Sarah Hollingsworth

(before 1820 - )
     Sarah Hollingsworth was born before 1820.
Sarah Hollingsworth married Alexander Ashby, son of John Ashby and Susanna Unknown (Ashby), on 5 October 1837 in St Andrew, Barbados.

Frederick Arthur Hollinshead

(circa 1875? - )
     Frederick Arthur Hollinshead was born circa 1875?.
Frederick Arthur Hollinshead married Annice Dunbar Rosling, daughter of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar, in 1899 in Perth, Western Australia.

two daughters Hollinshed

(before 1907 - )
     Two daughters Hollinshed was born before 1907. She was the daughter of Annice Dunbar Rosling.

William Hollocks

(before 1860 - )
     William Hollocks was born before 1860.
William Hollocks married Anna Bullett, daughter of William Bullett and Sarah Cobbold, on 17 November 1888 in Preston St Mary, Suffolk, England. They had issue at Preston: Kate Elizabeth HOLLOCKS, Annie HOLLOCKS, Ethel HOLLOCKS, William Lewis HOLLOCKS..

Mary Ann Holloway

(circa 1801 - 6 July 1877)
     Mary Ann Holloway was born circa 1801 in Epwell?, Oxfordshire.
Mary Ann Holloway married Aymor Rich Sanderson, son of Rev John Sanderson and Elizabeth Marsden, on 31 May 1842 in Banbury RD, Oxfordshire.
     Mary Ann Holloway was recorded on the 1851 census in Horse Fair, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Mary Ann Sanderson, head, wiidow, 43, Landed proprietor, born Epwell Oxon, with son Aymor aged 7, scholar, bor Banbury, Ann Holloway, mother, widow, aged 71, landed propretor, born Milwich, Oxon; Mary Ann Hearn, cousin, 25, anuitant with 2 visitors & 2 serants.
     Mary Ann Holloway and Aymer Holloway Sanderson were recorded on the 1861 census in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Mary A Sanderson 53, widow, landed proprietor, born Epwell, Oxf; Aymor H Sanderson 17, unmarried, art. att'y clerk, born Banbury, Ann Holloway 81, mother, landed proprietor, born Milcomb, Oxf; Mary A Hern 35, unmarried, cousin, annuitant, born Reading, Berkshire, Elizabeth Bignell 52, visitor, fundholder; Hannah Gardner 47, Sarah Ingram 26, servants.
     Mary died on 6 July 1877 in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Child of Mary Ann Holloway and Aymor Rich Sanderson


     Ann Sarah HOLLOX HORREX married Stephen Harper, son of William Harper and Mary HURREL, on 28 March 1834 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk.

Children of Ann Sarah HOLLOX HORREX and Stephen Harper

Alexander Holm

(22 April 1797 - )
      An Alexander Holm, shoemaker in Cromarty, received 13 votes, the highest recieved at the voting on 12 March in the church, thus he and three others were elected to become Elders of the Session 3 April 1843. Alexander Holm was commonly known as Sandy. He was born on 22 April 1797. He was the son of William Holm and Mary Allan.
Alexander Holm married Anne MacKenzie on 8 May 1807? In Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.

Children of Alexander Holm and Anne MacKenzie

Ann Holm

(21 February 1820 - )
     Ann Holm was born on 21 February 1820 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Ann, lawful daughter to Alexander Holm, weaver & Ann McKenzie in Cromarty.. She was the daughter of Alexander Holm and Anne MacKenzie.

Margaret Holm

(15 December 1816 - 3 December 1891)
     Margaret Holm was born on 15 December 1816 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of Alexander Holm and Anne MacKenzie.
Margaret Holm married Donald MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Isobell Bain, on 26 January 1847 in the Free Church of Scotland, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. They married in her mother's house.
     Margaret Holm and Donald MacKenzie were recorded on the 1851 census in Calrossie Street, Cromarty. Donald McKenzie, head, married 37, mason; Margaret, wife, 34; Alexander, son, 3; William, son, 9 months; all born in Cromarty.
     Margaret Holm and Donald MacKenzie were recorded on the 1861 census in 5 Barclay Lane, Cromarty. They lived in 2 windowed rooms plus 3 others: Donald McKenzie, head, married 48, housebuilder; Margaret, wife, 44; Alexander H, son, 13, scholar; Anna Bella B, daughter, 8, scholar; William, son, 5, scholar; James, son, 3; John, son, 7 months; all born at Cromarty.
     Margaret Holm and Donald MacKenzie were recorded on the 1871 census in 5 Barclays Lane, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. Donald head, married 56, mason, Margaret, wife, 54, William, son 15, John son 10 scholar, Catherine B, daughter 7, scholar, Ann Holm, sister in law, unmarried 61, pauper, all born at Cromarty.
     Margaret Holm were recorded on the 1881 census in 4 Barclay's Lane, Cromarty. She was living in the same house as her son Alexander but listed as a separate sole household. She was listed as Alexander Holm MacKenzie's mother in the 1881 census in 4 Barclay St, Cromarty.
     Margaret died on 3 December 1891 in Cromarty aged 74.

