Charlotte Frances Bowker

(2 January 1763 - September 1853)
     Charlotte Frances Bowker was born on 2 January 1763 in London. She was the daughter of James Bowker and Mary Dixon. Charlotte Frances Bowker was christened on 24 January 1763 in St Faith under St Paul, London.
     Charlotte Frances Bowker was mentioned in the will of William Bowker dated 14 September 1775. 1 part (of 7) to my niece Charlotte Bowker daughter of my late brother James Bowker.
     In Mary Dixon's will dated 29 April 1786 in Lambs Conduit St, London, Middlesex, Charlotte Frances Bowker was named as heir; also codicil, dated 4 Apr1796 of Mary Bowker of Lambs Conduit St. (Middx.), widow (of Hoddesdon (Herts. when codical added), late of London). Bequeaths £2,000 4% bank annuities to Charles Spence of Walthamstow (Essex), esq., and Joseph Bushman (Busham in ZB0584/13) of Guildhall (London) gent., upon trust to pay out of the interest and dividends thereof, and annuity of £10 p.a. for life to Mary White (wife of James White of Brick Lane Old Street, tallow chandler) and the residue of the interest and dividends which accrue during MW's life to her daughter (and only child) Charlotte Frances Bowker for life, for her sole and separate use; and upon trust, from and after the decease of CFB, to assign and transfer the capital to the child(ren) of CFB, share and share alike, when they attain their majorities, with various provisoes for their maintenance and education etc. during their minorities and conditions and provisoes in the event of their being no such child etc.
Other legacies, to be paid out of her personal estate, comprise: £20 to Mary Andrews (wife of John Andrews and daughter of Burgess Bowker of Alconbury Weston (Hunts.)) £10 to Mary Andrews (daughter of John and Mary Andrews) £10 each to George Negus of Kings St., Bloomsbury, coachmaker, Elizabeth Ladds (wife of Thomas Ladds of St. Neots (Hunts.), cabinet maker), Charlotte Fox (wife of John Fox of Huntingdon, cabinet maker) and Mary Negus of St. Neots spinster (all sons and daughters of George and Elizabeth Negus of St. Neots, deceased) £10 each to Mary Ladds (daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Ladds) and George Fox (son of John and Charlotte Fox) £20 to Henry Wade of Arthur St. in Goswell St. (in the parish of St. Luke), watchmaker £20 to Mrs. [?sic] Charlotte Woodward of the Palace of Canterbury, late of Great Ealing (Middx.), spinster £10 to the trustees of the Asylum for Orphans or deserted children in the County of Surrey; £10 to the trustees of Magdalen Hospital; and £10 to the minister and churchwardens of Kingsthorpe for the use of the poor of the parish Bequeathes 10 guineas each to Charles Spence and Joseph Bushman (both appointed as executors). Devises and bequeaths all the residue of her estate and effects to her daughter Charlotte Frances Bowker (appointed as executrix). Codicil (4 Apr. 1796). Bequeathes 20 guineas to William Bowker of Peterborough, attorney at law. Witness: Edm. Wilcox of Hoddesdon (Herts.)
     Abstract of title of Charlotte Frances Bowker (as in /9-10) to 2 cottages or tenements, orchard, allotment or close of land and premises at Kingsthorpe. Covers 1734-1824 As to 2 cottages or tenements and orchard with common rights etc. Abstracting final concord (8 Geo II) - see ZB0584/04; deed to declare the uses of the fine (6 Nov. 1734) - see ZB584/5; will of Thomas Wakefield (6 Nov. 1734) - see ZB0584/06. The abstract then notes that Frances Wakefield, tenant for life under the will of her husband, died in 1748; that John Ridge, one of the devisees in fee under the will of TW, died under the age of 21 years and without issue whereupon the fee simple and inheritance of and in the premises became solely vested in Mary Dixon; that MD married James Bowker of London, gent, in 1749 or 1750 at St Giles's (Middx.) and he died in 1768 and was buried at St. Sepulchre's London. These are followed by marginal notes by attorneys re, inter alia, the need for the vendor to find the relevant certificates of baptism etc. and re a possible settlement made of the estate sold to Mr. Gardener upon the marriage of MD and JB. As to the allotment or close of land Abstracting extract from the Inclosure Award for Kingsthorpe (15 Apr. 1767) - see ZB0584/8). As to the whole estate Abstracting the will of Mary Bowker (19 Apr. 1786) - see ZB0584/9; and Lease for 9 years to Gardner (30 Aug. 1824) - see ZB0584/10. N.B. The Abstract is headed 'For the perusal of Mr. Hewitt [of Northampton, solicitor] on behalf of the purchaser' and was compiled by Wells and Barratt of Huntingdon (solicitors p.p. the vendor). (found wrapped within ZB 584/10). Northants Archives ref: ZB0584/11

