Genilles ferch Hoedlyw

     Genilles ferch Hoedlyw married Gronwy ab Owain, son of Owain ab Edwin and Morwyl ferch Ednywain Bendew. Genilles ferch Hoedlyw was born. Her ancestry needs to be continued via Bartrum's Marchudd 1.

Child of Genilles ferch Hoedlyw and Gronwy ab Owain

Arthur Hoey

(1914 - 1965)
     Arthur Hoey was born in 1914 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson.
     Arthur died in 1965 in Mordialloc, Victoria.

Eugene James Hoey

(1884 - 1951)
     Eugene James Hoey was also known as Eugene Charles in records. He was commonly known as James. He was born in 1884 in Williamstown?, Victoria.
     Eugene James Hoey married Martha Robertson, daughter of James Robertson and Mary Ann MacPherson, in 1907 in Victoria.
     Eugene died in 1951 in Port Fairy, Victoria.

Children of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson

Francis Hoey

(1920 - )
     Francis Hoey was born in 1920 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson.

James Hoey

(1908 - 1963)
     James Hoey was born in 1908 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was the son of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson.
     James Hoey married Maude Bridget Anderson in 1934 in Victoria.
     James died in 1963 in Warr..., Victoria.

Mavis Marie Hoey

(21 November 1916 - 1987)
     Mavis Marie Hoey was born on 21 November 1916 in Bendigo, Victoria. She was the daughter of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson.
     Mavis Marie Hoey married Michael Henry Morrisey in 1936 in Victoria.
     Had milk/sandwich bar in Swan St, Richmond after moving from Croxton, Preston/Northcote area. A 2-3 storey terrace with very high ceilings. (south
side, c.200 metres east of railway overpass).
     Mavis was registered at 2 Lord Weaver Grove, Chelsea, on the 1982 electoral roll.
     Mavis died in 1987 in 2 Lord Weaver Grove, Chelsea, Victoria.

Annie Hogan

(circa 1841 - 1878)
     Annie Hogan was born circa 1841.
     Annie Hogan married David Ruby before 1867. A coroner's inquest was held regarding her death in 1878 in Nagambie.
     Annie died in 1878 in King Lake, Victoria.

Children of Annie Hogan and David Ruby

Catherine Matilda Hogan

(1885 - 8 October 1975)
     Catherine Matilda Hogan was commonly known as Kitty. She was born in 1885 in Buln Buln??, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Joseph Hogan and Catherine Rush.
     Catherine Matilda Hogan married Charles Patrick Colbert, son of Edward Colbert and Mary Hagan, in 1906 in Victoria.
     Catherine and Catherine were registered as Catherine Colbert, Leongatha, home duties at Leongatha, on the 1936 electoral roll. Which one?
     Catherine Matilda Hogan lived at 1 a'Beckett St, Leongatha, 1975.
     Catherine died on 8 October 1975 in Leongatha, Victoria. She was buried on 10 October 1975 in Leongatha.
     Her will was proved on 23 March 1976.

Children of Catherine Matilda Hogan and Charles Patrick Colbert

James Joseph Hogan

(1854 - 23 July 1933)
     James Joseph Hogan was born in 1854 in South Yarra, Victoria. He was the son of Michael Hogan and Margaret Bryan/O'Brien.
     James Joseph Hogan married Catherine Rush on 30 December 1879 in Sale, Victoria. They had 10 children.
     James died on 23 July 1933 in Victoria. He was buried in Leongatha.

Children of James Joseph Hogan and Catherine Rush

Sarah Hogan

(1887 - 30 January 1988)
     Sarah Hogan was born in 1887 She was the daughter of James & Euphemia in Carcoar, New South Wales.
     Sarah Hogan married Samuel George Perryman, son of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson, in 1909 in Victoria.
     Sarah died on 30 January 1988. She was aged 101.

Children of Sarah Hogan and Samuel George Perryman

William Michael Hogan

(13 November 1900 - 5 April 1986)
     William Michael Hogan was born on 13 November 1900 in Leongatha, Victoria. He was the ninth child and fifth son of Catherine Rush and James Joseph Hogan and brother of Catherine Matilda Colbert (nee Hogan). He was the son of James Joseph Hogan and Catherine Rush.
     William Michael Hogan married Teresa Agnes Colbert, daughter of Michael Joseph Colbert and Catherine Mary Bermingham, on 25 March 1940 in St Peter & St Paul's RC church, South Melbourne, Victoria.
     William died on 5 April 1986 in Victoria, aged 85.

Helen Hogg

(circa 1770 - 30 October 1846)
     Helen Hogg was born circa 1770 in Hillsborough, Orange county, North Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of James Hogg, of HilIsboro.
     Helen Hogg married William Hooper, son of William Hooper and Anne Clarke, on 26 June 1791 in Brunswick county, North Carolina, USA. She re-married Joseph Caldwell in 1809.
     Helen died on 30 October 1846 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

Children of Helen Hogg and William Hooper

Susan Hoggar

     Susan Hoggar married John Grimwood, son of William Grimwood and Ann Harvie, on 13 October 1678 in Barking, Suffolk.

Children of Susan Hoggar and John Grimwood

Isabel Hoggart

     Isabel Hoggart married Alexander Hooper on 24 July 1685 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Isabel Hoggart and Alexander Hooper

Robert Holburn

     Robert Holburn married Hannah Ryther on 1 May 1822 in York, Yorkshire.

