Prudence Dobson

(before 1560 - )
     Prudence died in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was born before 1560.
Prudence Dobson married James Popplewell (of Beltoft, son of William), son of William Popplewell and Jane or Joan Thornton, on 11 October 1579 in Belton, LIN.
     Prudence Dobson was mentioned in the will of James Popplewell (of Beltoft, son of William) dated 12 June 1592.
Prudence Dobson married Thomas Nelston on 12 September 1593 in Belton, LIN.

Children of Prudence Dobson and James Popplewell (of Beltoft, son of William)

Reginald Dobson

(circa 1885 - )
     Reginald Dobson was born circa 1885. He was the son of Townley Blackwood Dobson and Hanora Ryan.

six children Dobson

(after 1884 - )
     Six children Dobson was born after 1884. He was the son of Peter Edward Dobson and Martha Ann Presnell.

Townley Blackwood Dobson

(1855 - 24 April 1887)
     Townley Blackwood Dobson was born in 1855 in Monaghan, Ireland. He was the son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar.
     Townley Blackwood Dobson arrived per "Shalimar" on 16 October 1855 at Victoria. Townley was a carpenter.
Townley Blackwood Dobson married Hanora Ryan in 1883 in New South Wales.
     Townley died on 24 April 1887 in Malvern, Victoria. He was buried after 24 April 1887 in St Kilda.

Children of Townley Blackwood Dobson and Hanora Ryan

Townley Osborne Dobson

(16 April 1895 - 1982)
     Townley Osborne Dobson was born on 16 April 1895 in Albert Park, Victoria. He was the son of Godfrey St Aubyn Dobson and Mary Ann Louisa Thomas.
Townley Osborne Dobson married Mary Elizabeth Davis in 1951 in Victoria.
     Townley died in 1982 in Hallam, Victoria.

Children of Townley Osborne Dobson and Mary Elizabeth Davis

Townley Osborne Clive Dobson

(1888 - )
     Townley Osborne Clive Dobson was born in 1888 in Clifton Hill, Victoria. He was the son of Alexander Osborne Dobson and Louisa Eleanor Walker.

unknown Dobson

     Unknown was a nun.
     Unknown died in New South Wales. She was the daughter of Townley Blackwood Dobson and Hanora Ryan.

William Dobson

     William Dobson was the son of Townley Osborne Dobson and Mary Elizabeth Davis.
     William died during World War II.

Henry William Dockwill

     Henry William Dockwill married Emmeline Mary Ruby, daughter of John Crowle Ruby and Jane Couch, in 1901 in New Zealand.

Robert Dodd

     Robert Dodd was born in England.
Robert Dodd married Anne Black, daughter of Richard Black and Jane Eliza Sargeant, on 21 June 1922 in All Saints, Wanganui East, New Zealand.

Henrietta Maria Dodsworth

(18 August 1736 - December 1795)
     Henrietta Maria Dodsworth was christened on 18 August 1736 in Thornton Watless, Yorkshire. She was the only daughter of John Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass, Esq. by his wife Henrietta, daughter of John Hutton of Marske, Esq. She became eventually the sole heiress of her brothers, and succeeded to Thornton-Watlass.
Henrietta Maria Dodsworth married Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart), son of John Smith and Anne Hodgson, on 20 July 1761 in Thonton Watlass, Yorkshire.
     Henrietta died in December 1795 in Normanton, Yorkshire, aged 59.

Children of Henrietta Maria Dodsworth and Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart)

Mercy Doe

(say 1620 - 1671)
     Mercy Doe was born say 1620 in Brighton, Sussex.
Mercy Doe married Thomas Geere, son of Thomas Geere and Mary Friend, circa 3 November 1640 in Ovingdean, Sussex. Mercy Doe was buried in 1671 in Ovingdean. Her grave is the earliest visible stone there. See pictures etc at:
     Mercy died in 1671 in Ovingdean, Sussex.

Children of Mercy Doe and Thomas Geere

Elizabeth Doggit

(circa 1775 - before 23 August 1834)
     Elizabeth Doggit was born circa 1775 in England.
     Elizabeth Doggit married David Bowker as his second wife, on 9 June 1796 in Paston, Northamptonshire. Married by licence and were both of Walton.
Elizabeth Bowker is mentioned as widow of David in memorials and petitions presented to the Bedford Level Corporation in 1832.
     Elizabeth died before 23 August 1834 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 23 August 1834 in Stanground.

Children of Elizabeth Doggit and David Bowker

Mary Doldren

( - 1723)
     Mary Doldren was also known as Daldon in records.
Mary Doldren married George Lascelles, son of Daniel Lascelles and Margaret Metcalfe, on 14 May 1713 in St Stephen Walbrook & St Benet Sherehog, London. She was the daughter of William Doldren.
     Mary died in 1723.

