Sir Ives Aldeburgh

(before 1310 - before 1347)
     Sir Ives Aldeburgh was born before 1310 Z in Durham. The Aldeburgh family took its name from Aldbrough St John near Darlington.
     Memorandum as to the delivery of horses by Gilbert de Holm to Ivo de Aldeburgh, sheriff of Rutland..
     Sir Ives Aldeburgh married Mary Unknown (Aldeburgh).
     Ives died before 1347. He took a foremost part in the Scottish Wars, and Edward Balliol granted him lands which were confirmed by Edward III in 1347 & 1354 to his son and heir, the Lord of Harewood, who built the castle.

Child of Sir Ives Aldeburgh and Mary Unknown (Aldeburgh)

Dinah Alderman

     Dinah Alderman married Rev Thomas Booker, son of Thomas Bowker and Dorothy Garnar or Gardiner, on 1 November 1654 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. He was described in book about Scrivelsby; also Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy; also Parish Clergy 1642-60 Linc archives
Doubt 1: 1668, Church records imply death but probably father
Doubt 2: Bet. 1659 - 1666, One of him or his father is signing Brinkhill Registers

Marriage: November 20, 1654, Spilsby
Marriagefact: 1654, Shows on BT for spilsby
8.     i.     THOMAS6 BOOKER, b. September 12, 1656, Scrivelsby; d. September 21, 1731, Scrivelsby.
     ii.     ELIZABETH BOOKER, b. May 6, 1660, Horncastle; d. March 23, 1667/68.
     iii.     MARY BOOKER, b. February 11, 1663/64; m. UNKNOWN DARBY, 1688.

Marriage: 1688.

Ann Aldersey

     Ann Aldersey and Amor Rich obtained a marriage licence on 11 March 1746/47 in Holborn, London. Emor Rich, aged 22, bachelor of the parish of St Andrew Holborn & Mrs Ann Aldersey, aged 23, spinster of the parish of St Martin in the Fields.
     Ann Aldersey married Amor Rich, son of John Rich and Ann Ellison, on 12 March 1746/47 in St Sepulchre, Holborn, London.

Collin Alderson

(say 1927 - )
     Collin Alderson was born say 1927. He was the son of John Harris Alderson and Flora Isabella Robertson.

John Harris Alderson

(say 1900 - 10 May 1958)
     John Harris Alderson was born say 1900.
     John Harris Alderson married Flora Isabella Robertson, daughter of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke, in 1923 in Maryborough, Victoria.
     John died on 10 May 1958 in Maryborough, Victoria.

Child of John Harris Alderson and Flora Isabella Robertson

Eliza Alderton or Andrews

(say 1825 - June 1857)
     Eliza Alderton or Andrews was born say 1825 in England.
     The marriage of Eliza Alderton or Andrews and Charles Bland, son of Charles Bland and Sophia Taylor, was registered in Thingoe RD, Suffolk, in the March 1852 quarter.
     Eliza's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1857 in Thingoe RD Suffolk.

Children of Eliza Alderton or Andrews and Charles Bland

Amos Alderton

(circa 1843 - )
     Amos Alderton was born circa 1843 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     Amos Alderton married Sabina Cocksedge, daughter of James Cocksedge and Susan Jacob, in February 1863 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Amos Alderton and Sabina Cocksedge appeared on the 1891 census in Pakenham. Amos Alderton aged 48.. steward?, born Thurston; Sabina his wife aged 46, ... woman, born Hessett; and his sons William 18, labourer born Thurston... aged 12, born Pakenham; Robert 1, scholar, born Pakenham.

James Alderton

(circa 1802 - )
     James Alderton was born circa 1802 in Wickham Skeith, Suffolk.
     James Alderton married Susan Bullett, daughter of Mary Bullett, on 3 February 1829 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     James Alderton and Susan Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in Thurston. James Alderton, 49, ag. labourer, born Wickham Skeith, his wife Susan 46, born Rougham, children Robert, 22, Mary 20, William 19, Emma 18, John 15, all the boys are ag. labs, Ellen 13, Patience 11, Amos 8, Jane? 6, Betsy 4, all born at Hessett.

John Alderton

     John Alderton married Harriet Cocksedge, daughter of Edward Cocksedge and Hannah Richer or Ritcher, in 1849 in Preston, Suffolk.

Mary Alderton

(before January 1764 - before 20 January 1818)
     Mary Alderton was born before January 1764 in Suffolk.
     Mary Alderton married John Bullett as his second wife, on 19 November 1790 in Hessett, Suffolk. Banns of marriage between John Bullitt, of this parish, widower & Mary Alderton, of this parish, single woman, Oct 17, 24, 31, 1790. Married by banns 19 November 1796. Witnessed by James Alderton, they all made marks.
     Mary died before 20 January 1818 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was buried on 20 January 1818 in Hessett.

