Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn

( - 1132)
     Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn was born in Wales. His wife was Hunydd ferch Einudd. He was the son of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn ap Cynfyn King of Powys.
     Maredudd died in 1132.

Children of Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn

Charles or William Blencoe or Waters

     Charles or William Blencoe or Waters married Eliza Ann Mackglew, daughter of Daniel Mackglew and Eliza Brandon Harding, in June 1858 in Lambeth RD, Surrey.

Conway Blennerhassett

     Conway Blennerhassett married Elizabeth Harman, daughter of Wentworth Harman and Mary or Margarert Wesley, on 20 July 1717 in Ballyseedy, Kerry, Ireland. He was of Killorglin and she was of Killmoyley.

Francis Blewett

     Francis Blewett married Jane Fermor.

Richard Blewett

     Richard died in Holcombe, Devon?.
Richard Blewett married Mary Grenville, daughter of Sir Thomas Grenville.

Diana Gordon Bligh

(20 September 1945 - 30 June 1982)
     Diana Gordon Bligh was born on 20 September 1945. She was the daughter of Francis Leonard Bligh and Rosemary Beatrice Gordon.
     Diana died on 30 June 1982 aged 36.

Francis Leonard Bligh

(15 November 1911 - 9 October 1987)
     Francis Leonard Bligh was commonly known as Len. He was born on 15 November 1911 in Burwood, New South Wales. He was the son of Francis & Sophie H Bligh (Siddeley), registered at Burwood. Francis senior died March 1940 aged 73, having been born in Melboure, educated at Marlborough College, England and returned to Australia at 21. In 1894 he married Sophie Helen daughter of William Siddeley of Melbourne who pre deceased him three months ago and is sur- vived by one son and three daughters.
Francis Leonard Bligh married Rosemary Beatrice Gordon, daughter of James Henry Forbes Gordon and Gladys Noel Bowker, on 1 March 1941. He married secondly Jane Warry, widow of Richard John Warry..
     Francis died on 9 October 1987 aged 75.

Child of Francis Leonard Bligh and Rosemary Beatrice Gordon

Anna Blissett

(11 October 1749 - 10 June 1786)
     Anna Blissett was born on 11 October 1749 in Clapham, Surrey. She was the daughter of Charles (c.1712-1785) & Mary Blissett of Clapham. See Joan Masters' notes for more detail.
     Anna Blissett and Thomas Fawler obtained a marriage licence on 18 March 1777 in London.
Anna Blissett married Thomas Fawler, son of Capt John Fawler and Mary Poole, on 20 March 1777 in Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey. They had no family. His widow had a life interest in the Poole estate, and it then passed to his sister Mary and her husband, John Hooper. Anna Blissett was an executor of Thomas Fawler's estate on 13 September 1784 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Borough and Manor of New Shoreham. Admission of Anna Fawler (wid. and devisee of Thomas Fawler, as in Add Mss 5302, decd.) for life under her husband's will. Description: Parcel of meadow (2a.) called the Rope Tackle Close held by the annual rent of 3s. Od; parcel of meadow (2a.) called Duke's Croft held by the annual rent of 4s. Od; croft of land called the Lords Garden held by the annual rent of 3s. 4d; croft of land (2a.) 'formerly Burgesses and late John Clarks' called the Upper Rope Tackle Close held by the annual rent of 2s. Od; and piece of waste lying to lands formerly of Thomas Duke and since of Thomas Whatman on S.: in New Shoreham..
     Anna Blissett made a will dated 12 October 1785 in Clapham, Surrey. Her will mentions her deceased husband Thomas and her sisters Margaret Pope & Mary Hopkins, etc.
     Anna died on 10 June 1786 in Clapham, Surrey, aged 36.
     Her will was proved on 14 June 1786 at PCC. Anna Fawler, widow of Clapham, Surrey. She was buried on 24 June 1786 in Holy Trinity, Clapham.
Anna Fawler was mentioned.

