Francis Flood Jessop

(circa 1809 - 27 November 1848)
     Francis Flood Jessop was born circa 1809. She was the daughter of John Harward/Howard Jessop of Doory Hall, co. Longford.
     Francis Flood Jessop married Rev John Gustavus Handcock, son of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French, on 13 November 1827 in Tishany, Longford. The Westmeath Journal reported the marriage: On Tuesday, the 13th inst. at Tishany Church, the Rev. John Gustavus Handcock, Rector and Vicar of Tishany, and of Abbeyshrule, son of Richard Handcock of Athlone, Esq. and nephew of Viscount Castlemaine, to Frances Flood Jessop, eldest daughter of the late John Harword Jessop, Esq. of Doory Hall, in the County of Longford, and grand-daughter of the late Sir Frederick Flood, Bart. Francis Flood Jessop was an executor of Rev John Gustavus Handcock's estate on 24 March 1838 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.
     Francis died on 27 November 1848 in Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland.
     Her will was proved on 1 January 1849 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Children of Francis Flood Jessop and Rev John Gustavus Handcock

Frances Jevies

( - before 23 May 1672)
     Frances Jevies married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Richard Cocksedge and Barbara Miles, on 10 June 1628 in Norton, Suffolk.
     Frances died before 23 May 1672 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was buried on 23 May 1672 in All Saints, Drinkstone.

Child of Frances Jevies and Thomas Cocksedge

William Johns

     William Johns married Elizabeth Rubie on 25 March 1701 in St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.

Anna Johns?

     In Bennet Killigrew's will dated 2 July 1543, Anna Johns? was named as executrix of the estate.
     Anna Johns? married Bennet Killigrew, son of John Killigrew and Jane or Joan or Maude Petit, after 16 May 1544. On 16 May 1544 Benedict Killigreew, one of the King's pages was the intended husband of Ann Johns, grand daughter of Sir Edawrd Don. They were granted the reversion of her grandfather's estate of Risborough Park. Anna Johns? was an executor of Bennet Killigrew's estate on 13 May 1554 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Ada Johnson

     The marriage of Ada Johnson and John Stanser Bailey, son of George Bailey and Ann Bingham Stanser, was registered in East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire, in the December 1893 quarter.

Aenid Muriel Johnson

(1900 - 1952)
     Kathy Wright wrote in 2007:
Dear Linley, I am writing another book about my father Edward Sheargold Humphrey, who built houses at 356 and 358 Barkers Road, Hawthorn, the former being our family home.
Recently I went to the auction of Wrixon House, opposite these properties, at 311 Barkers Road, Kew. From the title it was evident that Aenid Muriel Johnson bought the property in 1939.  Richard Aitken Pryor built that house and I suspect also owned land on the Hawthorn side of Barkers Road. I also suspect that my father bought his land from the Pryor family when Richard Aitken Pryor died circa 1945. Did Aenid Muriel Johnson die at 311 Barkers Road, Kew? (If so, I lived opposite her from 1946 until 1952.) Aenid Muriel Johnson was born in 1900 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Benjamin Percival Johnson and Emily Kate MacKenzie.
     Aenid died in 1952 in Kew, Victoria.

