Wilbur Kyllo

(30 March 1931 - 19 September 1996)
     Wilbur Kyllo was born on 30 March 1931 in USA. He was the son of Olaf Kyllo and Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell.
     Wilbur died on 19 September 1996 in Castro Valley, California, aged 65.

William Henry Ricks

(22 November 1886 - 23 March 1922)
     William Henry Ricks was born on 22 November 1886 in Lewiston, Jefferson County, Montana.
     William Henry Ricks married Harriet Marie Bell, daughter of Robert Bruce Bell and Margaret Christine Bell, on 14 October 1911 in Lewiston, Jefferson County Montana.
     William died on 23 March 1922 in Hysham, Montana, aged 35. He was buried on 27 March 1922 in Lewiston.

Children of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell

William Arthur Ricks

(21 July 1912 - 9 May 1970)
     William Arthur Ricks was born on 21 July 1912 in Grass Range, Montana, USA. He was the son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell.
     William Arthur Ricks married Velma Christine Mitchell.
     William died on 9 May 1970 aged 57.