Children of Mary Doldren and George Lascelles

(?) Dolman

Children of (?) Dolman

Philip Dolman

( - before 20 October 1688)
     Philip Dolman was the son of (?) Dolman.
Quietus discharging the rectory of Lund, parcel of possessions of Philip Dolman, a recusant delinquent, from sequestration.
Settlement by lease and release relating to property in Lund -13-14 Jan 1681, Parties: 1) Philip Dolman of York, gentleman and his only daughter Ellin Dolman 2) Thomas Cholmeley of Brandsby esquire and John Vavasour of Willitoft, gentleman Property: two thirds of the rectory, glebe and tithes of Lund. To use of Philip Dolamn for life, then to his son and heir Robert Dolman of York esquire and heirs of his body, subject to annuity of £20 to Ellin Dolman; remainder to John Ryther of Scarcroft, esquire Witnesses: Robert Dolman, John Bouker, William Horncastle, Marma. Slynger, Richard Talbot, John Gascoigne, William Metham and John Cotes.
     Philip Dolman made a will dated 27 January 1681 in York. He left bequests to: nephew Anne of Frickley; cousin George and Michaell Anne of Brough Wallis; cousin Anne Dolman of Pocklington and her son William; nephew Robert Dolman; daughter Ellinor; friend Peter Bilcliffe; nephew Robert Ryther of London; nephew John Ryther of Scarcroft and his sons John and Philip; godson William Palmes and his sister Mary; nephew Robert Bacon; god-daughter Bacon and her Aunt Vavasour; nephew Dolman's son Robert; god-daughter Katherine Dolman; Barbara and Frances Dolman; servant William Horncastle Property: Drax and Lund Witnesses: John Bowker, Alice and William Horncastle and Marmaduke Slynger.
     Philip died before 20 October 1688.
     His will was proved on 20 October 1688.

Ursula Dolman

(circa 1605 - )
     Ursula Dolman was born circa 1605 in Badsworth, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Robert Dolman of Gunby, Yks, Kt. [or Sir Robart Dalman, of Badsworth]. Sister of Philip Dolman of York as he mentions his nephews Robert & John Ryther in his will dated 27 Jan 1681. She was the daughter of (?) Dolman.
Ursula Dolman married John Ryther, son of Henry Ryther and Ann Clough, circa 1630 in Yorkshire.

Children of Ursula Dolman and John Ryther

Philip Matthew Donaghy

( - 5 February 1946)
     Philip Matthew Donaghy was born in Londonderry, Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland.
Philip Matthew Donaghy married Marjorie Helen Edwards, daughter of William Edwards and Edith Florence Bland, on 5 August 1939 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.
     Philip died on 5 February 1946.

Charles Donaldson

     Charles Donaldson married Ann MacPherson, daughter of Paul MacPherson and Catherine Christie, on 15 November 1850 in Glenlivet, Inveravon, Banffshire, Scotland. Charles Donaldson Dulrig of Corgaff in the parish of Strathdon and Ann McPherson at Scalan in this parish were married on the 15th Nov 1850; Chapeltown RC marriages 14 Nov 1850: Charles Donaldson a native of Aberdeen, son of Andrew Donaldson and Mary Gordon, and Ann McPherson daughter of Paul McPherson and Catherine Christie Fueran of Scalan having been legally proclaimed in teh Kirk of Inveravon, and on three consecutive Sundays here in St Mary's, upon no objections having been found were lawfully married by me on the fourteenth day of November 1850. The witnesses were Robert McPhersn Fueran of Scalan, Robert Gordon Baffish and others.

Eliza Donaldson

( - October 1825)
     Eliza Donaldson was born in Fayetteville, Cumberland county, North Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of Robert Donaldson of Fayetteville..
Eliza Donaldson married Thomas Hooper, son of William Hooper and Helen Hogg, on 25 May 1825. They had no issue..
     Eliza died in October 1825.

James Donaldson

     James Donaldson married Margaret Hooper, daughter of Possible link Hooper, on 19 June 1697 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Margrat Hopper & James Donaldson; & Margaret Happer 14 Jul 1697 Stitchel..

Margaret Donaldson

     Margaret Donaldson married Henry Hooper.

Children of Margaret Donaldson and Henry Hooper

Edith Florence (Eva) Donnelly

(1890 - before 5 July 1955)
     Edith Florence (Eva) Donnelly was born in 1890 in Ballarat, Victoria. She was the daughter of Ellen Donnelly.
     Edith and Nellie were registered at 1002 Eyre St, Ballarat, Victoria, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Edith died before 5 July 1955 in 1002 Eyre Street, Ballarat, Victoria. She was buried on 5 July 1955 in the New Cemetery, Ballarat. Eva aged 65, spinster, with mother and sister.

