Janet Anne MacKenzie

(26 June 1925 - 2010)
     Janet Anne MacKenzie was born on 26 June 1925 in Victoria. She was the daughter of James George MacKenzie and Vio Jewel Bowden.
     Janet was educated at Won Wron.
     Janet Anne MacKenzie lived at 7 Robert St, Dandenong, Victoria, 1994.
     Janet died in 2010.

Colin James Wheeler MacKenzie

(29 July 1929 - 27 September 1984)
     Colin James Wheeler MacKenzie was born on 29 July 1929 in Greta, Victoria. He was the son of Colin Bodman MacKenzie and Doris May Wheeler.
     Colin was a sales manager and company director.
     Colin died on 27 September 1984 in Chadstone, Victoria, aged 55.