Susan Godsmarke

     Susan Godsmarke married William Denman, son of Thomas Denman and Joan Cogger, on 27 June 1672 in Shermanbury, Sussex. He may have previously married Margaret Morley, widow on 6 June 1658 at Shermanbury.

Child of Susan Godsmarke and William Denman

Carol Godward

Jeannette Goerke

(1870 - 1958)
     Jeannette Goerke was born in 1870.
Jeannette Goerke married Samuel Ruby, son of Thomas Ruby and Mary Ann Stanbury, in 1894.
     Jeannette died in 1958 in USA.

Children of Jeannette Goerke and Samuel Ruby

John Philip Goggin

(6 July 1910 - 25 October 1944)
     John was a naval officer. He was born on 6 July 1910 in Butte, Montana, USA. He was the son of Phillip Goggin and Catherine Ellen Bell.
John Philip Goggin married Patricia Coleman on 27 August 1935 in Tijuana, Mexico.
     John died on 25 October 1944 in Battle of Leyte, Phillipines, aged 34.

Child of John Philip Goggin and Patricia Coleman

John Philip Goggin jr

(16 July 1936 - 24 December 1989)
     John Philip Goggin jr was born on 16 July 1936 in San Diego, California, USA. He was the son of John Philip Goggin and Patricia Coleman.
     John died on 24 December 1989 in Poulsbo, Washington, USA, aged 53.

Katharine Rose! Margaret Goggin

(19 May 1912 - August 1978)
     Katharine Rose! Margaret Goggin was born on 19 May 1912 in Butte, Montana, USA. She was the daughter of Phillip Goggin and Catherine Ellen Bell.
Katharine Rose! Margaret Goggin married Oscar Anderson on 28 October 1934 in Butte, Montana, USA.
     Katharine died in August 1978 in Bozeman, Montana, USA, aged 66.

Phillip Goggin

(26 December 1879 - 1936)
     Phillip Goggin was born on 26 December 1879 in Hancock, Houghton, Michigan, USA.
Phillip Goggin married Catherine Ellen Bell, daughter of John Franklin Bell and Catherine Ross, on 28 November 1906 in Butte, Montana, USA.
     Phillip died in 1936 in Butte, Montana, USA.

Children of Phillip Goggin and Catherine Ellen Bell

Agnes Goilmer

     Agnes Goilmer was born in Suffolk.
Agnes Goilmer married John Bland in 1560 in Trimley St Martin, Suffolk.

Rebecca Going

(circa 1811 - 1851)
     Rebecca Going was born circa 1811 in Tipperary, Ireland.
Rebecca Going married Henry Collis on 28 April 1836 in Ireland. He was her second cousin and they had a daughter.
     Rebecca Going married William Handy as his third wife, on 3 August 1847 in St Peter, Dublin, Ireland. William Handy, of full age, widower, solicitor, of 61 Waterloo Rd, Up Baggot St, son of Samuel Handy, gentleman to Rebecca Collis alias Going, of full age, widow, of 10 Upper Baggot St, daughter of John Going, clerk. Both signed.
     Rebecca Going and William Handy were on the passenger list of the "Western World", arriving at New York, USA, on 20 May 1850. William Handy aged 30, solicitor, of Ireland, Rebecca Handy, aged 25 & Jane aged 1.
     Rebecca died in 1851.

Child of Rebecca Going and William Handy

Samuel Golden

     The marriage of Samuel Golden and Ann Layton? Burnham, daughter of John Burnham and Mary Blunt, was registered in Whittlesey RD, Cambridgeshire, in the December 1842 quarter. They had children Samuel, Charles, John & Ann who are meniton in their grandfather's will.

John Goldie

(circa 1755? - )
     John Goldie was born circa 1755?.
John Goldie married Elizabeth Raey Fullarton, daughter of Lewis Fullarton, in June 1779 in Kilmichael House, Kilbride, Isle of Arran, Bute. Lately was married, at Kilmichael House, Island of Arran, Mr John Goldie, jun., writer, Kilmarnock, to Miss Elizabeth Rases? Fullarton, daughter of thedeceased Lewis Fullarton, Esq., of Kilmichael.

Child of John Goldie and Elizabeth Raey Fullarton

Susanna Stewart Goldie

(circa 1790 - )
     Susanna Stewart Goldie was born circa 1790. She was the daughter of John Goldie and Elizabeth Raey Fullarton.
Susanna Stewart Goldie married William Wallace on 15 March 1832 in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh, on the 15th inst. William Wallace, Esq., Writer to the Signet to Susanna Stewart Goldie,daughter of Lt John Goldie, RN, and grand-daugher of the late Lewis Fillarton, Esq, of Kirkmichael [sic], Island of Arran.