     Printed poster/Sale Particulars advertising Auction Sale by Mr. Macquire at the Cock Inn, Kingsthorpe on 19 Oct 1827, of:
(a) a messauge or dwelling house with barn, brewhouse, garden and orchard containing 1r. and a close of 2 acs. of arable land at the back of the premises; in the occupation of Charles Gardner at the yearly rent of £13 13s (i.e. as in ZB0584/10).
(b) a cottage in the tenure of James West at the yearly rent of £3 10s.
With, affixed, 'Conditions of Sale' (including MS sections stating, inter alia, that "as the Estate has been in the possession of the present owner and her mother Mary Bowker, deceased for a period of 80 years and upwards the vendor will not be bound to shew any title prior to the will of the said MB deceased nor to prove the seisin of the sd. MB"; and that the fixtures mentioned in the Inventory, the property of the vendor, are to be taken by the purchaser at a fair valuation, and paid for over and above the purchase money) and acknowledgement ('Purchaser's Agreement') by Gardner of his purchase of the estate for £560.
     tConveyance, by Lease and Release, from Charlotte Frances Bowker (as in ZB 584/9-11) to Charles Gardner (as in ZB0584/10-12) of:
(a) a messauge or tenement with the brewhouse, barn, cottage, garden and orchard adjoining thereto and lying in a place called the Green in Kingsthorpe, now or late in the tenure or occupation of CG and James West (?as in ZB 584/12(a)-(b)).
(b) an allotment or close of ground in Kingsthorpe in a place called (before Inclosure) Nether Leys, adjoining to the back part of (a) and containing 1 ac. 3r. 19p. (as in ZB0584/08 and ZB0584/11).
To CG such uses etc. as CG by deed or will shall direct, limit or appoint and, in default of the same, to CG and his assigns for life sans waste and, after determination of that estate, to William Pain of Brockhall, farmer and grazier, and his heirs for the life of CG in trust for him and his assigns with remainder to CG in fee simple.
Consideration: £560. 15-16 Feb. 1828.
     Charlotte Frances Bowker made a will dated 19 March 1853 in Cheshunt, Huntingdonshire. She mentions Elizabeth Ladds, Elizabeth Charlotte Ladds & Harriet Ladds, Charles & Emuily Fox ... Mrs Arabella Bowker, wiidow of Mr James Bowker ... to be continued.
     Her will was proved on 16 August 1853 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Charlotte's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1853 in Edmonton RD, Middlesex.

Elizabeth (?)

     Elizabeth (?) married George George, son of John George and Betty Coward.

Child of Elizabeth (?) and George George

Charles James Bowker

(before 25 September 1808 - before 28 January 1881)
     Charles James Bowker was born before 25 September 1808 Possibly 1804 in Walton, Northamptonshire. He was christened on 25 September 1808 in Paston, Northamptonshire. He was the son of James Bowker and Arabella Paget.
     Charles James Bowker married Mary Wembridge circa 1838.
     Charles James Bowker appeared on the 1841 census.
     Charles James Bowker was recorded on the 1851 census in Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire. Charles Bowker, 42, Sergeant of the Wilts Constabulary, born Walton, Nth; wife Mary 40?, born Ashhill, Somerset, sons Charles, 11, born Bath, Somerset. Francis 8, born Burbage, Wilts, Alfred 6 & Edwin 2 both born Collingbourne.
     Charles James Bowker appeared on the 1861 census in Chisledon, Wiltshire. Charles Bowker, 53, born Walton, Northamptonshire, Police Officer, with his wife Mary aged 50 born Ashill, Somerset, and sons Edwin 12 & Arthur 8, born Collingham & Avebury.
     Charles died before 28 January 1881 in Cricklade RD, Wiltshire. He was buried on 29 January 1881 in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Children of Charles James Bowker and Mary Wembridge