Alexander Weir

( - 1632)
     Jacquie ? wrote about her ancestors: Alexander Weir and his wife Ann Dunbar and their children John, Jane and Alexander. Of the children, I have two daughters - sadly no names. Maybe one is called Jane? Anyway the two sisters married two brothers - Robert and John Johnston, sons of James Johnston of Aghamuldowney. Alexander Weir was born. According to Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, he was the third son of Robert Weir, of Craighead, on the river Clyde, who sold or assigned his estate about 1610, and settled at Monaghan (now
called Hall Craig), co. Fermanagh; married a sister of Sir David Lindsay, and died 1633
. He was the son of Robert Weir and (?) Lindsay.
     Alexander Weir married Ann Dunbar, daughter of Sir John Dunbar and Katherine Graham, in 1614 in Ireland. On the outbreak of the civil war in 1641, Anne with her orphans, suffered severely .... Mrs Weir was suffered to escape to Ennniskillen with but one son Alexander aged 9 and his sister Jane, alone saved from the massacre ....
     Alexander died in 1632.      
Alexander Weir was listed as Alexander Weire gent, titulado in 1659 in Ferlagh, Devenish, Fermanagh.
     Alexander Weir and Catherine Dunbar, Sir John Dunbar, Mary Harman, Major John Dunbar and Alexander Weir were mentioned in a court case on 19 May 1674. A Chancery bill entered on 19 May 1674 between Moutray, plaintiff & Weir, defendant sheweth that Archibald Erkskin, had lent Sir John Dunbar £500 upon mortgage upon certain lands. That Ann Erskin his heir (wife of John Moutray of Aghamoyle) took out administration of her father's property. That Sir John Dunbar had never repaid the mortgage. That in 1658 Richard Dunbar 'as son & heir' of Sir John Dunbar, entered into the said mortgaged premises in Magheraboy. That said Richard died in 1666-7, and Catherine his daughter, as his heir in her right, or some others in her behalf, entered the said premises and enjoyed them and doth still enjoy them. Orator is informed that the said deed of mortgage came into the hands of Edward Weir, senior, Edward Weir, junior, Alex Arthur Weldon, Wm Dunbar, Jas Somerwell & John Dunbar or to some or one of them etc.
In the answers to the above bill, of Alexander Weir of Monaghan? co. Fermanagh and Jas Somerwell, it is stated that these defts [deforciants] believe and have heard that
John Dunbar, gent, who is son & heir of John Dunbar, deceased, who was second son of Sir John Dunbar, did immediately after the settlement in this kingdom, being then under age, by his guardian Mary Dunbar alias Veldon, his mother, enter into and always receive the rents and profits of the lands in question until he attained full age, which was about three years since: and do well know that he is in the seizin and possession of the said lands by some arrangement made by his grandfather. But they deny that Richard Dunbar or his daughter Catherine ever entered into the lands or enjoyed the rents: and that the said Catherine is not above the age of eight years. And they deny any knowledge of the mortgage of any land that came into their possession.

Children of Alexander Weir and Ann Dunbar

Faulkner Walshe

(1867 - )
     Faulkner Walshe was born in 1867 in South Melbourne, Victoria.
     Faulkner Walshe married Annie Marion Colbert, daughter of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1931 in Victoria.

Keith Sholto Colbert

(9 February 1926 - )
     Keith Sholto Colbert was born on 9 February 1926 in Sydney, New South Wales. He was the son of Sholto Winton McRae Colbert.
     Keith served in the RAAF (444538) from 11 March 1944 to 28 June 1946.