Elizabeth Golding

(before 1550 - )
     Elizabeth Golding was born before 1550 in Suffolk, England.
Elizabeth Golding married Edmund Cocksedge on 4 September 1570 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Laurence Mayfield Golding

(6 March 1882 - 6 May 1951)
     Laurence Mayfield Golding was also known as David Laurence Mayfield in records. Laurence Mayfield Golding was also known as David Mayfield in records. He was born on 6 March 1882 in Laura, South Australia.
Laurence Mayfield Golding married Emily Jessie Linton, daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar, after 1942? In Victoria?. David Laurence Mayfield Golding had 5 wives and David Magraith has traced 4 divorces. The first three in South Australia and the 4th in Victoria.
1. Edith Maria White m 21 Feb 1906, divorced 23 March 1915
2. Cynthia Viola Chinner m 23 June 1915, divorced 26 June 1923
3. Florence May Elizabeth Celia Rothwell m 26 Sept 1923, divorced 10 July 1928
4. May Francis Spencer m 23 March 1929, divorced 27 Feb 1942
In 2 cases David Laurence Mayfield was petitioner and in 2 cases the respondent
     David and Emily were registered as David Mayfied & Emily Jessie Golding, traveller & Home duties, at 35 Seaview Crescent, Sandringham, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     David died on 6 May 1951 in the Hospital, Dromana, Victoria, aged 69.

Mary Golding

(before 1760 - )
     Mary Golding was born before 1760 in Suffolk, England.
Mary Golding married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Martha Silvester, on 5 January 1773 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Which Thomas?.

Ethel May Goldsmith

     The marriage of Ethel May Goldsmith and Harold John Baker Evans, son of Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins, was registered in Kings Norton RD in the December 1920 quarter.

Elizabeth Gooch

(circa 1811 - )
     Elizabeth Gooch was born circa 1811 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Gooch married Edward Squirrell on 20 May 1834 in Hitcham, Suffolk. Elizabeth was present at Joseph Squirrell's christening on 28 December 1834 in Hitcham, Suffolk. Elizabeth was present at Henry Squirrell's christening on 19 February 1837 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Gooch was recorded on the 1851 census in Hitcham, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Gooch and Edward Squirrell

Rachel Gooch

(circa 1560? - )
     Rachel Gooch was born circa 1560?.
Rachel Gooch married Luke Cocksedge on 9 April 1581 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk.

Children of Rachel Gooch and Luke Cocksedge

Unknown Gooch

( - before 1766)
     Unknown Gooch married Elizabeth Unknown.
     Unknown died before 1766.

William Goodale

(before 1600 - )
     William Goodale was born before 1600 in Suffolk, England.
William Goodale married Ann Bland, daughter of Andrew Bland, on 9 July 1620 in Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk.

William Samuel James Goodanew

     William Samuel James Goodanew married Julia Ruby on 18 August 1878 in Holy Trinity, Plymouth, Devon.

Phyllis Goodchild

(circa 1685? - before 24 August 1752)
     Phyllis Goodchild was born circa 1685?.
Phyllis Goodchild married Robert Wilkin, son of Robert Wilkin and Elizabeth Sussams, on 22 June 1703 in Tostock, Suffolk.
     Phyllis died before 24 August 1752 in Tostock, Suffolk, England. She was buried on 24 August 1752 in Tostock, Suffolk. Phyllis Wilkin, wife of Robert.

Children of Phyllis Goodchild and Robert Wilkin

Dorothy Goode

     Dorothy Goode married Thomas Stanser on 23 July 1639 in St Mary's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Jan Goode

(circa 1925 - 1971)
     Jan Goode was born circa 1925.
     Jan died in 1971.

Joan Goodin

( - before 8 December 1691)
     Joan Goodin was also known as Jane in records.
Joan Goodin married Richard Steer, son of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?, on 15 October 1657 in Darley, Derbyshire.
     Joan died before 8 December 1691 in Darley, Derbyshire. She was buried on 8 December 1691 in Darley.

Children of Joan Goodin and Richard Steer

William Gooding

(before 1812 - )
     William Gooding was born before 1812 in Suffolk, England.
William Gooding married Sophia Cocksedge, daughter of Benjamin Cocksedge and Bridget Mills, on 17 July 1833 in Hessett.

Elizabeth Sophia Goodlet

(1882 - 1937)
     Elizabeth Sophia Goodlet was born in 1882 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Jonathan Coburn Goodlet and Elisabeth Aitken Allan.
Elizabeth Sophia Goodlet married Ernest La Roche. They had 4 children: Kenneth James b. 4/7/1905; Harold Goodlet b. 20/2/1906; Phillis Maree b. 8/3/1911, Joan Estelle b. 5/10/1922.
     Elizabeth died in 1937 in Maryborough, Victoria.

Child of Elizabeth Sophia Goodlet and Ernest La Roche

Jonathan Coburn Goodlet

(circa 1856 - 1937)
     Jonathan Coburn Goodlet was born circa 1856.
Jonathan Coburn Goodlet married Elisabeth Aitken Allan, daughter of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson, in 1876 in Maryborough, Victoria.
     Jonathan died in 1937 in Richmond, Victoria.

Children of Jonathan Coburn Goodlet and Elisabeth Aitken Allan

Lydia Margaret Goodlet (Kiel)

(1878 - 1946)
     Lydia Margaret Goodlet (Kiel) was born in 1878 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Jonathan Coburn Goodlet and Elisabeth Aitken Allan.
     Lydia died in 1946 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Mary Ann Goodlet

(1862 - April 1952)
     Mary Ann Goodlet was born in 1862. Daughter of Alex & Ann (Dewar) Goodlet..
Mary Ann Goodlet married Gilbert Robertson, son of Duncan Robertson and Isabella Sinclair, in 1886 in Maryborough, Victoria. Mary Ann Goodlet was buried in April 1952 in the New Cemetery, Ballarat.
     Mary died in April 1952 in Benevolent Home, Ballarat, Victoria.

Children of Mary Ann Goodlet and Gilbert Robertson