Thomas de Umfraville

     Thomas de Umfraville was born. He was live in 1305. He was the son of Gilbert de Umfraville Earl of Angus and Elizabeth Comyn.
     Thomas matriculated at Oxford University.

William de Umfraville

     William de Umfraville was the son of Gilbert de Umfraville 3rd Earl of Angus and Joan Willoughby.
     William died. He left no issue.

Annora Umfraville (Waleys)

     She had no issue
Alex Maxwell Findlater wrote on the gen medieval mailing list: See the notes on p 322. Stephen and Anora de Umfraville were married in 1327. Anora, his daughter, married in 1347, the same year in which her father died. In 1351 Elizabeth was a minor, and only in 1366 did she marry. In 1384 an account of Alice's death calls her Elizabeth's mother, but the elasticity of the use of words then would encompass mother-in-law. However the name of the first daughter, Anora, perhaps after Anora de Umfraville, the first wife, might suggest that she was of that marriage, while the long gap - nearly 20 years - between the marriages of these two heiresses suggests that their ages were very different.
The father of Stephen's second wife, Alice, proved his full age in 1314, so born ca 1293 and died 1332. Alice's brother John was 6 on his father's death (Ipm 6 Jan 1332/3), so born 1326. Alice might have been much the same age, and she married secondly in 1351 Sir Brian de Stapleton, and had a son another Sir Brian, whose wife Elizabeth d Sir William de Aldeburgh was born in about 1364 (aged 28 or more, and her sister Sibyl 25 or more, in 1392 when her father died (CP i, p 102)).
Alice must therefore have been much younger than Stephen.
On the whole it seems more likely that Elizabeth was the daughter of the second marriage.. Annora Umfraville (Waleys) was the daughter of Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus and Lucy de Kyme.

Elizabeth Umfraville

     Burke states she married Gilbert Burdon.. Elizabeth Umfraville was the daughter of Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus and Lucy de Kyme.
     Elizabeth Umfraville married Gilbert Burdon.

Child of Elizabeth Umfraville and Gilbert Burdon

Maud or Matilda de Umfreville

(circa 1394 - 4 January 1435)
     Maud or Matilda de Umfreville was born circa 1394 in Harbottle, Northumberland. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas de Umfreville and Agnes Mallory (Gray).
     Maud or Matilda de Umfreville married Sir William Ryther, son of Sir William Ryther and Sibyl de Aldeburgh, before 1421 in Yorkshire, England. Cokayne suggests that she must have been his second wife as she was only 28 in 1421. Jones (p.48) states that he married Constance, daughter of Sir Ralph Bygod of Settringham ERY and was High Sheriff 1478..
     She was aged 28 at her brother's Inqusition Post Mortem on 18 June 1421, and wife of William Ryther jr. kt. [aet 28, 9 Henry V].. Maud or Matilda de Umfreville was the heir of Gilbert de Umfraville Earl of Kyme at the Inquisition Post Mortem held in Durham, on 26 May 1423 Elizabeth wife of William Elmeden, Matilda wife of William Rither, Johanna wife of Thomas Lambert, Margaret wife of John Constable and Agnes wife of Thomas Hagireton, all aged 20, are his sisters and next heirs. Holmset, vill of. Hamwelburn, land and tenements called Whetle, manor of.
     Maud died on 4 January 1435.

Children of Maud or Matilda de Umfreville and Sir William Ryther

Thomas de Umfreville

(circa 1324 - circa 21 May 1387)
     Sir Thomas Umfreville, kt, of Harbottle Castle, and proprietor of Holmside and Whitley in Durham..
     Thomas de Umfreville lived at Harbottle, Northumberland, England.
     Thomas de Umfreville married Joan Roddam, daughter of Adam de Roddam. Thomas de Umfreville was born circa 1324. He was the son of Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus and Elizabeth or Eleanor Maduit? or Lumley.
     Thomas died circa 21 May 1387.

Children of Thomas de Umfreville and Joan Roddam

Sir Thomas de Umfreville

(circa 1360 - circa 12 February 1390/91)
     Sir Thomas de Umfreville was born circa 1360. He was aged 23, 10 Richard II.. He was the son of Thomas de Umfreville and Joan Roddam.
     Sir Thomas de Umfreville married Agnes Mallory (Gray) say 1385. The ages of his daughters are considered to be 10 years out in the Inquisitons.
     Thomas died circa 12 February 1390/91. Sir Thomas died 1435?, of Harbottle Castle. Another source gave 13 February 1390/1, Burke gives 12 February 1390/1.      
Sir Thomas de Umfreville was a Member of Parliament.. He was of Harbottle, Northumberland & Hessle in Yorkshire.
     Sir Thomas de Umfreville was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, on 5 March 1411/12.

