Frances Caroline Maud Collins

(25 November 1869 - 7 September 1961)
     Frances Caroline Maud Collins was born on 25 November 1869 in Edenhope, Victoria. He was the son of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan.
     Frances died on 7 September 1961 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 91.

Guy Reginald McLeod Collins

(1867 - before 11 May 1938)
     Guy Reginald McLeod Collins was born in 1867 in Edenhope, Victoria. He was the son of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan.
     Guy died before 11 May 1938 in Springvale, Victoria. He was buried on 11 May 1938 in the Necropolis, Springvale.

Honora Collins

     Honora Collins married Michael Colbert before 1837.

Child of Honora Collins and Michael Colbert

Hugh John Edmond Collins

(9 November 1880 - October 1944)
     Hugh John Edmond Collins was born on 9 November 1880 in Edenhope, Victoria. He was the son of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan.
     Hugh died in October 1944 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 63.

Jane Collins

     Jane Collins married Richard Heatherly, son of Richard Heatherly and Elizabeth Gibson Briton, on 3 May 1779 in Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney, Middlesex. Jane Collins was buried on 1 March 1815 in London. She may be the Jane Heatherley aged 58, buried at St Mary Whitchapel, London.

Children of Jane Collins and Richard Heatherly

Jane Amy Collins

(22 March 1862 - 29 October 1909)
     Jane Amy Collins was also known as Jane Ann in records. Jane Amy Collins was also known as Amy Jane in records. She was born on 22 March 1862 in Castlemaine, Victoria. She was the daughter of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan.
     Jane Amy Collins married George Augustus Frederick Halahan, son of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan, on 29 September 1889 in Castlemaine, Victoria. Halahan—Collins,—The marriage of Miss AmyCollins, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Collins, ofEdenthorpe, with Mr. George Halahan, brother of Dr. Samuel Handy Halahan, took place on Sunday,September 29. The ceremony was performed by thefather of the bride, and took place in a quiet and private manner at the residence of the bride's parents,before a small company of relations and friends..
     Jane and George were registered as George Frederick Halahan, farmer & Jane Ann Halahan, home duties at Chetwynd, Victoria, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     Jane was registered as Jane Ann Halahan at Harrow, on the 1909 electoral roll.
     Jane Amy Collins made a will dated 13 September 1909 in Edenhope. She described herself as Jane Amy, the wife of G A F Halahan and mother of Christopher John & Mary Dorothea Harriet halahan, both of Edenhope. The will was witnessed by Frances Caroline Maud Collins, housekeeper and Hugh Collins, labourer, both of Edenhope.
     Jane died on 29 October 1909 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 47. Mrs George Halahan, of Edenhope, died on Thursday after an illness of several months. She was the eldest daughter of the Rev. R. Collins. Deep sympathy is expressed for her husband and relatives. She was buried in Edenhope.
     Her will was proved on 6 July 1910. The will of Jane Amy Halahan, of Edenhope, married woman... upon reading the several affidavists of George Augustus Frederick halahaqn and James Edgar Miinogue & Edward Herbert Smith - probate to be granted to George Augustus Frederick Halahan and J E Minoge both of Edenhope, farmers, the executors named... She died 27 October 1909, estate valued at £50 --- realtionship of the said deceased of the persons benefiicially entitled under the will of the said deceased, namely - Christopher John Halahan, son of the said deceased, Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan, daughte of the said deceased ...

Children of Jane Amy Collins and George Augustus Frederick Halahan

John Daniel Collins

(before 1840 - )
     John Daniel Collins was born before 1840.
     John Daniel Collins married Sarah Dempster, daughter of Charles Dempster and Jane Russell, on 7 March 1861 in Petworth, Sussex.
     John Daniel Collins and Sarah Dempster appeared on the 1861 census in Deptford, St Paul, Kent. John Collins, 25, warehouseman manchester born Lostwithiel, Cornwall with his wife Sarah aged 19, born Petworth and a visitor Fanny Dempster, aged 12, born Petworth.
     John Daniel Collins and Sarah Dempster appeared on the 1891 census in Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon. John D Collins 55, draper, born Lostwithiel, Cornwall, his wife Sarah Collins 49, born Petworth, Ssx, children Florence Collins 23, Ethel Collins 17, Russell Collins 7, Jessie Breeze 31, born Petworth, Ssx, sister in law, servants Maria Francis 27 Matilda Grant 24.