Children of Margaret Holm and Donald MacKenzie

Elizabeth Holmes

     Elizabeth Holmes was born in Ireland. She was the second daughter of George Holmes, esq of Liscloony, MP for Banagher.
Elizabeth Holmes married Edmund Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Alice Coghlan, in 1722.

Children of Elizabeth Holmes and Edmund Armstrong

Elizabeth Maude (Bessie) Holmes

(11 October 1874 - )
     Elizabeth Maude (Bessie) Holmes was born on 11 October 1874 in 179 Clarence Street, Sydney, New South Wales.
Elizabeth Maude (Bessie) Holmes married Edward Stanley Phillips, son of Alfred William Phillips and Elizabeth Maria Doyle, on 19 April 1897 in Oakendale, Clarence Town, New South Wales, Australia. He was of Thalaba, Millie, son of Alfred Phillips late of Kilcoy, Hexham at his marriage to Bessie Maud Holmes, daughter of W H Holmes of Oakendale, Clarence Town.

Child of Elizabeth Maude (Bessie) Holmes and Edward Stanley Phillips

Isabella Holmes (Lucas)

     Isabella Holmes (Lucas) was born in England. She was the daughter of S Holmes esq., an eminent distiller in Thomas Street, London.
Isabella Holmes (Lucas) married George Armstrong, son of Andrew Armstrong and Lucy Charnock (Mason), on 17 November 1740 in St Paul, Covent Garden, Westminster, England. She was the widow of Mr Lucas.

James Holmes

     James Holmes married Edith D I Cocksedge, daughter of Charles Cocksedge and Emma Augusta Pearce, in 1915 in Glebe, New South Wales.

Lois Holmes

(before March 1843 - June 1901)
     Lois Holmes was also known as Louise Holmes in records. She was born before March 1843 in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
The marriage of Lois Holmes and William Stancer, son of Eleanor Stanser, was registered in Stamford RD in the September 1871 quarter.
     Lois Holmes and William Stancer were recorded on the 1881 census in Church St, Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire. William Stancer, 40, head, born Crowland, Lincoln, maltster (working); his wife Lois 33, born Stamford, Lincoln; Walter 8, born Easton, Northampton, son, scholar; William 7, born Easton, son, scholar; George 3, born Easton, son, scholar; Harry 6, born Easton, son, scholar; Charles 1, son.
     Lois Holmes and William Stancer were recorded on the 1891 census in Stancer's cottage, Wothorpe, Northamptonshire. William Stancer, 50, head, born Crowland, Lincoln, maltster; his wife Lois 48, born Stamford, Lincoln; children Walter 18, gardener, born Easton, Northampton; William 17, born Easton, butcher; Harry 16, born Easton, gardener; George 13, born Easton, errand boy; Charles 10, born Easton, Maud, 7 born Stamford.
     Lois Holmes and William Stancer were recorded on the 1901 census in 31 Pool Rd, Leicester. William Stancer, head, 60, bricklayer's labourer, born Crowland, Lincs, his wife Lois aged 58, born Stamford and daughter Maud, 17, born Worthorpe.
     Lois's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1901 in Leicester RD, Leicestershire.

Children of Lois Holmes and William Stancer

Lucy Holmes

     Lucy Holmes was born. She was the third daughter of George Homes, esq..
     Lucy Holmes married Thomas Armstrong as his second wife. He married twice and left issue. See Burke v. 4 p. 348.

Mary Holmes

     Mary Holmes married James Squirrell, son of Robert Squirrell and Elizabeth Hunt, on 13 December 1791 in Eye, Suffolk, England. He was a thatcher..

Children of Mary Holmes and James Squirrell

Mary Lake Holmes

(circa 1815? - )
     Mary Lake Holmes was born circa 1815?.
Mary Lake Holmes married Samuel Ruby, son of William Ruby and Mary Rendle, on 5 February 1835 in West Teignmouth, Devon.

Rosetta Holmes

     Rosetta Holmes married Charles Frederick Rich, son of Frederick Rich and Elizabeth Unknown, on 24 April 1899 in Wombwell, Yorkshire. She was aged 26 & the daughter of Henry Holmes.He was aged 25..

William Holmes

     William Holmes married Ann Popplewell on 5 December 1710 in Wroot, Lincolnshire.