Child of Anna Blissett and Thomas Fawler

Susan Hannah Jane Block

(circa 1841 - )
     Susan Hannah Jane Block was born circa 1841 in England. She was the daughter of John Block. If she was the same person, she reduced her age at her second marriage to a younger man.
Susan Hannah Jane Block married Josiah Mackglew, son of William John Mackglew and Eliza Whitbread, on 18 November 1861 in St Philip, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex.
     Susan Hannah Jane Block and Josiah Mackglew were recorded on the 1871 census in 27 Murray St, Shoreditch, Hoxton, Middlesex. Josiah Mackglew, head, 51, stainer?, born Middlesex, Sussan Mackglew, wife, 28, patt fitter?, born Middlesex. Susan Hannah Jane Block was widowed on 27 January 1877 on the death of her husband Josiah Mackglew. Susan Hannah Jane Block was an executor of Josiah Mackglew's estate on 21 April 1877 in the Principal Probate Registry, London. She was of 9 Curzon St, New North Rd, Hoxton, widow.
     Susan Hannah Jane Block married Frederick Henry? Mackglew as his third wife, on 5 September 1881 in St James the Great, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex. Susan Hannah Jane Block was widowed in March 1889 on the death of her husband Frederick Henry? Mackglew.
     Susan Hannah Jane Block married Alfred Poole as her third husband, on 22 December 1889 in St Thomas, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex.

Margaret Bloom

     Margaret Bloom married Thomas Cocksedge on 26 November 1663 in Woolpit.

Mary Ann Bloomfield

(1 October 1835 - 29 December 1926)
Gravestone of Mary Ann Bullett (nee Bloomfield)
     Mary Ann Bloomfield was born on 1 October 1835 in Kirkham, Lincolnshire. Mary Ann was the daughter of William Bloomfield.
Mary Ann Bloomfield married George Bullett, son of James Squirrell Bullett and Sarah A Grimwood, on 13 January 1861 in Kilham, Leicestershire.
     Mary Ann Bloomfield and George Bullett were recorded on the 1861 census in Middle St, Kilham, Yorkshire. George Bullet, head, married 25, ag. labourer, born Sfk, St Edmunds ..; Mary Ann, wife, 26, born Kirkham, Lincs.
Mary Ann Bloomfield mentioned on 3 May 1866.
     Mary Ann Bloomfield and George Bullett arrived per "Red Jacket" on 27 November 1866 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. George, Mary Ann & their children Emma and Elizabeth.
     Mary was registered at Collins Rd, Devon North, on the from 1908 to 1912 electoral roll. In the 1908 & 1912 electoral rolls Mary Ann & Betsy were listed at Devon & North Devon, h.d.
Mrs. George Bullett, of Devon North, near Yarram, recently celebrated her 60th birthday. She came to Australia in the sailing ship Red Jacket 50 years ago with her late husband. Four of her children are living nnd six have died. There are also living 20 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and one great-great-grand child. the latter making five generations of one family living.
     Mary died on 29 December 1926 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 91. She was buried on 30 December 1926 in the Church of England section. Her headstone reads: In Loving Memory of Mary Ann Bullett who passed away 29th Dec. 1926 aged 91 years.

Children of Mary Ann Bloomfield and George Bullett

Charles James Blount

(30 September 1796 - 21 April 1833)
     Charles James Blount was born on 30 September 1796 in London. He was christened on 23 October 1796 in St George, Bloomsbiury, London. He was the son of Charles & Catherine Blount.
Charles James Blount married Mary Ann Barton, daughter of John Barton and Mary Hughes, on 25 June 1820 in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex.
     In Simon Hughes's will dated 22 December 1821 in Hawkstone, Hodnet, Shropshire, Charles James Blount was named as executor of the estate. He was an executor of Simon Hughes's estate on 1 February 1822 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Charles was buried on 21 April 1833 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. Charles James Blount of 12 North Row, aged 36.

Children of Charles James Blount and Mary Ann Barton

Mary Ann Blount

(26 June 1825 - )
     Mary Ann Blount was christened on 26 June 1825 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. Daughter of Charles James & Mary Ann Blount of Chapel Place, brickmaker. She was the daughter of Charles James Blount and Mary Ann Barton.
Mary Ann Blount married Robert Lyster on 30 June 1845 in St Marylebone, London. They married by lincence, both single and of full age and of Marylebone, BUT she was described as the daughter of Edward! Blount, however the witness was William Barton..
     Mary Ann Blount and Robert Lyster were recorded on the 1861 census in 9 Montpelier Crescent, Brighton, Sussex. The only record found does not seem to fit: Robert Lyster, 62, proprietor of bonds, born Ireland, wife Mary A Lyster, 55, annuity shares, born Middlesex, unmarried daughters Gertrude Lyster 24, Porn Portsmouth Hampshire & Agusta Lyster 20, born France, British subject and a general servant, Eliza J Houseman, 23.