Martha Collins

     Martha Collins married Samuel Whiting on 7 November 1784 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Children of Martha Collins and Samuel Whiting

Mary Collins

(before April 1863 - February 1924)
     Mary Collins was born before April 1863 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Patrick Collins and Unity McEwan who was deceased by 1884..
     Mary Collins married Patrick Francis Handy, son of Thomas Handy and Ann Daly, on 10 November 1884 in St Andrew's RC chapel, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. They were both 21 and lived at 12 Blinshall Street, Dundee. His parents were deceased. Father Thomas Handy, flesher & mother Ann Dailly, both deceased..
     Mary Collins and Patrick Francis Handy appeared on the 1891 census in 3 Park Wynd, Dundee, St Peter's parish, Angus, Scotland. Margaret Handy and her son Thomas were living with Patrick Francis & his wife Mary Collins in the 1891 census index in St Peter's parish, Dundee: Patrick aged 28, mason's labourer, born Ireland (Ancestry) born Dundee (GROS), Mary 28, wife, born Edinburgh, Bernard aged 6, Patrick aged 3 months, born Dundee, Thomas aged 4 born Dundee, and William Handy aged 2 born Dundee; Maggie Handy 23, boarder, born Dundee, Thomas aged 4 months, born Dundee.
     Mary Collins and Patrick Francis Handy appeared on the 1901 census in 6 Bridgeton, Kinghorn, Fife. Patrick Handy 38, mason's labourer, born Ireland; his wife Mary 38 born Edinburgh; children Bernard 16, mill machine oiler, born Dundee, Thomas 14, Floorcloth tier boy, born Dundee, William 12 born Dundee, Patrick 10, born Dundee, Unity 7; born Kircaldy, Joseph aged 3 born Gasgow.
     Mary died in February 1924 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. She was buried in February 1924 in Dundee, Angus. Mary Collins Handy aged 60.

Children of Mary Collins and Patrick Francis Handy

May Sarah Sophia Collins

(22 October 1864 - 2 January 1948)
     May Sarah Sophia Collins was born on 22 October 1864 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan.
     May Sarah Sophia Collins married Dr Samuel Handy Halahan, son of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan, in 1889 in Edenhope, Victoria.
     May was registered at Edenhope, Morea district, on the 1903 electoral roll. She is the only one listed at this time.
     May and Samuel were registered as May Sarah Sophia Halahan was not listed in 1903 at Edenhope, Victoria, on the between 1903 and 1915 electoral roll.
     May and Samuel were registered as medical practitioner & home duties, along with Samue lHandy Halahan jun student and Mary Halahan, nurse & Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan, home duties in 1924. From 1926 Christopher John, a bread carter, was also listed. In 1928 Guy neville, surveyor, was added and Christopher had moved out. at Balmoral Rd, Springvale, on the between 1921 and 1928 electoral roll.
     May and Samuel were registered as a doctor, home duties & student at Springvale, on the between 1931 and 1934 electoral roll.
     May was registered as May Sarah Sophia, home duties, Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin, home duties, Samuel, student at Springvale, on the between 1936 and 1937 electoral roll.
     May died on 2 January 1948 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 83. HALAHAN. — On January 2. at "Mount Joy". Edenhope. Victoria. May Sarah Sophia Halahan, relict of Dr 'Halahan, and loving mother of Besse (deceased), Reeves (deceased), Christy, Paddy (deceased), and Guy (deceased). Aged 83 years. She was buried on 3 January 1948 in Edenhope.

Children of May Sarah Sophia Collins and Dr Samuel Handy Halahan

Reeves Jack Collins

(1919 - 1967)
     Reeves Jack Collins was born in 1919 in Linton, Victoria. He was the son of Benjamin Richard Reeves Collins and Harriet May Stevens.
     Reeves died in 1967 in Traralgon, Victoria.