Ellen Donnelly

(1864 - before 20 August 1919)
     Her name was sometimes spelled Donelly. Ellen Donnelly was also known as O'Egan in records. Ellen Donnelly was also known as Helen or Nellie in records. She was born in 1864 in Ballarat, Victoria. Ellen Donnelly O'Egan, daughter of Elizabeth O'Egan. There was also an Ellen Donelly born 1862 at Ballarat to John Donelly & Anastatia Carroll. Ellen was aged 16 at her mother's death in May 1879. Her headstone states she was born in 1863, but the birth was registered in 1864. She was the daughter of John Donnelly and Elizabeth Hagan. Ellen was described as a living child of Elizabeth Hagan on 9 May 1879.
     Ellen died before 20 August 1919 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 20 August 1919 in the New Cemetery, Ballarat. Monumental inscription: Hellen - b.1863, d.1919, mother of Eva & Nellie May; of Cardigan.

Children of Ellen Donnelly

John Donnelly

(circa 1833 - )
      There were Donelly families in the parish of Termonmaguirk, Tyrone listed in the Tithe Applotment books. John Donnelly was also known as Donelly in records. He was born circa 1833.
     John Donnelly arrived per "Chancellor" in February 1858 at Victoria, Australia. He may be the John D Donnelly aged 25 who was on the same ship as Edmond Colbert.
     John Donnelly may have married Elizabeth Hagan, daughter of Charles Hagan and Ellen Meenagh, circa 1862 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. There is no record of a marriage and she married in 1873 as O'Hagan.
A John Donnelly aged 30 was buried at the Ballarat New Cemetery 25 April 1867. He was the son of James & Anastatia, born Kilkenny and married to Ann Maher at aged 18 in Kilkenny with 3 sons..

Child of John Donnelly and Elizabeth Hagan

Nellie May Donnelly

(1887 - before 22 June 1957)
     Nellie May Donnelly was born in 1887 in Ballarat, Victoria. She was the daughter of Ellen Donnelly.
     Nellie resided at Alfredton, Victoria, from 1950.
     Nellie and Edith were registered at 1002 Eyre St, Ballarat, Victoria, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Nellie died before 22 June 1957 in 1002 Eyre Street, Ballarat, Victoria. She was buried on 22 June 1957 in the New Cemetery, Ballarat. Aged 70, spinster, with mother and sister.

Bridget Donohoe

(about 1804 or 1796?? - 1874)
     Bridget Donohoe was also known as Donaghoe in records. She was born about 1804 or 1796??.
Bridget Donohoe married John Handy, son of RC Handy, before 1852 in Ireland.
     Bridget died in 1874 in Tullamore, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland. Aged 70 at death but that seems a little old to be having children at 60!.
     Bridget may have died in 1877 in Tullamore RD, Offaly & Westmeath, Ireland.

Children of Bridget Donohoe and John Handy

Charles Joseph Donohoe

( - 4 July 1973)
     Charles Joseph Donohoe was born in New South Wales?. He was the son of James Joseph & Katherine.
Charles Joseph Donohoe married Helen Aileen Bowker, daughter of Dr Cedric Victor Bowker and Catherine Bell, on 30 November 1938 in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, New South Wales. DONOHOE—BOWKER. Many people prominent in the Sydney tennis world were among the guests at the wedding last night of Miss Helen Bowker of Point Piper and Mr Charles Donohoe of Kensington who both play an important part in the New South Wales Lawn Tennis Association Rushcutter Bay. The reception was held in the association's clubhouse . The ceremony took place at St Mary's Cathedral the bride who is the daughter of Dr and Mrs Cedric Bowker, was given away by her father. She wore a white brocade trained gown. Her veil was held in place by a topknot of magnolias and she carried trails of gardenias. Misses Evelyn Bowker, Darli McCourt and Beth Peach, who were the bridesmaids, wore white marquisette frocks and had topknots of multi-coloured gladioli to match their bouquets. The bridegroom, who is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J J Donohoe, was attended by Messrs James Madden, Vivian McGrath and Tom McMahon. Father J Tuohy officiated at the ceremony. Mrs Bowker was assisted to receive the guests by Mrs Frank Donohoe, sister-in-lawof the bridegroom.
     Charles died on 4 July 1973 in Dover Heights, New South Wales.

Ann Donohue

     Ann Donohue married James Handy, son of Edward Handy and Mary Convey, on 15 November 1872 in St Peter, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.

Child of Ann Donohue and James Handy

Honora Donovan

Child of Honora Donovan and Maurice Colbert