Thomas Finch Earl of Winchelsea

(1578 - 1639)
     Thomas Finch Earl of Winchelsea was born in 1578. He was the son of Sir Moyle Finch (Bt) and Countess Elizabeth Heneage.
     Thomas died in 1639.

Sir William Finch

      He was knighted for his services at the siege of Terouenne in 1513 and attended Henry VIII with a great retinue in 1520..
Sir William Finch married Elizabeth Cromer (Lovelace), daughter of Sir James Cromer. She was the widow of Sir Richard Lovelace..

Child of Sir William Finch and Elizabeth Cromer (Lovelace)

Archibald Findlay

(28 December 1847 - 26 April 1899)
     Archibald Findlay was born on 28 December 1847 in Burnage, Lancashire, England.
Archibald Findlay married Mary Hooper, daughter of Henry Hooper and Susannah Sanderson, on 17 February 1874 in Camberwell, Surrey, England. Archibald Findlay was of Arbroath, Bera, Durban. Their children were Archie, Alec, Ellie, Francis & Winifred who married her second cousin, Henry Eastcourt Bayldon (known as Jack).
     Archibald died on 26 April 1899 in Durban, Natal, South Africa, aged 51.
     His will was proved on 21 December 1899 at London, England.

Child of Archibald Findlay and Mary Hooper

Archibald Findlay

(23 February 1880 - 26 June 1968)
     Archibald Findlay was born on 23 February 1880 in Natal, South Africa. He had 8 siblings. He was the son of Archibald Findlay and Mary Hooper.
Archibald Findlay married Jessie Marguerite Gray, daughter of Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper, on 12 March 1902 in New Zealand.
     Archibald died on 26 June 1968 in Natal aged 88.

Children of Archibald Findlay and Jessie Marguerite Gray

Archibald Findlay

(24 April 1912 - 18 October 1978)
     Archibald Findlay was born on 24 April 1912. He was the son of Archibald Findlay and Jessie Marguerite Gray. Archibald Findlay was an executor of Katherine Hooper's estate on 4 May 1935 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Archibald Findlay married Stella Constance Law.
     Archibald died on 18 October 1978 aged 66.

Nora Findlay

     Nora Findlay was born in Durban, Natal, South Africa. She was the daughter of Archibald Findlay and Jessie Marguerite Gray.

Edward Fink

(1906? - 1981?)
     Edward Fink was born in 1906?.
Edward Fink married Gwendoline Claridge Coulthard, daughter of John William Coulthard and Edith Cocksedge, in 1926 in Victoria.
     Edward died in 1981? In Foster, Victoria.

Richard G Finnemore

     Richard G Finnemore married Ida Rachel Ruby, daughter of William Thomas Ruby and Elizabeth Ann Salt, in 1927.

Mary Finney

     Mary Finney married Thomas Stanser, son of Thomas Stanser and Helen Harrison, on 26 February 1759 in St Giles, Hartington, Derbyshire. He was a husbandman.

Susannah Finter

(circa 1848 - before 1 April 1896)
     Susannah Finter was born circa 1848.
Susannah Finter married Walter Grimwood, son of Jonathan Grimwood and Dinah Steff, on 22 June 1867 in Combs, Suffolk. They had issue.
     Susannah died before 1 April 1896 in Combs, Suffolk. She was buried on 1 April 1896 in Combs. Susan Grimwood aged 48.

Ida Margharita Fiorelli

(say 1875 - )
     Ida was a singer. She was commonly known as Mimi. She was born say 1875 in Italy.
     Ida Margharita Fiorelli married Sydney Benjamin Hooper as his second wife, in June 1909 in Sydney, New South Wales. A SOCIETY WEDDING. The musical circles of Sydney were inte rested on Thursday afternoon, when one of our daintiest singers, Signorina Fiorelli, chose for her future life companion Mr. Sydney Hooper, sub-inspector of the Union Bank. Miss Fiorelli is the daughter of Signor and Signor Fiorelli of Florence, Naples, but has been residing in this State for some years. The Rev. John Ferguson tied the knot at St. Stephen's Church, Phillip-street, and Mr. Murich entered the church with the bride, but her mother, who is on a six months' trip to the States), subsequently gave her away. Sensible bride that she was, she dispensed with the useless wedding garment, and was suitably gowned in an ivory white chifffon cloth, the bodice being soutached with fine silver braid. A large number of friends were entertained at the Hotel Australia, and as each guest en tered they were presented with wedding fa vours of violets, white hyacinths, and lilies of the valley. Madame Melba came in for a few moments wearing a long grey coat, grey furs, and a large black hat. Her present to the signora was a gold bangle with the words 'From Nellie Melba' inscribed. Mrs. Arthur Allen chose mole satin charmeuse, a toque of the same shade with touches of cerise. Mrs. Harry Levy's black panne was relieved with ermine furs. Madame Slapoff ski sang exquisitely 'The Song of Thanks giving,' and her black silk spotted net over white satin was worn with a large black hat. Another item which added to the afternoon's enjoyment, was a little French song, by Mrs. Alex Gorden (Miss Margaret Thomas). Mr. and Mr's. Hooper honeymooned to the mountains, Mrs. Hooper travelling in a di rectoire gown of pale grey, with a velvet coat of the same shade, toque of green, and white fox furs. — Yours, CONSTANCE. .