Sarah Eleanor Blount

(1 May 1821 - )
     Sarah Eleanor Blount was christened on 1 May 1821 in St Sepulchre, Holborn, Holborn, London, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Charles James Blount and Mary Ann Barton. She witnessed Simon Hughes's will dated 22 December 1821 in Hawkstone, Hodnet, Shropshire.

Richard Bloyet or Bloyow

Child of Richard Bloyet or Bloyow

Sybil Bloyet or Bloyow

     Sybil Bloyet or Bloyow married John Godolphin, son of James Godolphin and Cecilia Trewledick. Sybil Bloyet or Bloyow was the daughter of Richard Bloyet or Bloyow.

Child of Sybil Bloyet or Bloyow and John Godolphin

Amicia Bloyou

     Amicia Bloyou married Sir Michael Petit, son of Sir John Petit and Margaret or Joan Carminow. Amicia Bloyou was born in England. She was the daughter of Sir John Blouo, according to Vivian. She was the daughter of Sir John Bloyou.

Child of Amicia Bloyou and Sir Michael Petit

Sir John Bloyou

Child of Sir John Bloyou

Galiena Blund

     Galiena Blund was born in England. She was the daughter of William Blund.
Galiena Blund married Robert de Lisle, son of Ralph fitz Olaf and Daughter,, before December 1167. Geoffrey Riddell, Archdeacon of Canterbury, gave the said Galiena on her marriage to Robert the land that was Mainer the Porter's at Exning. Confirmed by Henry II Nov-Dec 1167.

Child of Galiena Blund and Robert de Lisle

William Blund

( - circa 1169)
     William died circa 1169. He was of Exning, Suffolk..

Child of William Blund

Daisy Rachel Blunsdon

(30 September 1921 - 8 June 2003)
     Daisy Rachel Blunsdon was born on 30 September 1921.
Daisy Rachel Blunsdon married Frank David Reville, son of Henry Reville and Christina Booker, on 1 April 1938 in Queensland. Frank and Daisy had a baby who died in Cairns, 1938 buried Martyn Street Cemetery Manunda Section Monumental East Side row Z2 Plot 3529.
     Daisy died on 8 June 2003 in Cairns, Queensland, aged 81. She was buried with her husband and her gravestone states "mother of Frank & Nola".

Mary Blunt

(14 August 1785 - 1857 or 1869?)
     Mary Blunt was christened on 14 August 1785 in St Mary, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.
Mary Blunt married John Burnham, son of John Burnham and Rebecca Ashling, on 5 April 1808 in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. John Burnham & Mary Blunt, both single of this parish, married by licence, witnessed by James Blunt & Sarah Blunt, James Spencer, clerk.
Obviously the children listed here cannot all belong to this union, some may be his father's by his second wife or a different John & Mary altogether.
     Mary Blunt and John Burnham were recorded on the 1841 census in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. John Burnham, 55, Mary Burnham 55 and Henry Burnham, aged 40.
     Mary Blunt was recorded on the 1841 census in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Mary Burnham aged 59, with Elizabeth 21 & Stephen 19, Burnham.
     Mary Blunt and John Burnham were recorded on the 1851 census in Market Place, Whittlesey. John Burnham, 65, landed proprietor, born Whittlesey, his wife Mary 65, born Whittlesey, Caroline Bowker, grand daughter 4, scholar, born Hunts, Gt Gransden and 2 house servants.
     Mary died in 1857 or 1869?. A Mary Burnham death was registered in June 1857 in the Whittlesea RD and another aged 88 death was registered in the Whittlesey district in Sep quarter of 1869.

