on 15 July 1631 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. Joseph Banks in his 1719 pedigree described her as Jane who married Dr Pickering of Dockworth, with many branches now living.
Burke states: Anne married William Pickering, Rector of Swillington, Yks. William was a clergyman in 1632.
     William died in 1686 in Yorkshire.

Frances Emma Pickmore

(10 February 1788 - 8 January 1860)
     Frances Emma Pickmore was also known as Emma in records. She was born on 10 February 1788 in Dover, Kent. She was the daughter of Vice Admiral Francis Pickmore & his wife Ann. He died 24 Feb 1818 as Vice Admiral Pickmore, Governor & Commander in Chief of Newfoundland. His health had been declining for some time. Pickmore’s remains were interred in the Church of St John’s this very day "with the honors due to his rank and station. The executors of Pickmore’s estate were Reverend William Bussell near Portsea and Captain Frederick Hunn of the Navy. She was christened on 29 February 1788 in St Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent.
     Frances Emma Pickmore and Capt Frederick Hunn obtained a marriage licence on 14 October 1814.
Frances Emma Pickmore married Capt Frederick Hunn, son of Richard Hunn and Mary Ann Costello, on 15 October 1814 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex.
     Frances died on 8 January 1860 in Rolvenden, Kent, aged 71. At the vicarage, Rolvenden, aged 72, Frances Emma, widow of Capt Hunn, R.N., and last surviving child of the late Adm. Pickmore, Governor of Newfoundland. Also, at Paris, on Dec. 8, aged 44, Mary Ann Harriette Emma, widow of Signor G.D. Pessina, and eldest daughter of the above Frances Emma Hunn. She was buried in Rolvenden. The memorial inscription reads: Frances Emma wife of the late Frederick Hunn, Captain Royal Navy, died 8 January 1860 aged 73 and her daughter Harriette Emma Pessina died 8 December 1859 aged 43.

Children of Frances Emma Pickmore and Capt Frederick Hunn

Elizabeth Pickworth

(circa 1789 - before 6 July 1822)
     Elizabeth Pickworth was born circa 1789.
Elizabeth Pickworth married Thomas Stancer on 23 October 1815 in St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth died before 6 July 1822 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 6 July 1822 in St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln.

Children of Elizabeth Pickworth and Thomas Stancer

Isabella Pidekswell

     Isabella Pidekswell married Sir Mauger St Aubyn, son of Stephen de Sancto Albino St Aubyn, before 1279 in England. Isabella Pidekswell was widowed in 1291 on the death of her husband Sir Mauger St Aubyn.
Isabella Pidekswell married Sir Gilbert Beare after 1291.
She held Parracoombe in 1308. She was named in the inquisition taken on the death of her husband, held at Parracombe 1308.

Alice Pidgeon

(before 1700 - after 1778)
     Alice Pidgeon was born before 1700.
Alice Pidgeon married Henry Trull, son of John Trull and Ann Turner, on 19 January 1717/18 in St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk. Which Henry?.
     Alice died after 1778.

Children of Alice Pidgeon and Henry Trull

John Pierce

(circa 1588 - )
     John Pierce was born circa 1588 in Norwich, Norfolk, England.
John Pierce married Elizabeth Trull, daughter of Robert Trull and Mary Ladyman, on 17 April 1610 in Norwich, Norfolk. Their son Anthony Pierce married Anna Moore in 1633 in Massachusetts,
USA. Their descendants include Presidential families..

Mary Pierce

     Mary Pierce was born in Cappard, Laois, Ireland. She was the daughter of Henry Piers, third Baronet, by his 1st wife, Jane, daughter of John Piggot, of Cappard, Queen's county.
Mary Pierce married Eliah Handcock, son of Rev? Eliah Handcock and 'Widow' Crowse, in 1749 in Ardagh & Kilmore Diocese. He is probably the Eliah Handcock, who obtained a marriage licence to wed Mary Peirce/Piers, the daughter of Henry 3rd Baronet(1678-1733).
Lodge's peerage of Ireland describes him as the son of Eliah, of Annaghduffe.

Jane Piers

     Jane Piers married William Harman, son of Henry Harman and Marie Hamilton?.

Child of Jane Piers and William Harman