Ann Firman

     Ann Firman married Edward Trull, son of Edward Trull and Ann Unknown Trull, on 7 August 1708 in St Stephen, Norwich, Norfolk. THere is possibibly more than one Edward in these 4 marriages.

Children of Ann Firman and Edward Trull

Esther Matilda Firman

(circa 1849 - December 1932)
     Esther Matilda Firman was also known as Matilda in records. She was born circa 1849 in Rattlesden, Stow RD, Suffolk. There are two Matilda Firmans registered in 1848 & 1849.
The marriage of Esther Matilda Firman and William Bland, son of George Bland and Sarah Last, was registered in Stow RD, Suffolk, in the June 1876 quarter.
     Esther Matilda Firman and William Bland were recorded on the 1881 census in Hessett. He was a builder and undertaker, aged 29, born at Hessett, with Matilda Bland, wife, aged 32, born Rattlesden. They had a boarder John Gill aged 16, apprentice.
     In William Bland's will dated 9 May 1888 in Hessett, Esther Matilda Firman was named as heir and executrix of the estate.
     Esther Matilda Firman and William Bland were recorded on the 1891 census in the Green, Hessett. #34 The Green 1, four rooms: William Bland, head married, 38, builder and undertaker, employer, born Hessett & Esther M Bland, wife, 40, born Rattlesden.
     Esther Matilda Firman and William Bland were recorded on the 1901 census in the Street, Hessett. William Bland, aged 59, born Hessett...carpenter & joiner; Esther Bland, aged 50, born Rattlesden, Samuel Bland, visitor 79, Baptist minister, born Ipswich.
     Esther's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1932 in Stow RD Suffolk.

Ann Firmin

(before 1720 - before 28 June 1760)
     Ann Firmin was born before 1720.
Ann Firmin married Peter Cocksedge, son of Peter Cocksedge and Elizabeth Ball or Balls, on 26 March 1739 in Lackford, Suffolk.
     Ann died before 28 June 1760 in Lackford, Suffolk. She was buried on 28 June 1760 in Lackford.

Children of Ann Firmin and Peter Cocksedge

Children of Ann Firmin and Peter Cocksedge

Ann Firth

(circa 1832 - )
     Ann Firth was born circa 1832.
Ann Firth married Henry Rich, son of Amor Rich and Prudence Hollingsworth, in March 1859 in Rotherham RD, Yorkshire.
     Ann Firth and Henry Rich were recorded on the 1861 census in Alma Rd, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Henry Rich, 30, carter, born Throapham and Ann Rich, 29, born Rotherham, brother in law of John Firth, corn miller and his wife Alice.
     Ann Firth and Henry Rich were recorded on the 1881 census in 222 Sheffield Rd, Brinsworth, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Henry Rich, head, aged 51, coal miner, born at Laughton with his wife Ann aged 49, born Rotherham and nephew William Henry Firth aged 6, born at Ickles.
     Ann Firth and Henry Rich were recorded on the 1891 census in Brinsworth, Sheffield Yorkshire. Henry Rich, aged 60, carter, born Laughton with his wife Ann aged 59, born Rotherham, William H Firth, nephew, aged 16, general labourer, born Ickles and another labourer.

John Firth

(before April 1834 - )
     John Firth was born before April 1834 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.
John Firth married Alice Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Prudence Hollingsworth.

Child of John Firth and Alice Rich

William H Firth

(before April 1875 - )
     William H Firth was born before April 1875 in Ickles, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Firth and Alice Rich. William H Firth was listed as Henry Rich's nephew in the 1881 census in 222 Sheffield Rd, Brinsworth, Sheffield, Yorkshire. William H Firth was listed as Henry Rich's nephew in the 1891 census in Brinsworth, Sheffield Yorkshire.