Children of Sir Thomas de Umfreville and Agnes Mallory (Gray)

Agnes Underwood

(28 October 1694 - )
     Agnes Underwood was christened on 28 October 1694 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
     Agnes Underwood married Henry or Harry Hooper, son of Alexander Hooper and Isabel Hoggart, on 10 July 1719 in Ednam & Stitchell, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Agnes Underwood and Henry or Harry Hooper

Frances Underwood

(circa 1825 - )
     Frances Underwood was born circa 1825.
     Frances Underwood married James Denty, son of James Denty and Elizabeth Marchand, on 5 October 1840 in Cuttack, Bengal Presidency, India.

Children of Frances Underwood and James Denty

Francis W Underwood

(24 December 1842 - )
     Francis W Underwood was born on 24 December 1842 Baptisms at Cuttach: Baptised 2 Feb 1943, said to be born 24 Dec 1842, Francis William, son of Samuel & Matilda Underwood, of Cuttack, writer. in Cuttack, Bengal Presidency, India.
     Francis W Underwood married Julia Maria Denty, daughter of James Denty and Frances Underwood, on 17 June 1865 in Bengal, India.

Mary Underwood

(say 1745 - )
     Mary Underwood was born say 1745.
     Mary Underwood married Jonathan Seaton, son of John Seaton and Elizabeth Baker, on 24 September 1767 in Woolpit, Suffolk.
     The will of Thomas Gault of Drinkstone dated 1791, mentions Mildred Underwood & Mary, wife of Jonathan Seaton of Woolpit.

Children of Mary Underwood and Jonathan Seaton

William Underwood

     William Underwood was born in Paston, Northamptonshire.
     William Underwood married Mary Ann Bowker, daughter of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, on 28 November 1820 in Paston, Northamptonshire.

Honour Unknown (Baker)

(circa 1819 - )
     Honour Unknown (Baker) was born circa 1819 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.
     Honour Unknown (Baker) married Robert Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sarah Osburn, between 1861 and 1871.
     Honour Unknown (Baker) and Robert Cocksedge appeared on the 1871 census in Gt Ashfield. Robert Cocksedge, head, married, 70, farmer of 10 acres, born Ashfield, with his wife Honor Cocksedge, farmers wife, aged 50, born Badfield Ash.

Mary Unknown (Bowker)

(before 1790 - )
     Mary Unknown (Bowker) was born before 1790.
     Mary Unknown (Bowker) married Edward Scrimshaw in July 1804 in Leverington, Cambridgeshire. Their marriage licence dated 9 July described them as Edward Scrimshaw, & Mary Bowker, widow, Walsoken, Norfolk.

Ann Unknown (Carter)

(circa 1722 - before 28 August 1771)
     Ann Unknown (Carter) was born circa 1722. Ann Unknown (Carter) was also known as Carter in records.
     Ann Carter married Thomas Stanser, son of Thomas Stanser and Elizabeth Bristow, on 17 January 1762 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
     Ann died before 28 August 1771 in Grantham, LIN. She was buried on 28 August 1771 in Grantham. Ann, wife of Mr Thos Stanser, senr of Grantham.

Catherine Unknown (Chetam)

     Catherine Unknown (Chetam) married Samuel Heatherly on 18 February 1712/13 in London.

Fanny Unknown (Coates)

     Alfred Joseph Dempster married secondly Fanny Unknown (Coates) in December 1902 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Annie Unknown (Cocksedge)

(circa 1856 - )
     Annie Unknown (Cocksedge) was born circa 1856 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.
     Annie Unknown (Cocksedge) married Unknown Cocksedge before 1882.

Child of Annie Unknown (Cocksedge) and Unknown Cocksedge

Susanna Unknown (Evatt)

     Susanna Unknown (Evatt) married Major Edward Warner, son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.

Mary Unknown (illegible)

     Mary Unknown (illegible) married Daniel Jacob, son of Daniel Jacob, on 9 September 1745 in Woolpit, Suffolk.

Ann Unknown (Popplewell)

     Ann Unknown (Popplewell) married Unknown Popplewell before 1714.
     Ann Unknown (Popplewell) married John Higgs in 1714 in Lincolnshire. The marriage bond/allegation shows Ann Popplewell, widow and John Higgs to be married at Gainsborougn or Lea.

Betsy Unknown (Rogers)

(before April 1827 - 29 May 1891)
     Betsy Unknown (Rogers) was born before April 1827.
     The marriage of Betsy Unknown (Rogers) and John Ruby, son of George Ruby and Jane Cruse, was registered in Tavistock RD, Devon, in the June 1884 quarter.
     Betsy Unknown (Rogers) and John Ruby appeared on the 1891 census in Albaston, Calstock, Cornwall. John Ruby, aged 64, head, quarry labourer, born Widdicomb, Devon and his wife Betsy aged 64, born Calstock with a lodger Richard Baker, single, aged 64, mason, born Looe, Cornwall.
     Betsy died on 29 May 1891 in Calstock, Cornwall.
     Her will was proved on 27 June 1891 at Bodmin, Cornwall. Administration of the personal estate of Betsy Ruby (wife of John Ruby, formerly Rogers, widow) late of Calstock, Cornwall... was granted to John Stephen Rogers of Tavistock, Devon, monumental sculptor the son and one of the next of kin.

