Anne Selina Hall

(21 July 1895 - 20 June 1963)
     Anne was a teacher, Mt Hoogley, Victoria. She was born on 21 July 1895 in Talbot, Victoria. She was the daughter of Richard Hall & Frances Maria Johnson.
     Anne Selina Hall married George Frederick Allan, son of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis, on 30 December 1919 in St Michael's, Talbot, Victoria.
     Anne died on 20 June 1963 in the Hospital, Maldon, Victoria, aged 67. She was buried after 20 June 1963 in Carisbrook.

Child of Anne Selina Hall and George Frederick Allan

Joyce Sylvia Unknown

(22 August 1927 - 3 June 1997)
     Joyce Sylvia Unknown was born on 22 August 1927.
     Joyce Sylvia Unknown married Norman John Colbert, son of William Charles Colbert and Agnes Beatrice Hennigan.
     Joyce Sylvia Unknown and Norman John Colbert lived at 3 Worthing Avenue, Doncaster, Victoria, 1996.
     Joyce died on 3 June 1997 aged 69.
     Her will was proved on 6 August 1997 at Victoria. She was retired of Doncaster East.

Child of Joyce Sylvia Unknown and Norman John Colbert