Children of Mary Blunt and John Burnham

Charlotte Harriette Blyth (Franklin)

(circa 1843 - 25 December 1910)
     Charlotte Harriette Blyth (Franklin) was born circa 1843.
The marriage of Charlotte Harriette Blyth (Franklin) and Colonel Henry Thomas Halahan, son of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg, was registered in London, St George Hanover RD, in the December 1893 quarter. She was the widow of Rev Charles Franklin whom she married at Kensington in 1865.
     Charlotte Harriette Blyth (Franklin) was recorded on the 1901 census in 28 St Peter's Rd, Croydon, Surrey. Charlotte H Halahan 53, head, widow, lving on own means, born Norwood, Sry; with a parlourmaid & cook.
     Charlotte died on 25 December 1910 in Bath, Somerset.
     Her will was proved on 4 February 1911 at London. Charlotte Harriette Halahan, of Swainswick Rectory, Bath, widow, died 25 Dec 1910, to the Reverend Herbert Charles Temple Franklin, clerk. Effects £3399.

Oscar Emmerson Blyth

(circa 1900 - 1980)
     Oscar Emmerson Blyth was born circa 1900.
Oscar Emmerson Blyth married May Mary MacCraith, daughter of Michael George MacCraith and May Mary Malcolm, in 1940 in Victoria.
     Oscar died in 1980 in Beaumaris, Victoria.

Ann Agnes Boag

(1887 - 1947)
     Ann Agnes Boag was born in 1887 in New Zealand.
Ann Agnes Boag married James Burnham Bowker, son of Charles Bowker and Anna Elizabeth Whitla, on 4 April 1911 in St Andrew's, Christchurch, New Zealand.
     Ann died in 1947 in Amberley, New Zealand.
     Her will was proved in 1947 at Christchurch.

Children of Ann Agnes Boag and James Burnham Bowker

Elizabeth Boar

(say 1690 - 21 October 1767)
     Elizabeth Boar was born say 1690 in Suffolk.
Elizabeth Boar married Thomas Grimwood on 4 August 1707 in Barking, Suffolk. Thomas Grimwade of Ringshall..
     Elizabeth was buried on 21 October 1767 in St Catherine, Ringshall, Suffolk. Elizabeth Grimwood, however another Elizabeth is buried there on 2 Jan 1757. Maggie Driver states the 4th.

Children of Elizabeth Boar and Thomas Grimwood

Margaret Frances Boast

(21 November 1864 - 11 September 1941)
     Margaret Frances Boast was born on 21 November 1864 in Hackney, London, Middlesex, England. She was the daughter of Robert Boast who died on the 22nd January 1917, at the residence of his son in lawJames Bland, Yarram.
Margaret Frances Boast married James Bland, son of Abraham Bland and Harriet Bullett, in 1885 in Victoria.
     Margaret was registered at Woranga, Victoria, on the 1908 electoral roll.
     Margaret was registered at Yarram on the 1934 electoral roll.
     Margaret died on 11 September 1941 in Toorak, Victoria, aged 76. She was buried on 13 September 1941 in the Methodist section, Yarram.

Children of Margaret Frances Boast and James Bland

Jemima Bockenham

(before May 1671 - circa April 1731)
     Jemima Bockenham was born before May 1671.
     Jemima Bockenham and Charles Killigrew obtained a marriage licence on 19 May 1687 in London. Charles Killigrew, esq. of St Martin in the Fields, bachelor 26 & Jemima Bokenham, spinster, 16, her parents dead, with consent of her uncle & guardian Richard Bokenham, of Christ Church London, mercer at St Olave's Jewry, London.
Jemima Bockenham married Charles Killigrew, son of Thomas Killigrew and Charlotte de Hesse, on 21 May 1687 in St Olave, Jewry, London.
     Jemima Bockenham made a will. Jemima Kelligrew, Widow of Thornham Hall , Suffolk.
     Jemima died circa April 1731 in 'Thornham Hall', Thornham Magna, Suffolk. She was buried in April 1731 in Thornham Magna. Jemima Killigrew, widow of Charles, Esquire.
     Her will was proved on 14 July 1731 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Jemima Bockenham and Charles Killigrew

Joan de Bocland

Arthfoddr ap Boddw

     Arthfoddr ap Boddw was born in Wales. He was the son of Boddw ap Serwyl.

Child of Arthfoddr ap Boddw