Frances Emily Unknown (Rowell)

( - 10 April 1954)
     Archibald Alexander Dunbar-Brander married secondly Frances Emily Unknown (Rowell) on 22 September 1919.
     Frances died on 10 April 1954.

Ann Unknown (Small)

(circa 1810 - December 1864)
     Ann Unknown (Small) was born circa 1810 in Gibraltar. Ann Unknown (Small) was also known as Small in records.
     William Ramsey married secondly Ann Small on 18 November 1855 in St Michael's, East Wickham, Kent.
     Ann Unknown (Small) and William Ramsey appeared on the 1861 census in 3 Britannia Cottages, Sandy Hill Rd, Plumstead. William Ramsey head, married 60, labourer.. ..., born Giibraltar, British subject; Ann his wife aged 51, ditto; sons David W 19, labourer, ditto, Thomas R aged 19, Hannah M 16, teacher infant school, Robert 14, scholar, all born at Plumstead.
     Ann's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1864 in Lewisham RD, Kent, England.

Angelina Unknown (Snelling)

     Angelina Unknown (Snelling) married Roger Cocksedge on 26 May 1827 in Suffolk. Roger Cocksedge, esq., of Woolpit Hall, Suffolk, to Angelina, relict of the late Nath. Snelling, esq..

Mary Unknown (Staines)

(circa 1798 - )
     Mary Unknown (Staines) was born circa 1798.
     Mary Unknown (Staines) married John Bowker, son of Jeremiah Bowker and Mary Rowell, in 1820 in Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire.

Charlotte Unknown (Tewart)

(circa 1839 - 23 July 1894)
     Charlotte Unknown (Tewart) was born circa 1839 in Oxford, Oxfordshire.
     Charlotte Unknown (Tewart) appeared on the 1871 census in 21 Clifton Hill, Brighton. Charlotte Tewart 32, widow, annuitant, born Oxford; Rosa A Martin 26, sister, visitor?, born Oxford; Elizabeth Dancy 25, servant.
In 1861 she was married, 23, born Oxford and a lodger at 48 Paradise Square, by herself, at St Ebbe Oxford.
     Charlotte Unknown (Tewart) married Joseph Dempster as her second husband, on 15 October 1873 in St Stephen's, Bayswater, Kensington RD, Middlesex. Marriage of Mr Joseph Dempster of Brighton and Mrs Charlotte Tewart, widow of the late Mr William Lawson Tewart..
     Charlotte Unknown (Tewart) and Joseph Dempster appeared on the 1881 census in 79 Lansdown Place, Hove, Sussex. Joseph Dempster, aged 54, married, solicitor, born Mitcham, with wife Charlotte aged 40, born Oxfordshire and three general servants including a Caroline Pafford!, born at Portsmouth.
     Charlotte Unknown (Tewart) and Joseph Dempster appeared on the 1891 census in 79 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex. Joseph aged 63, born Mitcham & Charlotte aged 50. They had two servants, Emily Easton aged 22, cook, domestic and Margaret Walthoe aged 22, housemaid, domestic. He was also listed at this address when executor in May 1891.
     Charlotte died on 23 July 1894 in the Spa, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Joseph Dempster on 23 October 1894 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. Charlotte Dempster of 79 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex (wife of Joseph Dempster) died 23 July 1894 at the Spa, Tunbridge Wells. Administration at London 23 October 1894 to the said Joseph Dempster, solicitor. Effects £969/1/6/-.

Judith Unknown (Wicks or Rix)

(circa 1685? - before 17 November 1732)
     Judith Unknown (Wicks or Rix) was born circa 1685? In Suffolk.
     Judith Unknown (Wicks or Rix) married Andrew Bland, son of Edward Bland and Rose Russell?, on 30 October 1704 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Judith died before 17 November 1732 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 17 November 1732 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Judith Unknown (Wicks or Rix) and Andrew Bland

Godehildus/Gotelina de Unknown

     Godehildus/Gotelina de Unknown married Roger de Tosny the Spaniard, son of Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (2) de Tosny.

Child of Godehildus/Gotelina de Unknown and Roger de Tosny the Spaniard

(?) Unknown

     (?) Unknown married Edmund Bland, son of Edward or Edmund Bland and Barbara Hynard, before 1642.

Children of (?) Unknown and Edmund Bland