Alan Johnson

(circa 1715? - before 5 September 1795)
     Alan Johnson was born circa 1715? In Rushton Grange, Bowland, Lancashire.
     Alan Johnson married Catherine Popplewell, daughter of Richard Popplewell and Elizabeth Smith, on 11 February 1744 in East Ardsley chapel, Yorkshire. They were married on a Monday by Rev Twisleton, curate. Present were Harpham Green & Miss Betty Denton, both of Wakefield.
     A marriage settlement between Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell was made on 13 April 1744 in Yorkshire. Lease and settlement on marriage of Katherine Popplewell eldest daughter of Richard Popplewell of Temple Belwood, esq., and Allan Johnson of Wakefield, younger son of Alan Johnson of Rushton Grange in Bowland (Money securities & reversionary interest in one half of Richard Popplewell's estate).
Indenture tripartite, being a marriage settlement, between Allan Johnson, esq. of Rishton Grange, Bowland, co.York, the Rev Wiliam Johnson, Vicar of Whalley co. Lanc., and Allan Johnson, the younger, gent, of Wakefield, co. York, of the first part, John Smyth, esq of Newland, co. York, and Katherine Popplewell, spinster, eldest daughte of Richard Popplewll, esq., of Temple Belwood, Belton, Isle of Axholdme, co. Linc., and Elizabeth his wife, of the second part, and Godfrey Wentworth esq., of Woolley, co. York, the Rev Cavendish Nevill, of Chevet, co. York, and William Serjeantson, esq., of Wakefield, co. York of the thrid part; concerning land in Bramhope, co. York in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said Allan Johnson the younger and Katherine Popplewell. 13 April 1744. Signatures of all parties with the exception of John Smyth. 6 armorial seals and one seal. £3.3.3-
. Alan became Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer's godfather at his christening on 6 September 1756 in All Saints Cathedral, Wakefield. His godparents were Alan Johnson, Mr Henry Shaw, godmother Mrs Sarah Smyth in Norgate.
     Alan died before 5 September 1795 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. He was buried on 5 September 1795 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
     His will was proved on 9 October 1795 at the Prerogative Court of York. His will stated William my eldest and Alexander my youngest have been called to the Bar and my son Richard Popplewell has been educated at Cambridge for the church and my said son William is amply provided for by the marriage settlement above mentioned and by another settlement of an estate in Lincolnshire ... to my daughter Katherine Johnson lands in Epworth & Belton called Belgroves or Belgraves (c200 acres) Temple Belwood ... marriage settlement ... Richard Popplewell Johnson ... Penelope Margaret his wife and daughter Katherine Lucy. 4 children. Westgate in Wakefield where I now live. Grandson William Popplewell Bellingham Johnson & granddaughter, nephew Mr Steer ... Codicil mentions Temple Belwood by settlement previous to the marriage of my son William Johnson with my niece Susanna Johnson.

Children of Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell

Alan Johnson

(29 November 1751 - 26 March 1757)
     Alan Johnson was born on 29 November 1751 in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell. Alan Johnson was christened on 1 January 1752 in All Saints, Wakefield. His godfathers were Harpham Green & Thos. Cotton of Haigh, godmother was Miss Mary Serjeantson of Wakefield.
     Alan died on 26 March 1757 in Yorkshire, aged 5. Present at his death were Miss Denton, Mrs Halliwell, Nanny Brooke, Betty Owen. He was buried on 30 March 1757 in Wakefield.

Alexander Johnson

(17 December 1752 - before 1822)
     Alexander Johnson was born on 17 December 1752 in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell. Alexander Johnson was christened on 27 January 1753 in All Saints, Wakefield. His godparents were his uncle William Johnson (represented by Wm Serjeantson) & George Walker of Middlewood near Darfield (represented by Dr. Cookson) and his aunt Mary Johnson (represented by Mrs Sarah Smith).
     He was executor of his cousin Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer's will in 1795. Executor of his father's will 9 Oct 1795. He built Epworth Court House in 1806. Inherited Temple Belwood and left it to his cousin [nephew] William Popplewell Bellingham Johnson
. Alexander was a barrister of the Inner Temple, London.
     Alexander died before 1822.

Almon Thomas Johnson

(February 1881 - )
     Almon Thomas Johnson was born in February 1881 in California, USA. He was the son of John E Johnson and Christy Ross. Almon Thomas Johnson was adopted by his uncle Thomas and his wife Hattie. Almon Thomas Johnson was also known as Ross in records.
     Almon Thomas Ross married Nellie Fayette Trefry on 14 February 1901 in Valona, Contra Costa, California, USA.
     Almon Thomas Johnson married secondly Florence Evans after 1905 in USA.
     Almon died in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He was buried in St Helena cemetery, Napa, California.