Rev Robert Reeves Collins

(19 April 1835 - 13 January 1910)
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins was born on 19 April 1835 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of William Collins, solicitor & Sarah nee Smith. He was christened on 13 May 1835 in Crumlin, Dublin.
     Robert matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, between 1 July 1853 and 1859. He gained a Bachelor of Arts. Robert was made a deacon in 1859 and priest in 1860. Curate at Kilmahon, diocese of Cloyne at Cork, from 1859. He was appointed a mission priest and came to Australia.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins married Mary Jane Halahan, daughter of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming, on 29 May 1861 in St George's, Dublin. She was described as the wife of the Rev. Robert Reeves Collins of Castlemaine in the colony of Victoria in her father's 1863 will.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan arrived per "Lightning" in August 1861 at Victoria. Robert was a clergyman at Castlemaine, Victoria, in 1863. He was mentioned in the 1863 will of his father-in-law. He was also at Ballarat. Robert was appointed the second (but first resident) resident priest at Edenhope, in 1864. In 1882, due to Grandfathers declining health he resigned from the church and the Parish was conducted from Harrow, and it was not until 1915 that a second resident priest was appointed to Edenhope and a new church and residence built near the bridge.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins lived at Collins Lake, Edenhope, 1872. He and his family lived in the rectory until 1872, at which time he settled at Collins Lake where he had selected land, and built a house of wattle and daub, with a thatched roof on the East bank of the lake.
Collins Lake was then named Lake Telangma, which was named by him after a lake in Ireland, but renamed Collins Lake after my Grandfathers death. In those days the large Stations around Edenhope were being sub-divided into 320 acre lots for selection, and my Grandfather was lucky to have been able to select about six lots of land. He continued to service his parish from the property at Telangma, the Parish being a 90 mile radius, and Grandfather travelled on a white Arab horse named "Torpedo", and some of the older people talked about his speed on horseback.
In 1901 my Grandparents sold most of their land at Telangina and built a cottage on the corner of Elizabeth street and Sydney Road, at which time they purchased land from there to the Airport. The Airport land was donated to the Edenhope District by my Mother. My Grandfather was a hobby oil painter, some would say quite good, and I am proud to have some of his original paintings hanging in my house.
Robert was head of the United Christian church at Edenhope, from 1884 to 1885. In the register of Victorian clergy, he is listed as Robert Reeves Collins, United Christian church, Edenhope, head of denomination. He was registered April 22, 1884 and it was cancelled by his own authority, denomination having ceased to exist, June 19 1885.
     Robert died on 13 January 1910 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 74. He was buried in Edenhope.

Children of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan

William Gordon Collins

(2 June 1904 - 26 February 1984)
     William Gordon Collins was born on 2 June 1904.
     William Gordon Collins married Stella Louise Davy, daughter of Clement Walter Davy and Gertrude Louisa Bull, on 6 October 1940.
     William died on 26 February 1984 in Farnham, Surrey, aged 79.

Henry Collis

     Henry Collis married Rebecca Going on 28 April 1836 in Ireland. He was her second cousin and they had a daughter.

Laura Campbell Collis

     Laura Campbell Collis married Alfred Rashleigh Devonshire, son of Frederick Augustus Devonshire and Margaret Spear, in 1914 in Victoria. They had issue.

Children of Laura Campbell Collis and Alfred Rashleigh Devonshire

Stanley Collis

( - 1954)
     Stanley Collis married Alice Mary Dunbar, daughter of John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar and Margaret Ann Green.
     Stanley died in 1954 in Hurstville, New South Wales.

Thomasine Collymore

( - after 1779)
     Thomasine Collymore was born in Barbados.
     Thomasine Collymore married William Ashby in Barbados.
     Thomasine died after 1779.

Irene May Colmer

(1896 - 1978)
     Irene May Colmer was born in 1896.
     The marriage of Irene May Colmer and Joseph Henry C Ruby, son of John Ruby and Mary Ann Opie, was registered in Devonport RD, Devon, in the December 1923 quarter.
     Irene died in 1978.

Child of Irene May Colmer and Joseph Henry C Ruby

George Colquhoun

     George Colquhoun married Margaret Boyd, daughter of Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) and Janet Colville.

Child of George Colquhoun and Margaret Boyd

Jean Colquhoun

     Jean Colquhoun was born. She was the eldest daughter of Alexander Colquhoun of Luss by Helen, daugaher of Sir George Buchanan of that Ilk....
     Jean Colquhoun married Sir William Hamilton, son of James Hamilton Earl of Abercorn and Marion Boyd, before 1 April 1656. HIs wife was a step-daughter of Hugh Montgomery, Viscount Ards.

Sir John Colquhoun (of Glins)

Child of Sir John Colquhoun (of Glins)

Sir John Colquhoun (of Luss)

( - 1479)
     Elizabeth Dunbar married thirdly Sir John Colquhoun (of Luss).
     John died in 1479.

