Anna Johnstone

(before March 1810 - before 1881)
     Anna Johnstone was born before March 1810 in Banham, Norfolk.
Anna Johnstone married Edward Grimwade, son of William Grimwade and Elizabeth Sheppard, on 5 November 1835 in Mendham, Suffolk. The marriage licence was dated 5 Nov 1835 for Edward Griwade, of Redenhall, witih Harleston, Norfolk & Ann Johnson.
     Anna Johnstone and Edward Grimwade were recorded on the 1851 census in Ipswich, Suffolk. Edward Grimwade aged 38, born Wetheringset, his wife Anna, aged 41, born Banham, Nfk & their children Edward W, aged 15, Frederick S aged 10, Fanny M aged 9 & Harriett J aged 8, all born at Harleston, Norfolk.
     Anna died before 1881.

Children of Anna Johnstone and Edward Grimwade

Ellen Johnstone

(1803 - )
     Ellen Johnstone was born in 1803 in New South Wales.
     Ellen Johnstone and Thomas W M Winder were recorded on 15 November 1828 census in Windermere, Luskintide, New South Wales. Ellen and her sister Jessie were also listed as boarders (1 year older) with John Eyres at Parramatta.
Ellen Johnstone married Thomas W M Winder in 1848 in St Andrew's Scots Church, Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Ellen Johnstone and Thomas W M Winder

Mary Jolley

(circa 1866 - March 1890)
     Mary Jolley was born circa 1866 in Lancashire.
     Edward Dunbar married Mary Jolley as his second wife, on 21 November 1887 in St Andrew, Ancoats, Manchester, Lancashire.
     Mary's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1890 in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Child of Mary Jolley and Edward Dunbar

Margaret Swinburne Jolly

(21 May 1915 - 12 September 1967)
     Margaret Swinburne Jolly was born on 21 May 1915 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of AW Jolly of 'Benwell', North Adelaide.
     Margaret Swinburne Jolly was engaged in August 1940. Miss Margaret Swinburne Jolly, elder daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jolly, of 'Benwell,' Brougham place. North Adelaide, whose engagement is an nounced to Mr. Wesley Hooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hooper, of Toorak, Victoria.
Margaret Swinburne Jolly married Wesley Trull Hooper, son of Arthur Frederick Hooper and Jean Hamlin Lusk, on 18 October 1940 in Christ Church, North Adelaide.
     Margaret died on 12 September 1967 in Adelaide, South Australia, aged 52. She was cremated after 12 September 1967 in Mitcham.
     Her will was proved in May 1968 at Adelaide.

Raymond Alfred Jones - Gillett

(circa 1925 - 23 June 1972)
     Raymond Alfred Jones - Gillett was born circa 1925 in Lara, Victoria. He was the son of George Jonathan Jones and Daisy Belle Heath.
     Raymond died on 23 June 1972 in Reservoir, Victoria. Raymond Alfred Gillett, painter of Reservoir

Alan Jones

(circa 1925 - 1978)
     Alan Jones was born circa 1925 in Victoria. He was the son of Harold Jones and Betsy Clark.
     Alan died in 1978 in Leongatha, Victoria. He may have died in a car collision.

Alice Muriel Jones

(29 May 1887 - )
     Alice Muriel Jones was born on 29 May 1887 in Aston Rd, Toowong, Queensland. GORE JONES-On the 29th May, at Aston-road, Toowong, Mrs, Edward Gore Jones, of a daughter. She was the daughter of Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones and Lydia Frances Phillips.

Ann Jones

( - 1 June 1683)
     Ann Jones married Sir Thomas Harman, son of Henry Harman and Marie Hamilton?.
     Ann died on 1 June 1683.

Sir Arthur Jones

     Sir Arthur Jones married Mary Harman, daughter of Sir Thomas Harman, in September 1675.

Arthur B Jones

     Arthur B Jones married Gladys T Dempster, daughter of Horace Hawkins Dempster and Ann Teresa Carney, in 1932 in Petersham district, New South Wales.

Bettina Mary Jones

(June 1920 - 2000)
     Bettina Mary Jones's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1920 in Barton I, Lancashire. She was the daughter of Charles Frederick Jones and Dorothy Gwendoline Bullett.
The marriage of Bettina Mary Jones and James Hawley was registered in Stafford RD, Staffordshire, in the September 1943 quarter.
     Bettina died in 2000.

Caroline L Jones

(April 1857 - 11 March 1903)
     Caroline L Jones was born in April 1857 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was the daughter of Rhys Gwelyn Jones & Annie.
Caroline L Jones married David Ross, son of John Ross and Mary Tindal, on 15 November 1882 in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California, USA.
     Caroline died on 11 March 1903 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA, aged 45. She was buried in Sutter Creek, Amador.

Children of Caroline L Jones and David Ross

Charles Frederick Jones

     Charles Frederick Jones married Dorothy Gwendoline Bullett, daughter of Charles William Bullett and Mary Ann Grose, on 17 September 1917 in Christchurch, Southgate, Middlesex. He was 26, a sergeant in the RAMC of No. 2 Camp, Squire's Gate, Blackpool, son of Charles Jones, photographer; she was aged 24, of 43 Selborne Rd, duahgter of Charles William Bullett, accountant. They signed in the presence of Charles Bullett & Florence Jones.
They lved in Cheshire, then Stafford. He was a chemist and work for the salt companies.

Child of Charles Frederick Jones and Dorothy Gwendoline Bullett

Clara Jones

(1899 - )
     Clara Jones was born in 1899 in Swinton, Yorkshire.
The marriage of Clara Jones and George W Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Annie Revil, was registered in Barton upon Irwell RD, Lancashire, in the June 1923 quarter.

Derwydd George Jones

(25 September 1909 - before 1983)
     Derwydd George Jones was born on 25 September 1909 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Edmund Jones and Florence Ross. Derwydd George Jones was christened on 24 January 1910 in St Martin Anglican church, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was buried on 28 January 1973 in Mt Royal cemetery, Montreal, Quebec.
     Derwydd died before 1983. He married Jennie Margaret O'Neill (1912-1935) and had a son Bryan (1930-1980).

Doreen Belle Jones

(1916 - )
     Doreen Belle Jones was born in 1916 in Geelong, Victoria. She was the daughter of George Jonathan Jones and Daisy Belle Heath.

Edith May Jones

(30 April 1893 - 2 June 1980)
     Edith May Jones was born on 30 April 1893 in 'metl', Armidale, New South Wales.
Edith May Jones married Norman William Pollard, son of Thomas William Pollard and Alice Bland, in February 1913 in Church of England, Emmaville, New South Wales.
     Edith resided at Broadwater, Texas, Queensland, 1916.
     Edith resided at Goldfields Sawmill Dalveen, Stanthorpe, Queensland, 1919.
     Edith resided at Silverspur, Texas, 1919.
     Edith died on 2 June 1980 in Texas, Queensland, aged 87. She was buried on 5 June 1980 in Texas.

Children of Edith May Jones and Norman William Pollard

Edmund Jones

(23 January 1865 - 20 April 1953)
     Edmund Jones was born on 23 January 1865 in Aberavon, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was the son of Benjamin & Ann Jones.
     Edmund resided at 13 Henrietta Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales, 1900.
Edmund Jones married Florence Ross, daughter of George Mantoch Ross and Mary Anne Creats, on 16 September 1900 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. He? was of 13 Henrietta Street at their marriage and was a boiler insurance inspector.
     Edmund died on 20 April 1953 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, aged 88. He was buried on 22 April 1953 in Montreal.

Children of Edmund Jones and Florence Ross

Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones

(circa 1859 - 19 November 1936)
     Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones was born circa 1859 in Sligo, Ireland. He was a barrister and the son of a barrister John Sheridan Gore-Jones & Eliza Gillman.
Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones married Lydia Frances Phillips, daughter of William Thomas Phillips and Mary Anne Lyons, on 13 May 1873 in Church of England, Brisbane South, Queensland. Her father was listed as William Thomas Phillips, squatter, and she was born at Paterson, co. Durham, NSW.
See for more on this family.
     Edward died on 19 November 1936 in Brisbane, Queensland. He is buried at Nundah: Edward Neynoe Richard Gore-Jones. Father's name: John Sheridan Mother's name: Eliza Gillman Registration.

Children of Edward Richard Neynoe Gore Jones and Lydia Frances Phillips

Eleanor Jones

     Eleanor Jones married Claud Humphrey Bullett, son of Robert Bullett and Ellen Pegg, in 1913.

Elizabeth Jones

(before 1765 - )
     Elizabeth Jones was born before 1765 in Barbados.
     Elizabeth Jones married William Ashby as his second wife, on 26 January 1783 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Children of Elizabeth Jones and William Ashby

Frances Pollack Jones

(1798 - 10 March 1863)
     Frances Pollack Jones was born in 1798 in Fayetteville, Cumberland county, North Carolina, USA. Eldest daughter of Edward Jones, for many years Solicitor General of North Carolina..
Frances Pollack Jones married William Hooper, son of William Hooper and Helen Hogg, in December 1814 in Chatham County, North Carolina, USA.
     Frances died on 10 March 1863 in Fayetteville, NC, USA.

Children of Frances Pollack Jones and William Hooper

George Jonathan Jones

(1880 - 1958)
     George Jonathan Jones was born in 1880 in Little River, Victoria. He was the son of Charles Jones & Louis Rogers.
George Jonathan Jones married Daisy Belle Heath, daughter of Frank Elander Heath and Martha Borland, on 18 September 1915 in Churches of Christ, Geelong, Victoria.
     George and Daisy resided at 251 Burke Rd, Camberwell, Victoria, 1928.
     George died in 1958 in Parkville, Victoria.

Children of George Jonathan Jones and Daisy Belle Heath

Harold Jones

     Harold Jones married Betsy Clark, daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, on 10 July 1920 in Victoria, Australia.

Child of Harold Jones and Betsy Clark

Helen Lucy Jones

     The marriage of Helen Lucy Jones and William Barwick Hooper, son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton, was registered in Steyning RD, Sussex, in the December 1894 quarter.

Ian Edward Jones

(23 October 1931 - 1 May 1944)
     Ian Edward Jones was born on 23 October 1931 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Neil Jones and Elizabeth Clover (Bessie) Glover.
     Ian died on 1 May 1944 aged 12.

Ivor Edmund Jones

(29 October 1901 - )
     Ivor Edmund Jones was born 14 Feb/Mar 1901 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was christened on 29 October 1901 in St Andrew's Presbyterian church, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was the son of Edmund Jones and Florence Ross.
Ivor Edmund Jones married Alma Dorothy Smith on 17 April 1926 in Quebec, Canada. They had Evan Kenwydd Jones and Norma Frances Jones (Jackson).

Jane Jones

     Jane Jones was born. She was the eldest daughter of Lewis Jones, esq. of Dublin..
     Jane Jones married Warneford Armstrong as his second wife, on 19 May 1742 in St Bride's, Dublin.

Child of Jane Jones and Warneford Armstrong

John Jones

Joseph Jones

(circa 1760? - )
      He was the son of Charles Jones and Elizabeth Waterhouse. They were scissormakers.. Joseph Jones was born circa 1760?.
Joseph Jones married Alice Steer, daughter of John Steer and Elizabeth Marriott.