Children of Almon Thomas Johnson and Nellie Fayette Trefry

Ann Johnson

(before 1720 - before 17 November 1743)
     Ann Johnson was born before 1720.
     Ann Johnson married Henry Popplewell on 26 December 1738 in Owston, Lincolnshire. Henry Poplewell, of Gunthorpe & Ann Johnson.
     Ann died before 17 November 1743 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 17 November 1743 in Belton, LIN.

Child of Ann Johnson and Henry Popplewell

Anne Johnson

( - 19 September 1754)
     Anne Johnson married Thomas Wentworth Lord Raby, 3rd/1st Earl of Strafford, son of Sir William Wentworth and Isabella Apsley, on 6 September 1711?.
     Anne died on 19 September 1754.

Benjamin Johnson

(circa 1833 - May 1903)
     Benjamin Johnson was born circa 1833 He was the son of Thomas Johnson & Rachel (Modlin)..
     Benjamin Johnson married Emily Hodgson, daughter of George Hodgson and Mary Sadler Howells, on 1 April 1864 in Victoria.
     Benjamin died in May 1903 in Bairnsdale, Victoria. On Tuesday last Mr B P Johnson of Yarram, received a telegram from his brother at Stratford, conveying the sad message that his father Mr Benjamin Johnson, brother of Mrs D T McKenzie, of Calrossie, had died very suddenly that day ... He was 70 years of age, a very old resident of Bairnsdale and leaves a grown up family. ... He arrived in the colony in 1855 and opened a general store in Prt Albert....

Child of Benjamin Johnson and Emily Hodgson

Benjamin Percival Johnson

(1866 - 1941)
     Benjamin Percival Johnson was born in 1866 in Omeo, Victoria. He was the son of Benjamin Johnson and Emily Hodgson. Benjamin was a solicitor, Yarram, Victoria.
     Benjamin Percival Johnson married Emily Kate MacKenzie, daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Mary Ann Hodgson, on 22 December 1892 in 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria. The local newspaper reported: ORANGE BLOSSOM - The marriage of Miss Emily Kate McKenzie and Mr Benjamin Percival Johnson was celebrated at "Calrossie", the residence of the brides parents, on Thursday last at 9 a.m., the Rev. James Groundwater being the officiating clergyman. Mr. Arthur Johnson, brother of the bridegroom, filled the important position of groomsman, while the bridesmaids were found in Misses Bertie and Georgie McKenzie and Miss Ella Johnson, sister of the bridegroom. Mr. D.T. McKenzie gave the bride away. A pleasant repast was served after the ceremony, which was partaken of by a good number of intimate friends of the happy couple and parents of the bride. The newly married couple left by train the same afternoon, the young people being simply deluged with rice as they left the station for Melbourne, where a short sojourn will be made for the honeymoon, after which they will return to take up their residence at Yarram where Mr. Johnson has been in practice as a solicitor for about 2 years past. In the language of old Rip Van Winkle, may the young people whose entrance to the united states has just been recorded "live long and prosper".
[TAB:]MARRIAGE: JOHNSON - McKENZIE - On 22nd December, at the residence of the brides parents, by the Rev. James Groundwater, Benjamin Percival Johnson, eldest son of Benjamin Johnson of "Dulce Donum", Punt Rd, Prahran, to Emily Kate, second daughter of Donald Thomson McKenzie of "Calrossie", Yarram Yarram
     Benjamin was registered as as a solicitor holding land at Yarram, resid at 831 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, on the between 1935 and 1936 electoral roll.
     Benjamin died in 1941 in Kew, Victoria.

