Constance Beryl Mary Cook

(1903 - 22 November 1979)
     Constance Beryl Mary Cook was commonly known as Beryl. She was born in 1903 in Carlton, Victoria.
     Constance Beryl Mary Cook married Donald William Marsden MacKenzie, son of James MacKenzie and Emily Alice Bodman, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Constance Beryl Mary Cook and Donald William Marsden MacKenzie were mentioned in a civil court action on 3 August 1944 in Victoria. In the Court of Petty Sessions at St. Kilda, Central Bailiwick.-To DONALD WILLIAM MARSDEN MCKENZIE.-Take notice, that your wife, Constance Beryl Mary McKenzie, has sworn an Information and Issued a summons against you claiming payment of £132 arrears of maintenance from the 26th day of April, 1943, until the 24th day of July, 1944, both inclusive, under an order of the said Court made on 9th March. 1936. Unless you APPEAR at the said Court on the 14th day of August, 1944. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, an ORDER may be MADE for payment by you of the said amount and costs of the summons. H. E. Elliott, Dowing & Oldham, 31 Queen St Melbourne, complainant's solicitors.
     Constance Beryl Mary Cook and Donald William Marsden MacKenzie were mentioned in a civil court action in February 1948 in Victoria. Maintenance act 1928.— Information for an offence punishable summarily and summons thereon in the Court of Petty Sessions, at St. Kilda. In the Central Bailiwick, Between CONSTANCE BERYL MARY McKENZIE, informant, and DONALD WILLIAM MARSDEN McKENZIE. Defendant.— The Information of the said Constance Beryl Mary McKenzie, of 11 Motherwell-street, Hawksburn, in the State of Victoria. Married Woman, who saith that the said defendant, on the ninth day of March, 1930, at St. Kllda, in the said Bailiwick and State, an ORDER was made against the said Donald William Marsden McKenzie directing him to pay the sum of Two pounds per week to the Clerk of Petty Sessions, at St. Kllda aforesald, for the maintenance of his wife, the said Constance Beryl Mary McKenzie, the first of such payments to be made on Monday, the 9th day of March, 1936, and thereafter on each succeeding Monday, and the said Constance Beryl Mary McKenzie further saith that the said Donald William Marsden McKenzde has disobeyed the said Order, Inasmuch as he has neglected to pay certain of the said weekly payments as aforesaid, amounting in all to the sum ol £136, in respect of the period from the 18th day of October, 1940. to the 6th day of February. 1948. both Inclusive. C. B. M. McKenzie, Informant. To Donald William Marsden McKenzie, of parts unknown. — Whereas the above Information has this day been laid and sworn by the abovenamed Informant before me, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, in and for the said Bailiwick of the said State; These are therefore, to command you, in His Majesty's name, to be and appear on Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of February, 1948, at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon at the said Court of Petty Sessions, at St. Kilda, to answer to the said information, and to be further dealt with according to law. Dated at Melbourne the tenth day of February. 1948. F. S. CLEARY, Stamp J.P. Constance was an actress.
     Constance died on 22 November 1979 in Bendigo (Sandhurst), Victoria.