Margaret Colquhoun

( - August 1601)
     Margaret Colquhoun was the daughter of George Colquhoun and Margaret Boyd.
     Margaret Colquhoun married Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd, son of Robert Boyd 4th Lord and Helen Somerville, circa 1535. They were cousins german..
     Margaret died in August 1601 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was buried in the metropolitan church.

Marion or Mariot Colquhoun

     Marion or Mariot Colquhoun was born. The peerage CD makes her the daugher of George Colquhoun & Margaret Boyd.. She was the daughter of Sir John Colquhoun (of Glins).
     Marion or Mariot Colquhoun married Robert Boyd 4th Lord, son of Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) and Janet Colville, before February 1548/49.

Maria Ann Colston

(before April 1856 - )
     Maria Ann Colston was born before April 1856 in London.
     Maria Ann Colston married Walter Henry Hooper on 25 December 1875 in St John the Baptist, Hoxton, Shoreditch RD, Middlesex. He was an artificial florist and they were both of 30 Philip St, He was the son of William Hooper, shoemaker.
     Maria Ann Colston and Walter Henry Hooper appeared on the 1881 census in 8 Rawstone Street, Clerkenwell, London. Walter Hooper, head,26, artificial florist, born Clerkenwell; his wife Maria 25, born Middlesex; children Nelly 5, born Middlesex, Walter 4, born Clerkenwell, George 2, born Hoxton, James Hooper, brother unmarried 17, artificial florist, born Hoxton; Walter Wilson, lodger, unmarried 17, born Hackney, Maria Hooper 3, daughter, born Clerkenwell.
     Maria Ann Colston and Walter Henry Hooper appeared on the 1891 census in Clerkenwell, London . Walter Hooper, head, 38, artificial florist, born London, Shoreditch; his wife Maria 33?, born London, Cripplegate; children Ellen Elizabeth aged 16, born Clerkenwell, Walter Edmund 15, lead finisher born Hoxton, Georgina Maud 6 & Henry Edward 3, born at Clerkenwell.

Children of Maria Ann Colston and Walter Henry Hooper

Elizabeth Jane Colville

     Elizabeth Jane Colville married Rev William Fraser Handcock, son of Lt Col Richard Handcock and Jane Fraser (Woodham), in 1869.

Janet Colville

     Janet Colville was born in Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Sir Robert Colville.
     Janet Colville married Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord), son of Lord Robert Boyd and Mariota or Janet Maxwell, circa 1505. They were related within the third and fourth degrees of consanguinity, and had a dispensation for the marriage already contracted between them and legitimising the children already born, 23 November 1505..

Children of Janet Colville and Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord)

Mary Colville

     Mary Colville was born in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
     Mary Colville married Charles Peter Farquharson MacPherson, son of Rev Charles MacPherson and Mary Farquharson, in 1872 in Dunedin, New Zealand. They were en-route to Australia.

Children of Mary Colville and Charles Peter Farquharson MacPherson

Sir Robert Colville

     Robert died in Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Child of Sir Robert Colville

Andrew Comber

(6 April 1774 - 25 January 1847)
     Andrew Comber was born on 6 April 1774 in Buckworth, Huntingdonshire. He was christened on 4 August 1774 in All Saints, Buckworth, Huntingdonshire.
     Andrew Comber married Sarah Sanderson, daughter of John Sanderson and Elizabeth Rich, on 4 June 1799 in All Saints, Darfield, Yorkshire. He was a merchant of Liverpool. They had 12 children.
     Andrew died on 25 January 1847 in Liverpool, Lancashire, aged 72. He was buried on 30 January 1847 in St Anne, Richmond, Liverpool. His remains were removed to Anfield cemetery. A gravestone records: In St Ann Richmond Churchyard (since destroyed)
Here lieth the remains of Thomas Arbuthnot Comber who died the 23rd of November 1804 aged 3 months.
Also of Mary Ann Comber who died the 19th February 1807 aged 1 year & 4
Also of Sarah Jane Comber who died the 18th December 1808 aged 1 year.
The above were Children of Andrew and Sarah Comber. Also of Thomas their son
who died 25th December 1835 aged 21 years & 10 months.
Also Andrew Comber Father of the above who died 25th January 1847 aged 72 years & 9 months.