Children of Benjamin Percival Johnson and Emily Kate MacKenzie

Cyril Hamlyn Johnson

(1895 - 14 May 1918)
     Cyril Hamlyn Johnson was born in 1895 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Benjamin Percival Johnson and Emily Kate MacKenzie.
     Cyril served in the Army from 12 July 1915. Pte. Cyril B H Johnson, serial number: 3333, 6th Battalion. enlisted: 12th July 1915, killed in action: 14th May 1918.
     Cyril died on 14 May 1918. Obituary: The very sad and regretful news was conveyed to Mr. B. P. Johnson of Yarram, on Saturday last, that his son Cyril B. H. had been killed in action. Although a hero's death; it came as a severe blow to Mr. Johnson and family. He was about 23 years of age and sailed for Europe in Oct 1915, thus he has served his King and Country for 2 and a half years. We mourn the loss of men of his stamp, whose long continued service marks them as men possessed of true British blood. The last letter received from Pte Johnson, who was a Lewis machine gunner, was from Ypres. The death of the hero is further saddened by the fact that his mother is at present under treatment for illness in Melbourne.
     There is a stained glass window erected to his memory at Holy Trinity church, Yarram which calls him Cyril Ben Hamlyn Johnson..

Elizabeth Johnson

(13 January 1757 - 14 January 1757)
     Elizabeth Johnson was born on 13 January 1757 in Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died on 14 January 1757 in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell.

George Johnson

     George Johnson was the son of Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Popplewell.

Henry Johnson

(say 1580 - )
     He was described as a gentleman.. Henry Johnson was born say 1580 in Fordwich, Kent, England.

Child of Henry Johnson

James Jeffery Johnson

     James Jeffery Johnson married Constance Agnes Mary Halahan, daughter of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Constance May Shepperson, on 8 December 1927 in Ixopo, Natal, South Africa. He was of Lemonville, Durban, Natal.

Jane Johnson

(circa 1604 - )
     Jane Johnson was born circa 1604 in Fordwich, Kent, England. Described as daughter of Henry Johnson of Fordwich, gentleman, at her marriage. She was the daughter of Henry Johnson.
     Jane Johnson married John Lunne circa 2 May 1626 in Canterbury, Kent, England. St Dunstan'sJohn Lun, barber, of St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury, at St Dunstan, Canterbury, & Jane Johnson of Grey Friars, Canterbury, maiden.. Jane was present at Mary Lunne's christening on 11 December 1628 in St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury, Kent. Jane was present at Thomas Lunne's christening on 25 April 1632 in Canterbury, Kent. Jane was present at John Lunne's christening on 9 February 1633/34 in Canterbury, Kent. Jane was present at Margaret Lunn's christening on 24 September 1637 in Canterbury, Kent.

Children of Jane Johnson and John Lunne

John Johnson

(say 1800 - )
     John Johnson was born say 1800 in England.
     John Johnson married Laura Bowker, daughter of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, on 12 April 1827 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence.
     John Johnson and Laura Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Peterborough, Northamptonshire. John Johnston, 46, proprietor of houses & lland, born Peterborough, with his wife Laura aged 46, born Walton and his wife's brother Thos Bowker, 40, house carpenter, born Leverington, Cambs, niece Harriet Bowker, aged 18, born Hoxton, Mdx, Laura Bowker, niece, 12, scholar born Stanground, Hunts and nephew John Parkinson, 7, scholar born Fletton, Hunts.

John Johnson

(circa 1755 - 18 June 1808)
     John Johnson was born circa 1755 in Crowle, Lincolnshire. Memorials at Crowle church show that he was the son of Thomas Johnson who died 6 March 1796 aged 66.. He was the son of Thomas Johnson.
     John Johnson married an unknown person before 1780. A Mary, wife of John Johnson was buried 14 Oct 1795 at Epworth.
     He was a widower who bought Sandtoft. He was supposed to have a crippled daughter called Eliza.
     Hannah Stanser married secondly John Johnson on 30 April 1797 in Hatfield, Yorkshire.
     John Johnson was named in the militia list taken in November 1797 in Belton, Lincolnshire. John Johnson, gentleman was listed. There were no Rythers, Steers or Popplewells.
     John Johnson was mentioned in a deed dated 1798 in 'Sandtoft Grove', Belton. Mr Johnson of Sandtoft Grove £210, re one moiety of Crowle tithes.
     John Johnson was mentioned in the will of Rev Robert Stanser dated 30 May 1808.
     John died on 18 June 1808 in 'Sandtoft Grove', Belton, Lincolnshire. A memorial in the Crowle church, among many Johnson epitaphs: Sacred to the memory of John Johnson, Esq. late of Sandtoft Grove, who died on the 18th of June A.D. 1808, aged 53 years. He was buried after 18 June 1808 in Crowle, LIN.
     His will was proved in 1808. Johnson, John, Esquire, Sandtoft Grove, Belton.

