Mary Ann Colbert

(12 May 1864 - 3 August 1942)
     Mary Ann Colbert was born on 12 May 1864 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas Colbert and Johanna Baldwin.
     Mary Ann Colbert married John Joseph Gleeson in 1884 in Victoria.
     Mary died on 3 August 1942 in Richmond, Victoria, aged 78.

Children of Mary Ann Colbert and John Joseph Gleeson

Thomas Colbert

(9 October 1864 - )
     Thomas Colbert was born on 9 October 1864 in Kapunda, South Australia. He was the son of John Colbert and Alice O'Brien.
     Thomas Colbert married Amelia Caroline Lowe on 24 November 1887 in the residence of William Chester Hilton Park, Hundred of Way, South Australia. OOLBERT-Lowe.—On the 20th November, at Hilton Park, by the Rev. Father Phelan, Thomas Colbert, eldest son of John Colbert, Kapunda, to Amelia Lowe eldest daughter of J. Lowe. Hilton Park, Hundred of Way.
     Thomas Colbert lived at Sheringa, South Australia. He was widowed on 3 July 1918 on the death of his wife Amelia Caroline Lowe.
     Thomas Colbert married Ellen Christina Woodlock on 29 November 1922 in the residence of J Paynter, Unley, South Australia.

Children of Thomas Colbert and Amelia Caroline Lowe

Denis Colbert

(circa 1858 - February 1908)
     Denis Colbert was born circa 1858 in South Australia. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Johanna Baldwin.
     Denis died in February 1908 in Richmond, Victoria. He was buried on 26 February 1908 in Melbourne.