Caroline Fisgard

( - before 4 November 1861)
     Caroline Fisgard married Rev Henry Gamble in 1854 in Hove, Sussex.
     Caroline died before 4 November 1861 in Clifton, Derbyshire. She was buried on 4 November 1861.

Elizabeth Fish

(before 1640 - )
     Elizabeth Fish was born before 1640.
Elizabeth Fish married Francis Bullett, son of Francis Bullett and Alice Unknown, on 28 May 1656 in St Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Fish and Francis Bullett

Geoffrey Thomas Fishburn

(29 June 1965 - September 1988)
     Geoffrey Thomas Fishburn was born on 29 June 1965. He was the son of Thomas Fishburn.
     Geoffrey died of mesathelioma in September 1988 aged 23.

Thomas Fishburn

( - circa 1978)
     Thomas died circa 1978.

Child of Thomas Fishburn

Ann Fisher

     Ann Fisher married Thomas Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Mary Duffield, on 20 September 1774 in Bresssingham. He made his mark, but she could sign.      
Ann Fisher claimed settlement at Bressingham on 30 December 1775 from Coney Weston, Suffolk.

Ann Clara Fisher

(circa 1834 - )
     Ann Clara Fisher was born circa 1834 in London.
Ann Clara Fisher married Jesse Cowley, son of Unknown Cowley, in 1858 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Child of Ann Clara Fisher and Jesse Cowley

Arthur Fisher

(1855 - )
     Arthur Fisher was born in 1855.
The marriage of Arthur Fisher and Susan Ruddock, daughter of William Ruddock and Sophia Austin, was registered in Stow RD, Suffolk, in the December 1875 quarter.

Children of Arthur Fisher and Susan Ruddock

Caroline Fisher

(circa 1821 - )
     Caroline Fisher was also known as Catherine in records. She was born circa 1821 in Bildeston, Suffolk.
Caroline Fisher married Henry Squirrell, son of Robert Squirrell and Elizabeth Fisher.
     Caroline Fisher and Henry Squirrell were recorded on the 1861 census in Squirrell's Rd, Drinkstone. Henry Squirrell, head, aged 52, agricultural labourer, born at Drinkstone, with his wife Catherine aged 40, laundress, born Bilderstone, and Maria their daughter aged 14 born at Woolpit.

Child of Caroline Fisher and Henry Squirrell

Catherine Fisher

     Catherine Fisher married Thomas Handcock as his third wife.
     In Thomas Handcock's will dated 13 May 1725, Catherine Fisher was named as executrix of the estate; Will of Thomas Handcock of Twyford, Westmeath - charges all his estate in Ireland except the mansion house & lands of Twyford & Coolock? in co. Westmeath with some of £160 pa.a. for his wife Katherine, as by power reserved to him by his son William Handcock's settlement. Bequeaths to his wife all arrears of any annuity due or becomiing due from executors of his son William Handcock, or from Richard Geering & Gustavus Handcock, esq. All goods and other possessions to his wife and she to be the sole executor, 13 May 1725. Wintessed by W Moreton, Patrick Russell, Bart Connor. She was an executor of Thomas Handcock's estate on 19 November 1726 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Cecil Wyan Fisher

Daphne Florence Fisher

(25 March 1911 - 14 June 1946)
     Daphne Florence Fisher was born on 25 March 1911 in Northwold, Norfolk. She was the daughter of William Michael Fisher and Lavinia Alice Bennington. Daphne was a headmistress from 1934 to 1938, Stowlangtoft, Suffolk.
Daphne Florence Fisher married Alec Harold Hazelwood on 23 February 1938 in Bardwell, Suffolk.
     Daphne died on 14 June 1946 in Thurston, Suffolk, aged 35. She was buried in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Children of Daphne Florence Fisher and Alec Harold Hazelwood

Douglas William Fisher

(20 June 1908 - 30 December 1998)
     Douglas William Fisher was born on 20 June 1908 in Northwold, Norfolk. He was the son of William Michael Fisher and Lavinia Alice Bennington.
Douglas William Fisher married Eileen Mcauley Vickery on 26 November 1939.
     Douglas died on 30 December 1998 in Hinchingbrook Hospital?, Cambridgeshire, England, aged 90. (Pneumonia).

Elizabeth Fisher

(circa 1800? - )
     Elizabeth Fisher was born circa 1800? In Hessett, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Fisher married William Bullett, son of John Bullett and Elizabeth Dykes, on 22 November 1821 in Hessett, Suffolk.
She possibly married Henry Lambard 6 Dec 1832 at Pakenham, both were widowed.

Children of Elizabeth Fisher and William Bullett