Child of John Johnson

John Johnson

(circa 1753 - )
     John Johnson was born circa 1753. A John Johnson son of Richard & Elizabeth was baptised 25 Oct 1752 at Gedney.
     John Johnson married Mary Ryther on 25 April 1776 in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. Mary Ryther, widow aged 34 of the parish was married in Sutton St Mary in 1776 to John Johnson, aged 23 of Gedney.

John Johnson

     John Johnson married Barbara Weir, daughter of Alexander Weir and Barbara Crozier. They had 1 son and 2 daughters.

John E Johnson

(1857 - )
     John E Johnson was born in 1857.
     John E Johnson married Christy Ross, daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal, on 12 February 1879 in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California, USA.

Child of John E Johnson and Christy Ross

Kate Ball Johnson

( - 22 January 1943)
     Kate Ball Johnson married Thomas Andrew Stancer, son of Thomas Stancer and Mary Jane Andrew, on 4 June 1896 in St Wilfrid, Wilford, Basford RD, Nottinghamshire.
     Kate Ball Johnson and Thomas Andrew Stancer appeared on the 1901 census in 12 Woodland Rd, West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire. Thomas A Stancer, 39, cooper, own account, born Hull with his wife Kate B Stancer aged 36 , born Sneinton, Ntt.
     Kate died on 22 January 1943 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Katherine Johnson

(1 October 1755 - after 1792)
     Katherine Johnson was christened on 1 October 1755 in All Saints, Wakefield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Alan Johnson and Catherine Popplewell.
     Katherine died after 1792. She was described as a spinster in 1792.

Katherine Lucy Johnson

(16 December 1781 - )
     Katherine Lucy Johnson was born on 16 December 1781 in Ashton-on-Mersey, Cheshire. She was the daughter of Rev Richard Popplewell Johnson and Penelope Margaret Stafford (Johnson). Katherine Lucy Johnson was christened on 18 January 1782 in Ashton-on-Mersey.

Lawrence MacKenzie Johnson

(1 February 1904 - 24 April 1958)
     Lawrence MacKenzie Johnson was commonly known as Laurie. He was born on 1 February 1904 in Victoria. He may have been adopted. He was the son of Benjamin Percival Johnson and Emily Kate MacKenzie.
     Lawrence MacKenzie Johnson married Ann W Clemens. Lawrence was a pilot. He set up one of the first air services between Melbourne and Launceston and went on to become Melbourne Manager of Australian National Airlines (ANA), before it was absorbed by Ansett.
     Lawrence died on 24 April 1958 in Toora, Victoria, aged 54.

Martha Johnson

(between 1786 and 1788 - before 24 May 1858)
     Martha Johnson was born between 1786 and 1788 in Darson, Suffolk. She was the niece of her husband's mother (therefore cousin).
     Martha Johnson and Martha Cocksedge and John Cocksedge were beneficiaries in John Cocksedge's will dated 3 February 1820.
     Martha Johnson married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Whitehead, on 2 April 1835 in Bardwell, Suffolk.
     Martha Johnson and John Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 5 April 1835 in Suffolk.
     Martha Johnson and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Bardwell, Suffolk.
     Martha died before 24 May 1858 in Bardwell, Suffolk. She was buried on 24 May 1858 in St Peter & St Paul, Bardwell.