Children of Mary Alderton and John Bullett

Gwladus ferch Aldud

     Gwladus ferch Aldud married Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?), son of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon. Gwladus ferch Aldud was the daughter of Aldud ab Owain.

Child of Gwladus ferch Aldud and Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?)

Ann Aldus

(circa 1590? - before 1660?)
     Ann Aldus was born circa 1590?. She is probably not the daughter of Edward Aldus of Belton whose 1626 will mentions John Poplewell as his friend..
     Ann Aldus married John Popplewell, son of James Popplewell and Elizabeth Broughton, on 26 November 1612 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Ann Aldus was an executor of John Popplewell's estate on 15 June 1630 in the Stow Archdeaconry, Lincolnshire.
     Humphrey Popplewell married secondly Ann Aldus on 31 January 1630/31 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Nupti Humphrey Poplewell gent & Anne Poplewell.
     Ann died before 1660?.

Children of Ann Aldus and John Popplewell

Children of Ann Aldus and Humphrey Popplewell

Amelia Alexander

(circa 1790? - )
     Amelia Alexander was born circa 1790?.
     Amelia Alexander married David Bowker, son of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, on 26 September 1817 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. The marriage licence bond stated that he was a farmer of Stanground and he was a minor at his marriage, witnessed by David & Elizabeth Bowker..
     Amelia Alexander and David Bowker appeared on the 1841 census in Caroline Place, Southwark, St George, Surrey. David Bowker, 40, pastry cook, not born in the county; Amelia Bowker, 45, born in the county, David Bowker, 11, born in the county, Harriet Bowker, 9, not born in the county.

Children of Amelia Alexander and David Bowker

Dorothy Alexander

(circa 1815 - )
     Dorothy Alexander was born circa 1815 in France. She was a British subject.
     Dorothy Alexander married Samuel Wesley Handy Wade on 23 November 1844 in Braddon, Isle of Man.
     Dorothy Alexander and Samuel Wesley Handy Wade were recorded on the 1851 census in Hulme, Lancashire. Samuel W H Wade, 33, porter aged, born Ireland, his wife Dorothy Wade, 35, born France, children Isabella Edith Wade 5, born Isle of Man, Samuel W H Wade 4, born Hale Barns, Cheshire, Francis Wm Wade 3, born Tranmere, Cheshire, John Wade 2, born Oxton Hill, Emily Elizabeth Wade 5/12, born Manchester, Lancashire, servant Julia Abbot 17.
     Dorothy Alexander and Samuel Wesley Handy Wade appeared on the 1861 census in Cowper St, Potternewton, Yorkshire, England. Samuel W H Wade,     43, wine merchant, born Ireland; his wife Dorothy Wade, 45, BS born France, children - Samuel W H Wade 14, Francis W Wade, 13, John Wade 11, all born in Cheshire, Isabella E Wade, 8, born Lancashire, Richard B Wade 4, born Yorkshire, with a servant Elizabeth Dunn 19.

Children of Dorothy Alexander and Samuel Wesley Handy Wade

Emily Alexander

(circa 1785 - before 14 January 1862)
     She may have been known as Milly or Mary.. Emily Alexander was born circa 1785 in Ireland. Some of Denis Handy's notes state that she was of Ardmoulin, Belfast. Betham's abstracts state that she was the daughter of John Alexander of Newtown, Limavady, (Londonderry) Esq.
     Emily Alexander married John Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming, on 25 November 1800 in Belfast?, Antrim, Ireland. Their marriage was announced in the Belfast gazette.
     Emily died before 14 January 1862 in Ireland. The Kilkenny journal 14 Jan 1862 report the death of Mrs Emily Handy, of Margaret Place, relict of John Handy of Barraghcore, co. Kilkenny. She was buried in Mt Jerome cemetery, Dublin. Sacred To the Memory of JOHN HANDY who died July 21st 18(--) aged 75 years EMILY his wife who died January 14th 18(--) aged (-) years also DOROTHEA ANNE HANDY sister of the above JOHN HANDY who died May 10th 1893 (?).

Children of Emily Alexander and John Handy

Joan Lorraine Alexander

(1918? - )
     Joan Lorraine Alexander was born in 1918?.
     Joan Lorraine Alexander married Dr Alfred Sheppard Grimwade, son of Frederick Sheppard Grimwade and Jessie Taylor Sprunt, before 1940.

