Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar

(before 1135 - 1182)
     Waldeve, son of Earl Gospatric and Countess Derdere succeeded as fourth Earl of Dunbar or Lothian, though he himself uses neither title, calling himself Waldeve the Earl. It is probably he who, as 'son of Gospatric the Earl,' is named first as one of five hostages given to King Stephen, after the battle of the Standard, in 1138. After his succession he confirmed the grants made by his predecessors, the first charter granted by him as Earl being scaled in 1166, to the monks of Durham', Kelso and Melrose, and the nuns of Coldstream. He was frequently with King William the Lion in his progresses through the kingdom, but seems generally to have kept aloof from political matters, except in one case, where be strove, but without success, to dissuade King William from going to war with England to enforce his claim to the earldom of Northumberland,' and be was one of those who, in 1175, became sureties for that King that he would observe the treaty of Falaise." He died in 1182. His seal, attached to a writ at Durham, shows an equestrian figure wearing a conical helmet, carrying a shield and with a sword, pointing upwards over the shoulder, in his right hand. Legend: SIGILLUM WALGAEVI COMITIS.' His wife was named Aelina, or Aline, but nothing is known of her, except a reference to her in the Earl's charters, and the date of her death, 20 August 1179.. Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar was born before 1135. He was the son of Gospatrick Dunbar 2nd Earl and Derdere Unknown (Dunbar).
     Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar married Aelina or Aline Unknown (Dunbar) before 1152.
     In 1175 he was held hostage for William 'The Lion' of Scots (then held captive by the English).
     Waldeve died in 1182.

Walter Dunbar

     Walter Dunbar was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Euphame Stewart (Graham).

Weldon Dunbar

(24 April 1751 - )
     Weldon Dunbar was christened on 24 April 1751 in Kensington, London. He probably married Sarah Tolbat [Talbot] in 24 Mar 1777 at Madely, Shropshire. This seems to be a Shropshire family. He was the son of Weldon Dunbar and Isabel Unknown.

Weldon Dunbar

     Weldon Dunbar married Isabel Unknown before 1751.

Child of Weldon Dunbar and Isabel Unknown

William Dunbar

(say 1600 - after 1680)