Alfred Stephen Holt

Children of Alfred Stephen Holt

Gwen Holt

     Gwen Holt married Robert Alexander Glover, son of Alexander George Glover and Ellen Elizabeth Fox, in 1923 in Victoria.

Jane Holt

(circa 1799 - before 15 February 1880)
     Jane Holt was born circa 1799 in Middlewich, Cheshire.
Jane Holt married George Rich, son of William Rich and Mary Barlow, on 8 May 1832 in Clowne, Derbyshire. Married by licence. He was residing at Laughton en le Morthen, age & father not given in register.
     Jane Holt and George Rich were recorded on the 1851 census in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. George Rich, head, married 51, born Carlton, Nottingham, farmer of 60 acres, employing 1 labourer and carpenter employing 1 apprentice; Jane, wife aged 51, born Middlewich, Cheshire; Elizabeth aged 17 and Lydia Jane aged 15, daughters born Hooton, Yorkshire. Also Robert Cotton?, apprentice carpenter aged 20, born Laughton and William Rich, aged 15, apprentice, born Carlton, Nottingham.
     In George Rich's will dated 8 February 1860 in Laughton en le Morthen, Jane Holt was named as heir.
     Jane Holt was recorded on the 1861 census in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. Jane Rich, aged 60, born Middleton Middlewich, Cheshire, farmer's widow & Lydia J Rich, daughter aged 25, born Slade Hooton, Yks, house servamt & Elizabeth Bramall,daughter aged 27, ag. labourer;s wife, born Slade Hooton and Jane E Bramall, grand-daughter aged 4, born Laughton.
     Jane died before 15 February 1880 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. She was buried on 15 February 1880 in Laughton en le Morthen.

Children of Jane Holt and George Rich

Rodney James Holt

(22 December 1950 - 5 October 1972)
     Rodney James Holt was born on 22 December 1950 in Perth, Western Australia. He was the son of Alfred Stephen Holt.
     Rodney died in a car accident on 5 October 1972 in Perth, Western Australia, aged 21. He was buried in Karakatta.

Stephen Holt

(19 October 1948 - 26 March 1956)
     Stephen Holt was born on 19 October 1948 in Perth, Western Australia. He was the son of Alfred Stephen Holt.
     Stephen died on 26 March 1956 in Perth, Western Australia, aged 7. He was buried in Karakatta.

Sarah Holywell

(before 1675 - )
     Sarah Holywell was born before 1675.
Sarah Holywell married George Popplewell, son of George Popplewell and Prudence Unknown, circa 3 March 1693/94 in Treswell, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Sarah Holywell and George Popplewell

Dorothy Noreen Homann

(1901 - 1992)
     Dorothy Noreen Homann was born in 1901. Her father was Christopher Joseph Homann, his father was also Christopher Joseph Homann from Hannover Germany. We lived at 13 Gatacre Ave, Lane Cove.
Dorothy Noreen Homann married Gallo Steffani Paul, son of Robert Hulbert Paul and Catherine A Steffani, in 1926 in Sydney, New South Wales.
     Dorothy and Gallo were registered at 'Orita', Norman St, Punchbowl, New South Wales, on the between 1930 and 1933 electoral roll.
     Dorothy and Gallo were registered at 26 Wiliam St, Glenmore, New South Wales, on the between 1936 and 1937 electoral roll.
     Dorothy and Gallo were registered at 13 Gatacre Ave, Lane Cove, New South Wales, on the between 1946 and 1954 electoral roll.
     Dorothy died in 1992.

Christian Home

     Christian Home married Patrick Dunbar, son of Patrick Dunbar and Elizabeth Sinclair.

Elizabeth Home

(before 1475 - 1544)
     Elizabeth Home was born before 1475. She was the daughter of Alexander, Lord Home.. Elizabeth Home was also known as Hay in records.
Elizabeth Home married James Hamilton 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Arran, son of Sir James Hamilton (1st Lord) and Princess Mary Stewart, on 28 April 1490. They had no issue. Elizabeth was granted a divorce from James Hamilton 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Arran on 16 November 1504. He divorced his first wife, Elizabeth (daughter of Alexander, 2nd Lord Home, Gt Chamberlain of Scotland) 16 Nov 1504 on the ground of a previous marriage to Sir Thomas Hay of Hoprew (living 20 June 1491) son of first lord Hay of Yester . A further sentence of divorce was pronounced 11 Mar 1509/10. She survived until 1544. [Or 1513, as her previous husband was found alive after presumed death].
     Elizabeth died in 1544.

Sarah Homer

     Sarah Homer married William Bickley on 30 May 1765 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.

Children of Sarah Homer and William Bickley

Margaret Homersham

(circa 1844 - 1905)
     Margaret Homersham was born circa 1844.
     Margaret died in 1905 in New Zealand.