Child of Joan Lorraine Alexander and Dr Alfred Sheppard Grimwade

Maria Alexander

(circa 1823 - )
     Maria Alexander was also known as Ann Maria? in records. She was born circa 1823 in Bacton, Suffolk. Maria was one of three daughters of John Alexander and Sarah Bantick, both born in Bacton.|However James' father in law in 1851 was Zackariah Bantick.
     Maria Alexander married James Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Hannah Sumner, on 5 November 1849 in Bacton, SFK. Margaret Blissett wrote: Maria Alexander already had two children: Elizabeth and Adeline Alexander born 1844 and 1850 respectively, according to the 1851 census, both girls were born in the Eye Union Workhouse; seems strange that if they Maria and James were married in 1849 that Adeline was born in the Eye Union.....
Other sources suggest they may be the James & Ann M who had children Sarah J 1856 at Parramatta & probably married John Huntley in 1877, Arthur J A 1861 at Parramatta who is probably the Arthur John Albert who died at West Kempsey aged 86 in 1948 & Angly A 1865 registered at Parramatta who probably is the Angelina who married Daniel Carney in 1893 at Ryde.
     Maria Alexander and James Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Town house, Bacton, Suffolk. James Cocksedge, jr. head, married, 23, ag lab., born Finningham; Maria 2nd marriage, 26, born Bacton; daughters Elizabeth 7, Adeline aged 1, born Eye Union House, with father in law Zackariah Bantick widower. 64, pauper, gardener. born Bacton, and Henry Osborn, lodger, born Cotton.

Children of Maria Alexander and James Cocksedge

Mary Alexander

(circa 1803 - before 20 January 1829)
     Mary Alexander was born circa 1803.
     Mary Alexander married Robert Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sarah Osburn, on 11 November 1823 in Wyverstone, Suffolk.      
Mary Alexander and Robert Cocksedge were named on a removal order on 9 December 1823 in Wyverstone, Suffolk. Removal order: Robert Cocksedge and Mary his wife, Wyverstone to Badwell Ash.
     Mary died before 20 January 1829 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 20 January 1829 in Badwell Ash, SFK. She was buried on 20 January 1829 in Badwell Ash.

Children of Mary Alexander and Robert Cocksedge

Unknown Alexander

     Unknown Alexander married Andrew Armstrong, son of Elder son Armstrong.

Child of Unknown Alexander and Andrew Armstrong

Daisy Elizabeth Allan

(1890 - 1958)
     Daisy Elizabeth Allan was born in 1890 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis.
     Daisy died in 1958 in Maryborough, Victoria.

David William Allan

     Mary Crawford Bodman married secondly David William Allan in 1922 in Victoria.

Elisabeth Aitken Allan

(24 May 1854 - 28 February 1905)
     Elisabeth Aitken Allan was born on 24 May 1854 in Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson. Elisabeth Aitken Allan was christened on 7 June 1854 in Port of Menteith.
     Elisabeth immigrated with the family to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 19 October 1854 per "Black Eagle".
     Elisabeth Aitken Allan married Jonathan Coburn Goodlet in 1876 in Maryborough, Victoria.
     Elisabeth died on 28 February 1905 in Victoria, aged 50.

Child of Elisabeth Aitken Allan

Children of Elisabeth Aitken Allan and Jonathan Coburn Goodlet

George Frederick Allan

(1893 - 1969)
     George Frederick Allan was born in 1893 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis.
     George served as a private soldier between 1915 and 1917. He was aged 22 on enlistment on 19 July 1915 at Carisbrook and was allocated number 4131 and was a Private in the 5th Australian Infantry Battalion. He served in the Middle East then France, then served in the 58th Australan Infantry Battallion. He was wounded in action by gunshot in the forearm) 10 Feb 1917, and evacuated to Birmingham, then Dartford hospitals. Embarked for Australia 25 Aug 1917, discharged medically unfit 17 Dec 1917..
     George Frederick Allan married Anne Selina Hall on 30 December 1919 in St Michael's, Talbot, Victoria.
     George died in 1969 in Maryborough, Victoria.

Child of George Frederick Allan and Anne Selina Hall

Gordon Allan

     Gordon Allan was the son of John Milton Allan and Elizabeth Louisa Howlett.
     Gordon Allan married Jeanie Allan.

Hellen Maria Allan

(1887 - )
     Hellen Maria Allan was born in 1887 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Robertson Allan and Eliza Lillian Davis.

Isabella Sinclair Allan

(1865 - 1946)
     Isabella Sinclair Allan was born in 1865 in Maryborough, Victoria. She was the daughter of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson.
     Isabella Sinclair Allan married John Henry Hunichen in 1894 in Victoria.
     Isabella died in 1946 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Children of Isabella Sinclair Allan and John Henry Hunichen

James Allan

     He witnessed John Valentine Mackglew's will dated 26 August 1814 in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch.
     Harriett Mackglew married secondly James Allan on 1 August 1815 in St John, Hackney.

Janet Allan

(1873 - )
     Janet Allan was born in 1873 in Maryborough, Victoria. She was the daughter of Elisabeth Aitken Allan.

Jeanie Allan

     Jeanie Allan married Gordon Allan, son of John Milton Allan and Elizabeth Louisa Howlett.

John Allan

(18 June 1857 - circa 1857)
     John Allan was born on 18 June 1857 in Victoria. He was the son of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson.
     John died circa 1857 in Victoria.