Henry Leslie Holden

(circa 1865 - 1948)
     Henry Leslie Holden was born circa 1865 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
     Henry Leslie Holden married Emily Colbert, daughter of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, in 1894 in Victoria, Australia. They had issue in Sandringham..
     Henry died in 1948 in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Child of Henry Leslie Holden and Emily Colbert

Nancy Sylvia Holden

(1910 - )
     Nancy Sylvia Holden was born in 1910 in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Henry Leslie Holden and Emily Colbert.

Thomas Holden

     Thomas Holden married Helen or Ellyne Bland, daughter of Edmund Bland and Catherine Roger?, in 1569 in Sibton, Suffolk.

Maud Holder

     Maud Holder married John Joseph Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Maria Malone, on 5 February 1910 in RC church, Marrabel, South Australia.

Children of Maud Holder and John Joseph Colbert

Olive Constance Holder

(15 May 1906 - 1976)
     Olive Constance Holder was born on 15 May 1906 in Brunswick, Victoria.
     Olive Constance Holder married Robin Heath, son of Frank Elander Heath and Martha Borland, on 3 July 1926 in Independent Church, Melbourne, Victoria. She was the daughter of Charles Hodler & Emily Elizabeth (Buckingham)..
     Olive died in 1976 in Frankston, Victoria.

Anna Elizabeth Hole

(before 1851 - 1900)
     Anna Elizabeth Hole was born before 1851 in Belfast, Shankill, Antrim, Ireland.
     Anna Elizabeth Hole married Samuel Townsend Handy, son of Samuel Handy and Anna Townsend, on 13 November 1872 in St Andrew's Church of Ireland, Belfast, Shankill, Antrim, Ireland. Married by licence Nov 13 1872, Samuel Townsend Handy, full age, bachelor, merchant, of Barraghcore, Kilkenny, son of Samuel Handy, merchant, to Anna Elizabeth Hole, full age, spinster, of Wilmont? Terrace, Belfast, daughter of Henry Fredk Hole, merchant. Witnessed by Charles John Townsend Handy and Frances Hole.
     In Anna Elizabeth Hole's will dated 30 June 1873 in Rhuamullen, Goresbridge, Grangsilvia, Kilkenny, Ireland, Anna Elizabeth Hole was named as executrix of the estate; I Samuel Townsend Handy of Rhuamullen in the county of Kilkenny do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all former and other will and wills at any time or times heretofore made by me I give devise and bequeath to my wife Anna Elizabeth Handy and her assigns absolutely all the property of every kind and description whatsoever that I may die possessed of or become entitled to before or after my death to and for her and their own use absolutely
And I hereby appoint the said Anna Elizabeth Handy executrix of this my will In testimony whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this thirtieth day of June one thousand and eight hundred and seventy three.
Signed Saml T Handy
Signed sealed and publoished and declared by the said testator and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who boath presetn at the same time in his presence and in the presence of each other have herewith subscribed our names as witnesses. Fleming Handy, I Frederick Searle.

     Anna Elizabeth Hole and Samuel Townsend Handy appeared on the 1881 census in 19 New Ferry Lane, Lower Bebington, Cheshire, England. Samuel T Handy, aged 40, commercial clerk, born Ireland with his wife Annie E Handy aged 31, born Ireland and his cousins Constance Richardson, 17 & Elizabeth Richardson, 15, both born in Ireland, and Rhoda Bellis, servant. The cousins Richardson could suggest that they are related to Mary Richardson the wife of Alexander Kingston Handy.
     Anna died in 1900 in Woodchurch SD, Wirral RD, Cheshire. Anna Elizabeth Handy, aged 53.

Charles James Holland

     Charles James Holland married Alice Mackglew, daughter of Alfred Mackglew and Eliza Charlotte Carter, on 4 September 1902 in West Hackney church, Hackney West, London.

Elizabeth Holland

     Elizabeth Holland married Sir Oliver Carminow, son of Sir John Carminow. Elizabeth Holland was also known as Elizabeth Holland in records. She was the daughter of Unknown Holland.

Child of Elizabeth Holland and Sir Oliver Carminow

Margaret Holland

(circa 1385 - 30 December 1439)
     Margaret Holland married John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset, son of John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster and Catherine Roelt. Margaret Holland was born circa 1385. She was the daughter of Thomas Holland Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan.
     Margaret died on 30 December 1439.

Child of Margaret Holland and John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset

Richard Holland

     Richard Holland married Ann Popplewell, daughter of Robert Popplewell and Ann Brighouse, on 29 August 1633 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Roger Holland

Child of Roger Holland

Ronald Holland

Susan Holland

(before 1770 - before 1799)
     Susan Holland was born before 1770.
     Susan Holland married Michael Cocksedge, son of Michael Cocksedge and Mary Wilkin, on 29 November 1789 in Rougham, Suffolk.
     Susan died before 1799 in Suffolk.

Children of Susan Holland and Michael Cocksedge

Thomas Holland (Duke of Surrey, Earl of Kent)

     Thomas Holland (Duke of Surrey, Earl of Kent) was the son of Unknown Holland.

Thomas Holland Earl of Kent

(1354 - 25 April 1397)
     Thomas Holland Earl of Kent was born in 1354. He was the son of Thomas Holland Earl of Kent and Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent.
     Thomas Holland Earl of Kent married Alice FitzAlan, daughter of Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell and Eleanor Plantagenet.
     Thomas died on 25 April 1397.

Child of Thomas Holland Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan