Kathleen Nora Unknown

(14 July 1927 - 21 June 1987)
     Kathleen Nora Unknown was born on 14 July 1927.
     Kathleen Nora Unknown married Brian Joseph Colbert, son of John Vincent Colbert and Susan Martha Moore.
     Kathleen died on 21 June 1987 in Ballarat, Victoria, aged 59. She was buried on 25 June 1987.
     Her will was proved on 28 August 1987 at Victoria. Kathleen Norah Colbert, home duties, Ballarat.

Child of Kathleen Nora Unknown and Brian Joseph Colbert

Kate Colbert

(1896 - 1969)
     Kate Colbert was born in 1896 in Richmond, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Joseph Colbert and Margaret Moseley.
     Kate Colbert married Clement Albert Negro in 1921 in Victoria.
     Kate died in 1969 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Doris Irene Colbert

(1908 - 1968)
     Doris Irene Colbert was born in 1908 in Carlton, Victoria. She was the daughter of Johanna Colbert.
     Doris Irene Colbert married Alan Keith Gray in 1926 in Victoria.
     Doris Irene Colbert married (?) Robinson.
     Doris died in 1968 in Royal Park, Victoria.